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Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man [Official Video]

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Moonshine Jungle Tour 2014 tickets and more info: http://www.brunomars.com/moonshinejungletour Directed by Cameron Duddy & Bruno Mars Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man Download the single now: http://smarturl.it/wheniwasyourman Connect with Bruno: http://www.brunomars.com http://www.twitter.com/brunomars http://www.facebook.com/brunomars http://www.instagram.com/brunomars Get 'Unorthodox Jukebox' on iTunes http://smarturl.it/unorthodoxjukebox Follow Bruno on Spotify http://bit.ly/1gDnkxr © 2013 WMG.
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Text Comments (153562)
Arthur Alves (14 minutes ago)
Tio Ian, Tio Dan, Tio Rialás, Derai Xurebau, Tio Flowers.
M Tina Larkins. Dill (28 minutes ago)
My favorite sung by Bruno is when i was your man.
Rima (1 hour ago)
That's a lot in a one video ..
NPC #1776 (3 hours ago)
Sebastien Havard (4 hours ago)
Tu et . Et restera un imence artiste. J adore merci Mr mars.
Montavious Fields (4 hours ago)
December 14 2018 still listening
Febri Ayu (5 hours ago)
15 Desember 2018❣
2019 early 😄
Janice Lago (6 hours ago)
14/12/2018!! ouvindo sempre , mais alguém ?
Violeta Rojas (6 hours ago)
Dali Samir tewfik (6 hours ago)
This what i'll be listening to on the new years eve
Zeynep Ceylan (7 hours ago)
Angel Ramos (8 hours ago)
I was 8 years old when this song came out
Love this song
TETEW GAMING (11 hours ago)
December 2018
Reem Sami (12 hours ago)
Ruby Ruby (14 hours ago)
Caroline Dineros (14 hours ago)
Bruno Mars- hats off to you .. your vocals is unbelievable !
I farted also, (15 hours ago)
*who needs calendars when you got comments👍🏻* *-December 2018?*
Harshini Prabhu (15 hours ago)
Anyone listening to this today?? Hit like if you are!! ☺️☺️
Marisol Dahlia (15 hours ago)
Who’s here after heartbreak
Ria (16 hours ago)
This song is so sad to me .But I still love the song.
S. Smith (16 hours ago)
Girl: do you think I’m pretty? Boy: no. Girl: do you even wanna be with me forever? Boy: no. Girl: do you even like me? Boy: no Girl: would you cry if I walked away? Boy: no. She heard enough and was hurt.. she walked away with tears in her eyes. The boy grabbed her arm Boy: your not pretty. Your beautiful Boy: I don’t wanna be with you forever. I need to be with you forever. Boy: I don’t like you, I love you Boy: I wouldn’t cry if you walked away, I would die if you walked Away.. Boy whispers: please stay with me Girl: I will.. Tonight at midnight, your crush will realize they love you. Something good will happen at 1-4 pm Tomorrow it could be anywhere! Get ready for the shock of your life! If you don’t post this to 5 other comments... you will have BAD luck in relationships for the next 10 years! Good luck
anyone 2019?
First Last (18 hours ago)
I saw him in concert in October. I love him. His dancing was amazing. Such a cutie
윤키 (19 hours ago)
이 노래 너무 좋아.....(Love this song so bad)
hamody adeeb (19 hours ago)
Bruno Mars knows how to make my feeling the i haven't knew that exists moves .
Manuel (20 hours ago)
Love love
[/TT\] Epic plays (21 hours ago)
Maria Eduarda Carvalho (21 hours ago)
Maravilhoso 😻
umpalumpa pampam (21 hours ago)
maldito negro, no es no
anyssa video (21 hours ago)
Y love you musique 2018 ? ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Addison Trefon (22 hours ago)
Rennato Pimenta (22 hours ago)
A cachaça ta aqui do lado tbm...
Roberto Xp (22 hours ago)
This song is perfect to sing to someone!!!! Do you like this song? Please, give me a like XDD
Depressed Kidd (23 hours ago)
This song makes me cry so much
Matilde Nogueira (23 hours ago)
Love this music omg💕❤️💞
nicolasdraws (23 hours ago)
Emma Porras (1 day ago)
He was here since I was 3
Tiegan ! (1 day ago)
Me when my Minecraft girlfriend broke up with me 😔
Donae Lyttleton (1 day ago)
How could this possibly have 101k+ dislikes!?
Berra Ucuncuu (1 day ago)
Maya WisVids (1 day ago)
sang this at a talent show, my fav song <3
Natalia Tur (1 day ago)
Joshua Ledesma (1 day ago)
Dec.14,2018 anyone
Gerome Guarato (1 day ago)
Jefferson Costta (1 day ago)
Uma das Melhores músicas Que Já Vi No YouTube !
Morgie Doodle (1 day ago)
1.25 speed sounds great
Evelin santana (1 day ago)
Love You Bruno Mars 😍😍 2018
rida rahmuni (1 day ago)
one of the most beautiful peaces ever created by humankind
Diego Guzman (1 day ago)
Still hurts
JOSE_EL_PANDA YT (1 day ago)
*_-El amor no sirve💔💔-_*
Deja Jenkins (1 day ago)
I miss this song 😭😭😭😭
Gregorius Agung (1 day ago)
Jeffrey Schnoldt (1 day ago)
To my wife, rest in peace..
hoan doan (1 day ago)
I'm still here
Olivia Oyekan (1 day ago)
I wonder what he was going through 😖
Patrice Patrice (1 day ago)
Jonatas Silva (1 day ago)
101 thousands of dislikes?! What the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Serch G (1 day ago)
Like https://youtu.be/sjE3IS65CoM
App Arte (1 day ago)
epic songs !!!
