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Trying a new subscription box ⎮ Czech beads exclusive

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In this video I am going to be trying out another new subscription box. This is the Czech beads exclusive subscription box. I share my first impressions about the box and also show some designs I made with the materials in the box. I hope you enjoy. #CSLdesigns #DIYjewelry #subscriptionbox #CzechBeadsExclusive --------------- Website where you can get more info about the box and sign up: https://czechbeadsexclusive.com/en/box/ --------------- My book on Amazon.com: http://bit.ly/wirekumihimomadeeasy --------------- My book on Amazon.co.uk: http://bit.ly/wirekumihimomadeeasyuk --------------- My Amazon page with beads, cabochons and gemstones: https://www.amazon.com/shop/csldesigns --------------- Arts and Crafts channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CSLdesignsArtsAndCrafts --------------- My favourite tools: https://kit.com/CSLdesigns/favourite-tools --------------- My camera setup: https://kit.com/CSLdesigns/my-camera-setup --------------- Why not start your own Etsy shop with 40 free listings using this link: http://etsy.me/1v0OtkO --------------- Where else to find me: Website: https://www.csldesigns.uk/ Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CSLdesignsuk Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/csldesigns/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/csldesignsuk/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CSLdesignsuk --------------- I earn a small commission on all affiliate links above at no extra cost to you, and it helps me continue to provide more content and tutorials on my channel.
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Text Comments (58)
Sheila Carroll (2 days ago)
Absolutely love the pieces you made! GORGEOUS!
Penny Welch (7 days ago)
Your wire work is amazing.
Cheryl Meadow (8 days ago)
wow, christine. you are so talented. i love your designs and your videos. thank you so much for helping me to become a better jewelry maker. i can't tell you how many compliments i get on jewelry that i've made, that you've designed!!
Deborah Bergen (9 days ago)
Omg your amazing...true artist! ❤️
Mary Omalley (9 days ago)
Ahh well done - I really enjoyed this box opening and I love what you have made.
Lora Turner (9 days ago)
I love your work. You are, by far, my favorite creator.
EvaJan xx (9 days ago)
Love what you have come up with those czech beads! The tree of life is so stunningly magical! I'm from Czech Republic and it's so nice to hear you liked "our" products!!!! Can't wait to see what you'll make out of the rest of them. 💚
Camil Camu (10 days ago)
Very beautiful your projects with Czech beads...Thank you ...♡☆♡
mickey campbell (10 days ago)
Absolutely beautiful what you have created. Love the tree of life with the owl!!! We all wish to become a little wiser in our lives 😃
tyrroo (10 days ago)
Wow, the copper necklace and ring set is GORGEOUS, you are brilliant!
L MS (11 days ago)
Cadê os tutorial de macrame ???
IAMGiftbearer (11 days ago)
Your wirework is so precise! I love the ring you made with the green flower bead with the copper center and how you created a prog-setting with the copper wire! When you get a chance could you do a tutorial for how to make the ring?
janice greer (6 days ago)
Agreed! I loved the ring! Great use of that bead.... and loved the prong setting.
tyrroo (10 days ago)
Agreed, please make a tutorial!
RayDel Sol (11 days ago)
Wow, you’re so talented! Just gorgeous! I’ll be checking out the box. Thank you 🙏🏼
Margaret chadwick (11 days ago)
Oh my goodness how absolutely beautiful ❤
Lynn wilson (11 days ago)
briilliant designs and inspiration, I have decided to give the boxes a go as its beads like this that I use x
Nina Nicklasson (12 days ago)
the ring with the flowerbead is so pretty! the necklace is gorgeous too. Love copper
Stephanie Hancock (12 days ago)
OMG Christine! You are sooooooo talented. Yes, these are pretty much bead weaving supplies but you amazingly used them in your wire work! I love your designs. They are ALL beautiful.
May Stewart Olson (12 days ago)
Your design aesthetic is over the top!
May Stewart Olson (12 days ago)
Believe me it is excellent. You are original. I was with you years ago when you first started podcasting and many of my friends and family are wearing the patterns you created. I am coming back after taking a hiatus from beading and  spent time knitting and weaving . I am so delighted for you and your accomplishments. You have done yourself proud.
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
May Stewart Olson I’m not sure if that is good or bad 😬😝
May Stewart Olson (12 days ago)
I love the floral bracelet.  It is so lovely
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
May Stewart Olson Thank you so much May 😊
Lynn Sweet (12 days ago)
Do you have a tutorial on how to make the chain? Love it - very unique
Lynn Sweet (11 days ago)
+CSLdesigns Yes the chain you made using the blue square czech beads with the tree of life necklace. I like the way the wire is around the beads. It looks very unique.
