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Power Dressing with Stefanie Nass

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Watch how Stefanie Nass, entrepreneur and chef, pairs her fashion to her cakes and finds confidence in her statement wears. Shop her Power look and more in our Power of Fall style guide. Shop Now: https://lordtay.co/2MYaJLP
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Cheryl Goddard (9 months ago)
I absolutely ❤️ it. Remember fashion is all about taking risk. That coat gives me life😱. Imagine that coat paired with your fav blue jeans, and t. Then throw on a pair of pumps grab a big fall 💼. And your ready to rock out chic and sexy! Heyyyyyyy !!
Bela Jijo (9 months ago)
Amal ?!
Brenda Chown (9 months ago)
Can’t wear that it is too hot where I live !
was it even real? (9 months ago)
Why are people hating? 🙄 I love her outfit!
Shelby Stallworth (10 months ago)
No mam!
Jackie Cartaya (10 months ago)
That is cake is matching yuck
Shanika Patterson (10 months ago)
Smh lol seriously.
Jeannie Huynh (10 months ago)

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