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Best Kids Haircuts by Best Barbers in The World #4

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Text Comments (4602)
jett bouzek (7 hours ago)
The third kid NEEDS to cut the long hair
DOPE CAT (11 hours ago)
where do i go to get these haircuts bro!!!!
مشالله عنك حلاق شاطر كل حلقة احلى من التانية 🌹 🌹🌹🌹🌹
ItsYaBoiJony bosques (2 days ago)
1:45 looks sooo soft
кто российский лайк
Croûton Albin (2 days ago)
Mdr la petite fille
Ege Eren Kesmen (3 days ago)
2:01 😁😀😊
five Timothy (3 days ago)
💵看美女💳露点私🈲️视频➕微信hot5383💵发挥更衣服过分尴尬uy uu ui
XxKorean_BBQxX (4 days ago)
Me: how kuch Barber: $1000 Me: hey how do you know my rent
rocket league king (3 days ago)
XxKorean_BBQxX don’t u mean how much not how kuch
King Meow (4 days ago)
9:14 ain't even that cool
Marisol Paredes (2 days ago)
Secret YT (4 days ago)
Oh my hairss! 😁
Nhox xinh gái (5 days ago)
Fuck you
Angel Shaw (5 days ago)
Pacinos hair styles are better
That Guy (5 days ago)
I cant wait for half these kids to become obese.
DGAMER2805 3452168 (5 days ago)
Its so cute in the part 2:18
KOSTAS JACOB (5 days ago)
3:43 χρυσαυγιτης
Joel Rai (5 days ago)
Now that’s a real baby 3:00
EpicFireLlama SGG (5 days ago)
3:50 this boy is madness Edit: btw I love the song And yes I’m a girl.
SuperPopTartz (5 days ago)
Why exactly did you feel it was necessary to state your gender?
Shupador Gt (6 days ago)
1:01 this guy is handsome no homo lol
Munila Bozorova (4 days ago)
Shupador Gt you can also be used to be able
S Gaming (6 days ago)
3:38 LUBENICA aka lubence
Bhavisha Mavadia (6 days ago)
Patrick The Rager (6 days ago)
isn't these hair cuts even appropriate in school? because if you have these haircuts in school, you can get in trouble
horrible perdón quiero decir caricatura caricatura caricatura
Magic: The Baconing (7 days ago)
That supreme razor in the first one
Nicolad Bettouche (9 days ago)
lumpen01 (9 days ago)
Какое-то футбольное говно.
Yo soy chica,pero en mi colegio si algún niño va con algunos de estos peinados lo expulsan por mínimo 4 días 🤣🤣🙃
1:02 pedophile
Oyun çılgını (10 days ago)
Pepee izliyo çocuk
PIRULITO GAMER (11 days ago)
Lol for me gopher roofing
Estan bien los peinados pero muy ñeros,like si piensas lo mismo eso ni lo permiten en un colegio xD
I love Janet Ubeji (11 days ago)
These kids so young why they need these hairstyles
Barber Iqbal (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/qbGf1ahaxVU #barberman indonesia (Garut)
كريم رمضان (11 days ago)
حلقات ممتاذ 💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍وانت حلاق ممتاذ🤘👍👍👍👆👍👍👍👍👍👍
rafaela juuu (11 days ago)
Some people were better before...
windows vista (12 days ago)
Barber: puts shaver on Hair *Shaver sounds* Kid: *gets a bald fade* Barber:takes out diamond shaver *Shaver sounds* Barber: all done
Adam Benaisa (12 days ago)
Lily Schaddelee (12 days ago)
2:02 she's so cute!
Kreeks Mom (12 days ago)
Lily Schaddelee that’s a “he”
Henry Williams (12 days ago)
4:41 its supposed to show the hair but it shows the face.
Grumpy cats Are best (13 days ago)
4:26 that moment when you give up
Grumpy cats Are best (13 days ago)
El primero era niño o niña :v
Rosaura Rodriguez (13 days ago)
Enque pais es ay
Hela Wójcicka (13 days ago)
This look bad
The Doge (14 days ago)
RogandoCruz (14 days ago)
2:00 i thought that was a girl id you agree like the comment and subscribe to my channel
Marcos Aurelio (14 days ago)
Meu cabelo e muito caqueado
Marcos Aurelio (14 days ago)
Duvido no meu cabelo se passar a máquina já estraga
Sama. Alraie (14 days ago)
ياي ماحلا شعرك
Bizimkiler bok gibi kesiyo
Jaithan Rodriguez (14 days ago)
Can you take me a hair cut
Thanos (15 days ago)
0:23 Barber: flips the shaver Youtube title: best barber in the world
timoor Mile go (15 days ago)
Галкин делает причёску 0:56
David Beaufils (15 days ago)
4 43
faizur rahman (16 days ago)
there is no any good haircut in the vedio
Yasmin Pereira (16 days ago)
Aí que feio o 1.
