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2 Amazing Magic Card Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

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Text Comments (54)
dilip biswas (1 day ago)
wanwisa Mesrkun (11 days ago)
Али Али (22 days ago)
Ну 1-ый трюк не очем я сходу сообразил будто он его делает
rasel ahmed (24 days ago)
Это пиздец целый
Sai stationary Shop (24 days ago)
Bda fudu hai
Gamaliel Herdez (25 days ago)
Muy bueno el segúndo, le faltó limpieza y fluidez. pero excelente.
ARYAN Raj (26 days ago)
To Good hi
THE V2H (26 days ago)
Dave Aldavian (27 days ago)
Galing parang tanga...😁😊😅👍👍👍
JT Ælex (28 days ago)
JT Ælex (28 days ago)
BagGer 228 (28 days ago)
Какие блять фокусы, она тасовать не умеет
Clash Royale KG (20 days ago)
😂😂😂😂🤣🤣это он видать же ногти не ухоженые и руки мужские
Ага, я тоже увидел будто понизу оказалась, а тасовались лишь верхние карты
Sagar Malik (28 days ago)
Radio ft
Diabla Diablita (28 days ago)
Its so easy but starting the video he show a 10 of flowers but he was using the 10 of spade 😂😂😂😂😂
Albert Barcelona (28 days ago)
so simpleeeeeeeeeeeee...
Rang3rcooki3xx C (28 days ago)
Insupportable la musique 😂😂
dont steal (29 days ago)
Arman idam95 (29 days ago)
Dhan XD (29 days ago)
Бездна IT (29 days ago)
I think this guy is Chinese. 是不是?
Ho lee fuk (1 month ago)
Whats the song in the second part?
Wee Bros (1 month ago)
Javier Yagüe (1 month ago)
patetico, q no tiene ni idea de mezclas si quiera ni de hacer un simple abanico...
polar (26 days ago)
Mehboob Ali (27 days ago)
Nadim Sahill (1 month ago)
da Salim Raj
Zakaria salem (1 month ago)
احلا لايك ياحلو
data dzirkvadze (1 month ago)
Enrico B. (1 month ago)
uozip TV (1 month ago)
6:56 lol 😂 😂 but its niceand easy magic
David Barrett (1 month ago)
Badger Claws
Rasul gamer (1 month ago)
You are noob
Man I'm so glad people forget the secret to some of these magic tricks. That first trick is so good it comes from a Paul Harris book. I really wish people wouldn't give away the secret to such an amazing card trick. I had to teach myself this trick out of a book it was not easy. Apparently anyone can learn it easily on YouTube now.
Ballsdeep Singh (1 month ago)
MarkofMystery Houston Texas apparently hey?
Amnol Singh (1 month ago)
To good
lleandro walker Walker (1 month ago)
Nome da música??
Shl Mco (1 month ago)
V F (1 month ago)
Dat Ascanio Spread with Parkinson's though lol
MD CHANCHAL (1 month ago)
4 card at 8 card deklei boja jabe jara zibone carde hath dey nai tara hoito dhorte parbe na
Kamaruddin Yaacob (1 month ago)
Im know the first magic trick
Just a reminder, plz use a plastic deck to performing the first trick
Vương Quân Phạm (1 month ago)
so easy
Sagar Malik (28 days ago)
+Kalu Sen hejcjfnfmf
Kalu Sen (1 month ago)
Vương Quân Phạm u
Gaffed academy (1 month ago)
nice one buddy check out my latest original ACAAN card trick cheers
Node Pony (1 month ago)
I do that second trick with two kings and aces. :D
Jason Irelan (1 month ago)
The first one looks like an easier trick. Take care and God bless.
Gaffed academy (1 month ago)
Jason Irelan nice comment check out my latest original ACAAN card trick cheers
hanatai001 (1 month ago)
Last magic is nice Idea!!

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