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The Federal Reserve: Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4

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Bonus Presentation here: http://www.hiddensecretsofmoney.com Who owns the Federal Reserve? You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world... it's a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn't quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is. Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck... every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why. You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today. The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years. Learning this will change your life, because it will change the choices that you make. If enough people learn it, it will change the world... because it will change the system . For this is the biggest Hidden Secret Of Money. Never in human history have so many been plundered by so few, and it's all accomplished through this... The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind. =========================== For more info. on Gold, Silver, & Mike Maloney, visit the Why Gold & Silver channel and subscribe: http://goo.gl/emXEB Also join GoldSilver.com & Mike Maloney on other websites and social networks: Official Websites: http://GoldSilver.com & http://OroPlata.com/ GoldSilver Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Goldsilvercom/230719865624 Mike Maloney Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mike-Maloney/98230491374 Hidden Secrets of Money Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HiddenSecretsofMoney Twitter (GoldSilver.com News): https://twitter.com/NewsGoldSilver Twitter (Mike Maloney): https://twitter.com/mike_maloney LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/goldsilver-com Thank You for Visiting Us.
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Text Comments (14927)
Hi folks, thanks for all the great comments. Great news - Episode 7 of this series is now live, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4_1pwsm5LY
ARTHUR D DUDA (9 days ago)
Thank you so much for these videos.
ARTHUR D DUDA (9 days ago)
They stole our LIBERTY that the founding fathers fought for, they've taken our LIBERTY and FREEDOM and have made us debt slaves, our social security numbers have nothing to do with our security it's a slave identification number.
Work With Nature (28 days ago)
Hi mike there is one thing that kinda makes no sense to me right now. You mention this in the video. Whether you are making a payment on a loan or paying tax to make payment on a bond the portion that goes towards paying of the principal extinguishes that portion of the dept but the dept also extinguishes the currency. So my question is, If Bank #1 get 100$, lends out 90$, keeps 10$, charges 60$ interest. It will have made 160$ by the end of that entire transaction. Bank two gets the 90$, lends out 81$, keeps 9$, charges 56$ interest for say ten years. It will have made 146$ by the end of the transaction. This means two things the bank can now after costs lend the interest as well creating even more currency. My main point is though that once the dept has been repaid it does not cancel out the currency it makes more. If the the customer does not pay back the loan then the bank owns the item they bought with the loan. It may be different for the currency the fed created from nothing, it may cancel out the negative dept, but as you said the 6% dividend has to come from somewhere. Am new to this.
Morpheus (1 month ago)
Thanks Mike, one of my favourite youtube videos of all time and I am not even from America. Much appreciated and yes happy to share to those around me - knowledge is power!
Chris müller (8 hours ago)
Amazing video
Ezra Sperling (1 day ago)
It's the jews, stupid!
deon olivier (1 day ago)
And then they export inflation to the 3rd world to keep them in poverty while raping their mineral resources in return for money that doesn't exist. the Antichrist at work, the great deciever!
Gustavo Aragon (1 day ago)
This is the matrix
6ondab3ach (1 day ago)
Americans still believe that DT "drains the swamp". lol
Sank E (1 day ago)
Does this system followed by all over the world ? or only U.S.A ?
kipponi (1 day ago)
So where goes Stock markets and Shadow Banks in this table and Cayman Island rich mens Tax Haven ? As Private people you can't really see how money moves numbers from Computer to another Computer ?
