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Pranks, are the "funny videos" on YouTube especially...Kissing Prank & Social Experiment! Kiss & Sex, happens or even pranks gone wrong!
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Text Comments (84)
JEXER CLAN (3 years ago)
At 0:29 look at the Guy in red trying to pick pocket her !!!
Carpcontrol (3 years ago)
this video did not amuse me
TPPC Mustang (3 years ago)
Saudan Singh (3 years ago)
nic v .....
stephen reid (3 years ago)
Anyone else just really really wana kick that bigger guy in the nutsack
1:46 omfg she got cameltoe  O.O
pherrhot (4 years ago)
bakin bu maymun bile opebiliyor. hadi turkler yurtdisina goc edin.
1st!!! Plus that jock has way too many of dem gurlz
Rae-Kia Ross (4 years ago)
That was stupid and Wat was that red stuff on his cheek
Ruh (4 years ago)
1:10 you know he wanted more lol
maysa rose (4 years ago)
Gabriel Estrada (4 years ago)
What's deh song called
TINC Galaxy (4 years ago)
Weird intro
Mateo Querol (4 years ago)
the first girl is hot
billypowell49 (4 years ago)
This guy looks like a virgin
HolmesLP (4 years ago)
Omg that one guy at the beginning acting all tough, what a tool.
Gub Jr (4 years ago)
DatNinjaGarage (4 years ago)
Music plz
DatNinjaGarage (4 years ago)
@sylface86 Lol, I listen to Electro music I subcribed to monstercat and proximity. 
MyTroll (4 years ago)
@DatNinjaGuy :D second song are Ahrix once again with Pure :)
MyTroll (4 years ago)
@DatNinjaGuy :D insted of all the trolls came out and say darude-sandstorm to you just to make you sad then Check out Ahrix-Reborn thats it also check out Nova with the same artist and if u really love electro house music check out Tobu :)
LuckyLegionN7 (4 years ago)
lol at 0:40 dat face
Star Lynn (4 years ago)
No wonder this person is single...
Daniel Fl. (4 years ago)
1:10 wierdest kiss I have ever seen
Eric Amezquita (4 years ago)
First guy in the red jersey is a douche
maxo (4 years ago)
sex skype add,,,munt1950
chris slow (4 years ago)
Ok i like some of vid you do but what is the point of kissing girls i wish you could do it more entertaining not kissing...duhh
krayt (4 years ago)
1st guy was a playa
Jessica Morgan (4 years ago)
He said with OUT touching it but he did.
Life With Lucie (4 years ago)
That is STUPID
Azra Yavuz (4 years ago)
Kvinsy Do (4 years ago)
Мои соски, я им на клык уже кидал
Mark Allen (4 years ago)
Not really a prank. But that video at the end the mad guy. Have to be careful because you run into a guy or people that don't like being messed with at all and then your in trouble and things escalate quickly. Not good.
Daedric Darkness (4 years ago)
I wonder what the outro song is called :p
Dominick Agapov (4 years ago)
@Daedric Darkness its Darude - Sandstorm
MyTroll (4 years ago)
@Daedric Darkness insted of all the douchebags come out and yell Darude Sandstorm i yell out first song is Ahrix-Reborn second outro is Ahrix-Pure :) and you are welcome
S18 Cyanide (4 years ago)
Lol that guy at the start was such a batty boy.
Alfred Angelo Lorido (4 years ago)
Samantha Saurus (4 years ago)
He has a fat head.
Diz Ynf (4 years ago)
This video was too short and wasn't much entertainment at all. It was short, he just asked girls for his money back and kissed them....
Tradina Morris (4 years ago)
egil909 (4 years ago)
1:10 Most akward kiss.
unhealthycarrot (4 years ago)
@egil909 That guy is wayyyy too shy
phharsh120 (4 years ago)
@egil909 he could have had a way longer kiss on that one. the guy's too shy
Adrian Lopez (4 years ago)
What song is the first one
MyTroll (4 years ago)
@adrian lopes insted of the trolls coming out of the cages and say darude-sandstorm to you check out Ahrix-reborn and you are welcome ;D
shanu acharjee (4 years ago)
Luke Slater (4 years ago)
'Never forget the guy bigger than you' hehe, 'the bigger they are the harder they fall' :)
sameer cherian (4 years ago)
@Luke Slater plenty of bigger guys get beat up by shorter guys, don't know what that guy is talking about.
Drumer22437 (4 years ago)
You don't fall harder Tf
Nolan Petro (4 years ago)
Love the choice of music
Kyle Plays (4 years ago)
You're unoriginal. 
Life With Lucie (4 years ago)
@Official McGeek exactly
Bahauddin Rasel (4 years ago)
TerribleTerrence (4 years ago)
What is it bro I'm just starting out I need the criticism and ideas.. But I have a a lot of projects comin tho.. You will like it
AndrosForever (4 years ago)
What is that prank shown at 1:50?
Adrian Lopez (4 years ago)
That something like shaving people
Erik Regeling (4 years ago)
Why always those stupid kiss pranks? Where are the days that pranks were real pranks?
Erik Regeling (4 years ago)
I'm not english so don't hate
CommanderWicket11 (4 years ago)
It's not even cool or funny anymore. You guys abuse your power as a youtuber and a " prankster " to kiss girls
ohh SMRT (4 years ago)
That guy in the red shirt is a jerk I hope sum1 beats the piss out of him 1 day
haiqal ariff (4 years ago)
TerribleTerrence (4 years ago)
LOL NICE ONE MAN!!! Got my SUB. Hey I prank my girl come check out how I do!! Thumbs up tho!!!
Nick Lemoigne (4 years ago)
@Hunter Jordan ohhh yessss
Zackary Paquet (4 years ago)
My spider senses feel racism in the air...hmmmm
Kenny Browne (4 years ago)
@TG tv Maybe for liberals. You are correct though, that is a drastically growing trend in the country. I believe (clearly speculation) that the cause of this is the society going to liberal views, but then wondering why there is a lack of happiness in their lives. Even the upper class is effected. Not many classy people left....... oh i forgot to add: nigger
TerribleTerrence (4 years ago)
@Hunter Jordan I'm done we all know the truth
OcterxGaming Clan (4 years ago)
So bad...
Alex Tapia (4 years ago)
Robert Olivas (4 years ago)
angel hernandez (4 years ago)
Robert Olivas (4 years ago)
cool vid

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