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24 HOURS HANDCUFFED to my HUSBAND (you decide what we do)

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Watch Fortnite dances in real life - https://youtu.be/jcok-jwwUeY We did the 24 Hour Handcuff challenge and i let my instagram followers control my life for a day. i thought it would be fun and hilarious to combine two popular challenges into one for today’s video. i had you take a poll and vote for different activities throughout our day and decide what we do. i asked questions about what to eat for breakfast, how to do my hair, if we should recreate Everleigh and Maddie Ziegler from dance mom’s dance routine on the Cole & Sav channel, make musical.lys, jump in the ocean, what to get at the grocery store and eat for dinner, and if we should sleep in our room or on our roof . We were inspired by our friends (both twins and sisters) Brooklyn and Bailey and Niki and Gabi’s videos. Being handcuffed made everything so much more difficult like putting on my makeup, carrying my backpack, going to the bathroom, and especially learning choreography. We had to learn how to use teamwork to get the tasks completed. We are around each other a lot with our daily vlog channel, but this took our relationship to a whole new level. Let me know if you would try this with your boyfriend, girlfriend, sisters, brothers, best friends, or significant others for #24hours straight! Watch our video GIANT Diy on our Matt and Rebecca Channel: https://youtu.be/0OZYjFSt2bw My friend’s videos: Brooklyn and Bailey Hancuffed to my twin for 24 hours: https://youtu.be/qaRHakmaKBw Niki and Gabi We Let our instagram followers control our lives for the day: https://youtu.be/uWMergGS1AM Join the #ZamFam! http://bit.ly/1GscSWl Make Sure To Tap the 🔔 & Turn on My Notifications 😘 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MATT AND REBECCA CHANNEL: https://goo.gl/8Ikq5C Follow Me on: Instagram: https://instagram.com/rebeccazamolo/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/rebeccazamolo Musical.ly: RebeccaZamolo SnapChat: rebeccazamolo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.zamolo SEND FAN MAIL TO REBECCA! 12021 Wilshire Blvd #714 Los Angeles, Ca 90025
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Rebecca Zamolo (4 months ago)
Be sure to watch my HOW TO MUSICAL.LY TRANSITIONS WITH THE RYBKA TWINS: https://youtu.be/fpNrF_jTUTc
Vega1216 Goupil (11 days ago)
Hi rebecca
Ajreonay Norris (11 days ago)
+LifeAsTiffany Heaw no
Ajreonay Norris (11 days ago)
Curleu here
Jason Keane (11 days ago)
Jason poo
Rosalva Alvarez (12 days ago)
Matt's face though in the beginning haha classic
Tomboy Gaming (10 minutes ago)
Brandy Mcgee (31 minutes ago)
Are people blind I am the hacker I test great YouTube's it is rather YouTube or enberisment
Lynae Carpenter (1 hour ago)
#pizza sqaud
Dhaenzel Labor (1 hour ago)
I dare you to kiss each other
issa lynelle (2 hours ago)
Hi Rebecca
Sona Luchmun (3 hours ago)
I love you rebecca
Emily Potjer (3 hours ago)
Star star McClure (3 hours ago)
bff foever stuff mojo (3 hours ago)
Some day you will need to be named Rebecca slays or mat zomolo because when you get married you change you last name or if you don't want to
Tanisha Ross (3 hours ago)
5:58 matt is just like this is just live with handcuffs
camila briones (5 hours ago)
make slime
Arely Ortega (5 hours ago)
#Pizza Squad I did it!!!😄😄
gacha fan (6 hours ago)
gacha fan (6 hours ago)
cory romito (7 hours ago)
cory romito (7 hours ago)
Puppy World (8 hours ago)
Pete said squad
weng hapatinga (8 hours ago)
#pizza squad
Marcos Morales (8 hours ago)
Rachael Woodie (9 hours ago)
Jayden Gonzales (9 hours ago)
you shod
Raden Time (9 hours ago)
Super106npark (10 hours ago)
#pizza squad
Marshall cool A (11 hours ago)
I think you should do OK who could do make up better Challenge
Marshall cool A (11 hours ago)
FoZ oT (12 hours ago)
What if you dance handcuffed together
Melinda Ward (13 hours ago)
#pizza squad
unicorn girls (13 hours ago)
Rebecca can you do handcuff challenge with Matt and have you be pregnant?
Katie-Jayne Griffiths (13 hours ago)
is it just me or did anyone else not hear any sound from 11:57 to 12:08? like if u were the same as me!
