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Snoopers Charter: Who Benefits From Spying? Russell Brand The Trews (E376)

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In this week's Trews we examine the passing of the Investigatory Powers Act, or Snoopers Charter, the new law giving UK intelligence agencies and police the most sweeping surveillance powers in the western world. Subscribe Here Now: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg Produced & edited by Gareth Roy Trews Theme by The Rubberbandits
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Rosemarie Donaghey (10 days ago)
they have been watching us since the 80s at least many a phone call directory names and addresses etc and operators new where we lived went and even called us back after we had a chat to tell us who called us which was weird but hey wake up society privacy is a pipe dream now.
Bronk Tug (5 months ago)
Use a VPN comrades, or TOR if you have to
Dawn (9 months ago)
Lmao, thank you for the humour on everything Willie ;) I mean Russell, greatly appreciated.
amy ness (9 months ago)
amy ness (9 months ago)
A one legged man (10 months ago)
Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
A one legged man (10 months ago)
they are slowly warming the water
The Black Swan Moon (1 year ago)
GARY GRAY (1 year ago)
The state can do fuck all about anything! It is all bullshit psychology??
Mr Dub Crazy (1 year ago)
God I hate that horrible hag!
Mr Dub Crazy (1 year ago)
Please people of Britain... Please can you finally get into your thick heads that the Tories are bad for you!!
Mr Dub Crazy (1 year ago)
How about our smart phones recording our conversations on the phone and off the phone....in order to supply Google Facebook Twitter and Instagram with buzzwords for targeted advertising??
Matthew McNerlin (1 year ago)
After doing my dissertation on the 2016 Act there is no need for alarm
GARY GRAY (2 years ago)
Plots - plots by the establishment to violate our so called " freedoms"!
Big Al (2 years ago)
The war on terror is a load of bollox...all these powers the state have is simply to protect the elites...they had their wealth passed down to them by murderous thieving villains.....then over the years they brought out the theft act to protect themselves. The snoopers charter etc are simply powers that they give to their hench men..(security services).. to protect their wealth..... disguised as a way of keepin us safe...
Bethany Nugent (2 years ago)
But it's not just collecting data to prevent terrorism, of which who knows how that information could be used, hacked into. It's dictating freedom of speech (which we don't have in the UK) and controlling what we see. What's next a 'UK internet'. It's been hidden from us, masked by brexit, a protesting petition exceeding the needed amount of signatures required was shut down recently without coverage. It's honestly quite scary to think about, I'm probably on a list now for writing this comment.
seamus haughey (2 years ago)
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Web-Owen-McCarthy-thriller-ebook/dp/B071RTQB46/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494443206&sr=8-1&keywords=seamus+haughey The scariest part of the surveillance society that has been built in the UK is not that the official bodies are sharing your image, it's that private security companies are sharing and storing your image, your movements - even you shopping habits. Why do they need to store all this data for years on massive servers based outside the UK? How many apps have you downloaded for games or a dictionary for example that ask you for permission to view your photo album and location? why would a dictionary need to view your phones photo album to work correctly? Check out my new thriller - THE WEB Out now on Amazon
mark west (2 years ago)
old russ is rite .....a slew of tumbling language
andrew hardman (2 years ago)
What if they are saying it is there to scare us the people into conformity even if it doesn't exist
Janice Dewdney (2 years ago)
Sorry about the other comments that 'were' posted as me.. I have hackers who post as me..I don't get into the same as them.. Well, it is against the law to impersonate someone else in UK since 2006 ..(stolen identity.. Anyway Russell you do a great job and happy sobriety.. Well done mate
Anony Mouse (2 years ago)
Make no difference, the powers that be, have been snooping for the last 10 years at least. Now just its legal for them to have a good look through every device you own. The problem is the terrorism act that gave power to such incompetent mindless acts of violence.
Ismail Francesco Mir (2 years ago)
Free Edward Snowden
Jo B (2 years ago)
You know if your being watched as your secret WILL BE OUT!!!!!!!! and your car tires will be played with and they need to watch people who have nothing to hide, in case they help the ones who are watched!
