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Best scene - No Country for old men

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Best scene - No Country for old men full movie
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Yaron Hoff (13 days ago)
great movie
Self True (1 month ago)
This isn't the best scene in the movie, because it doesn't have a best scene. The entire movie is the best scene.
Gary Mayo (1 month ago)
Where do people hide in restrooms in this movie? The shower. Bell said he was overmatched and while sugar looks in showers and in this case hides in a shower, sheriff Bell only looked at the locked window. Sugar was behind the murder room door up until Bell opened it, at which time he had moved to the shower. Had Bell looked in the shower, he would have been murdered. With the dime, Sugar was with the cash in the shower
سيؤفي سيؤفي (1 month ago)
ممكن فيلم كمل
Fiddely Dee (2 months ago)
It would have been if you had finished it.
James Hartsfield (2 months ago)
James Hood (2 months ago)
The worst movie ever to win the Oscar. I felt cheated out of $8.00. It had no story worth telling. Tommy Lee Jones was lost in this mess, as was Woody Harrelson. Most critics felt Juno was the best film of that year as did I.
Thomas Evans (2 months ago)
This took place immediately after his friend and fellow officer had mentioned that he was amazed how the killer had brazenly revisited the crime scene at the hotel - that sparked Ed Tom to think of that possibility reoccurring at this crime scene, as well - after seeing the lock blown out, he knows that it has indeed happened again - if I’m not mistaken, this is the only time in the entire movie when he unholsters his gun - also, wasn’t Anton behind the door when Ed Tom opened it? Hard to believe that a) Ed Tom wouldn’t have spotted him, or b) Anton wouldn’t have gotten the drop on him (he certainly didn’t mind killing police officers) - a very tense scene, but I’ve always thought that this particular scenario pushed the boundary of believability a bit much - one of those guys would have left that room in a body bag...............
James Garrity (2 months ago)
Hot damn u could still see the smoke from the hole! Talk about a tense situation😲
john duff (6 months ago)
Anton is in the other room, because : 1: Room 112's lock is blown out too. 2 : You can see the light comes from the hole to chigurh. And where is the source of light ? Between the two room. If anton was in room 114 at the same place next to the door, he would be in the dark. In one room the sheriff lives, in the other he dies, its like anton's coin flip.
kawasaki whip two (6 months ago)
This is the only scene in the entire movie that confused me. If Anton is close enough to the door that he can see the light shining through the lock he blew out,where in the room is he?
jahmaicamecrazy (8 months ago)
This is definitely not the best scene. It's anti-climatic lol
jose four (9 months ago)
In the scene after this, the sheriff makes the comment that the killer is like a "ghost."
Ryan Castleberry (7 months ago)
Uh he does that in the scene right before this scene
Bader [email protected] (9 months ago)
el mecánico (9 months ago)
I believe the images of Chigurh was what Bell was envisioning. It’s like the bogey man under the bed, we create our own demons and personal challenges. Chigurh represents Bell’s fears to which Bell has a showdown with in this scene. Brilliant adaptation and very well portrayed by both superb actors.
Coke Kola (9 months ago)
For some reason I had remembered Chigurh was under the bed just staring up with gun in his hands. Obviously that was not the case. He was in the room next door...sheriff never did check under the bed though.
Atrain973 main4life386 (9 months ago)
He came back to the hotel room knowing that Antoine was going to be there and Antoine didn't do anything to him I don't know why he didn't he kills every fucking body in the movie and he didn't kill him for some strange reason and the sheriff wanted to die he knew that he was going to be there he opened the door knowing that he was going to shoot at him he had to know that and yeah he just let him live fuck was that about?
drsevrin100 (9 months ago)
Not too many that are better than Tommy Lee Jones.
