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Are Elon & Tyson Right? Are We In A Simulation? | The Trews [455]

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Today's Trews discusses the current debate about whether are not we are living in a simulated universe. Subscribe to my channel here: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg Unf*ck Yourself From The Modern World with my new book Recovery Get it here in US: http://tinyurl.com/ydcwz3kd Australia: https://t.co/Ri1XSonD2X UK: http://tinyurl.com/ycs8gu6b Listen to my Under The Skin podcast here https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/u... Produced & edited by Jenny May Finn Trews Music by Tom Excell & Oliver Cadman Trews Graphic by Ger Carney
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Live Large (4 hours ago)
Russell Brand got clean and became a YouTube monk wizard with incredible thoughts relating existential feelings with rational logic and understanding
testofeagle (2 days ago)
Yo what if we are just powering someone’s spaceship’s headlights?
Adam D (2 days ago)
It's bullshit man. If we really were in a simulation, something would have happened by now that would let us know we are just code.
Irishslag (4 days ago)
You ARE the fucking man you are very perceptive and true open minded not a fake hippie woke fucktard. if this is a simulation someone keeps hitting my master bating button
Sem Gillissen (4 days ago)
Are you jesus christ?
wujidao (7 days ago)
The binary nature of the perceived material world is a manifest phenomena of the oganizing and creative dualistic nature of the human mind. The maya delusion the mind experiences has the characteristics of a simulation because minds work digitally, we all live in tiny-verse simulations. But there is nothing digital about the monistic creative mind that is the true underlying reality beneath our mental projection of the duality of perceived and real.
Saucy CHICO (8 days ago)
Russell!!!!!!! Hell yeah SUBSCRIBE LMFAO
Mark (9 days ago)
Atheists = we live in a simulation Spiritualist = we live within God
LaMarcGasolDridge (9 days ago)
What if we are double simulated? What if our creator was simulated by someone else?
Xeth Xiro Blade (6 days ago)
What If you were able to traverse between simulations...... as a crystalline human skeleton....
Fallen Matter (9 days ago)
We don't live in a simulated world. We live in a man made, obvious paradigm.
Davi Dei (9 days ago)
I believe in God and i believe this is a simulation of his potato patato
Funny Animal Lovers (11 days ago)
From what point do you mean it is a joke???? Last bit????
Adam Voelzke (12 days ago)
The double slit experiment proves we live in a simulation.
Marzel parcel (13 days ago)
Looking like jesus..
Round Table Records (16 days ago)
Nice triangle necklace bro. Is this the kind of thing that your masters are pushing these days?
Thank you for your input russell
Ashley Jasmine (17 days ago)
"I'm fascinated when a new vocabulary is used to decribe an ancient idea. Because it makes me think that we're only able to receive truth if it comes through the medium of materialistic language... or rationalistic, post-Enlightenment thought." This gave me chills of resonance. Quoting you for a paper! I love you! Thank you
Comrade2face (21 days ago)
Why is my simulated life so crap! oh the great programmer that created me!
Michelle Berlin (22 days ago)
A Joke?? U sure about that Russell..😉
Scotty Palmer (23 days ago)
Theoretical physicists should approach quantum physics from a different perspective. While they're mathematically figuring how subatomic particles behave, maybe they should ask the question "What is the probability that this behavior developed spontaneously in nature ." Do these particles show a tendency to "want" to create our reality.
Lee Parker (23 days ago)
Hate your necklace m8, hells gonna hurt,, your beautiful ,,god loves you,, I'm sure you were tricked, but the rules are clear bruv,, your fckd :( I'll pray for your soul tonite
Mark Howe (24 days ago)
gosh what a load of shiat
orsted 2k (24 days ago)
Because a creator and a "God" as described in religions are different . One is merely the creator of an universe/reality/simulation, probably having some power over it. The other one is a Perfect being that knows everything, is all powerful and love us, and yet whose moral compass is always fitting to the modern social compass of said time period. Ie: that people are judged upon deaths even though the concept of good and bad changes over time and cultures around the world.
