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Fragrance review with opinions from women on the scent
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Terrance Bates (1 year ago)
You are absolutely right !!!!! Great Review !!!!
Kashif Maqsood (2 years ago)
one of the best out there.
Quophi Phrympung (3 years ago)
very honest review
Valificus (4 years ago)
Does anyone else get a juniper scent with the incense in the opening
Lungisani (4 years ago)
I detect a lot of incense and myrrh on the drydown. Love it!  
Dystinkuished (4 years ago)
@videoverifying. Ur a dumbass. Dan knows his shit. Dudes probably smelled more frags in one months time than you will your entire life. He doesn't buy every single bottle hat releases. He does what sensible fragheadz do and samples and gets decants. Grow up and go sniff your curve crush.
MyMickers (4 years ago)
Mario (4 years ago)
when I first tried this in the winter, after 20 minutes the smell was gone...and I could smell just a little burnt rubber smell...But in the summer, oh boy this is awesome, the hotter the weather the better it smells, when you sweat it comes out like a beast. So try this in very hot days !! and you will be amazed !
Shaher Harden (5 months ago)
i am wondering how well it will handle saudi summer.... its always summer here,
HARBONA1 (5 years ago)
hey dan  i bought a moisture  from the blue bottle  l'eau d'issey and  i don't know  if i'm wrong  but........hah.... i think its  a kind of Creed Aventus but without the pineapple note or with the pineapple note but toned down ...so ... i don't know  but i still  belive that smell's like creed  (i pick a pine tree note in creed aventus  something   smokie  and  in l'eau d' issey as well)
manny44 (5 years ago)
Cool!! This is my signature designer scent.Glad you reviewed and liked it. I think this scent is  more complex than people give it credit for. It can work as a standard masculine fresh scent with the Yuzu/Mandarin notes but the strong incense and Papyrus notes give it a spiritual dimension that I love. Its also got a different character in summer than in Fall/Winter. I just love it and frankly am glad that most people are indifferent to it...more for me!!
抹小西 (1 month ago)
this is my things!
MyMickers (5 years ago)
Awesome!   love your insight on this scent
Lex Ellis (5 years ago)
LOL Invisible cloak! hahahaha epic!
MyMickers (5 years ago)
Russ Rulesall (5 years ago)
In my experience, females loves it. Men hate it. Which is exactly why it's one of my go-to fragrances.
Eric Stumpy (5 years ago)
One of my favs right there!!
Alexandru Dragomir (5 years ago)
if you are(in general) a good looking guy you can smell cheap they still love you:))
Eyad Ramadan (5 years ago)
This smells like Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme without Seaweed note but smells awesome definitely recommend!
veromoh (6 years ago)
That's some good stuff ! Don't forget Opium Pour Homme By YSL on your way ^^
stingray614 (6 years ago)
sniffed this one out. shit! it's a fragrance that I will strictly only wear to a funeral. not saying it is bad. if it is bad, I wouldn't consider spraying it on me. even to a funeral
MyMickers (6 years ago)
I have not but I really need to check those out!
Champagne Finest (6 years ago)
Have you reviewed EAU SAUVAGE PARFUM and Eau Sauvage Extreme By CHRISTIAN DIOR
Champagne Finest (6 years ago)
MyMickers (6 years ago)
I always recommend bleu de chanel :-)
Champagne Finest (6 years ago)
Am a college student so what perfume will be good that has projection,strong and longevity..
MyMickers (6 years ago)
that is a tough call but I think I would go with the original
MyMickers (7 years ago)
@Grippboimuzik Very different.....code is too powdery for me
MyMickers (7 years ago)
@vinskhitler The original one is better
ernie alonso (7 years ago)
DAN il blind buy this stuff but i have a question the projection and longevity in this one is the same as the original?
Elijah Thompson (1 year ago)
ernie alonso I blind bought this as well. I got mine in a Body Oil form though.
SadisticFella (7 years ago)
@Gabester64 an old school friend told me to get the original and so I did and I had the exact same comment when I first smelled it (as you did) that said though, the initial 'pee' smell goes away quite fast and the scent takes over and is quite pleasant, though not as strong as first thought.
MyMickers (7 years ago)
@lionelwoods77 Good to hear!!!!!!
Brandon Boger (8 years ago)
@jnthnnixon i actually got it last month lol
Delancey72 (8 years ago)
Great revew man.I want to try that fragrance out.
Gabester64 (8 years ago)
This one is one of my favorites. It reminds me of a cold breeze. The original smells like pee to me.
Cato (1 year ago)
I never liked the original either, when I ran out of it, I was glad, I hate to waste juice. Glad to know I am not alone.
Heverton Dutra (8 years ago)
ahahahahaha awesome couple!!
Guinea54 (8 years ago)
Thanks for this review, I been always wondering what this smells like. There are just so many flankers out there its hard to keep up. yet another I have to get my nose on.
MyMickers (8 years ago)
@bmf336 Thanks for your input on this man!
MyMickers (8 years ago)
@aidenryu lol, thanks for the story!
MyMickers (8 years ago)
@grgfourtinas I think it's good stuff!
MyMickers (8 years ago)
@unhallowed45 lol, can't win em all!
MyMickers (8 years ago)
@mgellie1 Thanks for your input!
MyMickers (8 years ago)
@omfggoogle Thanks for your feedback!
MyMickers (8 years ago)
@TheSickman1977 Thanks man!
Brandon Boger (8 years ago)
i had this for a lil while .. i had great compliments from this .. great "walk by" fragrance.. it last a very long time on my skin .. around that 8 to 10 just like you .. sadly i never had the original .. maybe that will be my next bottle ... i dunno ..
aidenryu (8 years ago)
I owned this for a hot minute and loved it but one day, a female co-worker passed by me and smelled exactly as this and I asked her what she was wearing thinking I already knew what it was when she told me it was a bath and body works fragrance for women. Now, thats all she wears and it smells EXACTLY like this so it turned me off to it and I gave it away :( Great review Dan!
mgellie1 (8 years ago)
I'll like Leu better than intense but it's overall a good fragrance
Zepyhp (8 years ago)
I agree with Luca.
MyMickers (8 years ago)
@O4262010 lol
demonhunt3r 1111 (8 years ago)
I'll just stick with the number 1 panty dropper... Grey Flannel!!! ;)
MyMickers (8 years ago)
@hyprz man you are crazy nuts!!!! You need to take your meds today, lol
hyprz (8 years ago)
Smells like pencil shavings and rotten wood. horrid

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