Keith (1 day ago)
Nice pitch for gold and silver but it doesn't accurately explain market economics. This is youtube, the unwashed masses like myself need straighter answers. The theoretical problem I have with this is the idea that the monetary system is evil and that the rich are doing it to enrich themselves at the expense of others. The rich already have more money than they actually spent from other ventures. A lot of them kind of view their wealth like a silk pussy envelope that humanity wraps them up in with love. Real henchmen you know. The currency they purvey out to the consumers is paid out to the people to allow them to fluidly participate in the economy with their rapidly diminished/replenished resources. Consumers- people that buy and sell good and services. Love it or hate it, the people's money, goods, and services absolutely have to have some sort of concrete value that is produced by them. If you print enough currency to "give everyone as much currency as they want" they won't be able to buy their stuff because their out there trying to buy stuff instead of making it and selling it etc. Thus currency has weight. Its not evil, its just reality. There are a few points in the money chain where the bankers and government squeeze a few bucks. Those are not simply the establishment stealing from us to make themselves powerful. They are economic controls designed to give the people in power some influence over consumer behavior as an instrument of stabilization. Stability,....what do poor people that struggle from paycheck to paycheck need the most? Another paycheck, right? Pretty damn sinister. When real world life conditions get so bad that government and private monetary manipulations fall out of control and the currency goes to total crap, the value of and the stable possession of things like debt, land, and gold, and cars, guns, butter all get sketchy too. Gold is globally recognized as money as well as being somewhat separate from currency, and that's really nice, but possession of the gold in your hand and its value can be up for debate in a world where currency is is volatile. Finally, the notion that we should do something about it. If you and I feel we don't have enough money, then I support your notion that we should do something about it, but calling the game evil won't help us understand the game well enough to figure out what we need to do to play the game better.
abdiqani nor (2 days ago)
Civilised society, well educated. Dumb
Bise Boy (2 days ago)
God bless the world for people like you Mr. Mike Maloney, in my eyes you are a true hero! You have my deepest respect.
超陈 (2 days ago)
excellent video!I have a little question.When Fed researve receive payment from treasury which is gathered from tax,what will they do?Did they destroy the currency equal to the principle?
andy. hello. (2 days ago)
I share this video often for people to get.
Aakarsh Darla (3 days ago)
I mean i am amazed by all this but as an middle class indian guy , what is the solution i need to adopt ?
Jin H (3 days ago)
I went to University and they didn't teach me this.S**t, the school I went to sucks....
Marcheur de Planète (4 days ago)
So at the end of the day, American people use/follow their constitution like a pile of cards : they choose the best cards for them and leave the other. American people know only 2 or 3 amendments of the Constitution : freedom of speech and freedom to own a gun. But they are totally ignorant for the rest of the legacy of this document. Amazing !!!!
Michael Ijere (4 days ago)
this is why the government will never allow bitcoin to boom....they're watching silently and when it seems like its gonna take over they will do everything to shut it down...just wait and see
Леонид Деяк (4 days ago)
Only bitcoin can save us, because it's crypto secure. No one can create a bitcoin from the air. Just use it right.
Antony Canova (5 days ago)
This provided a horrifying moment of epiphany for me. It's hard to fathom that in our "civilized" and "democratic" modern world, the system can be this corrupt and evil. But I don't believe there can be peaceful solutions or that the average person can guard themselves against the coming collapse of society. History proves that the rich never give up power unless there is violence or the threat of violence and the common people never reach that point until they are literally starving to death.
Francis M (5 days ago)
If I was an economics teacher, I'd just show this series in class to the students and pick up my paycheck. 'Nuff said...
Daniel Shively (5 days ago)
Mike Grise (5 days ago)
So if the people at the top are creating essentially fake money and then stealing it from us, isn’t the joke really on them? Because after all, it’s only fake money. When this all falls down, what will all their manufactured money be worth to anyone? Zilch.
John Pozzi (6 days ago)
The people's Global Resource Bank is our solution to debt. - https://www.grb.net.
greg heffley (6 days ago)
Someone help me out. At 17:35 Mike says that the federal reserve is a private corporation. I know that commercial banks own shares of the federal reserve banks but they have no voting rights so how is the federal reserve privately owned (in the sense that the owners make the decisions of the bank)?
Aviator182 (7 days ago)
JFK tried to get rid of the Federal Reserve. Then one November day in Dallas....
Jim Ferguson (7 days ago)
I just discovered this series by accident. Now into this fourth episode. It's fascinating and so-so well explained and illustrated. Great work Mike and congratulations for educating the unsuspecting victims, "all of us". I bought some silver a couple of years ago and the value has gone down. Now I wish that I'd purchased more, because, inevitably, all paper currency must fail as you so well illustrate. I guess we all need to be patient to get a positive return on our silver purchase.
Görkem Seven Vids (8 days ago)
Even with gold economy system, it's ok to pay tax. What's not ok is inflation and money ends up in the hands of fed instead of goverment.
Aaron Mann (8 days ago)
In your opinion what is the solution?
Ramiro Martinez (8 days ago)
The saddest part is that most Americans don't care... as long as they have their bread and circus everything's fine. And the powers that be know it!