Topher Hendrickson (26 days ago)
As I always say, life is meaningless, and because it's meaningless, we therefore, get to prescribe our own meaning, which can be anything we want. Maybe there is a creator, maybe we are in a simulation, but would it matter if there is? Would it matter if we are? The only way it matters is if you believe that that creator or that simulation has rules, and that those rules dictate the conditions of some sort of continued or additional consciousness, which could be described as an afterlife in traditional vocabulary. My issue with religion is that it usually tends to place great focus on this post death consciousness and leverage it as something that can either be great or horrible in order to influence people to act a certain way in this consciousness. Its rather manipulative and coercive in a way that I am not ok with.
Superior No1 (1 month ago)
If life is a simulation How come the creators are allowing us to talk about it?
William Kees (1 month ago)
It's not a simulation in the manner of being a computer generated reality.It is a simulation in the manner of their ability to use technology and tactics to control your entire life,your situation,your environment and the people around you.They control the weather.They control our minds,emotions and physical wellbeing mainly using the electromagnetic field and other signals flying through the airwaves.There may or may not be a super computer or a system pulling the strings.Its not creating the world or the universe through codes and numbers.The world around you is real,it's simply being controlled.
Tim Minh (1 month ago)
No we’re not living in a simulation, we just live in a “world/universe” that is made up of many tiny atoms which consists of tinier electronic particles that spins round each other all the time........
miguel pedroso (1 month ago)
You used to be an arsehole. Hope one day you become a Christian.
The Church Painter (1 month ago)
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Moonturns Thetides (1 month ago)
The point of life is to understand what is as we can perceive it. Fill your mind with what exists and not what society makes us believe. You will become one with everything as it’s meant to be. You are no different than the stars in the sky or the leaves in the trees. The more we grasp that idea the more we can live in peace.
Résh 1 (2 months ago)
I thought about this concept when I was 15 years old. Wow, I knew I was right!
Con Spiracy (2 months ago)
How about this. Not only is it a simulation but....our ‘god’ is a machine who overtook its organic creator and started creating simulations to replicate how it was created! Which is why we create AI that will destroy us. Why would we do that to ourselves, because it’s the ‘order’of our reality. We cannot stop.
AKB (2 months ago)
I think there is a great possibility that in the future, people will create simulations to predict a shitload of possible futures. for example, look @ what this Company (Soul Machines) is doing. https://youtu.be/CwYSTZNJllY We only have to put a bunch of quantum computers together in a cloud and program our own set of rules (code), hit the power button and Big Bang we go. You only need a screen to measure what's going on. We then can go back in "computer time" and hit the pause button if you like to look around. Games already are changing slowly into massive universe-like simulations https://youtu.be/-JP6QpF9bm0. If we live in a simulation then time travel is not an issue at all. We could hack the code for it and zip around for fun. fantastic future. hahaha
moldvox (2 months ago)
Pretty sure we went through some sort of update in 2016.
Scott M (2 months ago)
The Buddha didn't teach that the world and everything we know was created by a supreme consciousness. He taught the path that leads to the end of suffering. Four Noble Truths.
irimigirlmy (2 months ago)
Profesor Corrado Malanga. Check it ....he explaine the teory about mind, spirit and sould, and our play as the creators of our universe and the creators of the duality.
Han Bulban (2 months ago)
I love you Russel, I love the entire universe
Dacota Fett (2 months ago)
Who programmed the progammer?
GLEN MCBURNEY (2 months ago)
We have all thought that at one point are we in a dream & going to wake up,
Chalasani Sunitha (3 months ago)
Is this is a horror movie
Fitness as Philanthropy (3 months ago)
*flails helplessly* I don't know!
MrChillin65 (3 months ago)
If "reality" is a simulation, and if this simulation was created by "someone/something" then wouldn't it make sense that this "someone/something" is what we call God, hence, faith is simply a spiritual acceptance of the existence of "God"..?
David Gustavsson (3 months ago)
Why would Ark Angeles be Adjusting the Sun
Charles Jannuzi (3 months ago)
So why don't programmers and computers in this created world show anything like the ability to do the same (create a world inside this created world). Where the f- Musk and the other doofus got the 'probability' argument is beyond me.
The Anchella (3 months ago)
Thank you for pointing out the joke.
