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Carson Meets Anton | No Country For Old Men (2007)

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No Country For Old Men (2007) - Joel and Ethan Coen - Anton and Carson Scene
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Paul Broatch (9 months ago)
you mean the nature of this conversation ?
Derk (7 days ago)
Yes just repeat what we literally just watched. Fucking idiot
pawel wojtowicz (4 months ago)
an atm...
Crown royal (5 months ago)
Don't go to a gun fight without a gun.
Vindix007 (7 months ago)
You may have the money, Anton.
Shawn Moore (9 days ago)
Antoine surger vs Hannibal LECTOR is a mind FUCK contest who would win?
discovertube1 (12 days ago)
Carson went too easy, hated that! should have given him a fight in the lobby are!
grimrabbi (16 days ago)
caaan somebody explain to me why carson didnt hop the fence and grab the money?/ aaannnd how does he expect to stop anton with no gun and a suit that stands out like a fat man doing yoga...
TDV TDV (17 days ago)
Always take your chances to get out. Never put yourself in a position to simply be executed. He might miss, he might injure you, you may catch him off guard. When confronted by a gunman...never just "lay down" and acquiesce.
Nick prosser (17 days ago)
"Is Carson there?". "Not in the sense you mean".
Ray Burton (24 days ago)
Woody tries so hard to act in control but he’s scared shitless! Great acting!
Jake Mitchell (25 days ago)
NCFOM....a great movie in so many ways. But the Carson Wells character and Woody Harrelson casting stand out to me as not at all befitting the rest of the film's quality. The character isn't compelling; I don't see where it adds anything important to the story that couldn't have been accomplished in better ways, and for me, at least, Woody simply doesn't fit - although I count Mr. Harrelson among the best of his generation. The scene featured here feels forced and too self-aware, almost as if it were stuck in there to give Woody an opportunity to win a best supporting actor or something. Overall, a scene that with all its promise simply doesn't deliver. Just my opinion, no offense intended, And like I said, a first rate movie.
Jake Mitchell (12 days ago)
+duraosunda Evidently. Thanks for your comment.
duraosunda (12 days ago)
Great movie? Some money, not that much, act as the perfect excuse for going around and slaughter a dozen... As zilions of other movies. Are americans that sicko?
Leonard Jackson (26 days ago)
Hard to bargain with someone who can't be bought...
Pablo Ramirez (26 days ago)
Do you have any idea how crazy you are 🤣🤣🤣
Jack Murry (28 days ago)
One of the scariest man I've ever seen in a film best bit of acting
Chipchase (29 days ago)
Carson flipped the light off to try and make his escape then tripped over the fucking cat which got startled by the phone ringing.
JOHN RMIREZ (29 days ago)
you cant get 14000 from an atm
branman81794 (1 month ago)
Carson knows very well there is no sentiment to Anton but, Carson tried to use the opportunity though it ll be going to fail..
Jetto (1 month ago)
Zaman Yolcusu (1 month ago)
He is Benjamin Netanyahu's youth...
sghunter (1 month ago)
highwind8124 (1 month ago)
"Take you to an ATM. There's 14 grand in it." "This account can give $1200 in any 24 hour period." Carson lied.
highwind8124 (28 days ago)
+Blackleg Jones "An ATM..."
Blackleg Jones (29 days ago)
Carson didnt lie, he owns the whole atm machine in certain areas, just need the key and takeout all the money stacked in there!
LordKellthe1st (1 month ago)
An atm:)
Matthew AZ boy (1 month ago)
What a shitty little clip
daren harris (1 month ago)
"An atm??"
nana kala (2 months ago)
That gun barrel always freaks me out.
showmemoviesnow (28 days ago)
It's not a gun.
mCHRIS76 (3 months ago)
Freaking spaniard, always gives me the chills in that movie!
prdp (3 months ago)
an ATM!
dasboot19801 (3 months ago)
One of the greatest movie killers ever. Harrelson plays this scene very well. He knows he's fucked.
duraosunda (12 days ago)
Any movie where some money act as an excuse for going around and slaughtering a dozen seems to be great for americans. Are you guys that sicko?
Lost Theater (3 months ago)
He knows, but he does not accept it right away.
Cynical Mikey (3 months ago)
These comments about him not doing anything to fight back... umm, it's a movie? It's a written, constructed scene to get a point across. Not real life. A movie. Fake. Actors. Come on...
