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Oh Hail No! Hail Storm Damages and more...

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Today I'm going over hail damage caused from a recent storm that hit the property. The hail ranged up to golf ball size and damaged the travel trailer, sunken greenhouse, shipping container shop and several other structures and plants. I'll show the damage that the hail caused, talk about what repairs I have planned and what's up next in the travel trailer project. A bummer it was, but we are still grateful and thankful that is wasn't worse :) One thing I do want to point out though... is that, while this is an impactful thing that happened to us, it pails in comparison to others who are currently experiencing real disasters all over the world. Wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, losses of loved ones, etc,. So please understand that while this event was a sad moment for us, we are still very grateful and thankful for our health and that our house is still standing. Our prayers go out to those who are experiencing real disasters and encourage as many folks to help when they can, in whatever form works for them. As always, thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions! Joe If you guys like the videos I make and would like to help support the channel at no additional cost to you. Please consider doing some of you Amazon shopping through this link. I may receive a commission on some of the items you buy. Thanks for considering, it’s greatly appreciated ☺ http://amzn.to/2hWHbgu Music sourced from the Youtube audio library and from EpidemicSound.com... credits as follows.... Who's There 2 by Peter Sandberg via Epidemic Sound (license/subscription via partnership with Studio71) Subscribe to homesteadonomics: http://bit.ly/2trs1Iz Follow homesteadonomics: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homesteadonomics Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homesteadonomics/ Business Inquiries: [email protected] ----------- DIY, Gardening, Outdoors, Home Economics, Preparedness, Permaculture, etc,. If you have any questions or business inquires feel free to email below or if you prefer, you can send old fashioned mail to this address:) Homesteadonomics HC 70 Box 4770 Sahuarita AZ 85629 ----------- Tags: homesteadonomics, travel trailer, teardrop trailer, trailer, hailstorm, hail damage, sunken greenhouse, greenhouse, shipping container shop, chicken coop,
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Text Comments (724)
Michelle Hembd (4 hours ago)
I was so saddened to see your damage from the hail storm. As my granny used to say "as long as you and yours are health and safe, "things" can be replaced." You and your family take care and I will be watching for more videos.
Jonathan Ransom (2 days ago)
I hate hail.
oi oi oi (<< this means Gday).... did dman and hanah get hammered too??? cos theres no vid from him in 2 weeks? unless he did something stupid and fell off the lift building his garage. BTW can u get a thicker more industrial poly carbinate for the greenhouse? and doesnt it shit ya after all ur work on that fantastic camper trailer build.
Nick Tech (5 days ago)
It's kinda late but sorry to see what happen! Joe and I'm glad that you and your family are ok
Making And Fixing (5 days ago)
I love your positive attitude after all that happened! God bless you!
Jeff Mansfield (7 days ago)
I feel your pain we were hit hard in gold canyon as well
CoGhostRider (7 days ago)
I found this series today and was very interested in how it would turn out. Very disappointed right now.
William Bays (7 days ago)
I had a idea for the greenhouse. Can you get hold of some chain link fencing ? Smallest spacing or gape prefer. Space and attach, it about a inch or two above the plastic panels. That could protect the panels, but still allow sunlight and rain water in and still protect.
William Bays (7 days ago)
How goes the storm damage repairs?
Robert Wedderburn (8 days ago)
So sorry to see! I can’t wait to see the next travel trailer built video! So sad to see how it got damaged by hail. Hail can be a big problem here in South Africa as well but just like you said, big hail storms are few and far between. Keep going and it will be fun to see how you get all these things up and running as before.
Josh Serpa (8 days ago)
Sorry for your loss...good to hear you are ok.
J Jo (9 days ago)
WOW! That rainbow is well-worth the hail storms! What a photo that was! Awesome! : )
A B (9 days ago)
:55 got you...
KMF (9 days ago)
I think I would use metal roofing on all your buildings.
catastrophicfella (9 days ago)
Insane! Glad your house held up but sorry to see so much damage to all these amazing projects. Was wondering if the water containers were penetrated?
