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Text Comments (336)
Vana Azad (2 days ago)
1:35 what's that!
a s amin& simo (5 days ago)
S. A M A D Shaikh (7 days ago)
My school tomorrow science examination I am try first magic trick please why uses ?
S. A M A D Shaikh (7 days ago)
First magii why uses please tell mi?
Jeelani Sk (8 days ago)
Jeelani Sk (8 days ago)
copy cat you copyed from mr hacker
jocky jirage (18 days ago)
tel liquide names in vdo
Kalu Lal (22 days ago)
material write kat ga
SANDIP JAMNIK (27 days ago)
Aasman to lekh be
Md TARIK ALI (27 days ago)
Good luck and keep it up
Charan Cherry (1 month ago)
Hey dude say the ingredients names u will be osm
Komuroju Sandhya (1 month ago)
ingredients name plzz
giovanni ninja (1 month ago)
JASHAN SAHOTA (1 month ago)
Bro please discribe what you are mixing but it is a great video
Abdul Raffay (1 month ago)
Gowda Dhanu (2 months ago)
Nice but tell indgredients to public
Ritu Hiroli (2 months ago)
Which things you use
نعال اوزيل (2 months ago)
جيد جدا
jay kumar agrawal (2 months ago)
bro I want that burn trick the first trick of the video I want to know how did uu did that
Avradwip Das (2 months ago)
plese write the ingredients..✌👏👏👌👀
sonumujral 1234 (2 months ago)
Thats amazing
Yousif Hesham (2 months ago)
Puthhshs6tags 2h6262hb
Yousif Hesham (2 months ago)
BUNLAR KACMAZ (2 months ago)
D_ ALISHAH (2 months ago)
Yousef Mohamed (2 months ago)
Zayan Butt (2 months ago)
Yr ya kya dala tha muja datall SA likh k bajo
Ali Raza (2 months ago)
200 lanat es par
ashu kumar singh (2 months ago)
very good video sir
Botella Challenge (2 months ago)
Srinivas Sriniva (2 months ago)
You should name your channel as Street magic
Mr.Udhaya Hacker (2 months ago)
Guys Sub me i'll Sub you If you are subbed with proof send my mail id udhayakumar1127 @gmail.com comment down i will sub you
Hai Nguyen (2 months ago)
Che mo to vinh cuu
a s video (2 months ago)
Not magic it is scince
Ebraham Makram (3 months ago)
افضل فديو في كل العالم
Mani arain (3 months ago)
Ayan Raza (3 months ago)
videos helper (3 months ago)
how many tools you use tell us what is this
Manas Ranjan Mishra (3 months ago)
Kya bhai ingredients ke nam to batao na barna ham kese ingredients ko Jan paenge yanhi hi apke bhul he aur sab chokha he
karthik bandari (3 months ago)
Name the ingredients
Johirul islam (3 months ago)
Johirul islam (3 months ago)
Please writting
Jaynik Makwana (3 months ago)
Laksh Graphics (3 months ago)
Sir fire smoke easily
Amarjeet Ray (3 months ago)
Tell me ingredients name
firoz mantra (3 months ago)
Why aren't you showing us what those are
Ram Ram (3 months ago)
what liquid
Ram Ram (3 months ago)
eana liquid
fernandez takeshi (3 months ago)
you could at least give the name of each material. it'll be great
Fatma Fatma (3 months ago)
التجربه رقم 1 جميله جدا راح اجربها
nathoune 59 (4 months ago)
c est de la oul
Ngindra Suryavanshi (4 months ago)
School life hack please
Joe Wong (4 months ago)
What is that
Luzana Costa (4 months ago)
Eu testei. Deu. Muito. Bom Vcs. Muito. Bom. Teria. È.
Rabito rabito el crack (4 months ago)
Amit sah (4 months ago)
Name it .what r u using?
basudev behura (4 months ago)
thanks sister
Ma Laika (4 months ago)
Number first ..can u use any spray ??
reshmi begum (4 months ago)
BRS SPANDAN (4 months ago)
On the soap water
BRS SPANDAN (4 months ago)
What the gas u use in first
Sabbir Sayeed (4 months ago)
I think I found the recipe for cola
Lxmagar with all (5 months ago)
ClicK bait moron
Rian Bonco (5 months ago)
Keren 👍👍👍👍
Comtinui fazendo video
Chirag Phogat (5 months ago)
Tell us in the video what matter you are using
Anh Bui (5 months ago)
Hery Frans M (5 months ago)
Nice vd make more again pls
shoeb honey (6 months ago)
In first hack
shoeb honey (6 months ago)
What is that liquid
Jyoti Prakash Joshi (6 months ago)
The first one is fake
tanera clay (7 months ago)
Do anyone know what is in that blown little bottle in his second experiment? if so please tell me I need it for an experiment I'm doing
Shrikant Pandey (7 months ago)
Kala wala kya h
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Ashutosh Niranjan Ashu (7 months ago)
hutiya Colgate bhi khaega kya
Caleb Laskey (8 months ago)
sqorpio n (8 months ago)
The first idea What was that spray ??
BAYU 87 (8 months ago)
kamu pasti makan narkoba ya....
shahnawaz hussain (8 months ago)
is this fake
Lubna Shaikh (8 months ago)
MrBatPerson (9 months ago)
:D some guy on youtube puts his hand on fire!! So should I! :D **IM JOKING NEVER EVER DO THIS**
noor arlando (9 months ago)
you hand will not burn
Shiva Sai (9 months ago)
What are the uses of first experiment fire I want immediately
뚱이 (9 months ago)
Quvang_ Offical (10 months ago)
https://youtu.be/a60YJOBrP9U pogledajte!!! https://youtu.be/a60YJOBrP9U pogledajte!!! https://youtu.be/a60YJOBrP9U trap https://youtu.be/a60YJOBrP9U pogledajte!!! https://youtu.be/a60YJOBrP9U pogledajte!!! https://youtu.be/a60YJOBrP9U https://youtu.be/a60YJOBrP9U trap
Safety is no your no.1 priority.
Prince K (10 months ago)
Cemical ka naam bta
Marko (10 months ago)
Mr BeInG CrAzY (10 months ago)
I am very big fan you your video is best in world
Naina Naina (10 months ago)
Yo man brow😘😘😘😘💑😍😘👿
Shashank Kumar (10 months ago)
What are the chemical using in this video
Arbaaz Ahmed (10 months ago)
peter zachar (10 months ago)
To si mal celu penu zapalit
CH TAYYAB (10 months ago)
You want to tell the things
Nihar Creation (11 months ago)
Ralph Hunter (11 months ago)
what is that song?
KhaN BaPPy PRo (11 months ago)
Karolis Venclavičius (1 year ago)
i am fire 😀😁😁😁😁😁😁

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