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NEW Instant iPhone Unlock SIM for ALL iPhones Latest iOS 2017

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Very easy to use. Ideal for providing a fast temporary unlock solution for your iPhone! Use this special sim adapter to enable you to use your desired sim card on an iPhone that is locked down to one network / carrier. Very easy to use. Place this between your new SIM card and the iPhone's SIM tray, wait 30 seconds and your iPhone will show signal and allow you to use mobile data including 4G! Available here: https://www.fonefunshop.com/magic-iphone-unlock-sim-for-all-iphones-latest-ios-2017.html Also available in bulk packs of 10 for a lower price at https://www.fonefunshop.com/pack-of-10-instant-iphone-unlock-sim-for-all-iphones-latest-ios-2017.html UPDATE: If your sim does get blocked you can now update the ICCID and get it working again, look at https://www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html NOTE: We cannot guarantee Apple wont block this type of unlock (we hope they dont), hence we class it as a temporary unlock.  If you want a permanent unlock then consider paying and waiting for an iPhone factory unlock service or use this unlock sim while you are waiting for your factory unlock to complete.
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Text Comments (221)
Kemal Palaz (4 days ago)
Haydn Guys , I recommend using website *Wosphone . com* , It was sooo easy for me to use it.
mieczon49 (4 days ago)
Josh Easiest way is to use website: *Wosphone . com* , recommend.
Md Ishak (17 days ago)
All country code same please my country bangladesh( thankyou)
Eva Faz (26 days ago)
I bought one of these turbo SIM unlock cards on amazon and I did all the steps it told me to, following the instructions that took me to a site where it gave me a code to enter into the iPhone. Every time I make a call I can’t hear anyone most of the time, and my battery dies quick. Is it possible i could have been hacked ??
ZK Guy (1 month ago)
Can we take out that chip after putting it and activating the iphone
Lokmane Boughali (1 month ago)
Can I use with LG?
willieboi101 (1 month ago)
Can people steal your info using this method?
Brenda Morgan (29 days ago)
willieboi101 Add markbrookens1918 on instagram no stress he will surely helps you with any problem due to unlocking of iCloud and iPhone, or watch he did mine
Anisa Harris (1 month ago)
So when I get a refurbish unlocked iPhone and add a sim it unlocks right a way but just can't make calls?
Saiyan gaming (1 month ago)
I using that chip in my iPhone 6s Plus iOS version 11.4.1 I want to upgrade to iOS 12 can I update ??
Mervin Music's (2 months ago)
bro does the r-sim 11 unlock iso 12
aphotoprofessional (29 days ago)
dorcas jude Has
dorcas jude (1 month ago)
Mervin Music's Hello peeps, you don't need to get scammed anymore after I met this hacker my problem were resolved he hacks all social media and phones Add him on instagram @hacker_rodney1 he's reliable.
Derreon Mouton (2 months ago)
How long does it stay unlocked ?
dorcas jude (1 month ago)
Derreon Mouton Hello peeps, you don't need to get scammed anymore after I met this hacker my problem were resolved he hacks all social media and phones Add him on instagram @hacker_rodney1 he's reliable.
Very Good Explain I'm Very Happy Thanks so much
Samuel Pineda (2 months ago)
How long is temporary
Leisa Jimenez (2 months ago)
I tried
Leisa Jimenez (2 months ago)
I got sprint and doesn’t work
East DallasKick's (2 months ago)
Will this allow me to take my iPhone that's cdma to straight talk to metro to get it connected?
Charles Mputu (2 months ago)
Can you be able to update your phone?
Alex Minor (2 months ago)
Charles Mputu you can update your phone.
FBSB Sports (3 months ago)
Can you get blacklisted
gisselle jimenez (3 months ago)
It works!!
Abdulhamid Tawfeeq (3 months ago)
How many times can I use that sim
JayIsABoss07501 (3 months ago)
It’s not working for me
JayIsABoss07501 (3 months ago)
FoneFunShop - iPhone Repair Sheffield the code is not working at the moment when would it be up and running ?
