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I Tried 4 Different Personalized Style Boxes

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So I've been seeing advertisements for personalized style boxes for years, so I finally decided to take the plunge and buy them and see what they would send me! I tried Stitch Fix, Le Tote, Wantable, and Trunk Club to test and compare their clothes and prices, and see if they are worth it! I took all of their quizzes and then did a massive unboxing haul to show you guys what they're all about. What do you think? Would you try one of these? Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications! Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiya IG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/ Assistant Editor: Emily Linden Music Mind The Gap Bank Job Glitterball Showtime Velvet Jacket Top Banana Shafted You Can Dance Retweet East Meets Beats Swing N Tonic Very Naughty Boy Move To The Groove Roma Trompeta via Audio Network SFX Via Audioblocks
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Safiya Nygaard (1 year ago)
HELLO FRIENDS!! happy thursday! what did you think of these style boxes?! would you try any of these? xox, saf 🖤EDIT: the clear thing i always around my wrist is a hair tie.... not a bracelet!
Jennifer Logan (1 month ago)
I tried Stich Fix a few years ago, and they had access to my Pinterest "wardrobe wishes" page as well. Like you, I was disappointed at what they sent. Not just one time, but 5 times! It seemed like they looked at my age and thought I should dress a little more conservative. 👎🏻
Love ya ps I know it’s not a brac;et my friend has hair ties like that
ImGrammy Rose (1 month ago)
LOL it would be sad to be ghosted by the stylist I'm paying...
Shelly Summerville (2 months ago)
Hey Safiya, I like some of the items in Stitch fix & the trunk bug the other one not so much. Really loved the dress & knee boots, they looked AMAZING on you!! 💜😎😋
daretobedifferent (2 months ago)
By the way the skirts you thought were the same length one of them actually stopped under the knee and one of them stopped over it
Hannah Siler (4 hours ago)
My reaction to trunk club:That's a lewk
Aimee A (6 hours ago)
Love the items you kept, especially the open back shirt and the black striped shirt!
It’s Megs (8 hours ago)
Who is watching this after she got engaged. I’m soo happy for them😁
Diotima Dey (8 hours ago)
Is there anything you look bad in ??? You looked so pretty in every style !!!!
Hunter Torrence (12 hours ago)
I liked the trunk box! But idk if I’d pay that much for something I still have to have additional charges for if I keep it. Plus I’m forgetful and I wouldn’t remember to send the stuff back
Jkatt808 (13 hours ago)
Safiya: I have nothing against brackets Me: your wearing a black to😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Absinthia Venamortis (14 hours ago)
I’m so glad Emily didn’t ghost you, faith in humanity restored.
brianna duncan (15 hours ago)
I love EVERYTHING from the trunk club!!!
Mad Shark (15 hours ago)
"I don't really wear bracelets that much" 10:19 ....  (No hate btw)
Ali Jensen (1 day ago)
I have a long torso and short legs so I have the same problem just opposite. Like I can’t wear one piece swimsuits or jumpsuits or body suits and dresses are weird
Jay B (1 day ago)
The gray sneakers are sold at Walmart in different colors for 10$ and below.
bbyskittles91 (1 day ago)
Emily did that! Love all her items!
ania p (1 day ago)
you were so right towards the end when you said ppl will end up keeping things they kinda like but would never actually buy. i was gonna make that point too. its something abt knowing u already have the item and thinking abt obscure scenarios when u could wear it bc ur too lazy to ship it back or are scared u might regret it. thats why im staying away from those boxes lmao. i know itll happen to me w all of the items
Knallbart (2 days ago)
You ARE Scandinavian!!!! I've been super curious about that!! 😁😁😁 i recognised your name! 😁 #GoScandies 😏😜
V Vv (2 days ago)
Lol dat brandname "KUT" in capitals, meaning "vagina" in dutch, as in a slang word that is often used in cursing. Guess they don't market much or at all to the Netherlands and/or Belgium 😥
Saint Monodam (2 days ago)
This is such a rich-people service, lol
Selexa Renes (3 days ago)
Just wait at 9:36
bonifus sisters (3 days ago)
Can’t believe you are 5’9”..cos you don’t look like a tall girl in the videos..i love the way you put soo much time and effort in making the vedios to show it to us♥️
Panda Power (5 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Jenna J (5 days ago)
wait so "Its a few weeks later" Yet you still have the thing on ur hand???
Ellen Okuda (5 days ago)
It seems like the purpose of these services is to make you buy a bunch of overpriced things that you only kind of like because you want to make the most of the hefty "styling" fee. It's all pretty much bs considering that only one service paid attention to her personal style.
Esme R. (6 days ago)
I think that stitch fix does a better job with boho and romantic styles, stuff that younger adults and teens wear.
jbaker1107 (6 days ago)
Saf needs to head to /r/abrathatfits
Kristi Rae (6 days ago)
Stitch Fix was awful for me 😩 they kept sending random things that were cheaply made in China for really high prices. The last box was definitely the best! Love your choices.
