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Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World (MTV Unplugged)

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Best of Nirvana https://goo.gl/VfNZhY Subscribe for more https://goo.gl/3t6BF2 Music video by Nirvana performing The Man Who Sold The World (Unplugged). (C) 1994 Geffen Records Best of Nirvana: https://goo.gl/phRJVc Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/DS7Geg
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Text Comments (62516)
Tony Knipp (58 minutes ago)
A Question... ..who do you think they were talking about? does the answer change every few centuries?
alizaenal abidin (1 hour ago)
2019 from indonesia view this 😢
hande fam Don411 (3 hours ago)
que chula está.
Joel De Zanahoria :3 (5 hours ago)
Naaa, Bowie mil veces mejor uwu
Oh MY ...
Galanuk 97 (8 hours ago)
I love to see young dave
Alexander Desert Eagle (10 hours ago)
R.I.P. to the legend!
VM (11 hours ago)
metal gear solid...The Phantom Pain!!!
Leonel Zarabia (11 hours ago)
Linda melodía me recuerdo un día de centinela escuela de suboficiale en Melgar Tolima con mis Wilman orejas
Sánchez Gio (12 hours ago)
Colombia saluda desde Bogotá, unos cuantos años después de que nirvana ya no esté aún suena con fuerza
Beatriz Schutte Furtado (13 hours ago)
issac pacheco (13 hours ago)
La mejor canción que e escuchado ojala y mis nietos lean esto😎❤
Kevin Muñoz Amaya (14 hours ago)
in those days when we used to listen music and watch things i felt good, this song make me think about you, i miss you a lot :(
Elizabeth (15 hours ago)
Por siempre Nirvana 2019
Remi Legrand (15 hours ago)
russia get alaska poutin gets me organs i hiot who i deem fit aka the whole clic cic agent grenco noe/smith
Yub Yub (16 hours ago)
is he facking reading the lyrics? :C
Wanderley carcaças bh (17 hours ago)
Alguém em 2019? Clássico show!!
MA P (17 hours ago)
Juliana Ribeiro (19 hours ago)
Amo demais😍
Αγγελική (19 hours ago)
I love it. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Gizem Yılmaz (20 hours ago)
Sooo reaaal right now...
Lilaaa_Ouellette (23 hours ago)
Dave in his turtle neck gives me life
Manu Sharma (23 hours ago)
His guitar tunes actually heals my broken heart 😭💔
JProjectZ z (1 day ago)
u can't sing ..
randie bowlin (1 day ago)
I still love Laura.
randie bowlin (1 day ago)
I love Rosa I lost her too.
Remi Legrand (1 day ago)
momy there not gona hurt me r they momy
MORGENSHTERN (1 day ago)
Sweaty 24/7 (1 day ago)
David Bowie song but Nirvana makes it better.
Coucou Ning (1 day ago)
Jack Smile666 (1 day ago)
Boss it's been 9 years
querylent (1 day ago)
Still love this.
Remi Legrand (1 day ago)
Ivan Hasudungan (1 day ago)
i should died alone,,a long long time a go,,energy needs matter
Remi Legrand (1 day ago)
Que buena canción
chris Walker (1 day ago)
In the beginning we are alone-! In the end its the same!it the time in the middle we fell with friends!! Soulshine Farm Music Festival!! Come find us if we can make it
а па (1 day ago)
Услышите эту песню из Украины и России я весьма бы хотелось чтоб вы поставили лайк ваш
North Royalton (1 day ago)
Metal Gear Solid anyone
guido martinengo (1 day ago)
Woww!!!non la conoscevo é stupenda!!!!🔝🔝🔝👏👏👏
Cghouse (1 day ago)
Queria escutar essa musica com a Ana Laura
#2019 BRASIL Luiz viva Rock
Zarah Santiago (1 day ago)
Yo loca de ver el video de una de mis bandas favoritas y le siguen metiendo los malditos anuncios de [email protected]😡
Zarah Santiago (1 day ago)
Q cafreria la mujer de este anuncio, o es un payaso🤨en un circo. Q cosa fea.Ya a cuanta [email protected] le llaman arte😑
Valentina Urquiza (1 day ago)
Todavia escuchando lo mejir de lo mejor 2019 y vamos por mas. !!!
Eugene Smith (1 day ago)
This is my favorite way of hearing questions because I'm already thinking so its no trouble asking what is authentic and to keep religion out of it, it is begun with the Celtic cross
Mikołaj Tyczyński (2 days ago)
It's good but Bowie is still The Best!
Paul J. Cecere (2 days ago)
This video was posted 9 years ago, *huh* ?
Leila Kastrati (2 days ago)
He looks miserable... also sad looking,maybe he broke up?? I don’t know???
Rachel Fox (1 day ago)
Leila Kastrati He killed himself a few months later. 😞😞
Natata (2 days ago)
This is sad, in this video he was psychically so down that he didn't even remember the song so he has infront of him papers with text and few days after he died. It's amazing that he sang this song like that. R.I.P. Kurt sorry for bad english
Pep Si (2 days ago)
my booty chin was so ugly in reverse he will always be missed
davisito el chido (2 days ago)
Estaba volao y el enuncio culiao me corto la onda
Veronica R (2 days ago)
Saludos de Sinaloa ...hermoso nirvana
xDivinitysCreaturex (2 days ago)
This too
JCM Frosty (2 days ago)
After watching this for so long. So many times. I have never noticed Kurt Cobain... had his guitar backwards. Wtf.