Stiglr (10 months ago)
To quote Ed Tom's deputy, "Oh! That is aggravatin' !" I watch this scene again and again, and from the composition of the shot of Chigurh lurking *somewhere* while Ed Tom is trying to decide whether to enter the room Moss was shot in.... it looks from the camera angle that Chigurh should be "behind" the door in 114 when the Sherrif opens it. From the camera shot, @ 0:54. you (and Chigurh) can see the light shining through the blown out lock cylinder, about a door's width away, and with Chigurh's back braced against a wall (the "back wall" of 114, shared with 112). I can't see any indication at all that the lock cylinder is also blown out from the door of 112, the room to Sheriff Bell's *right* relative to Moss' room. The camera never shows that room's lock cylinder; even though it's also taped off as a crime scene. And even if it was, and Chigurh's in 112, how does he get a vantage point to see the light shining through the door in Moss' room 114? The two rooms are NOT adjoined by some interior door, because when Bell enters the room, he goes to the bathroom door at the back, and turns on the light to the bathroom, which goes to the back right of the room. See 1:39: Everything else in the room (the TV, the bureau, a framed mirror, a couple of lamps) are all against the shared, BACK wall of 112.
cary bary (10 months ago)
Hotels were a harbour of doom in NCFOM
MDS (11 months ago)
Iwould imagine room 114 would be cleaned up and have lock replaced then booked out again noooo one knowing what took place in there
Matt Foley (11 months ago)
Pretty sure this is the worst scene.
Matt Foley (9 months ago)
He's not in the next room, he's in that room a few feet away from the door hole where he blew out the deadbolt. Unless you can show me another door with the deadbolt blown out.
HellNaw (9 months ago)
Matt Foley That’s the point lol. Either he’s not actually there or his in the next room. I think this scene was expertly made
Matt Foley (9 months ago)
Because it shows Chigur in the room then he magically disappears. Not reality.
HellNaw (9 months ago)
Nomad 1776 (1 year ago)
How the fuck is the best seen?
Milky Way Galaxy (1 year ago)
Early on in the movie Tommy Lee Jones says to his deputy "Well if this ain't a mess it'll do 'til the mess gets here." Love that Texas speak.
Nicolas Silva (1 year ago)
i think chigurn wasn't there, in fact, i think the sheriff was so scared to meet him, that he imagined that, he was behind the door
Henchman B (1 year ago)
This is the only scene in the movie that doesn't have a literal answer
Martin Zanichelli (1 year ago)
In Italy we would not enter alone the room. He has to wait outside the perimeter and request reinforcement until at least there are two officers. This is because the minimum force is a binomio (two units). He waits outside the permiter until the reinforcement is what is called "in situ".
PHGamer (10 months ago)
this is from the 70s or 80s. cops didnt have backup in those days, or they would take forever, its not like now where everything is done in pairs and digitized. anton while being good would have a harder time i think in the modern era. (of course on the flip side its probably easier than ever to find someone now)
Ronnie Bishop (1 year ago)
Martin Zanichelli He's a Texan they aren't afraid and can usually handle it alone. Like most Americans.
GasMaskedGaming (1 year ago)
That's the point. Cops don't do that in America either. They don't do it anywhere. This character in particular is a jaded, bitter old man who honestly doesn't even care if he dies at this point. From his experience, the world (or at least, America) is only gonna get worse. Thus, it's No Country for Old Men like him. That's why he retires immediately after this scene.
AmbrizFer (1 year ago)
they have the same shadow and reflection
Chris Weidner (1 year ago)
Why does he enter with his weapon pointed down?
Thomas Paine (1 year ago)
that's a very bad place to be, in the dead middle of the door, when you swing it open !!!
frank sanders (1 year ago)
If that was the best scene, then I'm glad I never saw the film. Not only that, but it was a bad scene. TLJ performs this scene acting nervous or scared, but not as if he was nervous/scared.