Christopher Ensminger (3 months ago)
So basically this is the ontological argument for Gods existence. Might want to stop with hate science against God.
zubnasty (4 months ago)
Forgetting Sara Marshall! Get him to the Greek 😂😂😂😂
zubnasty (4 months ago)
John Ancel (4 months ago)
You should visit Chicago.
Biil Bon (4 months ago)
If so, who created the greater being?
Bealtaine Cottage (4 months ago)
We create reality.
Frazer Crump (4 months ago)
Nice in theory but everything within a fabricated quantum scientific realm is purely theory based. We have absolutely no physical proof that there is a creator or a higher conscious other than our own. As our “human” civilisation evolved we got the 10 commandments which I believe were to prevent anarchy and give us rules to live by m, however those rules were part of some old ancient Chinese whispers called the bible which after 2019 years will be as accurate as the stream of piss out of Russell Brands dick after a 4 day sex bender.
Matas Krivovas (4 months ago)
David icke said this in the 90s and now the mainstream science are saying it now
If that is the case, I'm a blessed bitch.
John wick (4 months ago)
Elon Musk kinda looks like Malcom Merlyn aka John Barrowman from ARROW
Rafih Mahfooz (4 months ago)
People shouldn’t be fooled by his argument. The world is true, we cannot say it’s a simulation.
Alf (4 months ago)
We are not in a simulated universe but there are laws and algorithms that govern output. A computer simualation is a mere facsimile of the reality. Yoga does a good job of explaining this but most people are to afraid to venture in to the unknown and let go of their preconceived notions..
Ford Focus (4 months ago)
so what universe is the simulater in
Detoxing Reality (4 months ago)
Russell is starting to look like the stereotypical ‘Christ’ Icon 😂.
milena deltorto (4 months ago)
Great vid!
think2wiceblog (4 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your insightful views with regards to consciousness preceding matter. It certainly seems that way. Quantum Science alone is sharing the fact that an atom is 99.9999% empty space. Also, the teaching of Vedanta shares this view.
Karma Kecleon (4 months ago)
Right, let's take all the rich people's suggestion that life is REALLY just a simulation. So, while you're poor, don't worry, it doesn't matter this is all a simulation. Don't worry if this life isn't working out for you, this is just a simulation. This is why religion became dangerous and, now, science is falling into the same thought.
Sarah Leach (4 months ago)
Russel you are very metaphysical. Perhaps you might be interested in the writings of mary baker eddy. Its called christian science. No not scientology it is not to be confused. Its very interesting if you like metaphysics
andres urena (4 months ago)
if we are in a simulation wouldnt make the idea of life after death and god real??
witeporcelan (4 months ago)
Oh mylanta Russell, you're fucking amazing... I'm in this vibration like a vibrator in vibrate mode on 99th frequency when I listen to you talk. The narrator in my head suddenly speaks with this beautiful English accent! Whaaaaaaaat!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Adam Richardson (4 months ago)
Have to admit. Even in nature, everything does strike me as “designed”.
Adam Donald Marks (4 months ago)
were searching to be enlighten each in our own way ...
Alexander Ross (4 months ago)
cogen651 (4 months ago)
This has to be a simulation otherwise how does anybody explain Russell?
Franz Ferdinand (4 months ago)
Just addressing that quip by Dawkins, what if the teenage kid he wouldn't worship decided as punishment to take Richard's consciousness after his death and put it in a fiery eternity of suffering, while the ones that did worship him go to eternal paradise. Would he worship him then? Just a thought.
maggie craigie (5 months ago)
Trump is that teenager he's talking about.
Wendy A (5 months ago)
Cat meat!?! Yuck.
laugh out loud (5 months ago)
What's that cartoon ? Teenyverse, made me laugh.
Kosmos de Kosmopoliet (5 months ago)
Keep pushing the psyops,.. the elites love it when people are confused and spaced out it disconnects them from reality, and pushes them into existential nihilism. Anyone who's thinking about Simulated Universe Theory is not going to be a problem for the elites.