Vantablack! (2 years ago)
Might as well just give Theresa my spare house key then. Stupid cow
satinder billing (2 years ago)
Brand you are just a pound land Jesus.
Steve Jobs (2 years ago)
hi, any wizards here know if a hardware VPN protects your data from the ISP?
Divergence (2 years ago)
Oh crap, they might think my netflix is illegal. Breaking Bad must put me as suspect no.1
rods595 (2 years ago)
Venixed (2 years ago)
Cya gone in the next election Tories, you have gone and fucked the people. All a party needs to do now is abolish this thing as part of a political election agreement and bam, easy win to the party to get rid of it
Toq The Wise (2 years ago)
The state of heightened fear hasn't been engineered by the state, they simply took advantage of the state of heightened fear which already exists. There are solutions against terrorism, but said solutions can't be taken because of the dream of a Utopian future of unity and universal love where mankind all comes together to hold hands and sing. But you see, this dream cannot happen because we as human beings aren't designed to operate in such a fashion, thus any effort to create said utopia leads to problems, such as an increase in terrorism as we're seeing in almost every EU member nation, and these problems lead to fear, which the state then takes advantage of. In the end, we really only have two choices, tribalism or fascism.
Toq The Wise (2 years ago)
1:38 Yes Russel, the state is not your friend. The state is a necessary evil.
Stellar Fervour (2 years ago)
Its not to protect us its big data used to analyse trends to we can be sold to.
NotYowBusiness (2 years ago)
If the government is allowed to treat its citizens in an "open and transparent" manner, then the citizens should expect openness and transparency for the government. It's only fair.
René (2 years ago)
*Troll trace - ♬ Tjing tjang tjing nutillej ♬*
MrGreenAKAguci00 (2 years ago)
VPN is the only way to go.
nvsbl2 (2 years ago)
That many people sub you? REALLY? You're such low life scum, it shows how many people don't research.
OMG WTF (2 years ago)
3:17 I was thinking the same thing!
Lol Mac (2 years ago)
5:10 😂😂😂
Caspian Sutherland (2 years ago)
We live in a digital age.
Katerina Kiki (2 years ago)
Why do ALL that work and spend ALL that money locking up actual bad guys, when you can use these convenient laws to your full advantage by hacking into your opponents accounts and blackmailing them to achieve all the POWER, WEALTH and CONTROL that you could possibly want.....
Cursedyou (2 years ago)
Incredible that I had no idea about this until watching this video. Why aren't the news reporting it lol
Trees M (2 years ago)
anybody know what Kidzania (london) is really about? Could there be a hidden agenda here?. Some children I know of, who recently went, came back emotional & withdrawn. Their mothers described them as upset, like miserable old men & sort of fearful. Could there be something subliminal going on? Just a question. It all feels a bit Dr who ~ ish.
RAW lternative (2 years ago)
Russell, can you make a video about the situation in Aleppo and what your take is on the argument that the crisis there is a fabrication of MSM for the purpose of supporting the establishment?
Doeke Koedijk (2 years ago)
WHAT THE?!?! I just started looking at this video and I am now suddenly SUBSCRIBED to Russel Brands channel!?! How in the world ......?!?!?!
Marcus Kirsch (2 years ago)
All fell and swell ... when are you going to talk to Peter Joseph. I would watch that.
Robert Loftin (2 years ago)
only 150,000 views...*sigh*
Simon Carr (2 years ago)
Just install Private Internet Access VPN. https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/whats-my-ip/simonjcarr It's cheap, keeps you safe and you can watch your movies on an Android TV Box without your ISP Blocking you.
Joe Blogs (2 years ago)
keep up the good work russ
Niall Lawlor (2 years ago)
Snooping should made Illegal.I don't see any benefits.
JETJOOBOY (2 years ago)
Plus Mi5 have ALWAYS had permission to apply to "snoop" on anybody at any time if they can justify it!
JETJOOBOY (2 years ago)
That was a none story. Internet Service Providers have been legally obliged to *store* users history for 12 months since decades ago?!?!
