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Why So Hard On Silk Road? Russell Brand The Trews (E332)

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In this episode of The Trews I discuss the real meaning behind the harsh sentencing of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht. Subscribe Here Now: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg and send links to video news items of topical stories that you'd like me to analyse. Buy a 'Trews' Tshirt here: http://www.russellbrand.com/trinkets/ Produced directed & edited by Gareth Roy. Trews Theme by The Rubberbandits Thanks to Jimi Mackay: @jimimackay and Urban Nerds: www.urbannerdscollective.com for our creative services
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Text Comments (1227)
Philip-Alexander Jach (2 months ago)
Rebel Irish (2 months ago)
He was putting a dent in the drug dealing governments profits.
FredRick (2 months ago)
Russel and his six shooter style I like it Keep going strong man
#RussellBrand #Revolvingdoors *We should talk* It's very positive & Powerful it will even shock you & I have proof I pray #RussellBrand reads above. Thank you
PooDot StinkPants (4 months ago)
Play at 1/2 speed, you're welcome :)
Robert Drake (8 months ago)
Watch this: https://freeross.org/railroaded. According to this series Ross Ulbricht wasn't Dread Pirate Roberts it was actually Mark Karpelès, the founder of Mt. Gox.  But even he shouldn't get in prison for the Silk Road but perhaps for defrauding their depositors.  BTW, the drug laws are just a tool of control, they're a justification for money laundering laws, you can't even keep money or property without the fear of confiscation.
Eddie Brahhh (8 months ago)
Proof that the government doesn't care about overdoses is not that the government introduced crack into black neighborhoods. That statement is just histrionic dribble. The real proof it doesn't care is that drug prohibition directly causes overdoses because people don't know wha they are investing. Happened during alcohol prohibition and is happening now.
Gui (10 months ago)
I was thinking... lets say Ross was a bad character (not criminal still) ugly, older, thin man, with bad skin and badly dressed with a face that inspires no thrust... would I agree in what your saying, would you have made this video or even if this case would be so much talked about.
todd lecher (11 months ago)
give us our freedom, give us our drugs
Rob Reiken (1 year ago)
Everything Russell said is so true - Kudos Russell.
Wales Gaming (1 year ago)
Russell is right about everything on this.
Alexander Supertramp (1 year ago)
On point. Best video on silk route
ruiner gaz (1 year ago)
100% on the money mate .
John Sacco (1 year ago)
Loving it.
Chris Deegan (1 year ago)
I completely believe you 100% with them not caring about the death of over those people but I also believe that he supposedly paid for murder for hire with three different occasions and that’s where they really got mad about but again this is all just hearsay I wasn’t there.
MrTrevormctrevor (1 year ago)
Didn’t he order hits on people ? Yea just let him out ...
Jack Dickson (1 year ago)
Amen to that!! You have said what everybody else wants to say!! Real words!! Respect!!
Ryan Wheeler (1 year ago)
Hitting it on point again russel. Excellent
Muhammad Facts (1 year ago)
Hey here’s some news for you guys. COMMITTING CRIMES WILL CAUSE THE POLICE TO COME AFTER YOU JUST IN CASE YOU DIDNT KNOW LOL.. Money laundering is a crime, Ordering hits on people regardless if it’s affective or not is a Crime,And I’m pretty sure Selling Narcotics is a Crime also if I remember correctly lol . Not to mention he Did it online and took money from every transaction lol. I agree this guy was somewhat of a Genius and A mastermind but also a dummy for not thinking he would get caught eventually. Stop crying about his conviction and trying to find loopholes and making up all this shit about the police and all these other illogical Reasons why he “Didn’t get treated fair” Lmaoo Guess What. If you do these things you will go to Prison. I can promise you that any day of the week. Stop defending this bullshit lol
HONKY SAVAGE (1 year ago)
I hate this guy but, I must thumbs up. Need to educate yourself about gun rights.
AVLRECORDS (1 year ago)
I just bought LSD on silktitie ;D.. government can do shit about it and I dont pay taxes for it,, eat that
Fortnite Fever HQ (1 year ago)
Open eye (1 year ago)
I will be honest, I never really thought mutch of Russell Brand at one time! All I can say is SORRY, because I did the one thing I hate! I judged a book by its cover. I think he is an amazing guy that tells the truth, and makes a lot of sense. I just worry about his safety due to his views, we all know what happens when you stand up against the government with a two finger salute, Ross Uldbritch is living proof of that!