Alfala Jones (9 days ago)
The background music 4 this video is Much Too LOuD & Distracting
ARTHUR D DUDA (9 days ago)
They've taken our LIBERTY and FREEDOM the founding fathers fought for and have made us debt slaves.
pett pette (10 days ago)
This is what I think about the entire system. This process goes way back through different civilizations. There will always be a force that will push this system forward. If you remove the top, another top will appear. Someone has to be at the top to maintain something similar to this system for a civilization to work. We may not like the process but there will always be someone at the top of the chain. You can only hope that the entity at the top is wise enough to manage the system whenever it approaches a singularity(point of instability). We may envy or hate the guy on top but - like I said, "there will always be someone on top" - A civilization need someone on top of the food-chain! -----After years of thinking about this, I came to the conclusion that - There will always be a force at the top with a system like this. Managing a civilization is NOT easy. Pray for those at the top to have the strength and wisdom to manage the system well.
John Griffiths (10 days ago)
I must have 5 dollars in my account just to have the account, but it's just a savings and can only be used at the ATM, sure they take a fee but I pull all my money out within a few days due to daily limit, that's how they get you. Still, debt free, never used a credit card, only buy used cars and do my own maintenance ( only had to buy 2 cars in 15 years ). I rent because I don't have to pay taxes or do maintenance unless I feel like starting a hobby, also I just don't plan on settling down here. I buy gold and silver off the books, when I travel I stop into local shops and see what's good. Even after all that, the man is still getting me with gas prices and food tax, but i'll manage. I feel sorry for the new gen, they may get their free money for now, their version of the American Dream is gonna end real fast with a round to the head ( probably torso ) if they think they will enter my land when SHTF. It's not really my land, but you get the drift. I do have 180 acres I can settle to. Income tax? I'll count every gallon of gas with receipt and every pair of pants I buy, underwear too. I'll eat beans and rice, corn bread and turtle chili and any damn raccoon I can find .. fuckers ain't getting me.
Fred Papa (10 days ago)
tengku h (11 days ago)
The most vital point...federal reserve are not subject to audit...loan given exceeds federal reserve assets ratio.
L G (11 days ago)
Where did the original currency come from that banks used to buy bonds from the treasury?
Doug Austin (12 days ago)
Corrupt from top to bottom.
Rudy Straight (12 days ago)
shoot em in the heads
eone199 (12 days ago)
what this person said has been already explained in a Bible, Quran, and perhaps other holy books
Fatimah CK Lam (12 days ago)
My friend introduced this video to me and asked me to give some comment. Our world actually has been dominated by the western in almost every aspect, and the money system obviously is one of them. The whole global financial and money system is a large scale gambling and cheating system, which invented by the extremely wealthy Jews with the western powers as the video explains a bit how it came out. Who can evade from this cheating system? No one. In Quran, Allah told us this system was unrighteous and haram (illegal) 1400 years ago. Allah warns the whole mankind the Last Day of the world will come. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also told a lot of signs when the world going to destroy by the evil deeds of the high ranking people assisted with satan. Very accurate and truthful are the revelation of Allah to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) describing what happen to this world which is going on. Therefore, knowing that this world is going to hell definitely, we are all tested in this world, I choose to stick to the spiritual life, not this material life. The real asset, the real treasure is inside us, not this outside material world, which is temporary (really good news for me) and doomed to be destroyed after the Last Judgement of everyone. We human can only get the solution from Allah: the Last Day, the Last Judgement.
Iftitahul Hidayati (13 days ago)
maybe if we stop borrowing money and refuse to pay debt... maybe they will kill us by war... continue or die 😑
Jovinel Longinos (14 days ago)
Behind every Great wealth is a great Crime 😂🤣
Jovinel Longinos (14 days ago)
Thank you for this educational video
A Human (14 days ago)
It is not a secret when 7.4 million watched this video.
Justin Viking (14 days ago)
Personal income tax is voluntary look it up on YouTube the CEO of the IRS emits that It is a voluntary system
Lee Currington (15 days ago)
Amazing. This is why I don't want to be in debt to these criminals.
ggh ggg (15 days ago)
buying bitcoin now thanks for the heads up
snifferdogg forfreedom (16 days ago)
The secret communist take over of America by force... that pisses me off...