Gregory Wonderwheel (2 years ago)
Keeping up the high standard of sly wit. Thanks Russell.
fancynancylucille (2 years ago)
But they probably don't care to occupy themselves in any way but to arrest some perverts, because a scapegoating activity satisfies their need to confront actual evil.
fancynancylucille (2 years ago)
So, is she going to take the pictures and find the children? Or only arrest the viewers? Ah, by cell phones, they can find them? But social media, No? Of course the social media would be helpful. Well, if they'd actually find the trafficked children and other people.... really, there are people who need to be RESCUED!!!!!!!!!
To Err is Huma (2 years ago)
"A slew of tumbling language". Theresa May stole your act Russel.
Ja'Quinn (2 years ago)
Awesome video!!! But what is up with the "33" on your dogs dogtag? Is that a "Freemasons" 33 there buddy? lol wahooooooo.
Will Peake (2 years ago)
Russel will you be commenting on pizzagate?
chasington89 (2 years ago)
The end was hilarious. Ladies if ur in regina hmu
luck notskilled (2 years ago)
They've been spying on us for years as many will know, they have been collecting data on the masses since the late 40s! The biggest terrorist on the planet is Israel....and the zionist controlled collaborators that are placed in positions of power, in the following nations - USA, UK, Canada, France..... i could go on......the secret services can access a camera on your computer without you knowing, lol fvcking "Js" Don't just ignore this message, look into it yourself.
R.G. Belville (2 years ago)
Cheers Edith, I had no ideal you had returned to your previous state of hysterics over the Satan Worshiping powers of the world....I have to say I am pleased to see that everyone from comedian to pugilist like Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo speaking of the corruption of our society. The guilty are running out of ways to hide...
Andrea (2 years ago)
As awful and Orwellian as this news is, there is a bright side. They are afraid of us, and there's a reason, because we now see through them and what they have done to society at our expense. They are afraid of us because we are a threat. The more people know the truth and stop buying into their schemes, the less power they have. That's why they spend trillions of dollars on surveillance. At the end of the day, they can't stop us. We will win as we watch them die a slow death, kicking and screaming and spying until the bitter end.
Shortbread Head (2 years ago)
imagine all of this... was just a big hoax to make us pay a monthly fee for a VPN that is funding them and this is the biggest troll in history. ha. Nah, they need to get off their fucking high horse n connect with the peoples privacy instead of using that trigger word "terrorism" as fucking bait. That's like some wee bird you slept with coming up and using her kid as a weapon saying "look, they drew a picture of you", I think we all know how that would go down. They have money yes, who can actually provide substantial evidence that they have common sense or empathy... or morals? Fuck this shit I'm off to live in the woods... oh wait I can't, I need permission from the local council and planning permission so they have a registered address that I can pay council tax for a land I personally maintain even if I do my own waste management, provide my own power, move property once every 28 days and care for the land in an area no one is residing in/cause no disturbance. Nice job Britain.. nice job.
Cynthia Garbutt (2 years ago)
Just wondering if these members of Parliament (that know they're "in-shot", behind the speaker) call each other to colour coordinate their outfits. LOL
KuroReaper (2 years ago)
The police should have access for security purposes. So many crimes cane be solves just by access to data. Corporations and companies should not have access for date. It's a breach of our personal rights.
Jack h (2 years ago)
The fact that your not talking about #Pizzagate is a really bad sign Russell.
Guru Murphinda (2 years ago)
Well I have Unsubscribed Russell... Track me if you want you Fabien tool... FUCK YOU
Adam (2 years ago)
Charlotte C (2 years ago)
less than two minutes in, you mention freedom. Huge sigh of disillusionment. Freedom is a pipe dream in current reality
D DMH (2 years ago)
Having nothing to hide isn't the concern here, Russell. What are they going to do with all of that data about us? For me, the greater concern is if in the future a nutter (another one) gets in power and decides to look at it and suggests so and so looked at A,B and C on line, therefore he might do....D,E and F, 'so incarcerate him!' Get me? "Might" - That worries me.