Mark le (1 year ago)
And the Clintons are free...and Obama is not in jail. Only the people gets charge...and the bankers and politicians are free Bird!
effy zay (1 year ago)
How does the person who created a website get life, while the actual dealers got off scott free
Rodney Jones (1 year ago)
Fuck silk road and Fuck the scumbag dealers they live in others suffering and I'm a twenty year heroin addict if anyone thinks oh it doesn't matter tell that to families of ppl he had killed or don't complain when your house is broken into or there's fits on your lawn for your kids to play with your listening to a immature millionaire who has neva seen or had to struggle
benjamin1234567895 (1 year ago)
Big Fat Jobb! #freeROSS
Joeluis (1 year ago)
Exactly I agree completely with you Russell
Johnny Lotto (1 year ago)
Free Ulbricht. He created an anonymous marketplace. People used it. Not illegal. He didn't sell drugs. Other people did. He shouldn't have tried to have that guy killed though. Whoops. Maybe he should be in jail. Hmmm
Johnny Lotto (1 year ago)
fastfingersfunk I totally agree
fastfingersfunk (1 year ago)
id agree w you up until the point that he ordered an assassination of a silk road user.
zezt zezter (1 year ago)
You must have seen the recent BBC3 docu about Ross and the Silk Road, and the docu about how more and more youth are dying from PMA masquerading as 'Extasy'. That these mean eyed mealy mouth fkin poli-ticions int UK will NOT allow drug to be regulated at festivals whcih go hand in hand with people taking Es. what an evil hardfaced mindSET. that is the epitome of ego when it goes rigid aint it? won't BUDGE, yield, even when young people are inevitably dying. At least if they had got their Es from a Silk Road it woulda been nore safe from how they get it now. But Ross is The Scapegoat isn't he. This is explained really well in the book Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda: The Birth of Patriarchy and the Drug War, by Dan Rusell. He shows how in ancient mythos there was the original pharmakon and this was the psychedelic the community would ingest, and freely experience ecstasy and the group emotion which was connected with the 'animal energies of the land', but when this is suppressed there comes the pharmakos or 'SCAPEGOAT'. This is the one(s) used as blood sacrifice to try and restore communal 'purity'. But it is PHONY and is used again and again by the puppet masters who continually suppress not only free access to psychedelics but also the very _memory_ of them.
dustinseth1 (1 year ago)
Nailed it with this one.
beingatliberty (2 years ago)
dark web, silk road and bitcoin are all manna from heaven, for criminal activity.
Lindsay Melher (2 years ago)
The fact is he hired hot men to kill people. That's not cool
Color Sounds (1 year ago)
but why does he get a harsher sentence than assassins who actually murdered people? william tager, a guy who killed a NBC stagehand and assalted a reporter in 94 was released in 2010 as is the case with many other murderes who serve 20 years and then walk free. i'm pretty sure killing people is not the reason why they gave ross a life sentence.
fastfingersfunk (1 year ago)
agree. thats why hes not true voice of anything.
Jules Elbeshausen (2 years ago)
Agree entirely :)
suchalad242434 (2 years ago)
Ziblick Z. (2 years ago)
Good Lord, Rusell ! (please note the comma) This young man got a life sentence without parole. Could you please take the time to watch The Deep Web documentary and do a remake remark? I think you will find the story of injustice is a lot bigger than you thought!
Ziblick Z. (2 years ago)
Self correction - "Double Life Sentence"
Charlie Charmz (2 years ago)
Completely right
Skinny Dugan (2 years ago)
That was one of the most intelligent videos I have ever seen
Skinny Dugan (2 years ago)
Are US government r the one making sure the places where all these drugs are coming from r safe especially in Afghanistan
Steph CSM (2 years ago)
You said it man. I am in recovery, I hope people interested in getting clean join me on that path..but for fuck's sake- I just agree with everything you said. This whole iceburg concept, and Ulbricht getting 2 life sentences- this is insane. He provided a product to people who wanted it, the American Way, the American Dream, American Business Model-whatever you want to call it. He didn't invent addiction, and his customers will continue to find drugs to do without his version of Silk Road to buy drugs from.