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
Lynn Sweet Do you mean the chain that I used to go with the tree of life pendant? Not specifically, but it is really just using the technique for the basic wrapped loop chain with some embellishment that I have an old tutorial for. It is the beads that make it look quite different because of the shape they have 😄
Penny Van (12 days ago)
The projects you decided on to utilize some of the beads you received are just stunning!! I have to also tell you that the denim shirt you're wearing is absolutely lovely on you! Definitely your colour!! You look so pretty! xo
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
Penny Van Aaww thank you so much Penny. Hehe is it my favourite top that I have as well 😝
Toni Earnest (12 days ago)
The designs you came up with are beautiful !!! You are so talented !!!
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
Toni Earnest Thank you so much Toni 😊
Mad Luv (12 days ago)
Greetings Luv your channel. I believe the first set of glass beads four sets(large) would be for Pandora Bracelets, they would fit 5mm leather cord. Good Haul.
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
Mad Luv Thank you so much. Yeah they would definitely fit on one of those bracelets I would think. I don’t personally have one, but I think my mum does 🤔
Sara Jane Haven (12 days ago)
I think those metallic three sided beads may be pinch beads. The pieces you made with this box are all fabulous!
janice greer (6 days ago)
And pinch beads are awesome in kumihimo... but you might need a few more!
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
Sara Jane Haven Yeah that does ring a bit of a bell actually. I haven’t worked with those beads before, but from what I have seen it could be something like that 😄
Carla Holley (12 days ago)
You're so creative! Love those designs. :-)
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
Carla Holley Thank you so much ☺️
Ida T. (12 days ago)
Love love love what you made out of the beads. Love the tree of life the best. The bracelet set second. You're so talented. Ty for sharing..💖💖💖
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
Ida T. Thank you so much Ida. I really appreciate it. Yeah I like the tree of life one the best as well. Those owl beads are really cute I think 😄
Leetzanna Royalla (12 days ago)
So lovely!
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
Leetzanna Royalla Thank you 😊
Astounding ☻
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
CzechBeadsExclusive.com Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you for letting me try out the box 😃
sandi toone (12 days ago)
Thank you again for sharing I just love watching you do these openings, it amazes me how you come up with these designs I love the tree and owl.
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
sandi toone Thank you so much Sandi. I really appreciate it 😄
Very good Please send me a video on your channel forum
Robyn M (12 days ago)
Laminate the card and keep with your bead collection. Thank you for your videos. Love your creativity. Blessings 🤗👍🙆‍♀️
Robyn M (11 days ago)
CSLdesigns I have another idea: You can make your own bead sizing charts: Get some good quality tracing paper and overlay it onto the card and trace the inner edges of the bead chart on the card. You can make a few copies & cut them out and place one in each section of your sorted beads collection to have them where ever you want them. Just make sure to make a master copy to keep in a filing cabinet for future use. 👍
Robyn M (12 days ago)
CSLdesigns Here in the USA tge UPS Stores have a laminator, and I'm always bringing in things to laminate. I don't know if where you live your UPS Store or Post Office would offer this service for a fee. Check out the mailing services you have there to see if they can do it for you and how much they charge, and how large the sheet(s) are, you may have other things you may want to laminate if you learn they do, be sure to leave a 1/4" boarder around each item laminated. I hope you find one. God bless❣
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
Robyn M Yeah that’s a good idea, cause I’ll be honest sometimes I pick up some beads and I have to just measure them to be absolutely sure what size they are. I don’t have a laminator though 🤔
Christina Snyder (12 days ago)
I adore the tree of life with the owl :)
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
Christina Snyder Thank you so much Christina 😄
septsapphire1 (12 days ago)
Wow ! I love the pieces you’ve made ! All of them are beautiful ! I have a hard time with wire work... I guess I’m inpatient. I do a lot of Beadwork and you have given me some good ideas to work with .
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
septsapphire1 Thank you so much. Hehe, I get what you mean. Sometimes wirework can be quite time consuming, but there are techniques you could do with wirework that are less so, like for instance braiding with wire. You usually get the result quicker than weaving with wire if you haven’t got that much patience 😃
Janine Meehan (12 days ago)
What a small world! I only just discovered this Subscription Box yesterday, watching a YouTuber! I love Czech glass! Look forward to seeing what you come up with <3 :) Oh my gosh, I can't stop gasping at your Blue Owl, Tree of Life! and wow! your other projects are divine!!! That use of the gorgeous coppery wire with the matching flower beads, wow...<3
Wayne Wiley (12 days ago)
Would much rather see you make something rather than be a salewoman for a company. Who needs another advertisement.
CSLdesigns (12 days ago)
Wayne Wiley I’m not a saleswoman for this box. They just asked if I wanted to try it out and as I’m interested I don’t see why not. I know that of course the company is looking to sell these boxes, but that is how the world works. I’m not getting anything from this other than trying the box for free, so I have no motivation to shove it down peoples throat for personal gain. But some people find these things interesting/helpful. The intention is not for these videos to replace anything but I have a lot of personal things going on right now that are preventing me from pumping out tutorials like I normally have been doing unfortunately, so this was just something I wanted to share with you and also I do appreciate the companies sending me these to try as they don’t have to. But thanks for your input and I hope you have a great day 😃

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