JayIsABoss07501 (3 months ago)
FoneFunShop - iPhone Repair Sheffield thanks it worked
new iccid is working, i tested it today https://www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html
Sal Student barber (3 months ago)
Would this work if the phone is blacklisted
Gary James (3 months ago)
I tried so many times I ended up just searching and ran into this seller he did a remote un-blacklist and it worked I literally called everyone and nothing was working thanks too this guy I’m good @[email protected] and it was only 60$ I will never buy a phone on offer up again.
Paul Aniciete (3 months ago)
Will it unlock an AT&T iPhone 8 to use on Verizon?
Kevin Sykes (4 months ago)
Can you just put the magical sim without the company ?
Kevin Sykes (4 months ago)
Dose it unlock Icloud?
You Noob (4 months ago)
what is the tool name for the sim card? please answer
DB Mashups (4 months ago)
If I have a locked sprint carrier this will allow me to switch to a carrier such as Metro Pcs?
Daddy’s Girl (4 months ago)
Hollo if you have one of that iPhone magical sim,does it work in all the country’s and with any sim card ?
ATTENTION - Blocked cards need new ICCID from https://www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html
Adrian smith (5 months ago)
Yes I got it
Cesar Celio (5 months ago)
So what if I update my phone will it still work with every update? iPhone X
Pranay Kanth (5 months ago)
Hey y did u degraded the ios from 11 to 10.0.1
Joshua Havelock (5 months ago)
Evelyn Simply use website Unlock-iPhone . org, it works
Ziki RajpooT (5 months ago)
Hi can u plz tell me how I can use in my iphonex 11.3.1 I been try for long time but didn’t go throw plz ?
kamal almu (5 months ago)
whats the name of this magic sim or whr can i purchase?
Jg Cabrera (5 months ago)
how that fuck do you activate imie on the fucking phone you fucking you full?.....
Ram Kishor Yadav (6 months ago)
Friend is this works in nepal ?
dennis guerrero (6 months ago)
Man does eny body no if this card realy works or is it a scam I seen lots off bad review
yes its still working, its using a universal iccid, look here www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html
Team Big Bank (6 months ago)
Work for financed phones
RZ PLAYS (6 months ago)
Can I get a little help here?
David Long (6 months ago)
Does not work. Plus don't get the 2 day shipping they are in the UK so I have to wait a week anyways. They didn't refund my shipping money. Like I said this don't work at all.
Queen Martin (6 months ago)
Mines keep saying SIM Not supported
The Dark Side (1 month ago)
Micko Dimayacyac How much is the ggp chip !?
shawndell edwards (1 month ago)
Did u ever find out how to fix this problem ?
Micko Dimayacyac (2 months ago)
In that case u need to buy gpp chip to activate ur chosen sim card
The Dark Side (3 months ago)
Same here!
goat1k (3 months ago)
Queen Martin mine says the same thing
Roqavious Foster (6 months ago)
I have a Sprint iPhone and trying to get with Verizon Wireless will it work?
Daniela Moline (6 months ago)
will this work for sprint smasung galaxy s8 plus..i want to use it for metro pcs but its locked
M A. (6 months ago)
Can you update once it’s been unlocked?
Hi, as long as the update hasn't been blocked by Apple you can do anything with the phone and it will stay unlocked (power off, restart, update, etc). However if the unlock SIM has been blocked you should not turn off or restart your phone as it will stop working. Regards
Yanisa Alexandra (7 months ago)
can somebody help me, I did it but I accidently selected "6s something" instead of "activate" can somebody help???