A B (9 days ago)
Call your insurance agent your policy usual has an “out building” coverage.
David Garcia (10 days ago)
Looks more like just surface damage
Lupusk9 Entertainment (10 days ago)
damn! That sucks :( i forgot hail was a thing since I never get it here. I will have to consider that when i build my land. Hope you can get it all repaired affordably.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you! :D
Dylan Griffith (10 days ago)
Now thats a hailstorm. Stay safe & all the best. 👍
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thanks Dylan!
SOUNAK BANERJEE (10 days ago)
Oh my God....😭😭 Really feel sorry for that man
Michael Coy (11 days ago)
So sorry Joe, that's wack. Dang. Well, the good news is you won't get bored and run out of things to do.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
haha... yep, very true! :D
Michael Hall (11 days ago)
Wow brother. Sorry to hear that this happened. You work really hard on your stuff and have learned a lot by watching your videos. I'll be praying for you.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Michael!
icarr (12 days ago)
Sorry mate, hopefully insurance can cover it. (Insurance- hahahahahahhaha Bend me over and).
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you! and we are currently still in the seeing how well the insurance thing is going to go... looking marginally okay except for a couple of the estimates were just way off
ECO Homestead (12 days ago)
You have a pretty good outlook considering the damage. Way to keep your head up.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you!
UK Tony (12 days ago)
Joe, our hearts go out to you and your family. I know you say in your comments that it could have been worse but it still must be pretty devastating. To see all of your hard work damaged or destroyed in a few short hours must be very disheartening. The way you spoke of it reminds me of the poem "IF" by Rudyard Kipling and you certainly qualify for the sentiment within it. Kindest regards from the UK and hoping you can start sorting things out.
UK Tony (10 days ago)
Joe, the poem "IF" sums up your attitude and approach exactly. I know part of it is on the players tunnel at Wimbledon and I think also at Forest Hills to inspire the players. Also worth reading is the extract called "The man in the arena" by Theodore Roosevelt which describes your hard work whereas we subscribers just watch. I hope you are inspired as all your subscribers feel your pain on so many, many hours of hard work being negated by nature. Stay strong and we all send you and your family every good wish.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Tony! It has been a little tough but we are still very thankful of how blessed we are. I will look up that poem too... my daughter is actually really into poetry at the moment... she's been creating her own poems too! blows my mind because she is only 5 and I can't for the life of me having any interest in poetry or anything like that until maybe my teenage years ;)
BLITZBURGH BILLY (12 days ago)
Chris Juanz Outdoors (12 days ago)
I first came to your YouTube channel when you were in the beginning stages of your travel trailer build. You were welding up the bottom trailer portion. I checked back recently and saw that it looked all complete from the outside. I was pleasantly surprised your progress and how good it looked. Then I saw the damage to the skin from the hail, damn! The nice clean looks of it are ruined! I'm really sorry for the troubles the hail caused you around your property, I feel for your neighbors too!... It seems the steeper the roofs are on structures, the less damage you get from huge hail!
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
Thanks Chris! we are thankful that its still on the manageable level... bummer, but still nothing that can't be fixed. But man are you right about the trailer... my stomach was in knots during that hail... but I think I'm getting a good plan together to reskin the two main affected parts of it
Saila Sobriquet (12 days ago)
Man, I'm sure sorry that happened to you, especially the trailer; that would be a tough one to take. Nonetheless, I particularly like your big-picture, objective, positive perspective. I hope the repairs go as well as they can. And I hope all the best for you and your family.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Saila! I think they will go well for the most part... just mostly a time thing... if I could get it all done by the end of this year I would be really happy :)
Mark Biallas (12 days ago)
So sorry to see the hail damage, especially to the travel trailer. Wishing you the best on the recovery.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you mark! we will push ahead and hope it goes as smoothly and quickly as possible... I was really hoping to have the trailer done by now... oh well... we are still very blessed fortunate that its mostly manageable stuff
juan jorge velazco (12 days ago)
que mala onda, no se puede contra la naturaleza. fuerza men.