Evan S (3 months ago)
I often wonder who would win in a showdown between Anton and Alejandro from Sicario.
edwads74 (28 days ago)
Alejandro would fuck him up easy.
Damnit Bobby (4 months ago)
Anton is a pussy
TODD ANDERSON (4 months ago)
Would have been a good twist if they became friends and teamed up
Why did Carson go to his room when he was still on the staircase? At that moment he still had a chance.
Samuel Hutchison (4 months ago)
Woody harelson one of the greatest actors alive...
Alejandro Gonzalez (21 days ago)
Yea he really is a kick ass actor. I do enjoy all the parts he picks in movies.
-JB 89- (25 days ago)
Samuel Hutchison agreed. Very underrated.
Lonus Bjonus (4 months ago)
woody playing his own dad
Luis Chavez (4 months ago)
Wu tang pusheen (4 months ago)
Carsons life could of been spared if he followed a different rule lol
dellpiero (4 months ago)
dam, always the phone ring and someone dies after
LARCHANGE1 (4 months ago)
Interesting ?? .......
Highking Stoner (4 months ago)
That sawed off with the suppresser is fucking next level
Brian Breighner (4 months ago)
Zach B (4 months ago)
u know the movie is gonna be good when u got havier bardem woody harrelson and josh brolin
baytownbert2 (4 months ago)
Poor Carson. He knew he was dead at the bottom of the staircase.
Lost Theater (4 months ago)
He knows but he does not accept it right away, not until Anton reminds him orally.
Mark Mckeown (5 months ago)
Fucking brilliant. An ATM. shortest best line ever.
Daffy * (5 months ago)
Well you're going to die. There's a maniac that can't be reasoned with about to blow your guts out your back. You can either take it like a champ and give up or fight tooth and nail to overpower your attacker. You have better odds of living that way. Even if you lose you gave it a shot and that's something.
Mtngear (5 months ago)
Black out the ending? Too sensitive?
Beastie Prince (7 days ago)
Johnny Collini (5 months ago)
Woody Harrelson was so bloody convincing in this scene. Simply scary. "If the road you followed brought you to this" is one of most incredible lines written for a film. Saw this great film on the first day of it's release and when it ended with the bad guy going thru the green light and getting hit, I had to laugh. He was following the law!!!!!!!!!! Then Tommy Lee Jones talks about his dreams and the screen fades to black. Simply brilliant.
Juan Huarte (1 month ago)
"if the rule you followed", not road, rule
Brandon H. (4 months ago)
Anton hates Carson and is just trying to add insult to injury. Add humiliation before he kills him. When he says if the rule you followed led you to this of what use was the rule. Thats another way of saying..... the rule you followed led you to sitting in a chair across from me about to blow your brains out with a shotgun. What was its purpose.
brandon m (4 months ago)
I thought it was the rule you follow
Atrain973 main4life386 (4 months ago)
What did he mean by that when he said that if the road LED you to this .? What was the meaning of it when he said about the rule what was he trying to say I didn't get it?
TideIsHigh89 (5 months ago)
Why would you not show all of it. Dumb
merph1 (5 months ago)
The best scene of the movie.
scott walker (5 months ago)
why not see the death scene...PFTTT ....censorship sucks u know....what is more shameful. is self censorship.......thumbs down...
James Miller (4 months ago)
Security experts know you don't 'go to the room', your best chance is on the stairs where you have room to move, he may miss, and you have surprise. Your life is over anyway, you pick the spot to make your last stand and that spot has to be the best choice for that last stand. Not sitting in a chair.
Anthony DiSalvo (11 days ago)
Agreed with your strategy and exhausting your last possibility even if it’s a 5% success rate it’s better than zero, but I think it was meant to show Carson’s character. He was a guy that valued money, and although he knew everything he explained about Anton as far as not being able to negotiate with him and him being completely ruthless, I think he figured his best chance was to sit down and negotiate with him. He talked about getting the briefcase and he talked about going to an ATM. He valued money more than anything else, but unfortunately for Him Anton didn’t.
KutWrite (11 days ago)
1. Carson was a narcissist. He thought he could buy his way out, or insult Anton to make him angry & careless. 2. Anton likes a challenge. He also enjoys toying with people. He wanted to see what Carson would do, or he'd have waited for him in the room. 3. Anton has his rules, like the coin. 4. Anton wanted to savor the moment & take his revenge on the mob, who hired Carson against their contract with Anton and Anton's code of honor.
jućub 111 (17 days ago)
+James Miller but i dont understand,why he kill Carson?