arbit3r (2 years ago)
hypnocil10 (2 years ago)
dumb drug laws
CounterCulture (2 years ago)
The reporting is kinda accurate but and bit too simplified. The surface web bit is accurate but the deep web is actually all the processes going on under the surface that are vital to the internet but not public, such as encrypted information like a bank having your bank details or businesses keeping records of your personal information. This of course is much deeper larger then the surface web but not malicious in nature. What the reporter is actually talking about is the dark web which is a hidden part of the internet only accessed through special browsing software like Tor. This was actually developed by the US government and released to the public only to keep the governments identity hidden, kinda backs up what Russel is saying about them not caring about the public they are sworn to serve
Laura P. (2 years ago)
damn brand is smart
Anna Eva (2 years ago)
So true! Regards from Switzerland. Germany and Austria also have state terror. (US briefed)
Fixate (3 years ago)
Than bust the CIA.
Jacob & Emma (3 years ago)
I fucking lost it at the iceberg part, oh God this is a magnificent video
Liberty (3 years ago)
Like it said in the movie, the mice will win but the cats will get fat.
robert tidwell (3 years ago)
Entrepreneurs don't try to hire hitman online to do his dirty work for him.  If you can't do the time, then don't do the crime.  Real entrepreneurs don't work in an illegal trade!!!!  Want to legalize an illicit trade, then write to your Congressmen.
kenektik (3 years ago)
2:35 "Russ Ulbricht is basically nothing to do with anything, except a young entrepreneur thats ventured into new areas of power. Let me tell you what they care about, the FBI, the CIA, all these eagle badge stars and stripes badge institutions: *uniting power.* You can’t get power through democracy, we’ve seen that. You can’t get power through demonstration, we’ve seen that — the police forces are militarizing it. One potential way that populations could get power is through the ability to mobilize globally en masse like a new nation, that is what we are witnessing now, new territories are emerging but they don’t know how to control it so there’s kind of this gold rush mentality because they are not in complete control of who the entrepreneurs, who the pioneers, who the geniuses are, so what they’ve got to do is make sure they can control the geniuses and the pioneers; we don’t mind Steve Jobs, that broadly fits into our mentality -- we can do deals with Apple so that we can spy on you and capture your data & information. Now this Ross Ulbricht — I’m not suggesting he was some brilliant matryr — but he was using cyberspace and internet technology in new and interesting ways that the government couldn’t control. That’s why he is being punished. No one, least of all the american government, give a fuck about whether your children are dying of drug overdoses. They will dance on the graves of your dead children for a single dollar of profit for one of their big partners in big business." ---- Wow spot on.
asteroid684 (2 years ago)
i don't even like russell but that's so true. thanks for the transcript, should be handed as a panflet on the streets.
i7 (3 years ago)
hope to see you back soon Russell. keep it up mate
Caceres Paula (3 years ago)
I love you! Marry me?
Robert (3 years ago)
The fact Ross hasnt been rioted out of prison suggests us western people are sheep, eager to swallow the bullshit if we arent rocking the boat too much. Slavery has been mastered and it looks like "democratic" governments, they just have to give us enough freedom and happiness so it sedates us. The disgusting thing is the trial. You have to un-indoctrination the jury to make them see how he wasnt necessarily making a marketplace for drugs. They are sheep that kill the sheepdog to maintain their deal with the wolves.
Dave Broshinsky (3 years ago)
@Ryukey thought you said US as in united states , us makes more sense now.  
Robert (3 years ago)
@david garcia Yeah I didn't exclude myself from the sheep.
Dave Broshinsky (3 years ago)
You wouldn't riot if you lived here so shut the fuck up.
Statiq (3 years ago)
On the side, we can't really attempt to defend this guy and his platform when it was made to essentially allow a trade route for illegal entities and then persecute the weapon suppliers that countries back that fund terrorists. They're both illegal platforms leading to indirect death and misery. I get where Russel's going and all, but there comes a point where you realise maybe he just hates everything reported on the news on the basis of it being twisted.
Blue0Jester (3 years ago)
What is an iceberg? :-P
JAY TRT (3 years ago)
this is brilliant i never even knew russel was so wise!
Raburn (3 years ago)
God I was expecting this to be retarded because it's Russel Brand...but dammit he has some good points..you win this round, Russel.
goodfilmful (3 years ago)
The government should legalise drugs. This lets them monitor it so nobodys gonna die from synthetic shit, and they can demand packaging that clearly states the dose to stop people from overdosing. That, and they can tax it. It's one of the biggest industries in the world, and public services deserves to tap in to it.
