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No Country For Old Men - Motel Scene (Foley Audio/ADR)

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Foley Audio/ADR - robertdezendorf.com Replaced all audio in this clip (room tones, sfx, dialog, etc.) with my own recorded sounds. All audio was recorded, designed, mixed, and engineered by me, using only a Tascam DR-07 and Protools. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own this video content. I DO own this audio content.
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Text Comments (229)
Martin S (1 month ago)
Throw tracker out window or flush down toilet
shadowdance4666 (1 month ago)
Why did he remove his socks?
Ray Burton (2 months ago)
Brutha was a freakin terminator!
KEIFER GR33N (2 months ago)
The door being kicked in at 1:52 sounds very weak, like a cabinet being shut.
Big Swing Face (2 months ago)
Punching the center out of a door lock will NOT have any effect on the door latch opening. This movie sucked on so many levels.
Big Swing Face (2 months ago)
+Most Hated Maybe you need to learn how a door lock and latch work. What is this, Harry Potter? Wave a magic wand and a locked door opens. Bullshit.
Most Hated (2 months ago)
Big Swing Face nonsense. It doesn’t take away from the scene. Matter of fact, the way he quickly opens locked doors makes him more menacing.
Tree Sparks (3 months ago)
Extremely well done on the audio!
M & A Munoz (4 months ago)
When I saw this movie I could not believe how Javier (Anton) looks like my dad in this movie. Although my dad had black hair and not that haircut .
Bader [email protected] (5 months ago)
مقطع أكثر من رائع
yorkiyorkxx (6 months ago)
Why he took of his sock?
christopher davis (6 months ago)
Watch the dude on the floor his eyes are open and hes lookimg around rhe whole time
Enrique (7 months ago)
Mmmm everything OK except for the “no me mate” (“don’t kill me”) that the guy in the bathtub says in the original movie. In this video he definitely says a whole different thing. I’m Spanish
Rob S. (7 months ago)
Anton must be a sicario like Benicio del Toro, that would be an epic showdown between those 2
Andres Franco (7 months ago)
This movie made me hate loud noises
jbot91 (8 months ago)
That fat guy didn't make a sound, didn't even fall. He definitely stepped to the side and avoided certain death
moemann cann (3 months ago)
The inside of the curtain had his brains on it
Bailey Green (7 months ago)
Hmm. You mean the “No Comprende” guy right? If that is the case, that means the banker dude a little later on survived Anton’s Encounter as well then (When Anthony said “Do you see me?”), a theme I agree with. I mean I get being a heartless Killer to those who would affect your livihood, but killing people unrelated to your assassination? That’s downright suicidal! A true assassin would be calculated and heartless in their approach, a person understanding what _needs to be done,_ would only kill those applicable to the concurrent situation without hesitation!
jbot91 (8 months ago)
That arm
Flou (8 months ago)
People are like: *PUT YO HANDS UP YOUR ASS* Anton be like: *BANG BANG*
Jin Rei Tsung (8 months ago)
Be honest with me, is it to psychotic to admit I laughted so loud when Anton shoot that guy in the arm ??
Ciyanem Jois (3 months ago)
Especially the "aahàh" scream after that shot! 😂
Jin Rei Tsung (8 months ago)
I didn't know there is a silencer for a shotgun
Dug (9 months ago)
Why wouldn't u have your gun up before u throw open the door? And why stand in one place as the shower curtain is being drawn at that point u gotta know its fighting time.
Lex Luther (9 months ago)
for a country assasin i say as a kid this guy must won many state gun show championships fastest draw and accurate shooting for at lease 16 yards....
Julian Herrera (10 months ago)
What if he needed a phillips head screwdriver!?!?
sepp seppelmann (10 months ago)
The muzzle of that silencer is way to small for a remington 1187 12 gauge
Larrymh07 (10 months ago)
Chugar looks like Charlie Watts.
osip667 (10 months ago)
2:14 what the hell was that man doing?
Mark Garv (10 months ago)
Youre shitting me this is not original audio?
Mr Yellow (11 months ago)
Typical American psycho ..
Jason Mueller (10 months ago)
Mr Yellow yeah, SUPER typical. Dumbfuck.
Sub Samadhi (11 months ago)
Thr only thing i didnt like about this movie is chigurgh just rsmpages through the whole thing and never gets challenged. Its almodt boring
Liam Smith (8 months ago)
Did you watch the ending? He literally gets fucked by chance the same as everyone.
Sub Samadhi (11 months ago)
the dankest its not fun to watch an indestrctuble psycbo who cant get stopped.
ihsaket 9ine6ix (11 months ago)
Sub Samadhi how that's literally a huge part of his character role
tdot22 (11 months ago)
I hate wet socks too .....
