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7 things that happen to a girl's body after losing virginity | Virginity lost symptoms

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7 things that happen to a girl's body after losing virginity | virginity lost symptoms What happens after you lose your virginity? Losing virginity is a huge issue, especially in a country like ours. After your first s..exual intercourse, you may have plenty of concerns about your body. Other than the hymen, which does not end up ‘breaking’ in most cases, there are many other changes that a woman’s body goes through to post their first se..xual experience. Here are some of them: 1. VA.GINAL CHANGES: The elasticity of your v.ag.ina changes after you start having s..ex. Since the va.gina is still getting used to this new activity you have introduced to your body, it takes some time for the va.gi.na to become used for penetration. However, this gets better with time. Even how your va.g.ina lubricates itself will change over a period of time. 2. CLITORIS AND UTERUS KNOW WHEN TO CONTRACT AND EXPAND: When in an arousal position, your clitoris will swell up and the uterus will rise a bit. After some time, your body will become used to s..ex and every time you arouse, your otherwise inactive clitoris and uterus will go through these transformations and return to normal post the act. 3. BR.EASTS BECOME FIRMER: During and after s.ex, the tissues in your b.reast swell up and the blood vessels dilate leading to firmer b.reasts. But, this goes back to normal post s.ex and is only a temporal state. 4. NIPPLES BECOME MORE SENSITIVE IN GENERAL: Once you start indulging in s.ex, your body goes through a variety of new experiences. The blood circulation around your nipples increases and the muscular tension increases making them tender than usual. 5. HAPPY HORMONES: Happy hormones are the reason for that glowing skin. As a result, the feel-good hormone of your body, serotonin, gets secreted. Other than this, when you o.r.ga.sm, it releases another hormone known as oxytocin, which makes you feel happy and relaxed. 6. DELAY IN PERIODS: Since your hormones get active, there are chances your period may get delayed. Fret not, this is not a pregnancy alarm but rather your body's way of telling you that it's going through changes. 7. EMOTIONAL ISSUES: If You Enjoyed This Video Please LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE & And Don't Forget To SUBSCRIBE My ChanneL! Thanks For Watching This Videos...... CONNECT WITH ME ANYWHERE: Facebook Page : http://bit.ly/2KDg2zg Facebook Group : http://bit.ly/2INRRsW Twitter : http://bit.ly/2NnQNzy Google+ : http://bit.ly/2KKWtld Instagram : http://bit.ly/2u5hsrS Pinterest : http://bit.ly/2tWDhtK Linkdin : http://bit.ly/2NqIi6y Tumblr : http://bit.ly/2Kt4wXO Reddit : http://bit.ly/2KKuhiJ Stumbleupon : http://bit.ly/2IR6c7L VK : http://bit.ly/2KvBuXP Blogger : http://bit.ly/2tTX6mb Wordpress : http://bit.ly/2u2D7Be SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL: Natural Medication: http://bit.ly/2IR0Rxk Top10 Information & New Technology: USA360: http://bit.ly/2MHu00g DISCLAIMER: The materials and the information contained in the Natural Medication channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your healthcare provider Music: Spring In My Step-Silent Partner-YouTube Audio Library Images licensed under Creative Commons: https://www.pexels.com https://pixabay.com https://www.flickr.com https://www.publicdomainpictures.net https://www.google.com I hereby declare that all Images use to make this video is from Google Search www.google.com. Google Advanced Search Is Used to Find all images, usage rights: free to use, |share or modify. Some Photos are taken from Google Image search. Keywords: 3 things I wish I knew before having s.ex, losing your virginity stories, changes in the female body after losing virginity, how to lose your virginity by yourself, how to lose your virginity, after losing your virginity, lost virginity, intercourse se.x, losing virginity scene, se.x education, viral images that broke the internet, women's health, 20-29, 30-39, virgin girl, virginity of girl, virgin women, signs of girl, 10 signs of women who are not virgin, body changes after intercourse, body changes after $ex, body changes in woman after intercourse, love-making, things to remember, things to do before se.x, 7 things girls do before *s.ex*
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Natural Medication (30 days ago)
Vagina Health - 15 Best Foods to Feed Your Vagina How to Tighten Veg At Home https://youtu.be/r1JgLq4BNhM How To Get Ping Nipples In 2 Days Using Natural Ingredients At Home https://youtu.be/HVH-tCL-x0A
Anand Bold (1 month ago)
JAnet Hernandez (2 months ago)
Natural Medication Q
Lee JooYoung (13 hours ago)
Is losing my virginity bad?