Billy Shears (3 years ago)
+goodfilmful A population given easy access to mind-opening drugs won't necessarily buy the government's bullshit lies and keep showing up at jobs that don't inspire them creatively. That's one reason the good drugs are illegal while bad drugs like alcohol and adderall are legal. This society is built on bullshit and therefor anything that breaks down the bullshit barriers is forbidden.
Carnifex666 (3 years ago)
um.. so we started at Ross Ulbricht and silk road and ended up at 'cut off your head, kill your kids dot com'.... right.....
Trisha C (3 years ago)
He has ordered many hits on people it's not all about drugs you know!!!
49fiori (3 years ago)
24.11.2015 The beginning of World War 3.
Cynthia Strasse (3 years ago)
இڰۣ-ڰۣ-ڰۣ❧இ❤இڰۣ-ڰۣ-ڰۣ❧இ 04 11 2015 🌹🌹🌹🌹 X X X X இڰۣ-ڰۣ-ڰۣ❧இ❤இڰۣ-ڰۣ-ڰۣ❧இ
Anonymous R1C3 (3 years ago)
loose the ads not like you need them.
delon a (3 years ago)
Well, he got this one right on the nose!
chunkycake101 (3 years ago)
I genuinely cant believe how many people on this comment section just lapped up the whole "hired hitman" thing. The general public - sure - but c'mon guys, you lot are meant to be more intelligent/perceptive than that. How many people believe Ross was getting his just deserts purely because of the hitman story? That was exactly their plan; to make him seem like a malicious, dangerous, morally corrupt individual, so that more people sided with them on his extremely harsh prison sentence. Silk Road did not allow the sale of weapons or any illegal-type of porn. Two of the main things that people try and condemn it for.
Joshua Sparkes (3 years ago)
+1. (And the crowd goes wild.... )
Buck (3 years ago)
I don't think that Ross Ulbricht deserves life in prison.
Ewan Stewart (3 years ago)
Russell Brand is so fucking smart I'm so surprised
Mantis Toboggan (3 years ago)
Tommy Atkins (3 years ago)
This guy is a loser
lachiej2000 (3 years ago)
But wouldn't you say if he knew that he was selling harmful drugs and he didn't care because he was making money. That what he did was wrong and if any annotation should come with him it should be negative.
Bianca (4 years ago)
I'm so sad when i think about Ross. He is a young man and maybe it wasn't the best idea with Silk Road but there are lots, tones of black markets on the deep web and the darlings from the FBI feel amazing when they catch a young man and put him in the jail for the rest of his life. This is sick. The people took, take, and will take drugs with or without Silk Road. But the fucking stupid part of it is that they didn't close the Silk Road.  This isn't fair. We need to fight for Ross because Ross reprezents our freedom on the internet. I don't think that you like how the government control our life on internet, how they know all we do on it. I'm sick of it and i want Ross free! #FreeRoss
spacesheep69 (4 years ago)
Most of this is true. Yet Ross got caught because he tried to hire a hitman, and to me it justifies his arrest. You don't want someone with so much money (because Silk Road was veeeeeeery lucrative) to start dealing with concurrence. The advantage of the deep web is that it is supposed to reduce this violence around the drug trade and Ross was going against that in the end
Roger D. Dog (4 years ago)
Amazing! The moron Russett Bland never comments on your comments. He's got you all talking to each other, meanwhile his site makes money, OUT OF YOU.... SUCKERS!
roary (4 years ago)
Its funny because he did all this over an unregulated currency that barely touches the money laundering law.
Ellie Hanson (4 years ago)
there will always be black markets online - FREEDOM to the people!!!!!!!
Sean Montinaro (4 years ago)
literally couldn't agree more with this...
Jeremy Clapham (4 years ago)
Russ Ulbrandt is no better than a pedalo!
Jeremy Clapham (4 years ago)
Russ Ulbrandt is no better than a pedalo!
Ardiana x (4 years ago)
As usual, the mainstream media using terror to prevent ignorant people to dive into the  'unknown' and keep their power.  With all the things that I know of that are already happening in this world, I don't think I'm scared of anything at all, really. Life has now become a game. Whether we get to the finish line or be ruled as game over, doesn't matter anymore. I'd rather not play at all.