Andrew Ma (1 year ago)
frank sanders Well it seems like a very powerful scene to those who watched this movie. I've watched this movie twice, I'm still trying to piece it together, but I know that it will be one of those movies that will have an impact on me throughout my life. I also know that I can enjoy watching this movie. It's a subtle movie, with subtle emotional impact. You also don't even realize how well made this movie is. Also, you're judging it without having seen the movie. You can't go through and say "Oh this is the best scene? It's not that good." Obviously you wouldn't get it if you haven't seen it. And honestly, this is one of the greatest movies ever made in my opinion.
Hamborgor (1 year ago)
When you find an open door in PUBG
Steve Mcqueen (1 year ago)
Chigurh looks so menacing waiting in the dark with the shotgun
Garantia COBIA (1 year ago)
@1:15 What moron carries a 1911 with one in the chamber and the hammer down? Cocked & locked as Mr Browning designed it bitch! SMH
Abigail Sockeye (1 year ago)
someone give that cop a flashlight for christmas
Geert Matthys (1 year ago)
"Let's go to your room, Sheriff" *porn music starts*
It’s about fate. He choose the right door. Anton throughout the entire movie was making that point.
Cush Pesaro (1 year ago)
ik that the theory everyone believes is that Anton was long gone (he was in the book but the film does change quite a bit of the stuff from the book). But what I personally believe is that in the movie version, Anton was being room 112. I believe this as the other lock is blown out and why would they have that detail? Also the 2 doors reflects the coin flip that Anton gives some of his victims, Sheriff Bell just called it correctly.
Pat Gogan (1 year ago)
I love the use of shadow and silhouette in this movie fills the scen with tension
Mark Patterson (1 year ago)
the wind is the music
Mylo Washington (1 year ago)
This scene is pure poetry. I can't explain it. I don't even want it explained. It just works
Frank Quitely (1 year ago)
That was the best scene?
Greg Long (1 year ago)
Hardly the best scene in this movie. Not even close.
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Lydia Lambert (2 years ago)
not the best for me
LitDennis13 PLAYZ (2 years ago)
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NOTABOOS (2 years ago)
not the best scene at all
Harris Baker (2 years ago)
That don't hardly say it. So you mean Anton just strolls right back into a crime scene? Who would do such a thing? How do you defend against it?
Roberto Baez (4 months ago)
I see what you did there...
Pickle Neck (2 years ago)
he is chasing his own shadow. *drum roll*
JadrianMc (1 year ago)
It's all because of the light, the light is the movie's metaphor for "Rule". Ok I'm too sleepy to explain any further
JadrianMc (1 year ago)
That is also correct in a way, but I personally think that Anton is that shadow who is Bell been chasing because Bell and Anton are constantly far from each other, whenever Bell runs toward the shadow, the shadow falls away from him also. The shadow is only imitating it's object. When Bell got in a bad position as he retired, Anton did also, in the ending where he got in a car accident. In metaphor form when Bell (the object of the shadow) retired, is like he is not in front of the light anymore, the object's shadow and it's form disappeared. They are both defeated in the end.
sachin kumar (2 years ago)
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Roger (2 years ago)
This movie is real!!!
TheJumpingJake (2 years ago)
The use of lighting in this scene is fantastic. double shadow of an individual battling within himself (the good and the bad, depression) and a shadow of a chair so faint that the man has finally decided to use his legs after spending most of his time on a chair (scene wise)
Asad Ur Rehman (2 years ago)
Finallyyyy I'veeee fooound full Nooo Country for Old Men moooovie here => https://twitter.com/3a49eeab922641ea9/status/850530283417878528
anthonymusgrove1 (2 years ago)
seriously...why post your so called "best scene" and not even show the best part?
Who's Your DoDo? (8 months ago)
Suspense is killing me!
David M (8 months ago)
Its the look on Chigurhs face, stop looking for the easy way
MAT T (2 years ago)
I preferred the shootouts personally lol.
Eric Stenzel (2 years ago)
Why expose yourself for a full frontal? Just kick the door!
