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SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CONTENT Guess who's back asking the hard hitting questions that really matter? That's right we asked hot girls about their worst hookups in college and here are their stories. We are Afraz, Juan, and Mike. 3 people who have personalities that aren't meant to be sheltered. We love talking to people and having fun and being 110% ourselves with no filter. This is the first of many videos our channel will feature more like this along with sketches, pranks, and more challenges! We are Minority ENT. INSTA: @Minority_ENT Afraz - @afrizzyy Juan - @juanjulio29 Mike [email protected] _officialmike_ Sc-Cakedupmike95 To hear more of the song from the intro click the link below https://soundcloud.com/michael-eley-390360612/kingmike-aint-cuffinprodbigmike KingMike Official Youtube Like,subscribe,comment!!! https://youtu.be/nOm0zFk1Z1Q
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Jamir Bingham (1 month ago)
Love the video, but do they care that their hoes for giving away that pussy for free
Minority ENT (1 month ago)
+Jamir Bingham University of North Texas
Minority ENT (1 month ago)
+Jamir Bingham they would be so fucking proud lol
Jamir Bingham (1 month ago)
Minority ENT by the way where was y’all at? What college
Jamir Bingham (1 month ago)
lol I wonder what mommy and daddy would say
Minority ENT (1 month ago)
Apparently not bro lol!
The Cello Boys (4 months ago)
This is funny af!!
kid ryme (4 months ago)
Love it!
Minority ENT (4 months ago)
thanks for the love -Afraz

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