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Of course, we had to support the AMAZING Jesse Ridgway AKA McJuggerNuggets on the MVE Live in West Nyack, NY on July 5th, 2018. It was a once in a lifetime experience and everyone had so much fun! Check out the amazing time that we had. Welcome to Nay's Days! Always think positive. Never Give up. Live life to the fullest! I upload MWF and Sundays LIVE, vlogging about life, work, family, and much more. Here on this channel, you'll get to know me a lot better with vlogs and tag challenges. Hope you enjoy and be a part of the Nay's Daisies. Thanks so much for watching! Please make sure you LIKE 👍🏻, COMMENT 💻, SHARE 📲, & SUBSCRIBE ✅! Don't forget to turn on the post notifications 🔔so you never miss a video! Love you all 💖! SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VLOGS! ►► youtube.com/naysdays Business email: [email protected] Twitter: NaysDays_yt Instagram: NaysDays_yt Facebook: naysdayswithstephhagerty Snapchat: stephhagerty Also check out: John Hagerty: https://www.youtube.com/johnhagertyvlogs RBX BUMP: www.youtube.com/channel/UC5hAUarg6UePJSovr3V0Yhg Invisible Creeper and The Brain: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbFT3FoFuuQCSf458qp6GAA
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Text Comments (53)
John Doe (3 months ago)
Nice vlog! howd you find out about mcjuggernuggets channel? Was that your husband in one of the videos in my virtual escape ? Sorry for so many questions lol Looks like this was a lot of fun. Thx for sharing :)
John Doe (3 months ago)
+Nay's Days that is so cool! I've enjoyed your videos. It is neat to see mcjuggernuggets when hes not in character too. Thanks for the reply :)
Nay's Days (3 months ago)
John Doe hey. Have been watching MJN for a while. My husband John was Sexy Mobster John and was in about 12 episodes. It was soo much fun! Thanks for watching!!
John Doe (3 months ago)
Lol why was Jesse pushing swift off the stage in the beginning?
Jocey Potts (6 months ago)
What an awesome way to watch, with all those fans!! I love that John jumped on the opportunity to be apart of MVE, y'all are inspirational!
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Jocey Potts it was so cool. Had an amazing time! You’re the sweetest
Enus&Wenis (6 months ago)
that school bus is lit! that grrrrrl was singing sum pretty rawking song, then tehre wuz sum dope dancin n fitening in stuff seems like a fleek show u went 2! u guys r tru VIPS yo!
adaywithjaye (6 months ago)
You're so famous with your crew, rolling down the shopping centre like a G :D I'm not actually that familiar with McJuggerNuggets (don't hurt me ;p) but I'm curious on what they do based on this video and his explanation of who they are at the end. Are you in his series as well? The lore seem so deep lol.
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
adaywithjaye hey love. Aww you’re the sweetest. The YouTuber series. Like Netflix is pretty amazing and relatable. It’s a story about the trails and tribulations of a young man and how getting lost in yourself and your own thoughts. My husband was in the series
Kk Eager (6 months ago)
I was there!it was a incredible night and a night I won’t forget❤️
Kk Eager (6 months ago)
Nay's Days ❤️yeah!🤞❤️
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Kk Eager there’s always next time ❤️
Kk Eager (6 months ago)
Nay's Days I unfortunately did not get to meet you!😭
Kk Eager (6 months ago)
Nay's Days hi!
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Kk Eager heyyyy!!!!! 😘
Żaneta Uba (6 months ago)
You looked stunning, Stephanie! Peace, love and positivity, baby! The boys are cool! Jesse did a great job, thanks for recording the show! :)
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Żaneta Uba aww thanks sweetie! 😀. It was awesome.
knightley626 Miwa (6 months ago)
OMG!!Wow Jesse is really awesome!!Thank you for upload of MVE show!! I could enjoy this video(^_-)-☆
knightley626 Miwa (6 months ago)
Hi Nay`s!! I`m glad to see you here and Can you follow me on Twitter?:))and I`m a Japanese Juggies!!:D
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
knightley626 Miwa he is! And you’re very welcome!
Southern N Crazy (6 months ago)
Awesome!! love you guys! 🤗💕
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Southern N Crazy 😀
Chad Flick (6 months ago)
The live show was amazing I am so grateful that I was able to meet all of you. You guys are awesome I hope I am able to meet you all again 😀😀
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Chad Flick so nice meeting you. It was so cool
Johnny Cook Jr (6 months ago)
It’s Awesome Vlog there I love it McJuggerNuggets #1
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Cook’s Production Studios thank you!! And yes he is
MasterBallGaming (6 months ago)
The series was amazing, hopefully you can get a role in the next series.
Ryan Samuel (6 months ago)
Thanks for vlogging the live show. Have a great day and don't forget to keep it rigid. 👊
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Ryan Samuel you’re very welcome! 🌼❤️
letsvlogwith bigjohn (6 months ago)
This was really awesome glad you all had fun
anne Zimdahl (6 months ago)
Omg 😱I'm literally crying right now 😭😭😭 Not because I'm sad but because I'm so proud of each and everyone of you ❤️ 😘💯🔥 BEAUTIFUL VLOG OF ALL TIME
anne Zimdahl (6 months ago)
Nay's Days I love you Nay's so very much ❤️🌹
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
anne Zimdahl 💖🌼
john Farnsworth (6 months ago)
Jesse is awesome
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
johnathan Farnsworth YES! you’re 100% right! 🌼❤️
Core Dream Studios (6 months ago)
Thank you for this vlog, was very entertaining. Glad everyone had fun too. :-).
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Core Dream Studios aww thank you! Jesse did amazing! 🌼❤️
Moamen Salah (6 months ago)
So homered I actually made the vlog !
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Moamen Salah oh course 🌼❤️
Aaron's Life (6 months ago)
Great vlog nay! loved it!
Devon Nocivelli (6 months ago)
Juggie Discussion hi bro I like your dancing with Jesse Jesse so cool I be watching all the vidoe it's so good mcjuggernuggets the best xxx
Clinton Cortez (6 months ago)
Juggie Discussion
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Juggie Discussion aww and thanks for the live reaction. Love it!
jacob smith (6 months ago)
It so amazing
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
jacob smith thank you! 🌼❤️
Moamen Salah (6 months ago)
Wow you actually passed the area where I live
Moamen Salah (6 months ago)
Nay's Days yeah I live in Sayreville
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Moamen Salah did we?!?
Jada Peterson (6 months ago)
Thanks for this vlog.
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Jada Peterson you’re welcome sweetie 🌼❤️
Spiderman Spiderman (6 months ago)

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