I'd sell the camper cheap and start again with the new improved version.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
too much sweat into it by now... haha... I will probably add a new skin and see how it goes after that... maybe some years down the road I can convince my wife to let me start a new one ;)
Toni Brock (13 days ago)
How devastating! It just broke my heart to see all of the damage. MAN! I am definitely grateful that you and your family are safe and well. Wish we could all help you with repairs.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Toni! big bummer it was but we are still very thankful it wasnt worse and most of it is still manageable
Caleb Austin (13 days ago)
Sorry for the damages. Hope you can catch up all the repairs soon!
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thanks caleb... I'm looking forward to getting everything caught up as soon as possible
Bones Spratt (13 days ago)
Its hard to see all the damage you took after watching the hours of work you put into each one of those projects. I know you are pretty handy and will find a way to re-make everything better than it was to start with! Good luck, can't wait to follow the reconstruction!
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Bones... it'll be a chore but we'll get it all repaired and maybe even some modifications added to some of the outbuildings to help mitigate future weather issues :)
Tim Royal (13 days ago)
So sorry man!
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Tim!
DanielinLaTuna (13 days ago)
Riding through South Dakota late '90's on our big bikes, my brother-in-law and I encountered golfball sized hail. The locals advised us to get a room and put the bikes under roof! Which we did, thanks to their good advice. were you able to recover any water from the hailstorm? Always appreciate your content. Thanks, from SoCal. Dan
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
sounds like it was some good an timely advice they gave! as for water... yes, the tanks have been overflowing for over a month! :)
Xólotl Mēxihcah (13 days ago)
Hi, Joe! That hail was related to _hurricane Willa,_ which just directly hit your Sonoran Desert neighbor Mexican west States of _Sonora, Sіnaloа, Durango, Baja California, Colima, etc._ *I wish you health and strength! ¡Saludos desde México, amigo!*
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
Yes, it was I believe! Hope you didnt get any real bad stuff down there. I would have rather had the hail than been on the coast for that one! great to hear from you sir! Friend, Amigo and Neighbor :D
K. Cashman (13 days ago)
Sorry for your losses (but as you've said, it coulda been a lot worse!). Thx for the footage. Leave the trailer as is--it makes it look mean! Plus, it'll always b a good conversation starter when you pull into a new campground. B well.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
haha... if it had been done and we were using it I think I might leave it but because its not finished I kinda feel I need to have it 'new looking' once done .. haha... so a new skin will have to go on the affected sides ;)
Greg Wade (13 days ago)
OH man am sorry for the hit you took. We get a lot of hail here so know just what you went through. The trees didn't seem to have damage to the bark so they will leaf out pretty soon. As for the greenhouse that made me cry as you worked so hard on it. Great news about your home, and yes everything else can be repaired. Take care and stay strong.
Greg Wade (10 days ago)
We live in a hail belt so get lots in the spring and again in the fall. One year it stripped the trees of even their bark and those ones died. Couple years ago had hail the size of fast balls and that punched holes in siding of the house but the old stucco that was under didn't even get a crack. Metal roof on barns just dented so that was a good thing. Modifications when repairing always a good thing. New and improved the best way to go.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
Thank you Greg! Yes it was a stomach turner... we get hail most years here but just more of the smaller type... never this big stuff... but we will get it all repaired and maybe even make some modifications to help mitigate this in the future
Wayne Waldrep (13 days ago)
Dang Joe. I'm just getting to see this. Ugghhh. I know it was hard for you to watch because it was tough to see as well. Glad things weren't any worse although what you have looks pretty devastating. Use that insurance bud....that's why ya pay it year after year!! Sorry for the loss. :)
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Wayne! it was tough but hopefully it won't be too long before we've got it all cleaned up :)
Rocking C Homestead (13 days ago)
Been there, we have several of these a year around us here in Oklahoma. Sorry to hear about your damage.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
yes, you guys have this type stuff way more commonly than us I believe... back when I lived in Nebraska we had several large marble sized storms.. and had heard of baseball sized but I never got to see that luckily
Andrew Himmer (13 days ago)
I'm sorry for the damage to the trailer. That's discouraging.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Andrew!
jstottsvids (13 days ago)
Did it damage any of the poly tanks?
