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Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man [Official Video]

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Moonshine Jungle Tour 2014 tickets and more info: http://www.brunomars.com/moonshinejungletour Directed by Cameron Duddy & Bruno Mars Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man Download the single now: http://smarturl.it/wheniwasyourman Connect with Bruno: http://www.brunomars.com http://www.twitter.com/brunomars http://www.facebook.com/brunomars http://www.instagram.com/brunomars Get 'Unorthodox Jukebox' on iTunes http://smarturl.it/unorthodoxjukebox Follow Bruno on Spotify http://bit.ly/1gDnkxr © 2013 WMG.
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Text Comments (156575)
Once x ReVeLuv (1 hour ago)
man this song is too damn emotional.
felipe play (2 hours ago)
milky mikey (2 hours ago)
When Bruno said, “ “ I felt that
Disney Girl (2 hours ago)
Joshua Banawa (3 hours ago)
hi ?2019 ?
Marcy GomeD (3 hours ago)
Reminds me of my ex boyfriend who "loved me"
Emma Mendes (3 hours ago)
February 2019 anyone?!❤😘
Hoodie Gang (4 hours ago)
When I was your man💔........
SilverFangGamer (5 hours ago)
This song always reminds me of how I was too stupid and naive when I had her. I remember at the time I had just asked her out because someone had told me she liked me. I was like, "Score, easy girlfriend". Now I realize how wrong I was. I was a terrible boyfriend. I wouldnt look at her most of the time, didn't hang out with her at school, one time I didn't stick up for her when someone was being mean to her. I mean come on, how stupid can I be? Only now after losing her, I realize how much I messed up. Every day my love grows stronger and stronger for her, but I know I messed up my chance.
Ezequiel Ruas (6 hours ago)
pim pum pam mamita (6 hours ago)
Jillian Vlogs (6 hours ago)
I am going to stop listening to this song when I get a man.....which will be never!!
dayna velazco (7 hours ago)
i love this song this is my life story
FeioGamesPE (8 hours ago)
2019 brazil o/
Ariana Boza (8 hours ago)
2019? anyone?
Vinicius Vitorello (8 hours ago)
Eliza Honaker (8 hours ago)
Watching In 2019
Alfina Widyanti (10 hours ago)
Crítico (11 hours ago)
Fuck you, anyone is the my **********
kanisha205 (11 hours ago)
my fav song
little xxx Peanut (12 hours ago)
2018 2019 Anyone??
DJ' CH (13 hours ago)
Brasileiros?? 2019??
Vitu Mapeli (14 hours ago)
2019 anyone? OMG this song is incredible ❤️🤦🏻‍♂️
Luca & Enzo (14 hours ago)
Tee Johnson (15 hours ago)
I love this song
Kristinamarie Swanson (17 hours ago)
If you get sick from my food for thought I would ask what the last meal it was you ate who fed it to you make it my way for you so you wouldn't be scared of eating it after that would you trust our love or H our love took thought becoming only a break brake riding on luck for a clover like $a pot spent I breath in and thank Christ every day you were at least a part of my life's memory bank ! So forget me not I would add to our bouquets
Kristinamarie Swanson (17 hours ago)
Alayna Ethan came after lol fyi
Alexym (17 hours ago)
02/20/2019 anyone????
Alven Adam (19 hours ago)
That lyric so:(
mitenit funny (20 hours ago)
What if she turns gay and goes to a women then YEAH
Inaya Garin (20 hours ago)
2019 anyone? :)
ELIAS STADLER. (20 hours ago)
Essa música entra em meu ♥ , sem mais palavras 😍😂😢.
ELIAS STADLER. (20 hours ago)
O música linda ♥😢.
Savage Rons (22 hours ago)
When will l ever relate?
Depressed The Girl (23 hours ago)
you cant find real music like this in 2019
Dan Weatherley (23 hours ago)
2020 anyone??? headass
Monique xo (1 day ago)
Andrew Gaming356 (1 hour ago)
"too young too dumb to realize" what it feels in a relationship.
Riza Febrian (1 day ago)
20 february 2019 anyone?
Himanshu Pandey (1 day ago)
cowherd (1 day ago)
2019 AnYonE?????????????????????????????
noelia (1 day ago)
i know damn well my ex was screaming this song at the top of his hoe ass lines when he heard i found me a good, mature, and AMAZING man. PERIODT
noelia (1 day ago)
Hoodsbee Idk (1 day ago)
I’m crying through heart break I didn’t even go through
Jamile Morais (1 day ago)
Lindo ❤
Jesús Rosas (1 day ago)
Hey 2019???
leticia messias (1 day ago)
Que música mais linda 💕
Kim Scott (1 day ago)
Love Bruno Mars so much such a great Great singer dancer and musician so handsome and this song reminds me of a haunt I carry in my heart every time I hear it and I listen to your music all the time and if he would of just told me who he was when I didn't know what I had when I had it I would have never let him go
Reese - (1 day ago)
Ryan Miguel Alba (1 day ago)
Samuel Mendes (1 day ago)
blabla bla (1 day ago)
I love the soooooooooong😢❤
Lucas Domingues (1 day ago)
Quem é brasileiro da like e que estar de 2019 tbm
daniel beckerson (1 day ago)
nostalgia cade os br??