Lisa Parsons (2 days ago)
He was left handed so they said he turned it around
Anime Rusak (2 days ago)
Jason rantikh
Brandon Callaway (2 days ago)
Acoustic Guitar Dubbed By Electric Guitar? That's Not Right!
James Andrew (2 days ago)
just figured out this is tuned half a step down
Luis Hernandez (2 days ago)
David bowie y este wn .son bestias.
TheChatteh (2 days ago)
I know he would play with them live on stage and kurt asked him to join in 93, so would you consider pat a member of Nirvana ?
QuickSqueeze (2 days ago)
How did they get people not to applaud or cheer? It's really cool
Good Guy (2 days ago)
Noelia Daruich (2 days ago)
No entiendo los "no me gusta" si hasta a los que no les gusta Nirvana les gusta Nirvana!
SrPastel DeChoclo11 (6 hours ago)
Ami no me gusta la encuentro sobrevalorada
Noelia Daruich (17 hours ago)
+elard salazar de mas!
elard salazar (17 hours ago)
no encuentro fallas en tu logica
vikas malik (2 days ago)
People die and they will live
Slim Shady (2 days ago)
Mejor que Justin
nil Parlak (2 days ago)
I like kurt cobain..
Zander (2 days ago)
A friend is nothing but a known enemy.
Doge Cabrón (2 days ago)
Una pena que la hija haya perdido la guitarra.
nicocho06 (1 day ago)
Muy wna,Ojalá no se transforme en una courtney
Julian Carlsen (3 days ago)
Did he kill himself?ya
epi ston (3 days ago)
Rip Bowie, Kurt and MTV
elver galarga (3 days ago)
Y la eroina?
Treke Treke (3 days ago)
29k malumanus lovers dont like that
Sangc krona (3 days ago)
It’s actually been 9 years since this this vid was uploaded
Soma Biswas (3 days ago)
Meechie Barrentine (3 days ago)
Oh no, not me We've, never, lost control
Connor Layman (3 days ago)
I'm gonna lay a secret. I'm the man who sold the world. I sold it for a dollar.
Silvana Vizcarra (3 days ago)
Bowie has done such a good job with the lyrics, but, honestly, Cobain give it that melancholic sparkle and im loving it.
Lisa Parsons (2 days ago)
I agree and brings back memories of 90swhen I was 26im52now and still love
nolan gentry (3 days ago)
It was am L was wasmt there he saodninwss hisngridmd mikr amd i(es skating boarding sean whtoe kurt john dsds moms grnadma dio
nolan gentry (3 days ago)
Face eithbthr moan ehondoldmthe 🌎
nolan gentry (3 days ago)
Im at the petting zoo withbkurt and samantha ✌
Sanghamithra Nakka (3 days ago)
Anyone in 2019...? if you are listening now then you are a LEGEND...
Cobrakio (2 hours ago)
Whatever the year, I would always listen to this song.
sandro simonishvili (7 hours ago)
Yes I,m here❤
Natalia Zharkova (1 day ago)
ukraine is here also . ) shalala )))
Hafsah Parveen (1 day ago)
เกชร ธน (1 day ago)
I​ am​ from​ thailand​ I​ still listening​ of​ the​ legend
Elias Esper (3 days ago)
forever in my heart nirvana 💗
Aaron I (3 days ago)
Love the 90's grunge, no whammy bar sound. My generation's proud contribution to music.
Anton Prest (2 days ago)
What generation would that be?
gregormcclung (2 days ago)
Great days! No concern about *likes* just people acting like people and loving music and how it made them feel .
Jos Arkes (3 days ago)
Bowie was beter
saul campos jara (3 days ago)
Like si te llega poto cuando te interrumpen con los anuncios.
NeverF0rgetReach (3 days ago)
Out of David's, Kurts, and Midge Ure's versions. I must say I like Midge Ure's better, only since MGSV made me.
Jake Eyles (3 days ago)
I like both but prefer Nirvana’s version
Alexandre Ziegler (3 days ago)
Beautiful voice
Mhamed DJABALI (3 days ago)
Matias Sandoval (3 days ago)
Why are we still here?...
Anita Subramanian (3 days ago)
My 15 year old heart breaks every time.
Acanister Retamozo (3 days ago)
Like si la sigues escuchando en pleno 2019 ♡♡ Rip
nicocho06 (1 day ago)
Siempre lo haré
Lisa Parsons (2 days ago)
2019☺️ great singer I remember in90s
Danizinha Rocha (3 days ago)
Caralhow... salve Nirvana!
Edwin Fauzi (3 days ago)
Melody at the end off the song is so simple,,but really really touch my soul,so much..
Edwin Fauzi (3 days ago)
When music has a meaning..
The mangle (4 days ago)
Ríp kurt
Miriam Carrasco (4 days ago)
White flowers, black candles like a funeral was this mtv show, I am sure kurt knew that they were going to kill him. 😞😞.
line de tudo (4 days ago)
Música incrivelmente linda 🙏🏻 H.I.P
Adolf Hitler (4 days ago)
Pse, esse homão
Kurt Cobain (4 days ago)
Who is the ugly dude in the video?
Kurt Cobain (4 days ago)
Hey look

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