RanchHandGEEK (10 days ago)
+homesteadonomics Glad to hear brother!
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
It actually did seam to affect them much at all:)
viC Bangamwabo (13 days ago)
Sho! So sorry mate.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Vic!
Tom Angle (13 days ago)
I feel for you. We had a hail storm with marble size hail earlier this year, just as the garden was starting to produce. I cannot imagine the hail that you got. Make me believe a thick metal roof is the way to go. Thanks for sharing the what held up and what did not.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
Yes, the thick guage corrugated held up well on the house... lots of dimples and cosmetic damage but overall it held strong :)
Bruce S (13 days ago)
I'm sorry to see all that damage, especially since so much was to things you built. We had a hail storm a couple years ago, with even bigger hail. We keep our vehicles in the garage, so they were fine, but most of our neighbors don't, and had a lot of broken windows and bad dents. One guy had five cars out in the driveway and street, all severely damaged. Almost every roof in the neighborhood had to be replaced, along with a lot of siding, solar panels, and skylights. Of course plants were shredded. The tiles on our outdoor kitchen were smashed and had to be replaced, but I did that with some nice marble, which looks a lot better than the original ceramic. So in short, I feel your pain, even though what we lost wasn't things I made. I built a sacrificial cover for the tile on the outdoor kitchen, so another storm like that won't destroy it. If you're looking for suggestions on the trailer, I'd say if possible it would be good to add another layer of insulation over the existing (dented) panels, then new panels over that. I know that may be a problem for windows and door, so maybe not practical, but if it can be done, that would be that much more sound and heat insulation. It's such a joy to see all the things you build, and such a shame to see it damaged like that. I look forward to the fixes.
Pamela Price (13 days ago)
Double complete rainbow!😊 Love your attitude! Amazing video. Very interesting! I like the way the trailer looks now. Wouldn’t change a thing. Gives it character. 👌🏻😃
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
Just now getting to this Pamela! Thank you!!! Joe
Adolfo Arrieta (13 days ago)
Omg, sorry to see al that damage.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
its a bummer but could have been worse. I'm looking forward to getting everything repaired and making modifications to help mitigate this in the future!
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
Thanks Adolfo!
BogHoleHilux (13 days ago)
As a DIY person myself I really feel for you as I know the amount of time and love that go into these projects only to stand by helplessly and watch them getting damaged. I am glad you are all safe as golf ball sized hail is dangerous.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
Yep, it was a gut wrencher for sure... but hopefully in the next couple months I will be able to get most of it fixed and whole again :)
ZZZlobny DDDobry (13 days ago)
No PC, use PETF.