Lee JooYoung (13 hours ago)
I lost my virginity by myself today, it hurt but it was worth. ( > - <*)
You forgot to mention the part where the woman begins to think she is entitled to all the mans bank accounts.
Mady (1 day ago)
It hurts but it's a good hurt lol 😜
Julianna Leahy (1 day ago)
is it bad if i lost my virginity at 9
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Jack Yang (2 days ago)
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refunded refund (3 days ago)
Boys get sharp pains in there dick
refunded refund (3 days ago)
Im a 16 year old boy and im disturbed
queen Queen (3 days ago)
Vaginas do NOT look like the thumbnail
sB Nero (2 days ago)
queen Queen add my snap for pics, adamhedstrom1
Victoria TORI (3 days ago)
My God thank god i am still a virgin
sB Nero (2 days ago)
Victoria TORI have you added me?
Victoria TORI (2 days ago)
+sB Nero okay
sB Nero (2 days ago)
Victoria TORI add my snap for pics, adamhedstrom1
Godchild smith (4 days ago)
Im 33 And still A virgin.....
Lucky Govender (1 day ago)
just thank God for that
Josh Alderton (4 days ago)
WhaT hApppppEns Too aA GiiiRl aFtEr looooSing VioiirInIIIIIty
Gamer101 (4 days ago)
What happens to guys you become *the player* call of duty rankup sound play but only the mw3 soundtrack oh and guys also have to be careful if they do not want a baby but just be safe everyone.
My miss Alisha (5 days ago)
It hurts.. Pretty afraid to do this stuff,
sB Nero (2 days ago)
My miss Alisha add my snap for pics, adamhedstrom1
Dribble2much J (5 days ago)
I’m 39 and still a virgin
Angel Messtanoffski (6 days ago)
Being a male is the best. Females suck!
DotaCrush (1 day ago)
Boi u cunt, who gave u birth cockface
AJ The RPG gamer (6 days ago)
Why am i here..? I have a boyfriend and....
Good Boi (1 day ago)
You’re going to have intercourse with him?
Malakai Subliminals (6 days ago)
I lost my virginity to a hairbrush..
Aellyn Freedom (7 days ago)
When I was thirteen I had the most wonderful idea to stick the handle of my hairbrush in my vagina. Am I still a virgin after that or no? ... I reread this and realised how much of an idiot I used to be...
Maizii Maiz (7 days ago)
Abdulla Abubakar (7 days ago)
i am a boy me new lolipop if u want help mee girl
LOLXDEEZ NUTZ225 (8 days ago)
Fuck yeah
I'm a person ????? Yes and UNDER AGE TO HAVE SEX WTF WHY AM I HERE LOL
Tanjila islam (10 days ago)
Valerie Parker (10 days ago)
I'm 15yrs old l lose my virgin last week
Kristall Hitler (11 days ago)
What's with the crying faces?
Booty Hub (12 days ago)
Xnxx booty videos https://bit.ly/2SqqKKl
Love loveu (12 days ago)
I lost my virginity at 17 and done sex for continous 4 years by a week gap and stop sex for 5 6 years can my hymen regenerate. After marriage my husband know I am not a virgin.
Rajesh Saw (12 days ago)
आसान है पता करना की लड़की/लड़का गंदे चरित्र के हैं या वर्जिन है :D सीधे मु पे पूछ तू वर्जिन है या नहीं। जवाब से और जवाब देने के अंदाज़ से सब साफ़ समझ आ जाता है। फेस एक्सप्रेशन से भी साफ़ समझ आ जाता है कौन अच्छे हैं कौन कैरेक्टरलेस है। कई लडकियों/लड़कों से सवाल जवाब कर फिर अनुभव से उनके जवाब देने के तरीके से साफ समझ आ जाएगा। मैं तो फेसबुक में चैटिंग से ही पता कर लेता हूँ सवाल जवाब से कि कौन वर्जिन है कौन नहीं :D सब अनुभव से सीख सकते है। और वो लड़की बहुत बड़ी बेवकूफ होती है जो सोचती है रंडियों की तरह bf बनाकर सेक्स करेंगी और शादी बाद पति को पता नही चलेगा। और उन लड़कों को भी अच्छी लड़की से शादी करने का हक़ नहीं जो कुकर्म कर चुके हैं।
NETVO TV (13 days ago)
I’m virgin guy and just getting into AMWF relationship, but get to know most white girl already lost virgin st young age, I’m 23 now, should I keep looking or just accept it?