A versão do tirullipa. E muito melhor
Lívia Layanne (1 day ago)
Bruno's best song ❤️
Alvaro Diaz (1 day ago)
I love you am a dig fan💜❤️😎.
It's 2035. I am still listening to this
Moisés González (1 day ago)
February 2019??? anyone??
luck Wamboi (1 day ago)
I hope he hold ur hand ..nice song 2019
nakita kirk (1 day ago)
ALL MEN Take note!!! It really is that fucking simple ... DOGS
Ritwick Adhikari (1 day ago)
2020 Anyone? Future plans...
rita nia (1 day ago)
Dendi aku minta tolong, kasih pemahaman buat habib, agar tdk menagih aku nikahi dia lagi den, bisa ga? Aku dituduh mencaci maki beliau padahal yg aku caci maki nafsu syahwatnya. Tolong den bantu aku, bilang sama dia, rita kalo sdh megang prinsip susah di rubah. Tolong jangan ganggu lagi, bisa ga bilang gitu, cukup doakan saja agar rita di Rahmati Allah.
rita nia (1 day ago)
Lu mau ama gue ga??
Alvin Penotes (1 day ago)
It feels like so many years ago. 2019 anybody?
How can you do this.?????????.🤔🤔.l love your voice.😍😍😍😍😍😍
Pramudya Antariksa (1 day ago)
Its a very sad song,and bruno know how to make it more sad
elgrados3 (1 day ago)
Siapa yg nonton ini tahun 2020
Nem Perde Tempo (1 day ago)
A guy A piano And 772 million views
Bokang Johannes (1 day ago)
damn it came out in 2013?? 2019 came fast
Alexa Lopez (2 days ago)
HELP!!!!!!I KNOW NO ONE IS GONNA READ THIS..... small youtuber in search of completing a goal of becoming a singer subscribe and click the notification bell,comment let me know what you guys think
Wira Diningrat (2 days ago)
Wong indonesia tekan kene gak yo ??
Isa Ressler (2 days ago)
We all have some nostalgia in this
ClassyJunior (2 days ago)
My gf broke up with me on Valentine’s Day
Cesare Borgia (2 days ago)
Oh sorry, it's savage
sahil bhandari (2 days ago)
After Valentine?
C_Los 760 (2 days ago)
Who’s manz am I ? 🤷🏻‍♂️
SpookyScarySkeletons (2 days ago)
I’m just confused as to why this comes up when you search Amy Winehouse...? I mean, they’re both super dope but what’s this gotta do with Any Winehouse...?
Saquan Brown (2 days ago)
damn he wrote this for his mom after she passed
Anonymous (2 days ago)
So rrlaxing
the anonymous (2 days ago)
Duke_ Dempsey15 (2 days ago)
Marcello Colletti (2 days ago)
2019 anyone
Team Grazer (2 days ago)
February 2019 ? Anyone ?
Jidas Duchess (2 days ago)
Why the artists always have complicated relationship
Vaishali Patil (2 days ago)
bruno you are great with silent songs come to this side
Camii Gomez (2 days ago)
2019? Like!
Caleb Drabek (2 days ago)
Reminds me of relationships I never had
Tetrenex Animation (2 days ago)
Anyone know how Bruno Mars made himself appear on the circle it shows a picture of himself next yo the subscribe button that's would be really generous 🤔
tarek chaouch (2 days ago)
just wow...what a fucking talent
Madlynn Queen (2 days ago)
I don’t know why but I cried for the whole song
macissé touré (2 days ago)
Bruno Mars best song's ever😍😍😍😍
ALfaij Mansuri (2 days ago)
2014-2014 hit ups
Manuel Gil Rodríguez (2 days ago)
IceRapzzor Media (2 days ago)
this hurts so bad
Frosty XO (2 days ago)
This was the first song I listened to when i had my first break up.
Dusty Juju (2 days ago)
2019 ?
Jmike Manalang (2 days ago)
2019 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Doubble Gangsta (2 days ago)
Love it but gives me a headache everytime
edwin agustian (2 days ago)
stevie wonder reincarnate
Die Reudenratte (2 days ago)
2067 anyone?

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