stilcrazychris (14 days ago)
Oh HAIL THAT SUCKED!! I'm so so sorry about all your damage you suffered. I know how you feel. Building things w/your on two hands & something like this, tearing your hard work of labor up just sucks big time. You know how I really liked your camper trailer a lot. It just makes me sick knowing how hard you worked on it. If I could help you, I think you know I would do my best. I sure would in a heartbeat. I'm just as sick as you & it's not even mine to be upset about. I wish you well & thank God no one was hurt in your family. Good luck in putting everything back as good as you can. Which I know you can do it. Wishing you & your family good vibes during these hard times. Thank you for all you do for us, your viewers, Chris from Missouri
stilcrazychris (10 days ago)
+homesteadonomics I think I to would of said a few hundred choice words to. It just sucks, bc you worked so hard on it. I know it was a job. I've done a lot of holding for my father when he was welding & building on to the house. I just so sorry you went through it. Good luck w/all the getting it all back. You'll be good to go, Chris from Missouri
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Chris! It was a real bummer of a thing to watch... I might have even said a few (hundred...lol) choice words during the storm...haha.... but we will get it all back together as best we can... slowly but surely :)
gutspraygore (14 days ago)
Thanks for making the video. It was informative. Hope you all recover quickly.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you! we will, slowly but surely get it all back into place and maybe make things a little better and more resistant to hail damage on the repairs :)
nゆうちい (14 days ago)
言葉はわかりませんが いつも楽しみに見ていました 日本から応援しています。
Mark Langenkamp (14 days ago)
Sorry Joe! That was an amazing storm. Glad everyone is okay.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thanks mark! yes it was pretty crazy!
Jared Solko (14 days ago)
Oh man!!! What a bummer.
Fernando Ls (14 days ago)
que triste isso, a natureza é implacável
randy beard (14 days ago)
I had a Hail Storm at my house back in 1984 that Broke All my windows-both Panes on North side of House, Tore the Gutters off house, destroyed the Roof, air Condition unit outside, hail went through roof on Popup Camper, destroyed all the boat seats on fishing boat, Totaled my 1974 Olds. Cutlass, Tore all the Bark off freshly planted fruit trees--Some of the Hail was size of Softball--when Hail was over with then the Tornado came over house and Broke several Rafters in Attic. This Old man Hopes he never has to Go through another Hail Storm..
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
OMG... this was childs play compared to that...wow... I too will pray you never have to go through that again
Ms Temptation (14 days ago)
Cool. A double rainbow. Anyway sorry for the damage but mother nature spoke and there was nothing you could do but watch. You can rebuild and replant. Everything is replaceable and repairable. Good luck and thanks for sharing this with us.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Ms Temptation! the double rainbow was a good ending to those couple days and helped to refocus my perspective :)
Nathan Gambino (14 days ago)
Oh no! I'm so sorry to see this happen. Hoping and praying you recover as cheaply and quickly as possible.
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you nathan! I appreciate it:)
Joseph Erwin (14 days ago)
Sorry to see all the damage, but it’s great to hear your upbeat attitude. Back on the horse, bro!
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Joseph! back on the horse I am :D
Massimo Memè (14 days ago)
I'm so sorry!!! Good luck for the future!
homesteadonomics (10 days ago)
thank you Massimo!
B Havens (14 days ago)
Showed Mom this clip, she said when she was small they had a hail storm where they lived and her sister yelled "Daddy, Daddy, someone prayed for ice cubes." you having a small child, I thought you might appreciate.
William Bays (14 days ago)
First glad to hear that you and the family were not hurt, Everything else is just stuff and can be replaced. Nothing could have replaced loved ones. Did the storm at least fill all of your water tanks ? That would be at lease give one plus.
Ничего ужасного мужчина. Семья не пострадала и отлично. Остальному ремонт нужен и все будет ОК.
Chtipa le poulpe (14 days ago)
Just a little word to wish you good luck with the éléments ans will not have any other bas surprises
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Chtipa le poulpe thank you! 🙏😀
Michael Rogers (14 days ago)
CncObsession (14 days ago)
Glad you werent out in it! Good luck in the recovery.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
CncObsession thank you! Yes it would have been pretty painful to take
Canadian Sasquatch (14 days ago)
Huge bummer about all that damage. But, as you said, it could have been a lot worse. They need to start inventing new building materials that are super strong, super light and super cheap to battle these storms that are all over more and more! Cheers my friend!