Ellie (6 days ago)
Ha ha ha I have that nike tank ha ha ha
Julia Gaulin (6 days ago)
I work at Payless shoes and the grey shoes she kept from Trunk Club look exactly like shoes we sell at payless for like $30 😂
cjuanito1 (7 days ago)
🎶 I don’t think you’re ready for this scandi 🎶
Steph Allan (7 days ago)
I agree with your choice too...Thanks for posting... you’re so charming and eccentric. You found your niche. 👏🔍👍🏼💓🤔
Carina Cai (7 days ago)
This is so helpful! You gave a comprehensive review from the signup quiz to the actual items you received. I was thinking of getting one, but I don't think I would like the items they would send haha.
Cheri Chesley (7 days ago)
Trunk Club looked like so much fun
JazzyTazz Wolf (7 days ago)
5:31 she is wearing a braclet🤣
marlon dela cruz (7 days ago)
Raven Lee (7 days ago)
So here is my thing... I’m a different pant size EVERYWHERE I go and all I wear are jeans so I definitely don’t see me using any of these things. Maybe if they used measurements instead of sizes. (Also that scarf is too damn expensive! Everything was actually!!!)
BrittaJarvis (7 days ago)
I really liked the utility romper from the last box on you! Guess we have different styles but I would have kept that :)
Cheypanchan Bahn (7 days ago)
(I don’t like swear)as wearing swear
DeanWinchester421 (7 days ago)
"I don't think you're ready for thiscandy" 😂😂
Miranda Richter (8 days ago)
I always wondered about those style boxes. Thank you for doing this video.
Mathilda Dock (8 days ago)
I thought your wrap-up was so great, "lukewarm" buying. Perfect! Trunk Club def captured your style aesthetic. Loved this video!
Marina Michaels (9 days ago)
Nice video! A lot of the items looked tres cute on you. I especially liked the striped black and white top with the asymmetrical hem. A lot of the items looked like they were made out of polyester or other synthetic fibers, though (aside from most of the jeans). Were any of the tops or dresses made from natural fabrics?
no name (9 days ago)
am i the only one who thought that all these items were the complete opposite of her style?
Erica Olmos (10 days ago)
Great review thank you..😁
raime j (10 days ago)
I'd order from Trunk Club just to get that cool shipping box! lol
Amanda Stokes (10 days ago)
Hello Safiya!! If you don’t respond back, that’s fine. I just wanted to say that I just discovered your videos the other day & absolutely love them & your spirit. I have thoroughly & immensely enjoyed watching all these different videos & hope you keep making more 😊.
Arletta Sloan (11 days ago)
I have to say, I think they mostly all did an excellent job of sending you things that you looked really good in. It reminds me of the sisters at the Kingdom Hall, giving me things. I often think there is no way I'm going to wear them. Not my style, not my color, not the right fit. But, I end up doing it to be polite and find out I look really good in them. Even more so when I accept them and find other things I already own, or that can be bought cheap, to go with them. It seems like, if one can afford it, ordering the style boxes could be a good way to broaden your horizons.
Arletta Sloan (11 days ago)
So, you do realize that you are wearing a bracelet, right? I don't know what your top is, bu,t, I thought it was a sweater.
Rebecca Orlando (11 days ago)
2:18 me too😂😂
Eva Fiskeman (11 days ago)
Oh you Scandinavian, explains the Nygaard - which translates to New farm XD
Kerri (11 days ago)
$200+ jeans??? Hell naw!!! The black and white striped shirt from the last box was adorable and it looks great on her!
Sanbika (11 days ago)
How often do they think people go clothes shopping? Most people, if they’re lucky, go clothes shopping once per season. That’s four trips a year....I can swing that. It’s completely worth the trips if I can guarantee everything will fit well and I will love everything.
Grace McOmber (12 days ago)
K think I'm gonna go check out Trunk Club cause that sounds interesting.
Latte’ the Great (12 days ago)
Moto moto likes u jacket
Its Yo Mama Mel (12 days ago)
I got those exact same sneakers in black at walmart from the trunk club box lol
Belinda Enata (12 days ago)
Safiya Nygaard : 5’9” Jojo Siwa: 5’9” SHOOKKKKK 😱😱😱
Julie B (12 days ago)
You are officially invited to our home for a fun game night. There now you can’t say you’re never invited anywhere. 😁😁
Gracie Etcheto (12 days ago)
Thank you! This video was very helpful.
Mother Toast (13 days ago)
Why have I not watched your videos before?!
Kiara Taylor (13 days ago)
To the club!
Isabelle Wittwer (13 days ago)
I would for sure use these monthly boxes if the items weren't so damn expensive. I have 3 kids man. They're expensive. I still have the same underwear that I wore before my eldest was born. 😧
Lily Moen (13 days ago)
Okay where can I get that stripey asymmetrical top and that last romper though???
Melissa Maria Morales (13 days ago)
I've watched like 12 videos today I guess I should just subscribe and get it over with.