Chris Khoury (16 days ago)
One of the most important videos on the internet...
Aditia Mokoginta (16 days ago)
Use Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
Kriss Thompson (16 days ago)
Friends!! Listen to me!! Obedience to the beautiful, liberating gospel of Jesus Christ is THE ONLY WAY to freedom!! Obey Acts 2:38! Don't write this off as just another religious guy pushing some religious agenda...this isn't religion, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life!!! How sad it would be to live this prison of a life that the "establishment" made for humanity, only to then die and go to another permanent, eternal prison called hell!! Take care of your soul...forget trying to "get rich" or "live the american dream" or "do your own thing and run your own life" -- you'll never run your own life...Jesus will return soon to take vengeance on ALL wickedness and all those who do not obey the gospel. However, for those who do...there is a new life, not of this current world, awaiting you!!! If this pricked at your heart...Jesus is trying to reach you and get your attention. He loves you and He is the only way!! Message me if you would like to be a part of what I'm talking about...hope someone heeds to this truth! Blessings!
J N S (16 days ago)
This is just the TIP of the iceberg. The Nazi SS Logo is engraved right on the front of the Federal Reserve. No wonder the most Nazis are in the USA today, because the real Nazis were Royals and US Capitalists during the war. The first invasion was into Germany. They fooled them into fighting for House Windsor and Hitler while the USA paid for the Army. Phoney wars indeed!
santosh r (17 days ago)
Turmoil has already begun with the buffoon President and China/Russian petro yuan .. But ... but .. but I think the FED is laughing their ass of and they are like .. "IF NOT FED WHO .. ??" .. like in INDIA we are asked "IF NOT MODI, WHO?" .. :0) Great times to be alive .. :0) almost feels like being alive during the time of french revolution. Cheers
Eric Grijalva (17 days ago)
666 is real thank you please.
MJD (17 days ago)
Sadly it took forty years for me to learn this truth. I have tried to get others to watch and then innerstand this information but most do not give a chit.
carmel bugeja (17 days ago)
so who is the head of the F.D.? how is he elected.? is he appointed by the government? what high qualities does he have which most of us don't? IS there an untouchable dynasty in the system?
J'b Init (18 days ago)
yup all the banks n government of the world only part share 4% of the world's worth, the rest of there's is nothing more than telephone numbers,. partial withdraw of whichl = collapse
Golden Centrifuge (20 days ago)
The only thing you can do short of tax protest or assassination is buy gold, silver, copper, water, MREs, heirloom garden seeds, guns, and ammunition. Live off grid, don't work for their gain and provide for yourself and those you care about. Probably helps if you own land, but then you have to pay taxes. Good luck.
Laura Moore (21 days ago)
WAIT!!! Did he say “Statist last stand”???
John Pacheco (21 days ago)
So how do we convert to a better system specially when cashless system is coming faster our way and there isn't enough gold and silver for everyone since the bankers and other rich individuals have most of it.
Hayk Nazaryan (21 days ago)
Does this same process take place with all countries in the world with central banks or is it a little bit different?
I owe you a beer (22 days ago)
Illegal counterfeit made legal.
Tommy Erlandsson (23 days ago)
Patrick T (23 days ago)
Wonderful series
Mohammed Arbaaz (23 days ago)
Waldemar Perez Jr (23 days ago)
4:44 Just as I thought. it's just a game of musical chairs. Another Good Documentary from 2009 was Freedom to fascism
Devotional Songs (24 days ago)
These banks and their shareholders rules the world. rothschild bank of London, Warburg bank of hamburg Rothschild bank of Berlin, lehman brothers of new York, Lizard brothers of Paris, Kuhn loeb of new York. .rockefeller family. ..house of saud and so on. ..these are the happy family in this world. .
CH D (24 days ago)
Its a #flatearth not a globe.