Vashti Singh (6 days ago)
+NETVO TV No i'm not i'm an indian girl we usually wait on marriage for these things but white girls not sure maybe the christian ones lol
NETVO TV (6 days ago)
Vashti Singh ok but where are you from? Are you white girl?
Vashti Singh (6 days ago)
keep looking i'm 22 and still a virgin my sister is 20 and still a virgin so there are people out there
Jayleloo__ (13 days ago)
Who is here after taking his girlfriend's virginity
Sophie Myers (8 days ago)
Virginity isn't a commodity. Also, I'm not insulting you here, but why is it that when a girl comments saying she just lost her virginity she's called a whore and a slut but when a guy comments saying he's lost his no one cares. I'm not calling you those thing btw. I don't think anyone should be called that
lilly baker (14 days ago)
I accidently lost my virgnity by self intercourse...should i tell my mom?
Uk Boys (11 days ago)
+lilly baker why should told her no, forget about it sweetie 💋
Hi I'm A Good Friend (13 days ago)
+lilly baker 😂😂
lilly baker (14 days ago)
video of what?
solkjed (14 days ago)
i lost my virginity a year ago (i was 16) and damn, my girlfriends pussy was so good i barely resisted 2 minutes Thank god i pulled out in time though
Luna Hernández (14 days ago)
Stop misinforming people with the thumbnail 🙃
Jessie Stansell (14 days ago)
Why do you sound like a f****** robot
Uk Boys (11 days ago)
+Jessie Stansell hi sweetie 😘
Jessie Stansell (11 days ago)
Uk Boys (11 days ago)
emo alone (16 days ago)
Loss my virginity man have a sex in bathroom feel good 👍 did not hurt at all to me he was a good at it but little older than me. Late 60/late /30/. But so cute.
NoT MinE xvx (17 days ago)
gtoengie banzon (17 days ago)
virgin too
Kitagawa Yuki (19 days ago)
*”40 year old virgin....”* The scariest thing we all don’t want to have when where older....
American Diet (21 days ago)
Who else is here cause they're curious and not cause they've experienced "it"?
Love Weekly (21 days ago)
20y old boy and I'm still virgin can anybody help me
kate Goble (5 days ago)
Love Weekly tinder not YouTube too start
Hi I'm A Good Friend (13 days ago)
ew dude
Swayam Bobby (21 days ago)
Good job 😊💖 💖
Weeb Gaming (22 days ago)
What the fuck have i gone into
Naomi Graham (22 days ago)
This is good to know
vivian equestrian (22 days ago)
of course the girls body always has to be ruined
Gavin Boothe (22 days ago)
I’m a guy. I already knew some of this stuff, but after watching this it makes me feel even more sorry that women have to have pain while having intercourse. This video and with women being pregnant, going through the birthing process, and all other lady things, only gives me more respect for women. Ladies, let us guys hold the doors, but you flowers, and treat you right. You deserve it completely, I mean we deserve respect and to be treated right as well, but I give upmost respect. I hope you all know where I am coming from and what I mean here. All people are wonderful, treat them right.
:D rad (1 day ago)
Amen to that 🙏
Cortes Mhie (3 days ago)
shall i tip that fedora for you
Aryamon Mukherjee (7 days ago)
You're a virgin, aren't you?
Sophie Myers (8 days ago)
Wow! I wish guys I knew thought like that
Ananya Dey (22 days ago)
When does virginity generate in a girls body
ShoushaJr (22 days ago)
wth women are disgusting how the hell we as males are attracted to them
god is woman (11 days ago)
Shut up
BVC KOTABAGH (23 days ago)
Nice...video 👌 #BhardwajvideoclubBVC
King Dog (23 days ago)
I hate your channel
Micko Maurillo (24 days ago)
Rise our Empire "Virgins" ^_^
gamergirl _101 (24 days ago)
Parwati Shankar (25 days ago)
who loves porn
Ashley Parks (27 days ago)
So, my cousin left her messenger open in my phone and i accendently read her conversation with her boyfriend and they where talking about *HUGE* Things like i got scared because shes not just my cousin shes like a sister to me we grew up together and her boyfriend was telling her that they will have sex when they be alone. More then that i saw that she was scared that it would hurt, he was telling her that that only hurts the first two times. And mostly im scared because shes only 12 , are you reading correctly SHES ONLY FUCKING 12 shes gonna turn 13 on the 30th of October.BY THE WAY( IM 12 TOO LOL😂😂BUT FOR REAL THOUGH😐THIS IS A SERIOUSE SITUATION) IM REALLY SCARED OF.😔😔
Sourabh Karmakar (27 days ago)
Yikes 😯
shaista godba (28 days ago)
I had deep penetration today it's kind of I am addicted for orgasm what I suppose to do
Smael Bual (29 days ago)
scandal video
xxxtentacion (29 days ago)
Why am I watching this I'm a boy....