nacho videovlog (16 days ago)
Que feos cortes
Amy Lynn Galway (16 days ago)
The kid doing the karate stuff is gay
iDouglas (15 days ago)
Fabio Burghel (16 days ago)
La bambina piccola faceva schifo
windows vista (17 days ago)
*before* girl *After* boy *Before* girl *After* xxxtentaction
iDouglas (15 days ago)
MLeppis (16 days ago)
+windows vista what was the point of this before after thing
MLeppis (16 days ago)
+windows vista wtf??
MLeppis (16 days ago)
+windows vista yea I know that too
windows vista (16 days ago)
+MLeppis by the way xxxtentaction is dead everybody knows dat
Andrzej Gardaś (17 days ago)
Polacy odezwijcię się
Frosty Wizzard (17 days ago)
All the boys look like girls cause of the long hair
Mero _428 (17 days ago)
Omg wie schön👌
windows vista (17 days ago)
That's some good hair I need to get they hair
AIM_BOTZ (17 days ago)
All the hair styles look the same way.
Lexerz (17 days ago)
3:44 this is every barbers nightmare
Endie 1948GAMING (13 days ago)
And he executdd it well
Lev Shchedrovitskiy (14 days ago)
Lexerz (15 days ago)
Snarkyboys Offlimits so true
Snarkyboys Offlimits (17 days ago)
like hold your kid
زي الزق يا ملاعين الجدف🖕🏻
IlhanGamez 64 (18 days ago)
Oh cmon i want hair like that but my school dont let anyone have stylish hair
Elanna Gonzales (18 days ago)
2:49 that kid is so cute I’m so glad I’m going to be in cosmetology for hairstylist but right now I’m only 11 and in 6 th grade but I already want to start doing hair
Dylan Felson (18 days ago)
**supreme hair buzzer**
Manchester United (18 days ago)
Super 👍👍👍👏 👏👏
Esat Aydın (18 days ago)
Stilistresul turkey kuaför gaziantep
Davin Peters (18 days ago)
What's your phone number
Laaibah Khan (18 days ago)
1:46 ewwwwwww
Shadow lord (18 days ago)
1:01 when you walk-in and feel like your rich because you have a fedora then when you go look up fedoras there only 40 30 or 20 bucks
Youtube ElectroGod (18 days ago)
imagine walking into school with these haircuts
Myztek Life (12 days ago)
I had green hair and I got suspended for it XD
German Martinez (13 days ago)
Detention for being to distracting
Orban Andreea (18 days ago)
Terror Squad (18 days ago)
Remind me why I'm watching this...
LilFreshBoi 22 (19 days ago)
When you think about when u turn off the music its not really cool only the haircuts
Hoo Dini (19 days ago)
All that and u gotta take a shower after 😂
Liset Enriquez (19 days ago)
Minuto 0:34 supreme
BlindMaster69 (19 days ago)
*9:30** those 3 peaces of hair are really annoying me just cut them of.*
Myztek Life (12 days ago)
He look kinda Gay
Al yemenih (19 days ago)
That girl is gay the first one
Fortcheat 31100 (19 days ago)
randomperson (19 days ago)
2:23 Im trynna get that hair :P but it needs to be a lil bit more longer
Tammy rILEY (20 days ago)
2:36 r we there yet 😂
Brandon 1097288 (20 days ago)
Is ladinos sponsoring this video see it everywhere
Silvia Sedano (20 days ago)
مهدي مهدي (20 days ago)
هاي الحلاقة حرام اسمها قزع
kauanny avakin ツ (20 days ago)
3:43 how he managed to cut the hair of that moleke kkk? Omg
Cahit Yondemir (20 days ago)
tracey mills (20 days ago)
I don't think it's right to shave a little girls hair
Контра Кул (20 days ago)
2 оба крутые особо парикмахер
زوش نوش (20 days ago)
في الدقيقة 2:10بنية
AVERY ARCHER (21 days ago)
4:08 jeez man 😂
Munila Bozorova (4 days ago)
AVERY ARCHER ya you can say that a gen
Alt (21 days ago)
I bet when they want to school one of them got bullied
dos santos 7 (21 days ago)
Who else is want to be a barber 👀👨💈✂️✂️
Kalman Kovacs (21 days ago)
New trend: Make your kids hair look like adult’s hair

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