Lorenzo McNally (24 days ago)
68% of every asset in the World is leveraged 98% with derivatives BETS, in BOTH directions and virtually IMPOSSIBLE to predict and REGULATE !! $ 2 QUADRILLION (nominally worth)!!!! $ 20 TRILLION (actual NYSE market cap) Every human endeavor in the world (for the first time in HISTORY) with regards CAPITAL and LABOR is being 'short stopped," STOLEN CHISELED with the Wall Street "Health and Welfare" check/monetary/BROKER cut. The broker's cut for millions of transactions every day ! With ISDA BIS FDIC FHFA CBOE NYSE DARK UNREGULATED INSIDE/FRONT RUN BETS!!!!!!!! This makes the Good Old Italian American Mob Casino/book making look like the KINDERGARTEN of criminal PROFITS aka literally of the scale of Money for NOTHING ! $$ Billions in HEDGE FUND profits every quarter ! Thousands of HEDGE FUNDS in on the ACTION ! They don't grow 103 NY billionaires on trees ! They grow them on "legal third party research," aka NYSE inside information and derivatives and HFT string betting algorithims ! Mickey Cohen and Arnold Rothstein are crying in their graves ! John Gotti was right ~someday we are going to miss the Old Fashioned STAND UP BAD GUY Gangsters, could see them coming anyway and they didn't STEAL a tenth of what this New Breed of NYSE CBOE ISDA BIS 60,000 worldwide HEDGE FUND GANGSTERS steal every day ! "LEGALLY."
Lorenzo McNally (24 days ago)
The Temple of the Federal reserve and its NYSE/CBOE ISDA Benjamites doing "God's work" aka Lloyd Blankfein Goldman Sachs the Greenspan Put~ the $ 2 quadrillion ISDA SWAPS "Cross of Derivatives." casino aka the CBOE and NYSE owned and operated by gambling corporations. For the first time in World financial history..... "Banks and hedge funds make more money on trading SWAPS than trading in Stocks and Bonds," ~ NY Times Deal Book October 23, 2015.
Tony Tunnell (25 days ago)
The dangers of this thing this is why they blew Kennedy's head off because he knew all about this and he wanted to do something about it and you didn't want to go to war he was the last real Democrat and now we just have these and $5,000 suits and really really expensive Mega yachts and high end vehicles mansions a and hookers.they dance and we pay the band
Todd Napolitano (26 days ago)
I think the only conclusion to fix this is to collapse the federal Reserve the debt can never be paid off according to our Constitution it's a debt our founding fathers spoke of it's unconstitutional for us to pay it off . mean while the interest that is paid into the bank is given to the bankers its time to bri g down the federal reserve and reset the dollar backed by our gold which we have recovered recently from O bama B ush the C lintons and the wall street crew who are part of ths ponzi scheme. W e the people reinstate the gold and silver standard it could be done with a slow on set also by doing this it will break the kabal that is trying to destroy AMÉRICA print new money that is backed by gold
William Sheppard (26 days ago)
The rothschilds own it an them
William Sheppard (26 days ago)
Because of the fucking Jewish world that's what they want
Lorenzo McNally (24 days ago)
The Temple of the Federal reserve and its Benjamites doing "God's work" aka Lloyd Blankfein Goldman Sachs the Greenspan Put~ the $ 2 quadrillion ISDA SWAPS "Cross of Derivatives." casino aka the CBOE and NYSE owned and operated by gambling corporations. For the first time in World financial history..... "Banks and hedge funds make more money on trading SWAPS than trading in Stocks and Bonds," ~ NY Times Deal Book October 23, 2015.
Philip BadAwesome (26 days ago)
Since this info is allowed to be shared to public and Mike isn’t dead, bankers must not care since they are prepared for next step and all prices are in place. They aren’t threatened by the little guy. Those who are prepared will survive and thrive through and after revolution.
Jack Ryan (26 days ago)
Fascism is capitalism, in decay.
Daizys Loyd (26 days ago)
Mr. Maloney, I don't mean to be political but I must ask this question, please forgive me: Is China one of the Federal Reserve stock holders as they apparently own at least half of the US debts? And not long ago, I read they started to "dump" the US Bonds they own by selling them to other debt owners? Same goes for Saudi bonesaw-ia. As, as far as I can tell no one has debunked them having financed the 9/11 attack. And if they are this deeply involved into US affairs, they gotta to be one of the FR stock holders. Especially since how Trump proved to cater to them lately. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GREAT COURSE! Much needed.
jefferson clay (29 days ago)
Good Stuff Mike, I AM definitely interested in the Gold & Silver Crusade... Can't Be Left Behind, Yet PREPARED!!