Jesse Wright (21 days ago)
Indeed. Just one more nail in the coffin for this utterly unbelievable plot.
Ian Mangham (1 month ago)
That's what they know is it
baboonie minks (5 months ago)
It actually makes perfect sense that hes asking what rule he broke or didnt follow. Amazing.
Blumpkin Pumpkin (5 months ago)
This is an awesome scene.
Blumpkin Pumpkin (5 months ago)
Thanks guys. Spell check.
Crown royal (5 months ago)
Zahid Khan I scene it too. !!
Zahid Khan (5 months ago)
I feel privileged to have scene it
Detective HoodBruh (5 months ago)
“I have something Better!!” “I know where it’s going to be...”
Wittor Joseph (3 months ago)
Detective HoodBruh I know*
Pablo pablo (5 months ago)
Mom calls
Yuri Orloff (5 months ago)
The fact is that sugar miscalculated when moss had the money at the Gage hotel. He also miscalculated by going to wax Mrs Moss in Odessa. Both miscalculations nearly cost his life, so he also followed a rule that nearly led him to his end.
Roger Gustafsson (5 months ago)
If that's a shotgun, or any gun, no way it'll be that quiet. Even with a silencer. Movie logic
LLiivveeeevviiLL (2 days ago)
Seems as a cal. 20 and not a 12. Could be done.
Crown royal (5 months ago)
I think it was two different guns, one was a small gauge shotgun, the other thing was the cowkilller. 😵
SuWoopSparrow (5 months ago)
It seems to not shoot any pellets. Its like the air compressor thing used to slaughter cows, but in gun form.
Roger Gustafsson (5 months ago)
+SuWoopSparrow Yes I did. It's a good movie.
SuWoopSparrow (5 months ago)
Did you even watch the movie
johnnymitz (5 months ago)
Why block out the shooting part? Wtf?
PhilE kostro (5 months ago)
Carson already knew Anton....
Garrett Kittel (5 months ago)
"You go to hell" "Mmmmmm, alright"
Ignacio Travieso (5 months ago)
Está película tiene ese tipo de asesino frío,loco y sin ningúna posibilidad de escapar de el,su actuación,un hombre feo,alto con mirada de pocos amigos,todo nos lleva a la conclusión que va a acabar muy mal el que se le atraviese en su camino.
Wendell Cotham (5 months ago)
Wendell Cotham (5 months ago)
He said he was going ahead of me to build a FIRE OUT THERE IN ALL THAT DARKNESS LOL
Wendell Cotham (5 months ago)
Wendell Cotham (5 months ago)
Wendell Cotham (5 months ago)
Pablo Ramirez (6 months ago)
That cowboy had to play with fire and sure enough he got burned
Kelley Manning (6 months ago)
WTF??? You stop the vid right when he shoots the other guy, so that we can hear it but not see it?? That sucked....thumbs down.
MAHF (30 days ago)
+Karl_ Hmmmmmmmmmmmm not really
Karl_ (5 months ago)
+tari813 in the 21st century, social media thumbs down equate to the Emperor's thumbs down in ancient Rome. He will eventually be fed to the Lions 🦁. Gulp!
tari813 (6 months ago)
What's point of giving a thumbs down? Will the uploader be beaten if he gets enough of them??
Ronnie Bishop (6 months ago)
What I didn't understand is why Carson would walk around unarmed and knowing the type of person he's after better than anyone? And then just walks right into his room with this psycho, with no attempt at retaliation against him.
jućub 111 (17 days ago)
wait...i mised that part...so Carson was hired to kill Anton and guy who hired him is same guy who hired Anton who he killed causse giving locator to Mexicans? so how Anton knew that Carson is after him thats my question? if somebody answer id be most grateful
Nico Montinola (18 days ago)
Carson is as dumb as a mouse!
salamango81 (24 days ago)
If you stop and think its too late
Roger B (1 month ago)
I agree ...armed and you go to a hotel different every day or stay at someones little rental ...to show up at the MARRIOTT ...lol...he is waiting for your dumb ass
harizotoh7 (2 months ago)
Well, the idea that Anton would track him down just doesn't seem likely to him. So he was caught off guard. He kills both Carson Welles and the Office Guy through doubling back. Neither thought he'd do that. I mean, a guy trying to get away won't come after you right?
rwest1833_MGTOW (7 months ago)
terrible quality, low sound...dubbed out of sync....Jesus...why waste the time?