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Canadian Sasquatch thanks steve! Yes it was! But we are fortunate it wasn’t worse like what you guys went through during the hurricane😬 But hopefully the insurance will aid in the repairs🤞
Scooter's Workbench (14 days ago)
A reminder that Mother Nature is really powerful. At least there were no injuries and stuff can be fixed. On the positive side, you have a wealth of new content for the channel :). You positive outlook is truly amazing after such a time. Thanks for sharing and best of luck on your repair journey.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Yes for sure! We are thankful it wasn’t worse...and compared to the big weather events like hurricanes, tornados etc,...this was pretty minor😀👍
Mirko Mueller (14 days ago)
A taut net with holes small enough, held by strong rubber bands and maybe 3-4 centimeters above the roof would prevent such damage yet let the wind blow right thru it. And if hail accumulates on top of the net the hail would protect the roof while the weight would be taken by the roof itself. On the greenhouse it'l block some percentage of the sun, but you got enough sun over there that this sould not be a problem. Just what spontaneously comes to my mind, but i'm pretty sure that will work.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Mirko Mueller something like that will definitely be planned into that future modifications 😀👍
John Ashcraft (14 days ago)
Hang in there Brother. Prayers. Glad family is ok
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
John Ashcraft thank you John! 🙏😀
59seank (14 days ago)
That was the most perfect double rainbow I've ever seen. I'm glad you are safe and have a positive can-do spirit. I'd love to see how you replace the roofs because I'm interested to see if it is any easier than an asphalt roof.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
59seank yes it was! Really was a nice ending to a bummer couple days😀
O my good que tempestade. meu.
Noeraldin Kabam (14 days ago)
This is horrible! So sorry.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Noeraldin Kabam it has been a bummer but we are thankful it wasn’t worse. Still got our health and no windows out in the house so we made out pretty well compared to many people around here😀
Lebron Jordan (14 days ago)
Wow Joe most of your projects took a hit ! Glad you and your family are ok 👌!!!
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Lebron Jordan thank you Lebron!
DaughterofJacob (14 days ago)
Hey Joe, thank you for sharing. I’m happy to see you and your family are well. That hail storm hasn’t discouraged me from moving to AZ.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
DaughterofJacob thanks for checking it out! And glad you are still wanting to become an Arizonan! Lots more good here than bad 😀👍
Sue Jarrard (14 days ago)
Oh man! This isn't typical or normal for your area, is it? I have never heard of it before. Glad that everyone is fine, but sorry to hear about all of the setbacks from this storm. Blessings
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Sue Jarrard thanks sue! Yes, it is a bit abnormal....we get hail but just not that big
Cory Stewart (14 days ago)
I'm so sorry. I'm glad everyone is OK!
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Cory Stewart thanks Cory!
Ekrem Mungan (14 days ago)
Get well soon
Конивар (14 days ago)
(((.......... Oh-Oh.... ...........
M Jave (14 days ago)
So bad man😢✌🏻
Fred Max (15 days ago)
You should make a paint scheme on the trailer that looks like bullet holes. Maybe a little rust thrown in there for good measure. Call it the desert survival scheme.
Fred Max (14 days ago)
+homesteadonomics Wish you the best on your rebuild.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Fred Max 😂😆
Captain Ron (15 days ago)
I'm in Sun City, AZ., and had that same hail storm, but the hail was not as large as in your area but still fairly large and it lasted a while for sure. I had just got home and pulled into the garage, so my car was saved. I thought my skylight in my bathroom was going to break, but it held up. I really commend you for having a great attitude about the whole thing. Thank goodness you're such a Master Craftsman 👍 and thank you for sharing your excellent videos. 😊
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Captain Ron glad you got it in the garage in time! My truck was damaged but my wife and daughter were in town so no damage to the car
Warwick Bourke (15 days ago)
I feel your pain. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. A few years ago here in Australia my family had 4 cars totaled, damage to the house and the garden virtually destroyed by golf ball sized hail.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Warwick Bourke oh wow! 4 vehicles! Ouch! Hope insurance was able to help
GuntherSnaps (15 days ago)
The trailer damage sucks. I’m sorry dude. You’re not even done with that project. I’m sure it’s hard to put effort into something that’s already damaged like that. We still want to see it come to life and hey, it’s now got a rugged look you can’t buy :)
GuntherSnaps (14 days ago)
+homesteadonomics I'll be watching to see what happens. Do you know if Derek got hit with this same storm? I know you guys are like an hour away. Haven't seen him post a video yet....
