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Name That Retro Cartoon Theme

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ANSWERS BELOW: You don't need to submit these to my myspace anymore- but you can check your answers below: 1. Darkwing Duck 2. Arthur (PBS) 3. Alvin the Chipmunks 4. Ducktales 5. Rescue Rangers 6. Muppet Babies 7. Spider-Man 8. Goof Troop 9. Beetlejuice 10. Talespin 11. Hey Arnold! 12. Rocko's Modern Life 13. X-Men 14. Recess 15. Batman 16. Bobby's World 17. Dexter's Laboratory 18. Inspector Gadget 19. Bucky O'Hare 20. Gummy Bears Title Song: Ratatat
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Text Comments (19)
BACSMediaLab (4 years ago)
I got 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11,17,18,and 20 right.
Knucklz7655 (7 years ago)
I got all but two, bucky o'hare (never even heard of it) and batman cause i wasnt big into him back when i was younger lol
Michelle A (8 years ago)
got only 4 lol
Alexandra Banica (8 years ago)
can please someone tell me what song this is from ratatat?
razgrizaceblaze259 (9 years ago)
You included Alvin & the Chipmunks, Tailspin, Arthur, & Inspector Gadget, but you didn't include The Magic School Bus? The Magic School Bus has to be one of the most well-known cartoons in the history of TV, aside from maybe Looney Tunes, which you also didn't include.
Jay Godwin (9 years ago)
they still make hey arthur!
7JUVElaya7 (9 years ago)
man cartoons back then were the bomb now it seems like they ran out of ideas and put anything together man i which i saw all more of these cartoons i only saw a little bit of them wen i was little and miss all these cartoons
GrinningMantis84 (9 years ago)
I got 18 of 'em right,never watched Arthur or heard of Bucky O'hare otherwise I'd have them all.ah memories lol! ^-^
Xulius Caesar (9 years ago)
wow......brings back a lot of memories. Why can't cartoons be like these anymore? Not to mention 2 of the coolest cartoon themes EVER......90's X-Men and Batman!!!!!!!!!
Richies Blogging (9 years ago)
I've got 14 of them right I should know all of them cuz i the old cartoons but i've never hears of Arthur muppet babies, talespine reckess or the gummy bears!?
TopCat0601 (9 years ago)
You never heard if Dexter's Lab?!?! I loved that show. I've never heard of Bucky O'Hare either though, lol.
NSierra (10 years ago)
awesome :D
Jeremy8104 (10 years ago)
Haha nice vid. I got em all but 2, 17& 19. I never heard of 17 and 19 but never watched Arthur. Damn I loved cartoons. Shoulda put tiny toons and animaniacs on here tho.
skarygirl02 (10 years ago)
i was going to marry darkwing duck. he was like the sexiest guy alive or duck..whatever
surepromise (10 years ago)
Aww, I got all of them except 7, 9, 13, 16, and 19 (probably because I never watched those shows). :-( Still, for the ones I did get I still remember every second of the theme! Man, those were the days...
Season Zero Yami Yugi. (10 years ago)
you need the transformers them!
L Shade (11 years ago)
wow, that brought back mad memories!!! good job!!
Zach Anderson (11 years ago)
The answers are on the dropdown to the left of the video...they're all there ;)
Vivienne da Silva (11 years ago)
Hee that was cool. I got thirteen right. I'm so glad you had the Darkwing Duck one in there. :p

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