Rob Dezendorf (11 months ago)
If you like sketch comedy, check out this other video I shot for NYC comedian Mike Feeney!: https://youtu.be/FET_LCboDMU
Bender Bending Rodriguez (11 months ago)
1:56...that hand thought. >_<
Peter Liotta (11 months ago)
Nice job. A shotgun ejects a plastic shell after it fires however, not a brass case. A shotgun shell makes a great, unmistakable sound of its own. That's the only problem I was able to spot.
SouthenerATheart 500 (11 months ago)
TAVARI (11 months ago)
LKVideos (11 months ago)
2:14 I hate shit like that. Almost ruins movies for me.
Introvert (1 year ago)
I didn't understand the vent scene. The Hispanics are in the adjoining room and the suitcase marks are all the way to the vent on the Hispanic side. But in the previous scene the suitcase on Josh Brolin's side has a 90 corner and is tucked behind just to the side. The suitcase marks are all the way to the Hispanic side of the vent, which wouldn't make sense for the length of the marks. Am I missing a scene where Brolin switched rooms from the Hispanic room to his room?
Jonah M. (7 months ago)
yes. I think he put the case in there to get it in the next room
Imagine Wagons (11 months ago)
How Hollywood thinks silencers work is absolutely hilarious. Someone should make a parody movie where they put a silencer on a nuclear bomb.
KEIFER GR33N (2 months ago)
You realize this video was made for the purpose of showing off the creators audio/foley skills? The original movie is much louder and more realistic.
Normad (3 months ago)
thats how silencers actually work though. just because youre too stupid to use subsonic rounds doesnt mean they are wrong.
Thomas Powers (3 months ago)
Well I guess we have a "GuN eXpErT hErE"
FN Fallout (3 months ago)
Yup, they sound wrong and make too little noice.
Roddy Jarrar (1 year ago)
Negan vs Rick grimes
Jaime Diaz (1 year ago)
Nice job, my only feedback would be to add more thump/bass on the doors when they slam open or closed. From the beginning it sounded as though it was all part of the movie but I snapped back when Anton opened the door. Especially for a scene like that, you'd want it to sound more dynamic but other than that, everything was A1 quality! I could imagine the hours that were put in to make this, keep up the good work!
Derro Farm (1 year ago)
Didnt even knock first! How rude.
skirts365 (1 year ago)
The bad boy should have been drugged. On waking up, he finds himself tightly tied to a breaking wheel and his bones start being shattered one by one starting with the feet and hands.
I want that Fucking Shotgun
Riddle Fear (1 year ago)
Someone edit this with the Minecraft theme music as the background
Stephen Canas (1 year ago)
Air rife , not shotgun! He turns the air on for the air rifle. And it's not a tec9 he uses, it the air rifle and I don't mean captive bolt pistol or dumass reference "cattle gun".
That suppressor is custom made for sure
GORN (1 year ago)
Great movie. But those are those grossest socks, that I've ever seen :' P
Hugh Janus (1 year ago)
I don't understand why he takes his socks off.
Firdaus Mazlan (8 months ago)
Hugh Janus probably because he stepped in the wet bathroom, thus making his socks wet. You know, wet socks is sucks.
Vito Cavaliere (11 months ago)
Hugh Janus. no blood on him
Ksjsjsj Sss (1 year ago)
Hugh Janus the blood
Drumgol (1 year ago)
Walking on a motel carpet in bare feet! Anton is the ultimate badass
zeeaars (1 month ago)
Yup i would never do that
Daisy Chain (2 months ago)
He doesn’t want to get his boots bloody.
Gregory Villafane (1 year ago)
Am I the only one bothered by that buckshot spread on the wall?
KEIFER GR33N (2 months ago)
Perhaps the silencer changes the spread? Or just movie magic.
Why did you take your shoes off
It's to prevent of making any sound so the ones in the motel wouldn't hear him and it's a part of his characterization. He doesn't like getting his boots be covered in blood and it is also a hint that it's later used to show that the female character in the end did actually die as he checks if they didn't cover in blood.
Chazz man (1 year ago)
Won't make any noise?
Marek Kłodziński (1 year ago)
I remember watching this movie when I was younger, i dont know, i was maybe 15 back in the day. This movie was so strange and thrilling to me but I couldnt resist not watching it to the end.
j karnes (1 year ago)
Still wondering what the two guys in the bathroom were doing?
яэч ςσκεs (23 days ago)
Looking for the briefcase full of cash in the bathroom
Martin S (1 month ago)
I'm not why so interested?
Firelanderino Portarlino (10 months ago)
j karnes throwing hotdog In the tunnel you get lonely after a while you know
Patrick Murphy (1 year ago)
Iron Mike (1 year ago)
j karnes Top 10 things science still can’t explain
Eat Oatmeal (1 year ago)
At the end of the movie I thought. Why didint the dude that found the cash put it into a bag or something? I mean the briefcase is unnecessary evidence. It's common sense imo
JBennyA14 (3 months ago)
And the tracker thingy was between one stack of money
Catcrumbs (1 year ago)
It's only evidence if someone finds it.