IIheartdonutzz zzz (3 days ago)
Why not (raises eyebrows weirdly)
Renzo (7 days ago)
Rip xxxtentacion
Mikasa Mikasa (12 days ago)
me too😂
Roodny Icyqueen (12 days ago)
xxxtentacion R.I.P. 😥😓😰😩😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😢😭😭
FBI (13 days ago)
Don't you worry
Ruben Sanchez (1 month ago)
Scared I’m boutta fuck a bitch who hella experienced wish me luck boys
shook (1 month ago)
Is this the same with masturbation? If you penetrate yourself with your fingers
Jimin Park (1 month ago)
Is it true when u have sex your hips spread out just curious
Vashti Singh (6 days ago)
+Jimin Park RM will make you his expensive girl
Jimin Park (13 days ago)
+Ratu Nadya lol
Ratu Nadya (15 days ago)
Ratu Nadya (15 days ago)
Jimin Park u don't need to ask jimin.... try it urself with yoongi or other members and u Will know.... 😂😂🤣 just kidding.... i just love BTS too much
Gamer Erich (1 month ago)
ywhat is a virginity (I am a girl and kid)
Goku Godly (27 days ago)
Virgin mean who never had sexual and sex in past Virgin is no sex
Sydnee Spades (1 month ago)
Oh your poor soul, talk to your parents sweety and stay off the wierd side of the internet till your older and understand it 🌼
Farhan Hussain (1 month ago)
Eyoooo why i am in there 😶😝😂🙈
Blob Yheblob (1 month ago)
Can I bleach my eyes now
Blob Yheblob (1 month ago)
mani Raj (1 month ago)
call me 7012906486
Black shuck (1 month ago)
I love tearing fresh virgin pussy up , after the third try no mercy is shown I pound the fuck out of it
sarita chauhan (1 month ago)
I did sex but these things doesn't happen with me
Praveen Viplav (1 month ago)
I fuck u
Alexa Criss (1 month ago)
Your body reacts different from other person's. It doesn't mean something's wrong with you :))
Maureen Maurer (1 month ago)
How many days she will be delay?
Alexa Criss (1 month ago)
Depends on her body, her menstrual cycle etc. It can't be generalised. Some may not have delays at all.
I'm still triggered (1 month ago)
I actually need help because I can only feel pleasure on my Clit but not in my vagina I don't know what's wrong pls someone help.
Darck Sier (1 month ago)
do a research about it
Kaitlyn (1 month ago)
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Mani Hopkins (1 month ago)
I lost my virginity at a age of 15 and i lost mines Yesterday 10/18
Darck Sier (1 month ago)
forget it dude just leave their asses
Prince Echo (1 month ago)
What is your fast ass doing having sex at that age.
Luna Mist 1250 (1 month ago)
Uhh im only 13, has never had sex, and i have like almost all of these things. Help 0_0
Brythonic (1 month ago)
Way to go with using a clunky robot voice and dumbass music to talk about this topic..
R6Mod Games (1 month ago)
Alara -k (1 month ago)
I’m 17 and I still virgin , that strange
Rahul jha (8 days ago)
I m 24 and virgin but not strange
Shyam Bairagya (19 days ago)
you are not a virgin...
shalom shalomshalom (23 days ago)
Stay a Virgin till marriage. Yes it is a big deal if loose it.
킨가 (28 days ago)
Naw you good fam you do it when you're with someone you're comfortable enough to do with it.
love pakistan (30 days ago)
+Oof Shelbyy_ whatsapp
Daleel Tech (1 month ago)
Mahdi iraqi (1 month ago)
هاا يبنيه مفتوحة لا تعاي واني افتحج
Selena Cart (1 month ago)
can someone take my virginity away plz
Selena Cart (1 month ago)
Donald Trump sure
Donald Trump (1 month ago)
+Selena Cart ok. Open ur cloth and come near me
Selena Cart (1 month ago)
Dave Jones its a request with needs
Dave Jones (1 month ago)
Selena Cart What? Kind Of Request Is That.