Stephen Chan (1 day ago)
Why does this video still looks the same when I switch its quality to 1080P?
Holli Burns (1 day ago)
Don't think can change video? 🍀
Alex Matias (1 day ago)
2019 ?
jhemeson menezes (1 day ago)
Já vai terminar o ano e eu não peguei nem gripe💔
Maria Clenilda (1 day ago)
*The Perfect Song is my heards.......😍😍*
Margaret Mills (1 day ago)
4092 Anyone?
Öz'Nur هيچ (1 day ago)
Some people and their "priceless ego" won't allow them to even send a FREE flower image from google to their "baby"
Sapphire Insanity (1 day ago)
Nariman Narii (1 day ago)
I had a relationship with a girl few years back, but how silly it may seem it was a distance relationship. she was from USA and i live in Belgium. For 4 years we tried everything to work it out the day she told me that she bought her ticket and was gonna fly to see me was on of my greatest days and the day her father told her if you leave you're not my daughter anymore and you shouldn't come back, was my worst day. After that i tried working a lot and getting my diploma at the age of 25 so i could get my papers fixed to go see her.. the last day of my exams she said she didn't feel anything anymore and this wasn't healthy and broke up.. and i knew she was in love with someone else at her work. I guess it's understandable but it still hurts and this song takes a little of my pain away.. funny thing is that I'm still in love with her..in love with someone that i never saw in real life. -R-
Miguel. Marin (1 day ago)
I love this song bros
Aundrea Cruz (1 day ago)
think about walking on the beach and the love of your life breaks your heart...💔
Ana Paula India (1 day ago)
chanarrai do candelario
Leonardo Recalde (1 day ago)
2018 hasta 2100 ♡ Latinoamérica Presente ,Paraguay❤
X PerT_ YT (1 day ago)
Who finna listen at 2019 <3
Jorge Andrade (2 days ago)
Ima be clean on this, im trying to be thuggin and all, but this song just tear me down
Mya Miller (2 days ago)
This song is 🤤🥰😫attractive 😭❤️
Johanna Martinez (2 days ago)
I love this man 😍
Lex S (2 days ago)
Bruno needa make another song 💯💯
King Vrary (2 days ago)
magneto 345 (2 days ago)
good mother fucking song
Rania ainar (2 days ago)
my best song ever
Nina Rose (2 days ago)
Vitu Mapeli (2 days ago)
Como assim 101 mil deslikes???? Uma música maravilhosa dessa vey, que povo sem gosto viu
Gabriel H (1 day ago)
Neh, se fosse putaria tinha só 2mil deslikes no mínimo sksksks
Summer Passerell (2 days ago)
Who else cries when they hear this song?
Kameron Moore (2 days ago)
This is absolutely amazing he is the most talented person on the planet
Cadê os brasileiros ❤
+Maysa lssl sim linda ela
Pedrocena Ribeiro (8 hours ago)
PI br
Maysa lssl (1 day ago)
Maysa lssl (1 day ago)
kamilly da em nada santos Estamos aqui admirando esta bela música e você também
Junior Fernandes (2 days ago)
Saudades da minha Victoria...💔
Jr Jr (2 days ago)
My ex doesn’t love me anymore so I listen to this song... I miss her
Divo Galindra (2 days ago)
Bruno, Please make this kind of music again
vlad bondarchuk (2 days ago)
Man!! Who’s cutting the onions !!
Joy Pcauid (2 days ago)
Fadly Laudza (2 days ago)
Anyone randomly watching old songs?
Dhani Rangga (2 days ago)
HomeGirl (2 days ago)
Guys still haven't figured out why girls/women leave them 🤔 Maybe they haven't heard this song yet.
Deogracias Jugan (2 days ago)
dec 12,2018 yyooohoooo .....
Luke Dober (2 days ago)
x is better
Utsha Nondi (2 days ago)
o jose
Huyền Thanh (2 days ago)
Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now Our song on the radio but it don't sound the same When our friends talk about you, all it does is just tear me down 'Cause my heart breaks a little when I hear your name It all just sounds like ooh, ooh ooh hoo hoo Mm, too young, too dumb to realize That I should have bought you flowers And held your hand Should have gave you all my hours When I had the chance Take you to every party 'cause all you wanted to do was dance Now my baby's dancing But she's dancing with another man My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made, oh And it haunts me every time I close my eyes It all just sounds like ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh Mm, too young, too dumb to realize That I should have bought you flowers And held your hand Should have gave you all my hours When I had the chance Take you to every party 'cause all you wanted to do was dance Now my baby's dancing But she's dancing with another man Although it hurts I'll be the first to say that I was wrong Oh, I know I'm probably much too late To try and apologize for my mistakes But I just want you to know I hope he buys you flowers I hope he holds your hand Give you all his hours When he has the chance Take you to every party 'Cause I remember how much you loved to dance Do all the things I should have done When I was your man Do all the things I should have done When I was your man
Hung Tran (1 day ago)
Goodbye my love. Wish you happy with your man. So sad.
AgoS_TinA (2 days ago)
Me encanta Bruno Mars! un músico muy talentoso! muy linda canción! Por más música de Bruno como esta! <3
Michael Méndez (1 day ago)
Si aguante Uruguay agregar que tenía que ver
Fernando Quiroga (1 day ago)
+Maria Cortes te amo
Fernando Quiroga (1 day ago)
Maria Cortes (2 days ago)
gnome sayin (2 days ago)
To Young to dumb it's normal grasshoppers hopefully you get a third or fourth chance that sticks out before you get to old! 😜 ...don't settle for woman who makes you beg or compromise yourself...reach beyond that shit

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