AlbertaGamer (1 year ago)
At 2:24 the dead guy's head is below the toilet tank; not touching it at all. At 3:20 the guy's head is touching the toilet tank. How did he raise his head?
Eli Malaga (1 day ago)
AlbertaGamer nicht schlecht!
peter griffin (11 months ago)
Courtney Gibson Jr (1 year ago)
AlbertaGamer movie spoof
Mark Fuckerberg (1 year ago)
AlbertaGamer, good observation. I’m sure these shots were many takes apart. They probably forgot about positioning his head the same way.
Charly Bliss (1 year ago)
😂😂😅😅 *@ that guys arm flapping around like cooked spaghetti at* 1:55
moemann cann (3 months ago)
Love the show, seen it half dozen times, but never noticed that before 😱
The Mexican with the sub-machine gun is dumb as hell and obviously never used a gun before
Brenda princesa Lindaa Everybody in this country (México) is an odiot with a gun 😂
Mark Fuckerberg (1 year ago)
Brenda princesa Lindaa, or more like never taught how to shoot efficiently. Cartel probably just tossed him a gun when he was young and told him to just shoot at the general direction of the target, regardless of collateral damage.
Mateusz Tur (1 year ago)
What an overrated garbage movie. I fell asleep even during "action" scenes like this. Absolute trash with no characters or story. And don't tell me this was supposed to be suspensful, I've been through more suspense during cheap horror flicks like Saw.
Ben Jammin’ (1 year ago)
Mateusz Tur let it go son.
PS4 Fan (1 year ago)
Javier bardem is legend
Carlos Murillo (11 months ago)
You having shit taste in movies =/= good movies being shit. Get over yourself.
jdspreest (1 year ago)
You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, man. Whoever sees this movie as other than a masterpiece obviously has no understanding or appreciation for what cinema truly is.
Mark Fuckerberg (1 year ago)
You lack a brain. You literally need a decent noggin to appreciate this movie. Go back to your cheap, easy-to-understand, teenage thrillers.
Greg Mattes (1 year ago)
Anton Chigurh vs. Lorne Malvo from fargo...who wins?
Breon Williams (1 year ago)
OBSCURA (1 year ago)
I don't know if I'm the only that has notice these, in this video you can't see it clearly but if you watch the movie in HD you can see that at 3:06 the dead guy who is on the floor next to the toilet starts to blink a couple a times and even look up, I don't know how they let that movie error pass like that lol
Ben Jammin’ (1 year ago)
OBSCURA it's all good bro. Let it slide.
OBSCURA (1 year ago)
Oscar Gonzalez watch the bluray version and see for yourself is clearly a movie error
The Crazy Curt Ghibli (1 year ago)
Oscar Gonzalez Maybe he didn’t know but that’s what I try to say
Oscar Gonzalez (1 year ago)
for 10 seconds maybe, the brain fully shuts down after 30 minutes and some stimuli can occur during that time. Of course he's dead, but still science proves it to be possible.
OBSCURA (1 year ago)
The Crazy Curt Ghibli nah that was clearly a movie error, cause when he shoots they guy and approach to his body the guy looks pretty dead, plus nobody is gonna survive a shoot to the chest and stomach with a shotgun lol
Fudge Eye Nahs (1 year ago)
lmao his knee cracking at 3:37 this is true realism
bLaCjAcK Daniels (2 months ago)
Hahah good call. I almost think Anton should be above such things, so I’m kinda shocked it happened..proves he’s human
Snafubar (7 months ago)
some dude They already said it
I know (11 months ago)
Charlie Rakowsky what are you saying.
Mark Fuckerberg (1 year ago)
DrewPBawls, I laughed because my knees always crack in a similar fashion when I have to get low to check something.
Daniel Malone (1 year ago)
I love beauty board so much,this scene is full of all shades of delicious beauty board.one of the saddest things about today is the sheer lack of dark brown beauty board in homes,it was a beautiful warm and very homely product.the seventies was such a great decade to grow up in,surrounded by browns,orange,dark tobacco tones and all kinds of warm welcoming colours.Wood can your friend if you let it.I love wood.
12345balla12345 (1 year ago)
2:09 I love that sound, even though it sounds nothing like that in real life 😂
The Crazy Curt Ghibli (1 year ago)
12345balla12345 For that sound effect They used a nail gun
Torrey Bauer (1 year ago)
His choice of weapons throughout were Amazing!!
Suicide Squad (1 month ago)
This Guy exist for real ?
VivaMessico (11 months ago)
Lord Krythic stfu
Imagine Wagons (1 year ago)
Torrey Bauer You do realize this was a movie right? As in actors and a script?