BDI Vlogs (13 hours ago)
Hasan Al Kouni (13 hours ago)
Michael hundley (14 hours ago)
I am a unicorn
Myra Montgomery (14 hours ago)
Bernardo Perez (15 hours ago)
I think spgedee
Jongho Lee (15 hours ago)
Richard Bryant (15 hours ago)
#Pizza squad
Connie N (15 hours ago)
# pizza scwad
snafu3721 (15 hours ago)
Richard Bryant (15 hours ago)
Justyna G.S (15 hours ago)
#pizza sqad
Evangeline Bettencourt (15 hours ago)
Amy Guan (15 hours ago)
Do a water ballon
Erica Sloan (15 hours ago)
can you give me a shout out please
it Rocks! (16 hours ago)
#Pizza Squad
adriel randolf payumo (16 hours ago)
pizza. is good
Rehana Jairam (17 hours ago)
There bed
Eshetu Woldeyes (17 hours ago)
Athena Sparks (17 hours ago)
krystel acosta (17 hours ago)
Dan Coppola (17 hours ago)
to be honest, im a girl by the way and I don't have Instagram or musicl.y because im only 9 years old :( that's why I said no in the I card
Eric Dong (17 hours ago)
May-Lynn Cipolletti (18 hours ago)
You should go to the beach
joshi d2828 (18 hours ago)
sweet store
May-Lynn Cipolletti (18 hours ago)
I think you should go and buy go and buy
Joanne Gibson (19 hours ago)
on my laptop the volume completely muted when they did the musically and afterwards
Darren Peltier (19 hours ago)
Pizza Squad
Joanne Gibson (19 hours ago)
ben truong (19 hours ago)
Jamie Clark (19 hours ago)
Am I the only one who heard nothing during the end of the musically
djManolo55 (20 hours ago)
I love your 24 hours challenges
Laur Stevens (20 hours ago)
Indoraptor 8 (21 hours ago)
Teddy Salvador (21 hours ago)
pizza squad
Savanna Sullivan (21 hours ago)
Future Days (22 hours ago)
AANYA Jha jha (1 day ago)
Pizza squad
Mhairi Mackay (1 day ago)
Pizza skaud
Mariam Jeryes (1 day ago)
You like a funny
PZ M2 (1 day ago)
Nishith Rajanbabu (1 day ago)
How-Yo Chi (1 day ago)
Rebecca is part of project zorgo
How-Yo Chi (1 day ago)
Rebecca is part of project zorko
How-Yo Chi (1 day ago)
You are so bad
Steven Dubea (1 day ago)
Steven Dubea (1 day ago)
Steven Dubea (1 day ago)
Steven Dubea (1 day ago)
Jump in the bed
Guett Tha (1 day ago)
Go out to get cue cem🍦get to cie com west matt🍦
Shelley Cummings (1 day ago)
pizza squad
TheNikkij0611 (1 day ago)
You should do the 24 hwer challenge in my house
Jose Lane (1 day ago)
Markeda Meloncon (1 day ago)
You hit Matt haaaaaaaaaa😂
lamborghini bugatti (1 day ago)
You are welcome to join us at the party tonight at the school and I have a couple of things to eat before you leave and you guys can just get a drink 🥃 in the kitchen. See you guys tomorrow. At 8:3pm.
lamborghini bugatti (1 day ago)
You guys can just
Michael Varela (1 day ago)
Jessica Luna (1 day ago)
Walk dog
Tameika Brown (1 day ago)
No biths
Perla Rangel (1 day ago)
pizza sqade
Perla Rangel (1 day ago)
#pizza sqade
Osbaldo Pineda (1 day ago)
Dani M (1 day ago)
Matt should sleep on th floor and rebecca should sleep in the actual Bed lol!!!!!
Javier Veras (1 day ago)
This is my dad
Javier Veras (1 day ago)
I love you guys. It was. Funny. When. You. Hit. Matt
Javier Veras (1 day ago)
This is my. Dad
jacob grant (1 day ago)
#pizza sauce I have been a sub seince your channels began on your first video on both of your channels first videos
Elise-leigh bell (1 day ago)
1 question. are you still getting letters from y=the game master or getting hacked by Project Zorgo or something because I just want to make sure that you are safe away from the hackers and from the game master and are you okay that they have stopped freaking you out and are you and the sharers alright with each other now xoxoxoxoxoxox
Ruby Matthews (1 day ago)
Takisha Quitto (1 day ago)
I did
Riley Murphy (1 day ago)
Riley Murphy (1 day ago)

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