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SEAL by Star Storage - Product Tour

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SEAL – an industry changing information archiving solution. A simple way to protect, access and manage all your corporate records. Build around open standards for smooth and inexpensive integration, SEAL enables you to capture, transform, index and securely manage your entire electronic archive in no time. All this, while still maintaining the necessary compliance and governance tool sets. With SEAL you can also decommission legacy systems, regain lost flexibility, free up valuable resources and concentrate on your business goals. Forget about costly sanctions and penalties due to internal or legal requirements. SEAL helps you enforce rules for long term retention and file plan management for advanced compliance. With just a few clicks multiple users from different departments (legal, accounts payable, sales, marketing, HR) can create virtually unlimited navigational perspectives to display the stored content and efficiently share the same data. SEAL can be used in multiple cases. Just pick yours: Paper conversion and archiving, Microsoft Outlook PST email archiving, mergers and acquisitions integration, resurface buried information or decommission Old & Expensive Document Management and Enterprise Content Management Systems. SEAL can by deployed in your Data Center or as a cloud service. Tightly integrated with HCP by Hitachi Data Systems. Start powering up your paperless office.
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