Daniel Luis Ennab (1 year ago)
This was amazing
Lorenzo Magario (1 year ago)
Although the quality of sounds is good, I think I haven't heard a single sound in sync. Most of them are too dry, and the SMG sounds way too fake.
Enzo Callaert (1 year ago)
Lorenzo Magario For the youtibe bot
Marcus Flierl (1 year ago)
I really wish a suppressor like this would exist
gamalier andres (11 months ago)
Jackson Freed he means sound wise
Freed (11 months ago)
Marcus Flierl it does
Star Scream (1 year ago)
The guy on the bed was jacking off
Mark Fuckerberg (1 year ago)
Star Scream, highly doubt anyone would be jacking off if they’re waiting for a target to enter the motel room.
Hank R. Hill (1 year ago)
"no tell" love it the dude is seconds from death but remains loyal
Torrey Bauer (1 year ago)
A suppressed shotgun!!! I want one...
Punkrock david (4 months ago)
ChaosCollection I hate how they make it seem so quiet in movies. It sounds like a silenced ray gun in this scene
Jin Rei Tsung (8 months ago)
ChaosCollection I know but who cares ? Less noise when you have to kill a burglar in your house
ChaosCollection (9 months ago)
It's not nearly this quiet in real life
gmane63 (1 year ago)
I thought it was like a bolt gun or something
Mark Fuckerberg (1 year ago)
Torrey Bauer, true. Better than getting your stuff stolen.
Rob Gibson (1 year ago)
Really nice job. Several times I had to remind myself it wasn't original audio.
Who's Your PoPo (1 year ago)
Really awesome!
Samuel Fisher Jr. (1 year ago)
Where can I get this shotgun silencer?
Normad (3 months ago)
+Finsh subsonic. It won't make a bang because nothing breaks the sound barrier. The suppressor is for the escaping gas. It will make a satisfying click sound when fired. With a little pffft of the gas. Go watch firing range vids it sounds quite cool
Normad (3 months ago)
+Finsh cuz you need subsonic rounds asshat
Thomas Powers (3 months ago)
No you are black
Oliver Mayo (3 months ago)
I bet a highly efficient shotgun silencer like that could be made.
Wes Baldridge (4 months ago)
DIY videos on YouTube
B. B. (1 year ago)
Who tf pops from around the corner aiming at the ground
Franklin Sninsky (3 months ago)
That would also explain the first coin flip scene at the gas station where anton asks him " What way would that be ? " A terminator wouldn't be from anywhere in the present time as it was sent back from the future mind= blown
Franklin Sninsky (3 months ago)
I jut figured it out, Remember the original Terminator where Arnold can see thru walls infared to shoot people, Anton is an even more advanced Terminator, due to the fact that the second liquid metal terminator didn't work, they went back to a more lifelike cyborg, but this time they gave it a personality ( as best they could )
Franklin Sninsky (3 months ago)
he got shot before he opened the door...
Mark Fuckerberg (1 year ago)
ChrisKing, sounds like you need to stop playing with novas.
ChrisKing (1 year ago)
My csgo teammates
James Cassaniti (1 year ago)
Why were two dudes in the bathroom
SavageArfad (1 month ago)
It's a film.
kalphitekil (1 month ago)
+Ray Magsoudlou LMFAO just because someone didn't comment that doesn't mean they agree LMFAO
Phayzyre105 (2 months ago)
I've wondered why as well!
Rookie (2 months ago)
i think they were looking for the satchel since Moss did put in the vents they probably thought it was in the bathroom
Franklin Sninsky (3 months ago)
+Ray Magsoudlou The guy in the bathroom was shot through the wall, my theory is that Anton is the newest Terminator, one the machines gave a personality as best they could. It almost feels if you rewatch the scene as if Anton could see right thru walls, and it also explains why the guy opened the door with his gun down, he was prolly in shock from being shot thru a wall, someone with anyhting less than U.S special forces Military training wouldn't neccisarliy react "well" after being shot thru a wall... come on now people, I know the terminator part is far fetched, but the guy in the bathroom got shot first thru the wall explains why he didn't have his gun up. also what use would it to be to hide from somone who just shot you thru a wall before you made a sound? lol
powerkast (2 years ago)
pretty awesome
Sam Boulton (2 years ago)
Good work man. If anything, I'd say maybe high shelf or low pass the tracker beeping, there's a lot of high end in it; High pass the first gunshot slightly, bring out the cool pewww sound, rather than just a massive thump; watch out for clicks between cuts (put fades on all your audio); and try letting some sounds carry over the cut - like the first time in the duct, the rod hits it, maybe let it ring out into the next scene. Great job though! Keep it up
Brupcat (1 year ago)
The surpressed shotgun thump is more realistic than the cool "pewww" sound. Kind of more menacing in a way too.
Zafn Plus (2 years ago)
Wow! Fantastic work!

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