Garrett Griggs (1 year ago)
Safety violation too. ' Lets just dramatically stand in the fatal funnel'
Lioness Es (2 years ago)
In the book when Sheriff Bell went back to the room after seeing Llewellyn in the morgue, Anton had just claimed the satchel and was about to crank up and leave. When the Sheriff left he thought Anton was watching him in the parking lot then called for backup because he was ready to confront him and end it. Anton was already long gone.
Ryan Castleberry (7 months ago)
Lol check out these losers who have never been with a girl before
lastuberman (1 year ago)
I've read this book over and over. Almost every line is poetic. A couple holes in the plot but we'll ignore them for the sake of the story.
dangerm (1 year ago)
Lioness Es you’re really pretty
Az Öreg (1 year ago)
you are hot lioness
Asad Ur Rehman (2 years ago)
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Callum Leckie (3 years ago)
The flashight is about the colour of the moon
TheTLElliott (3 years ago)
Great staging, photography, pacing. Also unrealistic. NO WAY he's going to push the door open and offer himself in profile to whoever is behind the door.
TheTLElliott (2 years ago)
Hmm. Not true in North or South Carolina and in Eastern Washington.
grantorino2009 (2 years ago)
You obviously don't know small county sheriffs. That's EXACTLY what they would do. The main difference is that at least Jones was carrying a pistol. Many small county sheriffs don't even go around armed. Andy Griffith mentality is alive and well.
SavageArfad (2 years ago)
He is, he saw the script.
John Breezy (2 years ago)
+swish007 It is a chilling image,his shadow in the doorway. It's almost as though,his shadow represents the "ghost",he is pursuing.
swish007 (2 years ago)
@TLElliott-NC could be but the cohens tend to have a reason (narratively) for everything in their movie. and if someone like tommy lee jones improvised it, i bet he would have done it for a specific reason too. the greatest filmmakers will be extra careful to make even the smallest things both work well visually as a shot, and contribute to the story, characters or atmosphere of the movie. and this was their magnum opus. i doubt it was just for the shot. but i could be wrong
Manahati Zamorano (3 years ago)
the best past on 1:00, this is the best movie i've ever watch..
Daniel Plainview (3 years ago)
didnt even finish the goddamn scene. even if this is the best scene of the movie, i love it....its fucking ridiculous to put it on and not even show him sitting on the bed and seeing where anton had taken off the cover off the vent with the coin
I love how this movie has no music at all
Grim Reaper (4 months ago)
J0sh 2k2 You're depressing yourself, this part of the movie had me almost spilling my drink and biting my nails
Stiglr (10 months ago)
Equally impressive is how much exposition and action happens with NO dialogue, either. Read the screenplay, and there are whole IMPORTANT scenes that are seemingly not there, because there's no dialog. This movie is head-shakingly good!!! On a similar note, one of the interesting bits of trivia about the series The Wire (arguably the best TV drama EVER) is that, aside from season-ending musical montages, there is almost no added music. Apart from one or two breaks from this over 5 seasons, the only music you hear is music the characters also hear in the scenes.
Alberto aka Turtleman (1 year ago)
like when batman fought bane no music epic fight.
Allen Nalls (1 year ago)
I just read where the total minutes of music in this film is 16 minutes.. 10 years later and im still reading about this movie
Ramit Upyourdiq (1 year ago)
eat shit and die
Junaid Noori (3 years ago)
Some people seem confused about what this scene means, which is understandable because it cuts off before he sits on the couch. Tommy Lee Jones made it clear at the beginning of the movie that he would only retire when he felt he could do this no more. Anton basically got the drop on him; that is to say, he could have killed him but didn't. It was at this point that Tommy Lee realized he can't do this anymore and retired for good. Hence "No Country for old men".
The Roo (4 months ago)
Chigurh is in the room next door cuz Moss always hid the money in the air vent and hired 2 rooms
Ro Tyler (9 months ago)
He cares not for police tape. He walks in and out of crime scenes throughout the movie. The conversation the County Sherriff had with Tommy Lee Jones shows this. It's just before this scene.