Susana Delgadillo (8 months ago)
Help! Why do I keep getting no service on top,and a pop up that says update signal after 3 seconds . I have cricket ........ anybody thanks!
check out https://www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html
gheorghe rostas (8 months ago)
Hi there I have this card and I’m from Ireland and I come to England and is not working my sim card
xx x (8 months ago)
Where can I buy this?
wachira nicholus (9 months ago)
I was able to unlock a Sprint Iphone 5S using this 7dollar RSIM 12 (normal unlock will run to over 100 dollars) and my experience is so far great and i get my real phone number and even my carrier is identified properly under carrier. I used the 3G/4G Supreme Sharp Mode. But i have a small issue...under the settings>>phone>>SIM Application i only get the RSIM options and not my Carrier's SIM Application options. Any body help please...
Adrián Alcón Żurawka (9 months ago)
Will it work on any mobile phone? (Brands like nokia siemens...)
Sim Update 29/1/18 *Users who have our old turbo in stock and want to update their turbo can add iccid manually * *Simply use your turbo sim in unlocked phone * *Go to settings -> Phone -> sim application -> input iccid code * *89014103278683949559 -> select sharp 3G/4g mode * ( copy this code in phone notes and then paste ) *That’s all and your turbo will work again without any settings just plug & play *
Gustavo Pineda (9 months ago)
Does not work on my iphone 7 plus iso 11 Unavlid sim on sprint
Gustavo Pineda (9 months ago)
Mine opens a menu amd ask for carrier wich does not have/include my company
IFLASH unlocks (10 months ago)
does work on IOS 11.2.1? ✌
Esme G (10 months ago)
Hi. I recently bought an unlock sim and ot work fine at first, but now it doesn't...it keeps saying "no service" what can i do?
check out https://www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html
nickel 05 po (10 months ago)
Why the dishonesty?? You swap the phone on the minute 3:14
dont talk wet
Nana Aphua Gh (10 months ago)
Will it work for for xfinity locked phone
Chuck Barefoot Jr (7 months ago)
Nana Aphua Gh I'm going to try this on xfinity 7+ because they're going against their own written word online and not unlocking my phone. It's even paid off and they still refuse. Will comment as soon as I find out.
SwagGod 22 (10 months ago)
I, have one it says no Sim card.. Help I put it under my sims, card and nothing. Phone is, on tmobile
Francis Imperial (10 months ago)
How to fix no service?
Reinzer (11 months ago)
I have patch code, what should I do with patch code?
Matthew H (11 months ago)
I cant get this to work, (November 2017) walmart family mobile phone (Tmobile 28.5) iphone se, ios10.3.3 and trying to get it on US TMobile. I have tried all available options for tmobile from the *5005*7272*00# menu. I either get activation could not be completed, or more commonly it asks me to activate again every time activation goes through, Trying with a tmobile carrier code I found gives a sim not supported error
tuberoako777 (11 months ago)
Thanks for trying it out. Also interested in using the Walmart Family Mobile for TMO. I may have to return if you report no progress.
Matthew H (11 months ago)
I am using the v2, are you saying my t-mobile sim is old. also there is no se option, only 6s/6p
proably have an old sim, get version 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDaZYAlHQxk
IamTorbjorn (11 months ago)
Is there a way to use a gsm unlocked iphone on verizon, thanks
she speaks! (1 year ago)
can you unlock my iphone7 plus please of iOS 11
yes its not the ios that blocks the sim, its the iccid in the sim that gets blocked on apple servers, if this happens we release new iccid all the time, check out https://www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html
Aicha Adoui (1 year ago)
is there an unlock service available for iphone 6 locked with straight talk wireless network service USA?
Oloruntola Deed (1 year ago)
will this work with blacklisted phone?
athame lebe najath ahamat (10 months ago)
Oloruntola Deed plese contact +94752292592
TANYA GHOTRA (1 year ago)
Can it’s so m be used for different 2 SIM cards
Hayley Hightower (1 year ago)
after putting in my magic sim it still says sim card not supported. any thoughts? thanks
just update ICCID go to www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html
Queen Martin (6 months ago)
Hayley Hightower mines too idk wat to do I’m bout to get pissed off
Chelis Tito (7 months ago)
Hayley Hightower not gonna work on cdma networks only gsm
Chelis Tito (7 months ago)
Hayley Hightower the this only work on gsm network if you want to activate a sprint or boost mobile virgin or Verizon not gonna work i do this on iPhone 8 activate on metro pcs and works perfect
johnson jacques (1 year ago)
Does this work for boost to cricket because it’s not working for me
Sortido 1 (1 year ago)
Help me how to fix no service due to *5005*6762*00# please 😭 I can’t call my mom and my girlfriend 😭
Ashley Hope Nelson (1 year ago)
I have a version of one of these (its not thos exact one) and i reset my iphone and now my phone isnt working. Its saying my phone is locked again.
