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wonder Girl and wonder woman

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little less fan girl and little more wonder girl!
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Sdgtdp (23 days ago)
I’d love to date an Amazon... If they weren’t a bunch of psychotic man hating feminist hypocrites who stay secluded from the “violence and tyranny” of “Man’s world”. Allllll while also training to become bloodthirsty warriors who kill or enslave any men who set foot on their island because “Man is evil and violent” and rape passing sailors to become pregnant (and then kill all the men anyway) and kill or enslave all of the male childen so they can train their daughters to become bloodthirsty warriors who kill or enslave any men who set foot on their island because “Man is evil and violent”.
Amazon Tiger's Roar (1 month ago)
wait, two lassos of truth????!
Amazon Tiger's Roar (22 days ago)
Carl Brooks oh that makes sense
The Witch (22 days ago)
Amazon Tiger's Roar no. I think Cassie has the lasso of thunder or lightning
Aleksandar Vil (1 month ago)
Where is Donna Troy/Wonder Girl?
The Witch (1 month ago)
Aleksandar Vil shes not in this one.
Patrick Slattery (2 months ago)
Man, Wonder Girl's my favorite member of Young Justice! <3
cliffbot (5 months ago)
That's the voice of Katara
Low Gunfire (5 months ago)
Only sounding more older and more educated.
lwandile dube (5 months ago)
Nah this Wondergirl is annoying. Wonder Woman is better off training Supergirl/ Kara Kent.
Gleeky News (2 months ago)
+lwandile dube I never said he trained her
lwandile dube (2 months ago)
In Smallville, Kara felt like an afterthought and Clarke just tells her to not get involved. In Superman and JLU animated series she is barely ever seen with him and teams up with Batgirl or lesser known superheroes. Superman and Supergirl are never a team and it frustrates me. I also think Wonder Woman having a sidekick was just DC trying to striving for equality. Wondergirl doesn't make sense. WW was banished from Themyscira why risk another Amazon getting banished or acquiring a normal girl from earth (that's Batman's thing). She's better off solo or when it calls for it offering asylum to overpowered beings who need training in Themyscira like Kara in Superman/ Batman Apocalypse.
lwandile dube (2 months ago)
+Gleeky News In all the TV incarnations Clarke never ever trains Kara. He tells her to act like a normal human and go to school. Either the writers never really feel he is the kind of person to be responsible for someone (like Batman), or he's too busy finding himself as Superman and having relationship drama with Lois/Lana.
Gleeky News (2 months ago)
And it's kara danvers not Kara Kent plus Wonder woman was never her trainer it wouldn't work
foofung (2 months ago)
I like her but will admit that they made her pretty annoying in this... I think she's only been Wonder Girl for a short amount of time in season 2 so hopefully, she's more... adjusted... to be Wonder Girl in season 3
Louis Randall (5 months ago)
Everyone has their sidekick/child Batman & Robin Superman,Superboy,and Supergirl Green Arrow & Speedy Flash &Kid Flash Wonder woman & wondergirl (Except for Green Lantern Lol)
Kind Karma (2 months ago)
Louis Randall green Lantern has Kyle but he’s not here yet
Lindane Mnguni (5 months ago)
They should make movies like this animated series they have good story line's and they don't sick to PG They are the best in animated series
H. Lee (6 months ago)
Aleksandar Vil (1 month ago)
Cassie Sandmark, actually
cliffbot (5 months ago)
H. Lee except that's Cassie
polite critique (6 months ago)
Americans are fans of evil Antichrist Zionists and are traitors to jesus
Nathan Cruz (7 months ago)
0:38 me: less talk, more fighting.
Cartoonguy133 (10 months ago)
I wish Donna was on the show too. It would have been nice to see all three of them together.
Kurai_Sen (9 days ago)
Good news! Donna IS on the show in season 3, as the ambassador to Themyscira
Queen Wolf (1 year ago)
That smile on wonder women's face was like : yep that's my girl . A proud mama
Caleb Stephan (12 days ago)
+Javier Lopez Diana adopted her after her parents died, do your research
Aleksandar Vil (2 months ago)
More like Cool Big Sis
Javier Lopez (6 months ago)
Diana is her aunt kinda
gibbs615 (10 months ago)
Queen Wolf Amen to that!😊
Nepthu (1 year ago)
I love Wonder Woman, but the part that impressed Wonder Girl wasn't all that spectacular. It felt forced.
GrantKP (1 year ago)
meh, this show could've used some improvements in hindsight

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