G L (10 months ago)
@John Lee Anton was there to get the loot Moss stashed in the vent. Remember that's his old trick. Anton knew this. Come on people try and stay with me.
G L (10 months ago)
You are the one confused. Anton was simply there to recover the loot Moss stashed in the vent.
Dan Heilman (10 months ago)
Chigurh isn't there. Bell is so freaked out that he imagines he is. That's the tipping point to his retirement.
Xiaxs (4 years ago)
people seem to be really confused with this scene, but the first thought i had while watching it was that Anton was waiting for Llewellyn. They are never on screen together, and this scene was the closest they've ever been. It may be wrong, but that's just what I got from it. Another theory was that it's just Bell's imagination. That Anton is long gone, and he's imagining Anton is there.
FicoBezKocnicaBL (11 months ago)
Chigurh is in room 112 waiting for him to come in sheriff is in room 114
StarGazzer1984 (11 months ago)
The imagination thought could be right. Is there not a bit before this scene were the deputy talks about anton returning to the crime scene.
Fan Made Videos (1 year ago)
I'm of the opinion that Anton arrived at the crime scene some time after Ed Tom and the El Paso Chief of Police were having a coffee. Ed Tom's instinct led him back to the crime scene where he discovers the open vent. The shootout with the Mexicans was just that as they didn't have time to search for the money and quickly bailed after Llewelyn exchanged gunfire with them but ended up getting killed himself.
VivaMessico (1 year ago)
The vent grate and dime doesn't prove Anton has the satchel. It just means he looked for it there, after seeing the scratch marks in the vent at the previous motel. But we don't know if he or the Mexicans have the money. I am leaning more towards the Mexicans... because I suspect Llewellyn was ambushed so he didn't have time to hide the satchel in the vent. Remember - Carla Jean's mother told the Mexicans exactly where they would be going.
john smith (4 years ago)
This is so true-He could have whipped him-but the Careerists-and like my Dad-so tough-I did mine and that's fine-so right.
Eddie Scandura (4 years ago)
How is this the best scene?
Awkward Gecko (1 year ago)
Steve Bingaman (3 years ago)
One name is all you need to know. Roger Deakins.
What. Films (4 years ago)
@John Edward Read below m8
duke silver (4 years ago)
Ok how is this the best scene?
degree7 (3 years ago)
Sheriff Bell calls his coin toss.
russ117044 (5 years ago)
Who's got a scrugy?
Ian Mangham (6 months ago)
Daniel Plainview (5 years ago)
I always feel like this scene correlates to the opening monologue where Bell says "It's not that I'm afraid of it.  I always knew you had to be willing to die to even do this job..." because it shows he is afraid of what is behind the door.  That he is afraid to die.  
The Roo (3 months ago)
@Manga Addict well there's a thing, plus they refer to him as a ghost several times in the movie. First time I watched it I thought Bardem was in the next room cuz Moss always got two rooms and stayed in one and hid the cash in the next room down the vent. It's a great film and one of my favourites
Manga Addict (3 months ago)
@The Roo No, I believe it was just in his head. His fear of the guy still being there.
The Roo (4 months ago)
He's in the next room though isn't he? Cuz Moss always hid the money down the air vent
VivaMessico (1 year ago)
Christian McLeer and "..walks right back into a crime scene..."
TheEssentialHughJazz (2 years ago)
The thing is that the kind of crimes Anton commits AREN'T actually that new, which is an undermining factor in Bell's consciousness. At the end of the movie his uncle tells him than a Native American remorselessly shot his ancestor in the back. And even in reality, the Starkweather homicides predated Chigurh's fictional appearance.
