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Don Dolo - Sky Cry

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Sarah Jessicah (5 months ago)
❤❤❤❤❤💰💰💰💰💰 The rap game is yours!!!!
mary mary (5 months ago)
Yall need to listen to his song philosophy
mary mary (5 months ago)
I love all his somgs
Miss qay (5 months ago)
Damn he fine ASF and could sing
E.B.E Entertainment (5 months ago)
Miss qay https://youtu.be/XL3tOauNd3c
Charmaine Lee (8 months ago)
love this dude
E.B.E Entertainment (5 months ago)
Charmaine Lee https://youtu.be/XL3tOauNd3c
Mark Flores (10 months ago)
Hood rap !!!
E.B.E Entertainment (5 months ago)
Mark Flores https://youtu.be/XL3tOauNd3c
Mark Flores (10 months ago)
Im a big fan bro..love ur music..when u spit I feel the truth the real and the reality I've been locked up and I would like for you to make a rap song about being locked up if u can thanks
E.B.E Entertainment (5 months ago)
Mark Flores https://youtu.be/XL3tOauNd3c
Mark Flores (10 months ago)
Sing DOLO ,, stay rapping about the real
E.B.E Entertainment (5 months ago)
Mark Flores https://youtu.be/XL3tOauNd3c
MTB (10 months ago)
Big chevy (1 year ago)
He definitely need to get signed because this generation it's a bunch of bullshit I don't understand half of these artists out here now
JD Pettit (1 year ago)
love hearing songs which comes outta life
lil Johnny (1 year ago)
Get dis nigga a job.
Quinton Jackson (1 year ago)
Ik his hand hurts
Edgar Cecena (1 year ago)
much respect and love to this man he got thesse hoes let's get it bitch Dallas Texas stand up
Hazel Love (1 year ago)
I need to meet this man 😍😍 he really speaks the truth
INFINITE SOUL (1 year ago)
Nick Veglatte (1 year ago)
Word is life that boy don is the truth... therapy for my pain... calms me for a couple min when I play... music saved me... keep it pumping bro we need this shit
if he get signed hell be trash kuz they will change his muziq from god to satan
Bloody 2915 (1 year ago)
it's good to hear people with skills not that regurgitated stuff we have come to accept.
jay double (1 year ago)
y he ain't signed yet
Kareena Shelton-Moore (1 year ago)
download the album though. that last verse is everything and its not being done on this video.
Nick Veglatte (1 year ago)
Kareena Shelton-Moore I cant find it....
Vic Turner (1 year ago)
talented as hell
Roosevelt Beaird (1 year ago)
Keep it coming fam u got what it takes...U got a real hit...Much respect
Austin Kellogg (1 year ago)
MZKEKE LINDSEY (1 year ago)
Stay independent and make your money once signed they will try to change you into these lame excuse for rappers now. They will try to manipulate your mind once they have you in their corner. Make your money independently. Just like young Ma she still not signed but doing well you too can do just the same . You have fans out here we enjoy your music
if he get signed hell be trash kuz they will change his muziq from god to satan
Jose Rivera (1 year ago)
Botrina Laura Davis (1 year ago)
i love this song plez make more like this
The Kidd (1 year ago)
He's not signed cause he aint bout to wear no damn dress or have some nigga fuck him in the ass. Real nigga real music right there
Miguel Saroop (1 year ago)
Papa Lewis (2 years ago)
he should look into signing with Z-Ro
Helen Keller (2 years ago)
Goddamnit, This has to be one of my favorite artists. Timing is perfect, lyrical content has actual value, and on top he has soul. Not many rappers in the mainstream have that and even less actually use it due to the ignorant garbage that gets pushed onto the radios and television. Don Dolo is Sick as fuck. Props to the uploader of this video.
Cameron Holiday (2 years ago)
he is the goat at hood rap
Anthony Grant (2 years ago)
yeah he needs a mixtape or something
Regenbogen Kind (2 years ago)
Don Dolo keep up 👍🏽
HalfBreed (2 years ago)
He is the most talented rapper doing it right now. He comes out with consistently good music. he doesn't use auto tune. he can sing and rap. most of all he doesn't try to be anything that he's not. Unlike the rest of these sorry excuse for rappers.
Anna Warden (2 years ago)
Boosie should pick him up.
aderline johnson (2 months ago)
boosie to industry he dnt fuck wit real
Dee Jay (5 months ago)
Anna Warden don dolo aint signed because the industry full of fakes and pretenders
StanLey Steams (2 years ago)
Ceecee Lee (2 years ago)
RONALD Freeman (2 years ago)
y'all want sign Don Dolo but y'all will sign lil yahty or whatever tha tha fuck his name is
Flordiaboy 42000 (1 year ago)
Kid Jay put ya $$ where yo mouth is pimp
Kid Jay (1 year ago)
G Da Stunt Mane come bruh lol you puss boy lol we can have a battle
Flordiaboy 42000 (1 year ago)
Kid Jay no tf u dont hating ass nigga get tf outta hea boy
Kid Jay (1 year ago)
RONALD Freeman I got someone better
if he get signed hell be trash kuz they will change his muziq from god to satan
xanderedmond (2 years ago)
he got a mixtape something or something?
emazzen smith (1 year ago)
xanderedmond yes he do
lion head (2 years ago)
Don Dolo u are that shit
William Reed (2 years ago)
word dis da realist shyt i ever put ears 2 hand down
Sterling Thomas (1 year ago)
aye bro you've got a GOD give talent,much respect.
Letrell Wilson (2 years ago)
William Reed I gotta emoji of eye n arm
Letrell Wilson (2 years ago)
William Reed just look me letrellwilson
William Reed (2 years ago)
its 4 pic my bm n me n da lil 1 my black ass n 2 red women
Letrell Wilson (2 years ago)
William Reed what your picture
Edward Small (2 years ago)
bruh went in
King Slimaveli (2 years ago)
Rap Sure (2 years ago)
favorite rapper

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