Phinehas Takyi (1 year ago)
Will this work on the new iphone 8 plus from sprint?
Will this still work with iOS 10.3.3? I have an iPhone 5C locked with Telus and I have a Virgin sim. I can't update to iOS 11, so does it mean I still can do this? I've looked at your description.
yes its not the ios that blocks the sim, its the iccid in the sim that gets blocked on apple servers, if this happens we release new iccid all the time, check out https://www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html
5c не обновляется до ios 11
carlitos Quinones (1 year ago)
I have an Iphone 6S Plus From Sprint & its Icloud Locked. Phone is not reported Lost or Stolen. Will This Chip get pass the Icloud Lock?
Dylan Z (4 months ago)
carlitos Quinones give it back you stealing fucker
vale nieves (1 year ago)
Deja de rebar solo va a functionar si she lo regress’s al dueno
P Naeem (1 year ago)
It looks like Apple fixed the error on their activation servers. Is there a new work around?
P Naeem (1 year ago)
Laverne Anthony (1 year ago)
will this work for iphone 4s
yes but its tricky, you would have to play around with it to get it aligned properly, we have got it working in a 4s but took me ages due to size difference
shamin rafyka (1 year ago)
I have do this and it still same . how to fix this :(((
Tuan Le (1 month ago)
Chelis Tito so that means I can switch from Metro Pcs to At&t by using this Sim
gaming with jay (4 months ago)
Chelis Tito i need help
look here www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html
Chelis Tito (7 months ago)
shamin rafyka is only work when you activate gsm network not gonna work on sprint or Verizon i do this a ready with iPhone 8 and activate on metro pcs and works perfect
Caleb Turner (1 year ago)
Mines says no service up too
Elvis Herrera (1 year ago)
What the name of the adaptor thanks
Instant iPhone Unlock SIM
Cyrus Jun (1 year ago)
Do I need to buy a new gpp just to update my phone?
Rooni Sanchez (1 year ago)
And will it work for lte
Rooni Sanchez (1 year ago)
Will this work with sprint iPhone because I want my t mobile number on the sprint iPhone 7 Plus
H10 VLOGS (1 year ago)
can i have link to the product plz
MR_GLOCK 17 (1 year ago)
Hello I just got one of these and the data is not working that's it everything else works. Please help
Tremain Jones (1 year ago)
if it is a temporary fix when why buy it from you?
sebastian waseskuk (6 months ago)
FoneFunShop - iPhone Repair Sheffield FoneFunShop - iPhone Repair Sheffield hey how can I do this? The unlock code? Because I did this temporary magic black SIM card from a store and now it says no service. The iphone I bought was financed by sprint but the person who sold it to me didn’t tell me and ran off but it isn’t stolen only not payed off. Idk if that was the factor for this SIM card now saying no service. Could sprint have blocked this iPhone? I checked the imei but it just says financed and not blacklisted. Anyways, how do I find another form of unlock like you said a code or what? Please answer I’m panicking thanks
Hi, the iPhone will be unlocked as long as the SIM adaptor is inside the phone. Obviously it isn't a permanent unlock as that can only be done via ordering an unlock online which is processed via Apple.
Skht Netpoint (1 year ago)
Dear sir this procedure mobile will be update are not
WoodstockOW (1 year ago)
How long will it take to arrive
WoodstockOW (1 year ago)
Does this work on iPhone se? And how long will it take to arrive if I order today
Danny Anay (1 year ago)
Hey will it lock ur device if u can't remember your Apple ID password cause I saw that it took u to ur iCloud activion
You will need your Apple ID and password to get past the activation screen.
