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Text Comments (418)
Ahuja Shops (18 hours ago)
There is no use of the entire video, if you don’t mention the materials
Zaid Siddiqui (2 days ago)
Please maintain the product which you all are using
Jatin Bansal (2 days ago)
Plzz also mention the name of matireal u used
Belén Moreno (6 days ago)
What is de black bottle pleaseee tell meeeee please tell me anywonw
bsantosh sivateja (3 days ago)
Khurram Shahzad (18 days ago)
It's a drama company explain about your knowledge
Md. Esa Creation (21 days ago)
Love your Channel 9.7m
Lissy Roy (21 days ago)
Abwswliman Awamy (21 days ago)
رمضان كريم
nirma Narwariya (21 days ago)
Isme apane kya dala hai
Rohitmunda Rohitmunda (26 days ago)
Jaka Sembung (1 month ago)
A (1 month ago)
Please show what you are using bro!!
A (1 month ago)
Don't play with fire 🔥
Qaisar Iqbal (1 month ago)
Yeah jo things istamal ken han un ka name sa lain
Seelam Manish (1 month ago)
the experiment with names plz
Cheema Art & Craft (1 month ago)
good job
sangeeta uttam (1 month ago)
What do you mix we can't get
bhaaskar bass (1 month ago)
First one super chamical Name tel me pls bro na pannipakanum
Anji Anju (1 month ago)
Telmi this is name
munwar shaik (1 month ago)
Which powder is that you used
munwar shaik (1 month ago)
Is it burns to
Roldan Dela Cruz (1 month ago)
It hurts, isn't it?
Ayaan Qureshi (2 months ago)
Supere. Hite
Star Light Films (2 months ago)
പോടാ ഊളേ
nishu Gupta (2 months ago)
Is it safe for a 10 year old kid
pooja Pandey (2 months ago)
Tell their name also please
Suresh Kumar (2 months ago)
Suresh Kumar (2 months ago)
How 😅😅😅😭😭😥😥😥👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌😀😀😀
Dexter Colbert (2 months ago)
Put your door on fire
Zainab Sarfraz (2 months ago)
Please tell me the name which you used in first trick please
Mouiz Mino (1 month ago)
Zainab Sarfraz مبيد حشرات
Rifnas Ripa (2 months ago)
Tell the ingredients
HOLIDAY SEASON (2 months ago)
Kutta rw
Shrav Kumar (2 months ago)
gινє ∂єтαιℓѕ αвσυт тнιиgѕ тнαт уσυ αяє υѕιиg
Shrav Kumar (2 months ago)
velmurugan ks (3 months ago)
how to do this pls what thing that
Shahriar's TechGallery (3 months ago)
amazing idea
Salim Kumar (3 months ago)
Abhi Ram (3 months ago)
Can u please write the ingredients
Mom Sharma (3 months ago)
Gunga h kya 😂🤐
Sweety Lakshmi (3 months ago)
Please write the ingredients
ASM13 (3 months ago)
{\_/} ( ' - ' ) (>♥<)
SPL group Pollachi (3 months ago)
Show the name of the incredients
POLA CHANDRA KUMAR (3 months ago)
what liquid is that you pouring on match sticks lastley
AJAY .B.V (4 months ago)
Last one is good
Sapneel Kumar (4 months ago)
How you can say it is an majics
Avradwip Das (4 months ago)
All were good but please write the ingredients... 😊
Lehhessen AAmeke (4 months ago)
Neetu Dahiya (4 months ago)
It's not magic it's science tricks
guthjj Hashifa (4 months ago)
No secises
Yumnam Kamala (4 months ago)
FUCK you man😅😅😅😅😅😅
Naresh Singh (4 months ago)
Check out the door and the Two Strings I am not busy at work and I don't know what to do it again and again. I'm sorry for your birthday and we are going to the store to buy it from you soon . And the other side of the day before I leave the door to DAV
appu innttr (4 months ago)
It's ok but what do you use in this actually
Isa Baig (4 months ago)
Please write the ingrediants
Carol Quinio (4 months ago)
Akhayakumar Panda (4 months ago)
Rahul Ganapathy (4 months ago)
Please note the ingredients using in it.
Bharati Devi Sahu (4 months ago)
Amazing !!!!!! That is nice :)
Md Sadique (4 months ago)
Ye kya hai
RV and kv varmas (4 months ago)
Write the ingredients
Amrut Shegunasi (4 months ago)
Name the ingrediants used in first experiment
Gergina velcheva (5 months ago)
Qkoo 😉😉
AzAr SHAIK (5 months ago)
Ingredients name bro
Simran Jeet (5 months ago)
What have you eat to throw out from your mouth
Simran Jeet (5 months ago)
Salt Madha I think
SHAHNSHAH KHAN (5 months ago)
आपकी बहुत अच्छी वीडियो हमारा चैनल सब्सक्राइब कीजिए
I love Dubai (5 months ago)
Please label camicl you use
Mohd Altaf (5 months ago)
You no this items name
Arokia Mary (5 months ago)
lable the things which u used stupid
Aksh Tech &Shows (5 months ago)
Please write ingirients
Urmila Nikam (5 months ago)
SPY SPY (5 months ago)
The video was too fast could not understand anything but keep it up
sandli khan (5 months ago)
wtf what are you mixing😡😡😠
Amaan Mumtaz (5 months ago)
Yar chizo ka nam bi bate o satsat
Bhola Nayak (5 months ago)
Kancea si piwear
Sunil Kumar (5 months ago)
Mamta Devi (5 months ago)
Please write this what are you adding
Quốc Tiên Trần (5 months ago)
Nóng ko vậy
omkar kumbar (5 months ago)
Vana Azad (5 months ago)
1:35 what's that!
Amin simo (5 months ago)
S. A M A D Shaikh (5 months ago)
My school tomorrow science examination I am try first magic trick please why uses ?
S. A M A D Shaikh (5 months ago)
First magii why uses please tell mi?
Jeelani Sk (5 months ago)
Jeelani Sk (5 months ago)
copy cat you copyed from mr hacker
jocky jirage (6 months ago)
tel liquide names in vdo
Kalu Lal (6 months ago)
material write kat ga
SANDIP JAMNIK (6 months ago)
Aasman to lekh be
Md TARIK ALI (6 months ago)
Good luck and keep it up
Charan Cherry (6 months ago)
Hey dude say the ingredients names u will be osm
Komuroju Sandhya (6 months ago)
ingredients name plzz
pein tendo (7 months ago)
JASHAN SAHOTA (7 months ago)
Bro please discribe what you are mixing but it is a great video
Abdul Raffay (7 months ago)
Gowda Dhanu (7 months ago)
Nice but tell indgredients to public
Ritu Hiroli (7 months ago)
Which things you use
نعال اوزيل (7 months ago)
جيد جدا
Jai Agrawal (7 months ago)
bro I want that burn trick the first trick of the video I want to know how did uu did that
Avradwip Das (7 months ago)
plese write the ingredients..✌👏👏👌👀
AMAZING MONDAY armaan (7 months ago)
Thats amazing
amir hsham (7 months ago)
Puthhshs6tags 2h6262hb
amir hsham (7 months ago)
Komik videolar burda (7 months ago)
Syed DeeDar ALI SHAH (7 months ago)

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