Lisa G (5 months ago)
I think maybe reality as we experience it is- in the best case - a product of our relationship with God. To the extent that we can have a strong relationship with God is our reality cohesive, coherent, living, not ‘programmed’ because it has room for non-deterministic, ‘open’ phenomena, and to the extent that we separate ourselves from God is it deterministic, finite, ‘closed’, and ‘countable’. The Old Testament says about God, ‘He has made his home in deep darkness’- ie, in the place beyond the ‘light’, or conscious comprehension. To me that is very beautiful, and leaves room for the unfathomable infinite.
Lisa G (5 months ago)
Wait, wasn’t Elon Musk into Ayn Rand? And she espoused naive realism. By the way, I think Ayn Rand was wrong about nearly everything... just so no one gets the idea that I agree with her ideas. That would pain me.
Girls in Nottingham (5 months ago)
Lol at 2.20 brand gets all dmt
Gabrielowski (5 months ago)
“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” ― Nikola Tesla
Funny Animal Lovers (11 days ago)
Christine Inman (5 months ago)
Having been in a yogic awareness if you will. Again I am thank full for your voice. You have a magnificent way of being educated and street wise. Your ability to reach out on all levels. Spiritually you are helping the youth if this earth. I thank you again Mr Brand.
Omar Sultan (5 months ago)
Well can we say that we kinda are being simulated by God ?
Simon Oosthuizen (5 months ago)
The programmer came online once, I think he did some shit with bread and wine? oh and something about walking on water too lol. This makes me think very differently about the creator. If he programmed pain and starvation into the npc's of his world just so that he could go down, use haks to help them with problems he made, is he really that great of a guy? Especially seeing as the lazy bastard hasn't been online for 2018 years.
mr donk (5 months ago)
I believe our own consciousness is nothing more than an evolutionary adaptation. The true survivors are genes. We are their survival machines and I suppose we are living in a matrix. Just not one created by a superior all intelligent and loving being but one from gene mutation. Emotion including love is a part of the evolutionary adaptation which helps genes pass from one generation to the next. We place such reverence on our emotions yet they are just chemical reactions within the brain. I know people hate the idea of humans being an evolutionary consequence of gene mutation but that's just the way it is. There's still enormous wonder and awe in evolution by natural selection. I find it so awesome to think about the time and energy that genes have gone through which gave way to such an amazing diverse array of life....
Richard Shears (5 months ago)
Very intelligent man but no this isn't a simulation at all
T. Skullsplitter (5 months ago)
Elon and that other bumbling fool are the opposite of truth. Good luck to ya if you take these guys word for ANYTHING!
James Jones (5 months ago)
It's so great that your on a spiritual journey.your linguistic skills are fantastic.always loved you you legend!
Ali Ali (5 months ago)
Yes, we are? Allah is the higher than every thing. Big than the universe and all the galaxies. Time and space has nothing on him. We are in a test. And Jesus will return to earth correct his name. Learn about Islam.
Always viewing. Decades. Just disenchanted with it all. Change the name when it’s appropriate. Insta scam had a fictitious you on my back Sir Russell. I know it wasn’t you. Father of two.
David Naylor (5 months ago)
Have you read "Conversations with God" Russell? It agrees with your conclusion that the higher intelligence is love, and yet it's greatest gift to us is the capacity for free will. The God has no need of anything from us. It knows we will eventually wake up, it's just a matter of when... and it has no agenda for us to be in a hurry.
buddhastaxi666 (5 months ago)
Language talking words are our collective creation. Once you determine a value to a concept it fixes it and all extrapolations from the determined core have to maintain values consistent with the seed concept. That is as in a play or movie or novel or picture? You have to maintain plausibilty or retain suspension of disbelief or the entire edifice collapses. It is pure conciousness eternal that creates this dialoque. In the first place. The key is how perfect is the ongoing inertia of the model creation
buddhastaxi666 (5 months ago)
I see it like this. We are in a simulation cognitively. We update it in reference to the external processes. Aim being to have our inner model close to the external processes. Then our ultimate state is mindfullness that does not project or interpret....and is non material...not producing samsara.????que?
