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Girl Ale knows all brands of Cars Cute Russian Two-Year Can Name Every Car in a Parking Lot

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Girl Ale knows all brands of Cars Cute Russian Two-Year Can Name Every Car in a Parking Lot Girl Ale knows all brands of Cars Cute Russian Two-Year Can Name Every Car in a Parking Lot
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Text Comments (53)
messi cronal (3 months ago)
she dont like renault :D :D
pkopalek (11 months ago)
This appears to be freebooted from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F7t2OwuvpY Are we not crediting the original creator of the video now? Or did they freeboot it too??!
Guilherme Alle (1 year ago)
As cute as a child can be :3
Sk channel (1 year ago)
i like how she pronounce BMW perfectly “BMWEE”.. at her age
ritsugun 666 (2 years ago)
so many BMW's
Autumn Bowles (2 years ago)
there was alot of Mazdas
Autumn Bowles (2 years ago)
car names
Autumn Bowles (2 years ago)
i know all (most) carcnamrs
Ahmad F. K. (2 years ago)
She pronounces BMW "BEWEEEE"
Vlad Florestal (2 years ago)
Super cute!! ☺️
Rafael GS (2 years ago)
I was hearing "potato the time machine" !! HAHAHAHA !! yeah im not russian.
atheistbanerjee008 (3 years ago)
talking doll.....super cute...
Retro Lover (3 years ago)
Omg i was exczatly the same when i was 3 years old. Except im a guy.
HONDATRAP (2 years ago)
I am GRINGING at this comment!!!!!!
Rafael GS (2 years ago)
yah me too
Moe I (3 years ago)
very very smart girl!
Dario Mendoza (3 years ago)
give that girl many cookies!
John Irvin Santos (3 years ago)
I want to adopt her so bad!
bmxer8699 (3 years ago)
I applauded. Bravo to the parents. She has a remarkable memory for someone of her age.
Trades46 (3 years ago)
**Slow clap**
Shane Earley (3 years ago)
Future Sabine Schmitz right there!
Michael Cui (3 years ago)
Skipped a BMW there, but it's not her thing because she knows they suck. Car girl in training. What will she drive later on?
jayive34 (3 years ago)
My kid, if I have one will be able to do that, and he or she will learn to drive as soon as he or she can see over the dashboard.
Chaeruls (3 years ago)
so cute bruh :))
toy2day1 (4 years ago)
I like BMW is not her favourite!
Roj Serbest (1 year ago)
But she don’t say (bee-emm-dabliw) she says bmwi.
A CZ (3 years ago)
+toy2day1 does she say that ?
UberLoaf (4 years ago)
Sushanth Sureshkumar (4 years ago)
Best Parenting ever!! She showed no interest in the Camry!!
Anna Moczulska (2 months ago)
I bet she would not care about Honda as well
LilKatana16 (5 years ago)
I hate to say it but I'm not impressed considering matching is one of the easiest forms of memorization and most of the cars had the names on the trunks. All she would have to is put symbols to names or just read the names off of the trunks.
Safwat Ali (4 years ago)
read? are you for real??
zzebra (5 years ago)
Not many girls her age know about Citroen tho...
Brok Homz (5 years ago)
Better than me!
Mohamed Ali (5 years ago)
Brian O (5 years ago)
That's awesome. And BMW doesn't seem to be her thing :D
Raja'ee M. As'ad (5 years ago)
DragonsREpic (5 years ago)
Hyundai not' heinday' BMW...not 'balooooon' Chevy - churvilay 0:30 Wtf is that? Oden? wow a car is a god, must be really good 0:36 lino-muff-in-o 'Suberoo' not Sue-bar-ew Mitsubishi not Mit-sue-bee-shum "Mazduh" 1:18 "ba-woooooon" 2:36 wtf is that only in russia a car is a "car machineuh" or "potatuh"
mohasham (5 years ago)
Gold diggers of the future 101 training.
Layth (5 years ago)
اماجيس موتيتا كاكا موشينا؟ هههههههه
AzBooBs Akà Sandrà (5 years ago)
Putain, il y a une Citroën en Russie ! O_O
Jabir AL Ansari (5 years ago)
الله يحفظها من كل شر
jamal al- sairy (5 years ago)
ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن
Mugiwara No Luffy (5 years ago)
ماشاء الله تبآرك الله
مشاء الله
Abdulla Alhajerey (5 years ago)
Very nice and funny
Eyas AbuZaid (5 years ago)
I lover her :) :)
tenzin lhagyal (5 years ago)
cute voice ..hahaha
tenzin lhagyal (5 years ago)
cute voice ..hahaha
RedMR2W3 (5 years ago)
What a cute Girl...SUUzUUKii :D Nice!
Daniel Mazur (5 years ago)
Daniel Mazur (5 years ago)
this is what constant material propaganda on the television, but yes cute kid, might be a car saleswoman on day .
coolme (5 years ago)
she's the parking attendant. cute kid!

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