Candice C (2 years ago)
I'm a teacher and spreading your word Russ. Privacy is part of our freedom.
carbon acid (2 years ago)
Stasi 2.0: Britain is now like the former eastern german republic, only worse because those had their data on real paper and tapes and not in databases. The UN should ban databases in the same way as landmines.
so true -
Patrick Rooney (2 years ago)
Theresa May... Disgusting human being. Her First day as pm she expands the nuclear arms program. 6 alleged plots, no evidence, no trials, nothing.
Coconüts! (2 years ago)
Serious criminals don't use digital communication because of the very reason that it can be hacked! xD All this is useful for is catching members of the public for petty crimes, many of which shouldn't even be considered criminal issues. It never ceases to amaze me just how fucking out of touch parliament is with the rest of the country if not the world! I've lived in a couple of other countries and travelled quite a lot and it's shocking how bad the English system of government is! This country is run by it's people and hindered by it's government. You go just over the channel to the Netherlands and ohh look it's still not perfect, but fuck it's a damn site better than here!
swedlife boiii (2 years ago)
why is katy perry's ex husband and ed miliband fanboi pontificating on anything other than being a useful idiot?
Genuine Buggery (2 years ago)
look at the latest terror attacks in the us, at the height of nsa surveillance. it stops nothing http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3795635/Three-US-attacks-24-hours-probed-terror-links.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Ohio_machete_attack australia also has draconian data retention laws https://www.ag.gov.au/dataretention if these laws spy on innocent cicillians but DONT stop terrorism, what is the point? the point is social control. it is designed to make the individual feel they cannot express their honest opinion, just say criticism of the government, without repercussions. it is also used to identify potential dissidents. they have censorship and such tracking in China, and guess what happens when u criticize the government? u end up in jail as a political criminal and end up having ur organs harvested on demand for the black market http://www.humanharvestmovie.com/
elvisleeboy (2 years ago)
Thank God we live in a democratic society where we can vote for this not to occur...
Jesse Gurley (2 years ago)
Welcome to the future...
Rob Carroll (2 years ago)
YouTube unsubscribed me from you. I resubscribed. Gotta have my TREWS
SynphamyOfficial (2 years ago)
Privacy is a fundamental human right recognized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights and in many other international and regional treaties. Privacy underpins human dignity and other key values such as freedom of association and freedom of speech. - Fuck this Government
SynphamyOfficial (2 years ago)
I actually just copy pasted it lol, i googled "Right to privacy" and that came up.
Ryan Putland (2 years ago)
You nailed it with that. It's really sickening to see this going on all around the world without any real feasible way to stop it. They've already been doing it illegally for yonks.. now they're just trying to legitmise and legalise what is beyond comprehension to be allowed to operate as a program. There are minorities such as myself with schizophrenia who already have to put up with having no privacy within our own minds from voices, etc. We really don't need this shit on top of that.
ccharlierun (2 years ago)
Oh... so your back huh?
Mousal (2 years ago)
The Pied Piper returns.
Joe Riso (2 years ago)
Love the Trews!
Ben Brooks (2 years ago)
There is an exemption for this snoopers charter law though!! Good news that if you are... AN MP... you are exempt from the government siphoning through you're personal shit. Funny that, innit. How many of those 50,000 pedophiles are currently in the house of commons? Guess we'll never know...
Stinky Pete (2 years ago)
But you're a wannabe socialist Russel; pretty sure if it wasn't tories implementing this you'd be all for it you pig faced wannabe Che Guevara hippocrite.
TheBongoBonk (2 years ago)
fuc*ing stupid illuminati pupet.
Retro Rube (2 years ago)
Damn I better stop watching porn lol!