Susan Savage (14 days ago)
Stich fix was good, I liked
Susan Savage (14 days ago)
Omg you look good in all the wantable things ... Keep it all ...
clearly_its_makeup (14 days ago)
I feel attacked I loved the tanks from Wantable 😂😂
Cecelia Henson (14 days ago)
As a person who has been using stitch fix for a year, the first box you get from them is complete shit but then once you say what you are looking for, it’s perfect and worth the money.
Ella Tomblin (14 days ago)
wow... way too expensive, off base and annoying to return!
Giavana Macias (14 days ago)
I love stick fix
Jenny Janzen (14 days ago)
Love the black jumpsuit and the maxi dress on you
Michelle Kriss (15 days ago)
I got those grey sneakers for 20 dollars at Wal-Mart
cass cavanaugh (15 days ago)
check out this dress my mom bought me SIKE ITS A JUMPSUIT YOU HAVE BEEN FOOLED
MissLeopard28 (15 days ago)
I know this video is a year old but I did one style box and HATED it. It was from Dia & Co and I was really excited because I like Torrid's stuff and the ads I saw make it look like the stuff that D&C chooses looks stylish. It couldn't be further from the truth. I did the whole style assessment and was horribly taken aback when I got the style box. There was only one thing in there that I liked that was a pair of boyfriend jeans which were $200 dollars and I wouldn't keep them because they were the kind that were torn "on purpose." They were cute but I wasn't paying that much. The others were really weird and had odd fabrics, odd cuts, and odd designs. Everything went back. Of course, they kept the styling fee. When I told them to cancel the subscription, I told them the reason and they tried to get me to get a new box but I told them I was not interested and the reasons behind it. I prefer to do my own shopping. Stay away from ads.
cooperfreckles (15 days ago)
You are so cute. I love watching your videos. I got stitch fix once. I am a old lady and mom to 8 kids and grandmother to two amazing children. Stitch fix sent me clothing where my extra large breast would mostly be showing. I did love the jeans though. You are so good in front of the camera keep doing videos.
It’s Kishany (15 days ago)
That wantable dress looked really nice on you . The stitch fix box was my favorite!
ATLA &TLOK (15 days ago)
How can I delete my account subscription on Stitchfix?
Tamara Berry (16 days ago)
I have the same shoes as saf! Mine are purple tho. Also I don’t remember watching this video and I’ve seen literally every one of her vids???
ryluigi uwu (16 days ago)
wantable thought you were demi lovato from camp rock le tote was very “freshman in high school”
Laura Ausbrooks (16 days ago)
The frilly black jumpsuit would look awesome with some red, purple or bright heels/chunky shoes
Im Fine (17 days ago)
God i love her channel ♡
Bubbly Waffo (17 days ago)
Literally watching this 1 year later. (Currently on a SAF video binge). Hope everyone stays awesome!
kmlac (3 days ago)
I’m on a binge too lol
sta’z editing (11 days ago)
Brittanie BubblyWaffo Wood me too hahaha
Sheidel C. (13 days ago)
Brittanie BubblyWaffo Wood same! Im so scared to run out og saf videos
MJ Likes Pasta Salad (17 days ago)
That jumpsuit looked ridiculously amazing on you
Cheyenne Delaney (18 days ago)
i really like your vids
oh no (18 days ago)
Moto dress huh... *lOoK ouT i tHiNk mOtO mOtO liKeS yOu*
Abby RandomWorld (18 days ago)
"I do wash them...sometimes" That is so meeee!!!
elena khan (19 days ago)
waste of money
Emma Alfonso (20 days ago)
I love the black moto jacket from wantable I also liked the rings and jumpsuit from Le Tote I didn't like anything from the stitch fix And i liked everything except the striped shirt from trunk club
Julie Baker (20 days ago)
Leave a like if I tricked you Read more
ben lol (21 days ago)
emily really pulled through
12:53 the tables have TURNED!!!
Kaitlyn K (21 days ago)
I got a style box ad at the start of the video. 🤯
Ailsa CAMPBELL (21 days ago)
Moo (21 days ago)
I think trunk club did good
Moo (21 days ago)
Avery Sévigny (21 days ago)
I got a style box ad on this video 😂
Ailsa CAMPBELL (21 days ago)
Me too
aliibilli (21 days ago)
You look so good in colours tho
Chloe Heartbreaker (22 days ago)
Am I the only person who noticed that when she said I don't were bracelets and sweaters that often she was wearing a bracelet
La Rana Design (23 days ago)
I'm also a "Tall" size (5'8", long arms, legs, fingers, etc.) and StitchFix continued to send me cute stuff that wouldn't fit my arms or legs. I even left special instructions with my stylist and - every pant was still an ankle pant on me. :( OldNavy.com gets us tho...to-speck Tall sizes that actually fit and deliver! ;)
Sharon Galindo (23 days ago)
Seriously great and informative video!
Victoria (23 days ago)
XD things that we have never seen again.
KindOfAnOtaku 420 (24 days ago)
Omg " worth it" are you going back to your buzzfeed roots?
Ava Helmke (24 days ago)
beatlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice

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