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Sculpture or Fashion? The Haute Couture of Issey Miyake

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What does haute couture fashion, the atomic bomb, Steve Jobs, and Issey Miyake have in common? Join Nate at the Cincinnati Art Museum for a brief history of fashion and a behind the scenes look at the Minaret Dress designed by Issey Miyake. Get even more Artrageous content! SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/artrageouswithnate Follow us on... Twitter https://twitter.com/artrageousnate Instagram https://instagram.com/artrageousnate Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artrageouswithnate
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Text Comments (27)
Nigurt (19 days ago)
Nice video
Artrageous with Nate (18 days ago)
Thanks, super appreciate it!
Michelle Windle (3 months ago)
I love Haute Couture. I often do couture myself. Its Beautiful designs..great video!!!
Hasnan Alexander (4 months ago)
coloque (4 months ago)
the pronunciation of this guy makes me cry
Imani Jo (4 months ago)
I see a Comme des garçons piece in the back 👀
Thornback (6 months ago)
it hurts me to see him cut the fabric like that. Dude, it is supposed to lay flat, otherwise you don't get clean cuts.
Artrageous with Nate (6 months ago)
mmmkay Hahaha! Seriously, you are so correct! This project was by far the biggest fail I have ever had! If I had to do it over again, there is no way I would’ve let them put that in the episode. Much respect for true designers🙌
Io Comunicaciones (7 months ago)
Hi, Just one thing. Fortuny was a spanish designer and he was living in Venice. You can see his work in the Cortume Museum of Madrid (Spain)
Freddy Gaviria (7 months ago)
Mariano Fortuny is not Italian. ...is Spanish
Sherry Miller (11 months ago)
Awww! I wanted so to see the design you would come up with....Oh Well...
Artrageous with Nate (11 months ago)
Sherry Miller So sorry! If it makes you feel better, the project was epically failing, so I decide best not to zoom in! Ha! Thanks for watching and for the feedback🙌
Mr Wednesday (1 year ago)
I would love to collab on a fashion as art video!
Florence Corriveau (1 year ago)
Hi ! Do you have any official sources to those informations, especially the intro about the beginning of his career and the info about pleat designs, and Cynthia's full name ? Thank you !!
MsHunnyBrown (1 year ago)
I apologize in advance. Dude. If you are going to create an Issey Miyake piece, it will take longer than this video...and a whole lot less talking.
Michelle Windle (3 months ago)
Why is everyone so negative. He made a quick vid to show something he thought would be helpful. Negative nancys around here. Everyone makes mistakes you all. Geez
Seagreentangerine (1 year ago)
Miyake is both an Architect AND a textile innovator and creator. He views garments with a 3D mind, he's immensely intelligent, creative and unique. If you want to try to recreate his visions, start with the out of print Vogue Miyake patterns. If you want to recreate pleats, use a table pleater, they're not that expensive - see MOLLY GODDARD, she has a video showing her fashion techniques (she made the Balenciaga inspired tulle dress for Rhianna).
Artrageous with Nate (1 year ago)
Wow, that is amazing! What an honor to do that. Do you still work in this field? In order for me to create ANYTHING requiring clothing design, I'm going to need some major schooling and assistance! Ha! Let's just say I walked away from this episode with a huge respect for fashion designers.
MsHunnyBrown (1 year ago)
In the early 1990's, I was fortunate to sew 3 outfits from the Vogue Patterns Designer line. It was an honor, and a joy to even figure out the complexity! I then began wearing his L'eau D'Issey. OMG! I love his work. He is "the king of draping", in my opinion. So hows about you get me a video of your interpretation? I would love to see it!
Mercedes Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Mariano Fortuny was Spanish, not Italian
Artrageous with Nate (1 year ago)
You are so correct! Not too long after releasing this someone spotted the same mistake. Wish I could fix it and upload this again! Thanks for watching and for the feedback.
JAN (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video!! You guys should definitely keep making videos on this channel.
Nobel Trolls (1 year ago)
Great video
Artrageous with Nate (1 year ago)
Nobel Trolls Thanks, super appreciate it!
corgisbutt (2 years ago)
You guys deserves more subs!! :D

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