Stefan Dobre (5 months ago)
Buy a fucking dvd
Chris B (5 months ago)
Awww!!! Didja lose yer little boner?
Curt Christensen (7 months ago)
Carson should have quit a long time ago. way out of his league
michael jonn (8 months ago)
What a beautiful gun . Im only saying beautiful
Peter Liang (8 months ago)
Thumbs down for not showing Anton's menacing grin as he greets Carson!
Bo Haggin (9 months ago)
This video has loading issues.
Fuck You (5 months ago)
Bo Haggin its your internet
Guinea (6 months ago)
Bo Haggin Yeah I dont know what they did in editing but this video is just aids trying to load.
Bo Haggin (9 months ago)
The ads always work though. (((Go figure)))
obbzerver (9 months ago)
This is stupid - he just sits there and gets shot, doesn't even attempt to overpower him.
duraosunda (12 days ago)
Overpower? You mean fight? What language is that? Newspeak?
Silver Star (6 months ago)
Same thing in the final scene when the widow could have beat it out the house, instead, she sits on the bed to continue the conversation. I am sure there is some sort of message that most of his victims accepted their finality, Christopher Walker voice- “cause he’s scary,”
sp1d3rm0nk3y33 (6 months ago)
Zero chances to make a single movement without getting shot. He would have had more chances to win the lottery.
Robin Nichols (7 months ago)
The only thing I would have possibly done was ask for a coin toss if I didn't win or even get him to flip a coin he'd at least be distracted a while
Deplorable Patriot (7 months ago)
obbzerver no your the fucking sheep . stupid liberal fuck.
dopamining (10 months ago)
That was an extremely shitty upload.
duraosunda (12 days ago)
Perfectly suited to the movie btw.
Lost Theater (10 months ago)
That was an extremely shitty comment.
DaleRobby rear (10 months ago)
Cheap nihilism masquerading as art. It's a little thrilling at times, edge of your seat in fact, but not deep.
gt2e (1 month ago)
hahahaha very true,very funny
Guappo4Prez2012 (4 months ago)
edgar suit
Tex Resident (5 months ago)
You may be on to something. If Carson knows Anton, then Carson would have tried to fight him before going into the room because no one usually survives any meeting with Anton. Also, the car wreck scene toward the end, no one else in the neighborhood comes out to see what's going on, even the guy who we're told is calling an ambulance. As Anton walks away, he's not even half a block down when we hear the sirens, certainly not enough time to get away unnoticed. See? If only the filmmakers had heard my semi-amateur movie-maker opinion before editing, it would've been so much more believable.
JSavic (5 months ago)
DaleRobby rear Pseud
Martin Guerra (5 months ago)
It's funny... You're describing the witcher novels i just read.
mushroom Assassin (10 months ago)
Whats all the ringing? I think its for you its the devil lmao #grandmasboys lmao
damian chamberlin (3 days ago)
mushroom Assassin I’m to baked to drive to the Devil’s house
zacharycat (1 year ago)
Could have at least given Carson a coin toss for old times sake.
Javi Valdi (3 months ago)
Uejji yes, I think the same.
Chilling Home (9 months ago)
Anton killed the hotel attendant already
Fakename70 (10 months ago)
I think that they've obviously crossed paths before, but this was the day that Chigur decided that he's had it up to here with Carson Wells. But, what I've always wondered is, how the hell did Chigur get inside the hotel with that weapon apparently without anyone stopping him?
Uejji (10 months ago)
I think that people who break Anton's code *and* are not directly in his way get the coin toss. Carson was in his way and was eliminated.
Nothing To be said (1 year ago)
1:22 in that moment we all knew someone is about to get fucked
Lost Theater (1 year ago)
Yep, even Carson knows it :)
Cascadeski (1 year ago)
What is Woody Harrelson chewing on?
duraosunda (12 days ago)
Perhaps a visual metaphor of the fact he´s a hillbilly. As 90% of all americans by the way.
Crown royal (5 months ago)
His last meal.
cory arnold (6 months ago)
Rickster79 (1 year ago)
Probably tobacco
Rick B. (1 year ago)
Javier Bardem is the best....period.
Douglas B. (4 months ago)
One scary fella for sure. If I had the money, I would definitely give it to him to keep from being killed!!!
Rashaunda Rollins (5 months ago)

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