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Unlock Android Phone using Air Gestures (like Galaxy S4) using Magic Unlock

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A quick demo of Magic Unlock app which allows you to use Air gestures like Galaxy S4 to unlock your Android phone. More details here- http://www.nirmaltv.com/2013/07/30/unlock-your-android-phone-using-a-hover-gesture-with-magic-unlock/
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岡村優助 (4 years ago)
My Galaxynexus even running perfectly.
James Wade (5 years ago)
Free Android unlocking and hacking tool is located at *android-unlocker * or checkout their profile link www.android-unlocker.com go to the site
Katie Moon (5 years ago)
1,2,3, Hey there people, Go to samsunggeeks.us for a free way to unlock your samsunng. It was great to get my phone unlocked.. -*-*-*
BotsProductions (5 years ago)
hey what's the music running on the background ? thanks
Jackson Hughes (5 years ago)
Let me tell you people, i use samsunggeeks.us to get my S4 unlocked, its really simple to use and its free. one website not to miss.

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