Prom Potato (1 month ago)
I’m still a virgin
anjli tivari (1 month ago)
Kash koi mere sath bhi ye sab karta bahut man kar raha ahi mera...
Ditso Kar (1 month ago)
I gotta clean out my search history
Brunettae -Hyung (8 days ago)
Linå BoØ (1 month ago)
Ditso Kar same😂
Sun Rise (1 month ago)
Why the fuck is this on my recommended list!?
CalendarBoyVHS (1 month ago)
As a dude I lost my virginity at 16 It wasn’t very pleasurable.
Shilpi Ghosh (1 month ago)
Thanks.... it's very useful for me
ogomoditse 0606og1981 (1 month ago)
I want to but i'm scared
cheyenne bradshaw (1 month ago)
This makes me feel like I lost mine because this happens often
Star Otaku Gamer (1 month ago)
I will stay as a virgin till im 30 After one week I started masturbating like hell
Praveen Viplav (1 month ago)
I will fuck u
Praveen Viplav (1 month ago)
I will fuck y
Ohhhh sex
Brotosaurus (1 month ago)
Losing virginity is a huge issue???
Lexi Jade (10 days ago)
Brotosaurus Nah
Melek Başkan (1 month ago)
My friends told me that it hurts. Lol im choosing to stay virgin , i dont want pain! whose with me??
Kristall Hitler (3 days ago)
Melek Başkan Let him know how you feel. Many guys are shy too. And the lighting can make a difference. Don't do it in a very brightly lit room. Instead just have enough light so you can see each other but not too much so that you can see every tiny little detail on each others body.
Melek Başkan (3 days ago)
+Kristall Hitler okey another issue how can you be naked in front of a man. İm just too shy
Kristall Hitler (3 days ago)
Melek Başkan It doesn't hurt that much!! If it it hurts a lot they must be very tense or the man is being too rough. But I personally like it rough.
Melek Başkan (3 days ago)
+Skylar drawing Tutorials ya but i dont want sex i can perfectly adopt
Melek Başkan you want kids or nall bich
TomK Gaming (1 month ago)
I lost my virginity today
1 sub with no videos (2 days ago)
Good job man 😂
Game Boi (2 days ago)
Good 4 u
Rajesh Shetti (3 days ago)
TomK Gaming please explain. how & where you losed it.
AyeshA Honey (4 days ago)
If someone lost her virgnirity bedore marriage so what's do on first night?? Someone ask???
gamergirl21 (1 month ago)
Lost mines when I turned 14 with a real Jamaican black man. It hurt the first time n there was lots of blood on the sheet. Glory amen.
Sanjana sharma (1 month ago)
What to do my bf is forcing me to have sex but I'm just 16 😣
Emily Cheeseman (1 month ago)
DO NOT DO IT. I’m fine with people having sex at 16 but just don’t do it for someone else. If you only have sex because of your boyfriend and you don’t want to do it then its technically rape as you haven’t consented. If you don’t want to don’t do it :)
Jazyl Mahinay (1 month ago)
I'm 29, and still virgin. I'm afraid of sexual intercourse. My friend said its hurts at first. That's why until now I'm still virgin couse it's hurt
Rajesh Shetti (3 days ago)
Jazyl Mahinay. I can't believe.
Kristall Hitler (3 days ago)
Jazyl Mahinay It doesn't hurt very much at all. Especially, if you are enjoying it.
Jazyl Mahinay 29 what are you doing in your life
Kristall Hitler (11 days ago)
If it hurts that much, he's not doing it right or you are too frigid. Start slow. Have him use his tongue first and then his fingers. OR you can take it up the ass which can feel great I know some girls complain about that hurting too. But quit being a pussy wussy crybaby!
Milk And Honey (18 days ago)
Jazyl Mahinay I’m 41 still a Virgin.
Lal Bahadar (1 month ago)
Wooow very nice very good
Dexter (1 month ago)
I want sex ,is any women is interested ?
pheoix natl (1 month ago)
Please go to YouTube Type in safe sex other things then click on View full playlist (1,053 videos) this playlist talks about sex and help different subject matters maybe one of these videos can help you or somebody you know I created this playlist to help people who are afraid or ashamed to ask if you know of any videos that should go on the playlist please send me the link I will be adding more videos to the playlist please help us educate the world

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