Agent Smith (5 years ago)
nope (3 years ago)
It is, the whole movie is about the sheriff ... But the whole scene was not posted by the poster
TiminSE (5 years ago)
He's not really in the room... I believe in the book he is fighting over going in or not because he's scared.  I always thought the shot of him was just building tension.
xandror (5 years ago)
His pistol is a Colt 1911 series 70. As the name implies, it was designed over 100 years ago. It is single action, meaning that the trigger only drops the hammer, it doesn't pull it back. If you pull the trigger when the hammer is not cocked, nothing happens. The recoil from firing the weapon pushes the slide back over the hammer, cocking it for another shot. Also, in order to chamber the first round, you insert a loaded magazine and pull back the slide, which also cocks the hammer. It is unusual for a loaded 1911 not to have the hammer cocked. 
xjusticex2013x (2 years ago)
Way I see it, it's a more manual form of safety. I actually really dig it.
emilewicz14 (2 years ago)
+xandror : But decocking a hammer in 1911 is possible and some people carry it loaded&decocked - it is quite good for SA guns, in my opinion. Especially if one is accustomed to a revolver.
catothewiser (4 years ago)
Carrying it holstered in condition 1 or 0 is not recommended.  LOL! 
Lewis Benitez (5 years ago)
Anton was in room 112, that room's lock was also blown out by him.
Atthetta (5 months ago)
Lewis is right
Tyler M. (1 year ago)
Lewis Benitez Anton was already gone, the sheriff was afraid and was imagining him behind the door waiting.
Grant Monahan (5 years ago)
Explain how this is even close to the best scene of the movie?
Damian Louden (4 years ago)
@James Coates You're an idiot.  
Grant Monahan (5 years ago)
Really?  Explain to me how you came up with that conclusion because I've never heard of this theory of yours and it doesn't make any sense to me?
Grant Monahan (5 years ago)
What the fuck are you talking about no their not you fucking dipshit!
rws197 (5 years ago)
Probably not a good idea to leave a round in the chamber in an uncocked 1911. There is nothing between that bullet and the firing pin. It's probably best to just leave it cocked with the safety on. Old dogs...
Davey Wiles (1 year ago)
rws197 dumb you hmmm
VivaMessico (1 year ago)
whats good in the hood yo
Super.Chuck (3 years ago)
+rws197 Your logic defies Logic.
nashnwo1234 (5 years ago)
anton isnt real. wrap your minds around that because it's the only thing that would make sense. hes a representation
muntu (16 days ago)
Yeah, a representation that goes around killing people.  Dumbass.
bleesev2 (5 years ago)
You forgot to add that *After explaining, I shoot you in the head because you see me*
FunVanDriver (5 years ago)
Thank you for the explanation. This is a pretty difficult movie to analyze (for me at least)
Abraham Lincoln (5 years ago)
Now that we've both had an overwhelming experience with this dilemma, we come to a moment of true suspense and legitimate anxiety on both sides. He comes to find an answer, but instead gets the truth. Contemplation over this caused him to retire and as for me, Anton, I will dye my hair blonde, leave the cartel, relocate to London and find work in cyber terrorism.
Mopja100 (5 years ago)
Its colt 1911 with a round already chambered, you three can go back to playing your video games.
Aslan (5 years ago)
I don't think so, because you can't cock it by pullinh the hammer back, since the hammer isn't external (not the correct terminology I know) and in the scene he cocks his gun by pulling the hammer back.
Aslan (5 years ago)
I don't think so, because of copyrights, but there is always piratebay (if you want to be illegal instead of actually rent or buy the movie)
IlegalPizza (5 years ago)
glock 17 :P
[email protected] (5 years ago)
I am new to youtube,would like to know if its possible to watch no country for old men?the full movie.thanks...liz
Aslan (5 years ago)
Oh, I'm sorry!
Greg Cunningham (5 years ago)
I corrected myself below already, thank you though.
Aslan (5 years ago)
Aslan (5 years ago)
That isn't a revolver, it's regular gun.
iCanHazit (5 years ago)
But Anton is not really there.
Chris Llano (5 years ago)
It's what you make of it.
Greg Cunningham (5 years ago)
*semi-auto* not a revolver.

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