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FUNNIEST GAME EVER | West of Loathing - Part 1

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West of Loathing had me laughing hard the whole way through! Subscribe Today! ► http://bit.ly/Markiplier Play The Game ► http://store.steampowered.com/app/597220/West_of_Loathing/ Awesome Games Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3tRBEVW0hiDAf0LeFLFH8S83JWBjvtqE Scary Games Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3tRBEVW0hiBSFOFhTC5wt75P2BES0rAo Follow my Instagram ► http://instagram.com/markipliergram Follow me on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/markiplier Like me on Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/markiplier Join us on Reddit! ► https://www.reddit.com/r/Markiplier/ Horror Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted Happy Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/hielia/minimusicman-crazy-la-paint
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Text Comments (8380)
Agustin Pomares (1 day ago)
Oh, i can take care of a goblin! *INSTANT GOBLIN SLAYER FLASHBACKS*
Iceypumpkin head (1 day ago)
Cartwheel is the best walk cycle.
Demonic Angel (1 day ago)
This is my favorite playthrough of markiplier. Ive watched all of it at least 4 times
Tsuda Otatsuke (1 day ago)
A warm welcome from the Ministry of Silly Walks.🤣
Tom Barrett (1 day ago)
Who made that mark is a pen thing cause to me it seems weird
quin4260 quin4260 (2 days ago)
who where came here just to see markpliers reaction to the stupid walks?
Golden Kittycat (2 days ago)
00:1 wait then it says “something Mcree
YeaRoss (2 days ago)
This is amazing
WildJester __ (2 days ago)
Sebastian Grzelak (3 days ago)
Did he call his brother bubber
Look-Out Cat catboy (3 days ago)
Shouldve chose beanslinger
Griffin Kissner (4 days ago)
Should have stayed with Griffin Roosevelt
Gaming Catper (4 days ago)
Red dead redemption 3 looks great
usman yousaf (4 days ago)
silly walks doh
WoofyPoofy (4 days ago)
You’re not gonna mention how your little brother is reading Serious math books while ur reading kid books?except the one ur mom gave u
Xxd3rp3rxX (5 days ago)
yoooo red dead redemption 3 looks great
Valiant Warrior (5 days ago)
Love games like this.
The Game Snake (5 days ago)
2019? ANYONE? D:
Amy Griffis (5 days ago)
Ryan Leal (6 days ago)
Bafilo gal's is a song about ladies dansing under the moon
Sledge Hammer456 (6 days ago)
2019 anyone
Duska Moonstar (6 days ago)
I truly enjoy when mark play games that give him a fun time cuz it makes it twice as fun for the lot of us.
Mitchell van der Baan (6 days ago)
It's 2019, and i'm still waiting for an animated markiplier version, the stupid walk
DJ Rice (6 days ago)
Red dead redemption 3
John Heelan (2 days ago)
There was a mention on pinkertons
seto gameing (6 days ago)
You got stupid walking it adds, walking 100 ,sneak 100, pickpocket 100, and speech 100
Richard O'Donnell (7 days ago)
Red Dead Redemption 2 is looking fucking dope
Yo someone threw that ring in there because they were probably drunk off their balls and thought, 'hey this would be funny' and now theyre probably divorced
Dr. Pepper (7 days ago)
pick up one of your BUTTERS me: *laughs like crazy*
Soul Soul (8 days ago)
When he tapped: Don't do this my YouTube acted up and lagged
Socks (8 days ago)
Red Dead Redemption Beta
Billy Waffles (8 days ago)
Every time Mark laughs I hear XD
MicrowaveMan (8 days ago)
Rdr2 is amazing!
Corbin Butler (10 days ago)
Pinkertons and Backwater, sounds a tad familiar xD
Milky Way LPS (10 days ago)
o.....m.....g MY IDOL SAID MY NAME oof well off the game xD :(
Tabitha deLeon (11 days ago)
When you drink Snake Oil, your Dead Eyes refills :3 (RDR reference)
ykjg gyu (11 days ago)
huh the video ended im still laughing on the floor
Skaia Poffley (11 days ago)
this seems like an mspaintadventures comic
Fortnitegaming444 (11 days ago)
This is rdr 69
Josheon Zyskowski (12 days ago)
Still better than red dead redemption 2
Squiggley Cipher (12 days ago)
Mark: If I tie him up in a bathtub, he's gonna drown, right? Me: And you have a problem with that?
L3v1 5t4d (13 days ago)
Never knew walking could be so funny 😂😂😂😂😂
Yaboi Lefty (13 days ago)
This is red dead redemption 2 for PC
Thomas Salgado (13 days ago)
The stupid walking part made me laugh so hard.
EternalCreator (14 days ago)
I cried laughing at the stupid walking
Kaitlyn Watts (15 days ago)
Merry Crimbo!