Francis Chay (29 days ago)
Banks are really getting rich
Christ Brown (1 month ago)
Youtube Most United States Presidents are related by bloodlines and most world leaders
Mohammed Naik (1 month ago)
My friend you saying government has nothing to do with these thieves..! But truth is government muscles for these cock suckers.. now you might ask how the government muscle? Like you said from millions of ppl very few will detect these types of things and if those few men go after these guys they will be called vigilant and law breakers. You want to take down these few cocksuckers with the few men..! Take down their muscles ( government soldiers, police men every cock roaches who stand to protect these guys).! Without their muscles they will be like gaddafi will run like nacked donkeys on the streets and everyone will take piece of them..!
Ginny Vee (1 month ago)
so what's the alternative to this system?
Free markets, free people, and sound money.
Illidan Stormrage (1 month ago)
Who live on this planet??? Using words out of context There's no one living on planets get your fact straight planet stands for wandering star hopefully the next minutes are not so Missleaded I'm out
kelvin lubinda (1 month ago)
wow this was very helpful really
Berke Beenhouwer (1 month ago)
Whoever sees this for the first time gets a REAL horror movies feeling :)
papaike2 (1 month ago)
The monetary system is a complete lie as well is our history and these political bastards know it.
simon van lith (1 month ago)
The new Church
Frazier Lee (1 month ago)
Yet, we all still go along with it, Never thinking twice about.
TheGolden Hour (1 month ago)
Great educational contribution to society. Thank you.
Khan Jaane (1 month ago)
I do not get it, what is the difference between the IOU issued by treasury and IOU issued by federal reserve , plus how all of a sudden currency comes in to existence when Fed issued the IOU , perplexed me
JOHNNY B TV (1 month ago)
No Name (1 month ago)
I blame trump Obama race religion my boss neighbor dog just about everything except for the bank system and crooked I mean nice politians
Bernard Chu (1 month ago)
Sir mike thank you for explaining this to us very well... you are one of the great person in our time.
Vinay N.K (1 month ago)
you can never payback with interest to the institution which prints the currency
Focused Man (1 month ago)
Now to our scenario. Here, roughly is how the operation proceeds. Suppose the United States government wants to borrow a billion dollars. The government issues a bond for this amount. The government delivers this bond for the billion dollars to the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank takes the bond and writes an order to  the Department of Printing and Engraving to print the billion dollars’ worth of bills. After about two weeks or so, when the bills are printed, the Department of Printing and Engraving ships the bills to the Federal Reserve Bank, which then writes a check for about two thousand dollars to pay for printing the  billion dollars’ worth of bills. The Federal Reserve Bank then takes the billion dollars and lends the billion dollars  to the United States government, and the people of the country pay interest at an exorbitant rate each year on this money, which  came out of nothing. The owners of the Federal Reserve Bank put up nothing for this money. We see, therefore, that when the United States  government goes into debt one dollar, a dollar plus the interest goes into the pockets of the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank. THIS IS THE LARGEST, THE MOST COLOSSOL THEFT EVER PERPERTRATED IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND, and it is so slick, so subtle, and so obfuscated by propaganda from the news media that the victims are not even aware of what is happening. You can see why the Jesuits want to keep this operation secret. The Constitution of the United States gives to Congress the power to coin money. If Congress coined its own  money as the Constitution directs, it would not have to pay the  hundreds of billions of dollars of interest that it now pays  each year to the bankers for the national debt, for money that  came out of nothing. Money coined by Congress would be debt free. OUR FOREFATHERS NEVER WANTED A CENTRAL BANK. Thomas Jefferson has this to say about the central bank. "A private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army... We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt".
C.S. Charles (1 month ago)
This is God-Tier redpilling.
MR. GREEN (1 month ago)
A lot of people don’t understand only we can change all this and stop it if every race stick together and use our brains but it will never happen because everyone thinks about the wrong things and there self
Wmiru 8 (1 month ago)
It's EVIL....
Shayne Beaucage (1 month ago)
I hate trying to explain this to some people. Money isn't real. Real wealth is you and I. Everything we live on, the water we drink. We just work so we can eat and have a place to live and some luxury comforts that we still have to pay more for. And it's all not even real! This is all going to crash sometime. It has to. And it's going to be hundreds of times worse than the crash of 1929.
reality check (1 month ago)
The question is not "do you understand " the question is "what can we do about it" ???!!!

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