I.Y.T (1 year ago)
I have a bad esn Sprint phone will this work with a T-Mobile SIM card Sprint is CDMA and T-Mobile is GSM
Goose McCringleberry (11 months ago)
Justin Walker is there any way to get past the invalid SIM card if the phone isn't paid off? I don't have a dirty ESN but it says still being financed and my friend gave it to me
Justin Walker (1 year ago)
Long as the phone is just financed and not reported lost you should be fine!!
Should work fine as long as the phone supports both CDMA and GSM
Tremain Jones (1 year ago)
that is a good question
davilatruckin84 (1 year ago)
Will this work for a iPhone that is on lease from sprint that got cut off from a unpaid bill?
ibrahim (3 months ago)
OTC Show Out check the imei on imeipro.com it should tell you. I have an iPhone 7 sprint and the bill is unpaid by the first owner. I used one in the country Jordan and it worked with the company Zain. It’s not blacklisted though, just an unpaid bill.
OTC Show Out (9 months ago)
How do you know if the phone is blacklisted or not? And does it work for iPhone 8plus?
john g (1 year ago)
FoneFunShop nope as long as the imei is clean it's still able to work
If the phone is blacklisted this will not work
john g (1 year ago)
davilatruckin84 I had an iPhone 6s Plus that I bought that was financed I used the r sim an it worked perfectly
Amanjot Singh (1 year ago)
Will this magic sim support all upcoming ios pls tell me ??
yes its not the ios that blocks the sim, its the iccid in the sim that gets blocked on apple servers, if this happens we release new iccid all the time, check out https://www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html
nothing is guaranteed with this, thats the point of it being a temporary unlock, it could get blocked in a new ios update but so far it works on all upto date including 10.3.3
RevTech (1 year ago)
What are the risks of using a device like this? I purchased an iPhone 6 plus second hand and everything is clean (clean IMEI & Not Blacklisted) the only problem is it says the phone is still under contract. If I use one of these cards is it possible that I wake up one day and the phone is completely bricked by the original service provider? Can they can even do that??
Shatoria Bentley (1 month ago)
Esme hello plz tel me wat did mines is carrier locked
East DallasKick's (2 months ago)
RevTech did it work?
Luis Cardenas (3 months ago)
Esme how ?
FoneFunShop - iPhone Repair Sheffield Hey does it work to update anykind of new version
nigga what (6 months ago)
Did it work
P E A R L (1 year ago)
Hello! Will this work to any sim cards I put into my iphone? Specifically Thailand sim cards. Thanks!
yes its working with all carriers sim cards so far also working on new ios 10.3.3 released a couple of days ago, see our other videos as we just uploaded a video on this about 1 hour ago
Kot420 (1 year ago)
I have lock at COSMOTE GR is it gonna work?
Hi, this will work on any network and any iPhone running any iOS including the latest 10.3.3! :)
shahzad kayani (1 year ago)
will it work after the new upcoming update?
yes its not the ios that blocks the sim, its the iccid in the sim that gets blocked on apple servers, if this happens we release new iccid all the time, check out https://www.fonefunshop.com/iccid.html
shahzad kayani (1 year ago)
what is this unlocking sim called?
Johnwell Villaflor (1 year ago)
get the GPP LTE sim its also the same like this but GPP LTE support the latest software until ios 11
instant iphone unlock sim
Amberlodge1 (1 year ago)
Where can I get your Sim Tray Opener and what is it called or stock number please
Amberlodge1 (1 year ago)
Got the same from your Ebay Shop. Thank you
Mr Flash (1 year ago)
Do you do bulk pricing ?
yes, you can buy a pack of 10 much cheaper from here https://www.fonefunshop.com/pack-of-10-instant-iphone-unlock-sim-for-all-iphones-latest-ios-2017.html
Ricki Flash yes call us +44 (0)1142437800

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