Yeah, this forsaken burg is always fallin' apart in one way or another. The Hostler's always needin' help since he hurt his leg, and that no-account *Sherf* could certainly stand to have somebody doin' his job for 'im. :Anything else? Well I've got a *GOBLIN LOOSE IN THE BASEMENT....* XD
a whole reee (16 days ago)
a whole reee (16 days ago)
No it’s 11:26 ish woops
Xaviah Russell (16 days ago)
I feel like this entire series is just proving that when comes the opertunity mark will always pick the most stupid sounding thing ever
doggo player 2 (16 days ago)
It's not that funny
Mace Com (17 days ago)
6:10 no I'm not.
Miss Murder (17 days ago)
okay.... this is my favorite game ever and seeing this video made my day... 🔫🐍🐍💉🍸👍
Pearlene Johnson (18 days ago)
I felt the urge to gag at the spittune is that how you spell it
Brusier Weight3009 (18 days ago)
the slav (18 days ago)
Red dead 2 but its made with stick figures and rpg style fights
Moxy Mawks (18 days ago)
I loved this game. Didn't ever get very good at it, but the humor was A-OK.
Jasi Ryuzaki (19 days ago)
Cool I think this is the only game that’s ever mentioned Yuma
KarnageShot (19 days ago)
Wow red dead looks amazing
Des_Born BEAST (20 days ago)
i almost died from laughing
Alaa and Majd (21 days ago)
This is RDR in 2d
Catlas - (21 days ago)
Stick people red dead redemption 2
Johto Legends (21 days ago)
Yo Marki downloaded this game on my switch yesterday. And I L O V E D it
Zoe Jacobson (22 days ago)
I can't breathe😂 the walking😂😂
Derp King (22 days ago)
The PG version of Red Dead Redemption 2
vaultboy971 (23 days ago)
Mom's pie safe. It keeps all her pies safe 😐😂😂😑
Loren Burrows (23 days ago)
I laughed way too hard every time Mark would laugh at the stupid walking. This is amazing, we love you Mark :)
the epic asteroid (24 days ago)
i have this game and DO NOT PUT ON THE LEVEL 40 HAT
John Glenn (24 days ago)
Merry crimbo
Boursaw Micah (23 days ago)
I was going to comment this, but you already did, and I appreciate it. Merry Crimbo! :D
Amber Sohn (26 days ago)
I just got this game, and I have to say, being a beanslinger is the best
Christina Lyter (26 days ago)
I've actually watched you play this series all the way through, just was in lurking mode and didn't comment or like it. SPITTOOOONs. :] The stupid walking had me cracking up constantly, so I loved watching this~ Thanks!
Wade Dungan (26 days ago)
Nothing will make me happier than marks reaction to the first stupid walk.
party bro (27 days ago)
U should have spared the goblin
Jade Tierra (28 days ago)
Chicken Boi (28 days ago)
Anyone watching this after Red Dead II. they predicted the Pinkertons
Luke Schiermeyer (28 days ago)
Whoa the pinkertons. Those are an actual thing! They're even in red dead!!
MyIner Agony (30 days ago)
Im rewatching the series 😌
jordan maxwell (1 month ago)
i had to come back
Cooper Sampson (1 month ago)
Ha ha ha!!!
Blake Rock (1 month ago)
This game is crazy funny OMG!!!!
Violet wilson (1 month ago)
Like August 10
Violet wilson (1 month ago)
That was my birthday
ChobinoftheFunk (1 month ago)
Russel the Crow?
Khocolate productions (1 month ago)
mark should make another funny moments compelation
Boursaw Micah (1 month ago)
12:00 is what you came here for. XD
C-4567 (1 month ago)
3:36 Jesus Mark, are you okay XD
Beck-o (1 month ago)
It’s been a while and I still can’t get over how the sheriff is called the sherf.
Dapperbl00k (1 month ago)
gary twas disintegrated :(
In Dungeons and Dragons "Bree Yark" means "we surrender" in goblin.
TheTacogamer500 (1 month ago)
I've started to get into d&d, and that's pretty cool.
Jeffry McCutcheon (1 month ago)
Did anybody else notice the Red dead redemption reference?
ScoopHaed (1 month ago)
It has been 10 minutes into the video and we got to the opening credits
Ice Cream Dog (1 month ago)
my dogs name is russell lololol
Willow Arel (1 month ago)
Very graceful walking..much gracefulness....>:3
FrostMagic Gaming (1 month ago)
Bree yark is a reference to DnD btw.
Dark Tomb Films (1 month ago)
supersayenkirby (1 month ago)
u said boder
mursuhillo (1 month ago)
The ministry of silly walks would agree
Diego DeLaHoz (1 month ago)
Gary was crying for surrender in D&D goblin speak *how could you mark*
Logan jack plays (1 month ago)
2:00 is thia gambling all over again
Ma nem Jef (1 month ago)
Red Dead Redemption 2 demo
Pixelated (1 month ago)
pick bartering,it's for dickerin'
PeakYak 34 (1 month ago)
The 2k people who disliked just misclicked because they laughed too hard

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