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
GuntherSnaps haha....very rugged now...but I think we will get it fixed up. Likely by layering new panels over the roof and the side.
GuntherSnaps (15 days ago)
Double rainbow all the way across the sky!!!!
Frederick Littlefield (15 days ago)
Great Video. Sad to see your loss. I hope you can get some kind of compensation from your insurance to offset your loss. On the positive side, it gives you more opportunities for future videos. Steel roofing is the way to go, except for the greenhouse. A little more expensive, but it holds up better as you know.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Frederick Littlefield I’m thinking that will be the way I go....the house has dimples but still holding strong 💪
Daniel Blahuta (15 days ago)
Hi Joe, so sorry to see the damage from the hail. You were very wise not to go out in it . The larger stuff can kill you. Best wishes on the recovery. It really made me sad to see the damage to the camper.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Daniel Blahuta yep, it was pretty scary...could definitely knock a guy out....then risk drowning in a puddle while knocked out. No bueno..haha
Jeff Stone (15 days ago)
Oh man.
MikeBramm (15 days ago)
That really sucks. If the trailer doesn't leak, maybe leave it as is. It adds character and shows how tough you built it. Luckily your stuff isn't in 10,000 pieces 2 miles away.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
MikeBramm yes, I’ll take cosmetic damages any day compared to a tornado or hurricane throwing in the next county😉👍
Charlie (15 days ago)
Sorry to see the damage, but I love your attitude!!
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
SafeRoomLockingBar. com thank you SRLB!
Natasha S. (15 days ago)
It broke my heart seeing the damage on Instagram. Your work is just beautiful. I hope your insurance can cover some of the cost of repairs. Hail is just no joke. You have wonderful perspective on the situation!
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Natasha S. Thank you Natasha! It will be a set back but we are confident we will be able to get back on track soon😀👍
Matt Brodacki (15 days ago)
So sorry to see your hard work take a beating with one storm.. hopefully you can get it all restored. Can you kindly share more on the type of roofs used and some links if you have the distributor? Many thanks!
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Matt Brodacki thanks Matt! We are hopeful that we will be able to get everything repaired pretty soon🤞 As for the roofing...the greenhouse is tuftex polycarbonate...and the shop is ondura corrugated asphalt. I think both are good products but just a matter of that size of the hail
Tury Espino (15 days ago)
Que mal..!
Steve Linbergbaby (15 days ago)
Gives you a chance to learn what you can do better👍
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Steve Linbergbaby I will definitely be making some changes and modifications when the repairs happen👍
tommybiii (15 days ago)
Why aren't ther more likes?
Joan Smith (15 days ago)
Oh wow! I hope your insurance comes through for you. Check out Solawrap for your greenhouse. Johnny's Seeds sells it in smaller quantities. I used it for my cattle panel greenhouse. I liked it and it has taken a hail storm already, although not nearly as bad as what you went through. "They" infer Solawrap will take hail better than glass or polycarbonate. I don't think it will give you as "clean" of a look as your polycarbonate. Mine puckered a little which might bother you. Bigalow farm just put in a Solawrap greenhouse for aquaponics and has some you tube videos about it. All the best!
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Joan Smith thank you Joan! I will definitely check it out! I do like the clean lines of the polycarb though. But I’m definitely going to be making some modifications and changes when I do the repairs. Likely I’m going to add some movable shade/protection panels😀👍
yossi kaufman (15 days ago)
Good attitude!!
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
yossi kaufman thank you!
Susan Lee (15 days ago)
WOW! Lot’s of damage! I’m sorry.
homesteadonomics (14 days ago)
Susan Lee thank you Susan!

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