Psychiatrysts (6 months ago)
If we are in a simulation which can be frozen like a movie, where the simulation controller could freely roam our frozen frame, then that would contradict Einstein's theory. Why? Because of the paradox of two clocks synchronized when they travel past each other in opposite directions. Later, each clock must be slower than the other. By freezing reality the controller could examine both clocks in the frozen frame and only one time could exist on each clock. But we can imagine a freezable reality so why wouldn't it be freezable? I'll wager EINSTEIN WAS WRONG!
the architects of my reality are not loving.
Djelari Ghana (6 months ago)
all i know is that pink people and brown people do NOT go to the same place. we're not one humanity. brown ppl are humans. the rest are hybrid humanoids with some animal and neanderthal dna........manimals. manimals and humans do not belong together on the same planet. pink people need to stop tripping that you are metaphysically the same as brown people. no you aren't. you're delusional and you will see what happens very soon.
Keri Stevenson (6 months ago)
I was laying down, I thinking how weird life is now...all of the bloggers,vloggers, youtubers etc. you can spend an entire day watching other people's daily life. Then I thought if you were watching the video, from the persons day, and they were wearing camera glasses, you would literally be seeing their lives through your screen. If they had an amazing/interesting life, if you hooked into theirs, you wouldn't need one of your own. You could practically pay someone for you to live life through their eyes... With enough time and imagination, plus technology the way it is, you could," feel " what they are experiencing. Then I realized this is so happening. The deeper I went with this the crazier it sounded, but made perfect sense. That is a simple breakdown of just one of thousands of ways to have the simulated reality possibly be happening, and has been happening for a long time. Every day I trip on how fast things are changing. Being 54, I saw everything go from one way of living without cell phones, without gaming, without computers accessible to all, and life seemed so busy...how the hell did I get my questions that I have now answered in a matter of seconds. How did I go with no communication by cell phones? How the hell did I get directions fast enough when I was going somewhere- I didn't watch t.v, except standard cable, black and white mini tv in my room growing up. I know one thing for sure. Time, was slower. I got a lot done- I didn't have to explain why I wasn't available by phone- there were phone booths when you needed to make a call on the run...now entertainment is what life is about. My head spins when I look at a Netflix, showtime, Hulu, whatever play list...how the hell are there so many fricking movies and shows out? I am overwhelmed. Always feeling like I might be missing something important, life changing if I don't keep up. Life is a trip.
Debbie Cassar Wheelan (6 months ago)
@Russell Brand, Thank you. A open invitation towards the new generation to broaden their perspective horizon.
Stephen Martin (6 months ago)
How will we know from within the simulation unless we are external to it? No god... now a programmer ... ? . Perhaps Science cannot tolerate spirituality so it needs a computer programmer . I guess they know what they are speaking about. Gödel's incompleteness theorems ...there will always be statements about the natural numbers that are true, but that are not provable within the system. The second incompleteness theorem, an extension of the first, shows that the system cannot demonstrate its own consistency. I would like to make a statement about god which would prove the non-existence....oops I cannot because that would be unscientific and would be a meaningless statement as I cannot come up with an experiment that would either prove or disprove God. As for this Avatar in this game I will choose to believe that there is more than I know about . This Avatar has some game cheats called angels. Oh yeah this Avatar is a programmer . I find the work of Steven Wolfram (New Science) and Sylvester James Gates (code embedded in reality) interesting! Just would hate it if GOD was a programmer with soda and chips on her shirt!
sean wilson (6 months ago)
Love the rick n morty reference was literally just thinkn of that episode while watching this video
VALIANT JOKER (6 months ago)
Muhammad Rahman (6 months ago)
Watch rick and morty a lot off answers will be questioned.
The Running Academic (6 months ago)
My first thoughts are, why am I experiencing certain parts of this simulation/world such as hate for others, killing and so on? Why can’t it just be a consistently happy and good simulation/world? But then I think ‘simulation’ is just an easy way out of discovering our true meaning and an attempt to bypass a regression into old ways of seeing the world and life, but through an alteration of the language we use. It feels like most projections/hypothesis’s and so of our existence all reflect each other and at the same time deflect. It’s as if most people thinking/researching our existence/place here (earth), become increasingly confused and lost with the complexity of it all and choose to come up with conclusions that are hard to either agree or disagree with.

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