X360ps4 Ps10Gxbox (4 years ago)
is it a crimei want to know for someone to try and and intend to feel good about themselves with out this horrible and evil pure evil demon;::/ization of human nature.
joyisrawrsome (4 years ago)
the certain negative effects occurring from certain drugs are used as emotional tactics in the courtroom in completely unrelated cases as a way to take down an entrepreneur who does business with people who willingly purchase certain items...
jokehim himjoke (4 years ago)
Funny you should talk about health of us in the UK. Cameron seams to be the one trying to kill people by cuts already partly killed many people in the northern NHS when he introduced the cuts there first, as that NHS was not ready for the cuts so mistakes happened as thousand children and elderly died because of Cameron’s cuts but why did he do that? Well it seams that Cameron has some sort of mental problem with the NHS over the death of his ill child because when his child was alive there were NO cuts and NO talks about possible cuts to the NHS now that is strange. The other thing is the UK many other major countries don't care for their own people in any way. So to prove that fact take a look at a former type of communist country Cuba Fidel Castro managed to keep the health of his people even though money and fuels were scars. He did this by introducing a new Hospital system approach if need healthy people to work got to keep them all healthy as we now know many things Cuba's health system has done is invent better drugs and safer drugs for ill people than the world’s most expensive drug companies and health industries have ever done. By this the new Cancer treatments new operations new ways to keep Hospitals clean from all types of bacteria cures for things we don't know of yet as just talk at the moment. But as I said fundamentally putting all people’s health first no matter what so now makes me wonder what country is the most caring, what country do you think it is?
Jaymes Harris (4 years ago)
this was really a pathetic video the womans analysis of the deep web comparing it to an iceberg is perhaps the most commonly used anology for the deep web but you laugh at it like you understand it, which clearly you dont, as if you have been on it you would no how easy it is to find Terrorism onions or cyber-terrorism related onions
Equilibrium Media (4 years ago)
Oh gosh now they are playing cheesy ads before his mind pill show that gives comic relief and enlightenment to all.. Thank you RUSSELL.. Your shirts are amazing
CommonConsole (4 years ago)
I have to say this is the first trews video ive disagreed with. I agree with russell that the slik road wasnt a problem in terms of drugs, but the fact that human trafficking, contract killers and child pornography were thriving on it was a good reason to shut it down
Mael Lever (4 years ago)
Not only drugs were sold via Silk Road but also false passports, weapons, all kind of illegal stuff. Of course the way the media presents the facts is, like always, manipulating and taking disinformating shortcuts but fact is that when Ross Ulbricht created Silk Road (if he's the one who did), he exactly knew what kind of goods would be trafficked. And taking a commission for every transaction run through the platform is a bad, immoral/ unethical thing, benefiting from drugs, weapons sales.
Christian O'Neil (4 years ago)
You are a badass, truth teller RR.  Thank you brother
Jake Wright (4 years ago)
Its true.Russell Brand,you should be thanking the judge for giving you an in advance warning not to try the same stunt,my boy,my son.Soon youll be broke,the old shtick will be useless and youll have to come upbwith another way to make money.DONT LAUNCH A CROOKED ENTERPRISE,MY SON,MY BOY.Now go eat your gefiltefish.
Jake Wright (4 years ago)
Its good the judge sentenced this weasel to life.Now,the real reason he got life was as a deterrent for wankers like Russell Brand and other no talent hollywood fools.Russell,once youre broke again,after the current roll collapses,youll be tempted to do the same thing.Now you wont.He was sentenced for YOUR OWN GOOD.You might consider a regular job ,son,especially as you know the public will soon deconstruct your "brand" of Bullshit.
dmrc43 (4 years ago)
i love your troll voice russel, its just like ray william johnsons/
Rob Mason (4 years ago)
Sort of "cut off ya head kill ya kids dot com"
Paranormal Games (4 years ago)
The WORLD is a CORPORATOCRACY, A collection of corporations ruling over everything including governements. So when the world is run like a business and all thats important is maximizing revenue then its easy to see human life is pretty much worthless to these people. Apart from your worth as a slave to the system.
Sky Arundel (4 years ago)
Good one Russell. It is these kinds of subversive things that bypass the government that shows one way forward.
MisterSir (4 years ago)
vg video.
MisterSir (4 years ago)
russells right eye?
Josie Pi (4 years ago)
Let's see some references. You vaguely show some websites, what are they? How can I the viewer explore this topic further?
TheGodParticle (4 years ago)
What a prick.
BraveTheWorld (4 years ago)
Than you Russell Brand.
bodipsypha (4 years ago)
Well said my man! Well said!!!

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