Mark thomas brand (2 years ago)
Your thoughts on #pizzagate?
setsebbati (2 years ago)
So what would you advise Russell, vote labour and everything will be ok ? At one time you had people supporting you due to the fact you spoke seemingly with an honest wish to see change, you spoke out against " old outdated political paradigms ". Of course you then changed and told us to vote for Labour. No matter who was in power in the UK they ALL continually take more and more of our rights as human beings away from us. Corbyn a fellow Marxist, I should imagine your idol, who has spoken out on so many occasions against Nuclear deterents and the danger they bring to the world. Yet when it came to vote on Trident he and the majority of his party all voted to keep Trident and actually strengthen the UK's Nuclear capabilities ! This is typical of the political elite, saying one thing to gain votes and then doing the opposite. So yes this snooping bill is outrageous, everyone in the U.K. should be out on the streets demonstrating against such invasions of privacy, but it doesn't matter who's in Government be they Red or Blue, they are all the same ! The world is changing, and quite quickly. People are waking up to this, they want change. However they have realised that change won't come from career politicians who are in politics for their own or their 1% overlords agendas. So if you were who you said you were you would be saying things like this. However you will tear any right wing politician a new one, while leaving the regressive left alone. Thing is people see this also ! Will the real Russell Brand please stand up !
Trakmatik (2 years ago)
Surely no one is arguing that accurate accounting is a bad idea. What worries me is the slippery language used by these puppets. People downloading indecent images of children? Why not call it copying evidence of a crime? The point I'm making is this top down surveillance system is a counterfeit one. Who are they trying to kid? They are looking for scapegoats for a larger problem and to shift responsibility for faulty reasoning and logic. If every indecent image is a crime then within that image is evidence for conviction. Sounds more like they are trying to destroy evidence to me. Most photographs nowadays have meta data containing location time etc. Shouldn't be difficult to find the criminals. We the public know this pantomime is a sham and mockery of the people. I'm not so sure these actors are aware of it though. Hey, as long as they have a few shekels in their pockets though right?
Trakmatik (2 years ago)
Undercover Genius How does one construct a sentence without talking to oneself? Don't get me wrong I'm not arguing the validity of your statement. I'm just saying...I've got lots of company. Yup.
Trakmatik (2 years ago)
Every cut foreskin is evidence of child mutilation but where does that lead our investigation? Oh how embarrassing. Everyone still up for a witch hunt?
Trakmatik (2 years ago)
Surely no one is arguing that accurate accounting is a bad idea. What worries me is the slippery language used by these puppets. People downloading indecent images of children? Why not call it copying evidence of a crime? The point I'm making is this top down surveillance system is a counterfeit one. Who are they trying to kid? They are looking for scapegoats for a larger problem and to shift responsibility for faulty reasoning and logic. If every indecent image is a crime then within that image is evidence for conviction. Sounds more like they are trying to destroy evidence to me. Most photographs nowadays have meta data containing location time etc. Shouldn't be difficult to find the criminals. We the public know this pantomime is a sham and mockery of the people. I'm not so sure these actors are aware of it though. Hey, as long as they have a few shekels in their pockets though right?
Julian Bonosconi (2 years ago)
Russ you DON'T leave me scared and confused.
Nicole A (2 years ago)
'They' are trying to dismantle imagination through getting us to accept, "their way". Kents of old and  Kents of new.. and kents of kents ...... just plain kents. Great to see you back Russell..
Vess (2 years ago)
5000th like, boom! Spy on THAT!
Baum Voyage (2 years ago)
Great video. I just did a video about this on my channel. My heart goes out to you guys!
warpedjaffas1 (2 years ago)
"Governments will use whatever technology is available to them to combat their primary enemy - their own population." - Noam Chomsky.
LikeItDeep (2 years ago)
Her poppy has shrunk.
Dorian Demeturlias (2 years ago)
Speaking of spying that is supposed to keep us safe. Why does the dragnet not capture these human traffickers? RUSSELL! I admire you for talking about the positive aspects of the human psyche spirit but also for exposing the horrible unspeakable shit that goes on regarding the pedophiles in government. You warned us about pizzagate before it happened... what are we to make of this trending story? Is it an intentionally leaked fake story and wikileaks is all phony documents? A disinformation false flag? Really?
DaisukeFlamedramon (2 years ago)
President Donald J. Trump!

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