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11-Year-Old Dropped Off at School in Handcuffs

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11-Year-Old Dropped Off at School in Handcuffs - as part of the news series by GeoBeats. How to discipline a misbehaving child is more of an art than science. And given strong opinions on this subject, too little or too much displays tends to draw strong reactions. One such incident involved an 11-year-old boy who was brought to his school by a cop in handcuffs. The incident occurred in Artesia, New Mexico. Initially, the witnesses seemed to be upset at the police officer for brining the child like this. One of them noted - "He wasn't looking up; he was very sad," "I felt awful. I felt angry that they were doing that to him." However, according to the police report, the child's mother and grandmother had called the police when the boy was resisting going to school. And the mother wanted the police officer to teach him a lesson. The schools says that the situation was mostly beyond their control but they are investigating the matter. What do you think? What should have the boy's mother done if he refused to go to school? How should law enforcement deal with it?
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Lovro Pirkl (2 months ago)
Stupid americans
Spider boi Tyler (1 year ago)
Not good
Tiago Afonso (1 year ago)
This just proves why not all people should be parents.
bombedfun factory (1 year ago)
Tori Parents rights have been taken away. If we did this to our children, we'd be the ones in jail, so I guess that forces parents to try to find more mature ways to handle their children. This method would make it way easier though..lol
Adam Stewart (1 year ago)
11 Yeo Goes to an elementary school
Whitney Hembree (1 year ago)
I think it is just wrong
Gloria Craigie (2 years ago)
The mother should have just picked him up or put him in a corner but its illegal for a cop to hand cuff a kid for not going to school for 1 DAY The mother should not have her child btw how do i know this its because my brother in law is a cop he tells me everything
Savanna Williams (2 years ago)
he could have to go to jail
Randy Savage (3 years ago)
Isn't that illegal even for a cop? Now he left that kid emotionally scared for life. That's what I call bad parenting and a bad role model for a cop. On the plus side he might grow up to be an outstanding citizen or a criminal or worse a terrorist.  That's a bad cop walking. Vote for me for president. I tell it like it is fool.
JulJul Channel (4 years ago)
If I was a cop. I talk kid mom to be patience and talk nicely. The cop should spend time with kid tell kid how important education and listen kid problem. The cop should treat the kid with respect not like criminal. Both (mom/cop) are wrong because the kid will listen to you if you nice. Many kid have problem with friend abused in school, molested and being bully. I hope this will not happen again and the police able to use their brain to help young mom in community with  love and kindness then  hand cuff.
Mary Kennerley (10 months ago)
JulJul Channel Kids don't always listen if you are nice. My stepson was incredibly defiant and did what he pleased however we never had him taken to school in handcuffs. What is wrong with American cops anyway I have seen several videos of kids even as young as 7 being put in handcuffs.
Sébastien S. Robert (5 years ago)
Law enforcement should commit suicide.
Heather's House (5 years ago)
It's emotional, scary and a growing/learning curve. That was an emotional hump he needed to get over by her hugging, kissing and assuring him. Single mothers feel the need for police for "masculine" discipline- arianisms they don't have. She betrayed him on some pretty deep levels..He's seen that people get shot and children die at school. He probably just needed to get over that!
UntwistingThoughts (5 years ago)
Does any one know why the child didn't want to go to school? The child may have had a good reason not to go.
blablakidd2001 (5 years ago)
lol just caue he didnt want to go to school, that happens all the time, what a douche....
eddie dana (6 years ago)
you guys should just shut up about child abuse, first of all the child was resisting to go to school and last I known , it is the law for kids to go to school and if they don't they suffer the consequences i don't care if he's 11 years old it;s called tough love
Mark Boulton (6 years ago)
poor child
Evan Wasiuk (6 years ago)
poor kid
The Missouri Ham Guy (6 years ago)
#teach the mom a leason
The Missouri Ham Guy (6 years ago)
#1 not handcuff him #2 call dfs on mom #3 teach the a leason
transformersloverjon (6 years ago)
Okay, now I'm 90% sure you were being ironic, sorry.
transformersloverjon (6 years ago)
Fuck you, you fucking fuck. You're an idiot who doesn't know the difference between child abuse and parenting. Now, you could be being ironic, and if you are bravo sir, but still.
shakeval (6 years ago)
unfortunately parents can't give their kid a good ol whoop'n anymore without getting in trouble so they have to resort to this stuff
mnl O'Dell (6 years ago)
Children need real parents who deal with problems in a sane way. Taxpayers should force this mother to pay for the time it took for them to do her job. In fact, she needs to face charges for misusing the system. Birth control. Definitely she needs it.

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