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Unlocking iPhone Magic Trick!!! Daniel Fernandez

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So excited to meet you guys in New York! It. Is. Not. Fake. I'm honored some of you think so though, not being able to figure it out just compliments my work. Join The Magic Family! - http://tinyurl.com/oxaoj2f Follow Me On Twitter - https://twitter.com/danfer22 Follow Me On Instagram - https://instagram.com/thedanielfernandez Like Me On Facebook - https://facebook.com/danielvfernandez Business Inquiries Only - [email protected] I'm so excited to meet some of you in NYC! I hope you get the chance to make it out, and if you don't, share this video with your friends and hopefully I get to meet them! Tweet me if you're coming so I can stalk you and "guess" your name when I meet you lol. Also, I love this video, it marks the beginning of a new chapter, more about that later on. Love you guys very much and hope you had a lovely memorial day. Danny x
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Text Comments (724)
jhn gyt (4 months ago)
Finger print, on home button, if you get wax paper and it's not wiped off u can get in with 2/3 tries... Look a each time he hits the home button to get in.
Lairaba Tom (6 months ago)
Plz tutorial
Devyn Reeves (6 months ago)
Can you get and disabled iPhone 4 unlocked
Oshane Allen (8 months ago)
That girl with the bike was fine as fuck
tanjim rizon (9 months ago)
Just love 4 u bruhhh.... u r awesome😲😲😲😲
Winter Apple Gaming YT (9 months ago)
U can read mind right than u can even read my mind while they are sleeping or dreaming of anything
Kashmala Tehseen (11 months ago)
Sir can you tell me too how did you do that
Elly Sarmiento (1 year ago)
Safet 16 (1 year ago)
Plice turturial
King _KJ (1 year ago)
The girl in the blue crop top. 😍
Papa Jags (1 year ago)
Okay, how the fuck did you do that?
DimaX HD (1 year ago)
How he guess
Praveen Pavee (1 year ago)
how to do that trick bro
Cesar Rivas (1 year ago)
he grabbed the venezuelan flag, is he venezuelan?????
Mc Kash (1 year ago)
The chainsmokers.... Song
Mayank Pareek (1 year ago)
How did you do this? PLEASE teach the trick... P L E A S E...!!!
Young Yuva (1 year ago)
how u did this....???? pls say the trick to us.....☺
AOne Guide (1 year ago)
how can i do this
Geo Saj (1 year ago)
Geo Saj (1 year ago)
Dan can you do a tutorial on this trick.
Nikit Patel (1 year ago)
FBI should've called Daniel to unlock the phone!!! lol
Jr Finau (1 year ago)
How the fuck u do that
Homer-SXC (1 year ago)
How did he do it?
Dude u seriously know who to ask 😉😉😎😎
Red R The Wise One (1 year ago)
There used to be a trick with apple phones where you could get into someone's phone without a passcode
Carl Williams (1 year ago)
How the f
Tarum250 (1 year ago)
I know this trick he looks at the finger prints
itsYungboi J (1 year ago)
When he was looking in her phone he set a finger print
Sheldon Calinaya (1 year ago)
please make a tutorial
Grace O'farrell (1 year ago)
I lovvvvveeeeee this ohh my god I love you and your videos they are unbelievable 😍😍😍😍😍
Euan Lim (1 year ago)
He looked in the sunglasses when they typed in their password
Logdude1126 (1 year ago)
All he had to do is follow them around till he saw them unlock it. The rest is just acting
Abir Chaudhuri (1 year ago)
Using iUnlockYourMind much?
Banban (1 year ago)
Wow mentalism level 9999 soon ill be doing that just a hundred more meditations
Mark the Great (1 year ago)
It's not fake. He even have a tutorial on how to get the pass code...
Ash league (1 year ago)
This is a simple trick that most tech savvy people know...
samuel nanere (1 year ago)
i guess, he had been tracking those girls and seen them typing the password beforehand. and after he got it, he acted like he was reading their mind but in fact he wasn't, he had already known the password before
Crazy People (1 year ago)
How did u do it anyone teach me?
Caleb LoVette (1 year ago)
Well u had dates !! Like once they see this u won't have dates
Ishfaaq Jhaumeer (1 year ago)
You had a scout?
Yash Mathur (1 year ago)
How did he do that!
Ino145 (1 year ago)
That blonde at the elephant looks so freaking gorgeous, that tummy.. <3
sveze banane (1 year ago)
0:30 First flag on the left of you is a flag of my country called Slovenia! Love your videos, keep them comming so I got something to do at holidays! 🔥❤🔥
hasib hossain (1 year ago)
how did you do it? I really wanna know how it works
Chathura Fernando (1 year ago)
Yahhhh. Thumbs up.😉I know the trick btw😂.
KOSSTRIKER7 (1 year ago)
how the fuck did you do it . I am paying to learn this. ok i am not paying but i want to learn it so bad
tom christie (1 year ago)
What version of don't let me down is it?
subham kumar Hansdah (1 year ago)
Bro how did u do it??
HILTON (1 year ago)
Daniel fernandez do you timor leste
Wewewe w (1 year ago)
tutorial ples!!!!!!!!!
Chimwemwe Chama (1 year ago)
lucky ma fucka
Chimwemwe Chama (1 year ago)
lucky ma fucka
DDK Reaction (1 year ago)
no tutorial y
Shivnarayan Brahma (1 year ago)
how you learn those tricks?
David Barodi (1 year ago)
hi daniel. can I ask a favor? can you do a tutorial for that? i want to know how did you did that im just sayin 😂😂😂. thanks Daniel. love your vids man. keep it up. I've already subscribed.
陳祈宏 (1 year ago)
teach me plz
Nuwan Thilakaratne (1 year ago)
So you telling me that ya'll didn't notice Cameron Dallas at 0:24? Jesus...
Android Pack King (1 year ago)
Who thinks Daniel should go to Britain's got talent or America's got talent.
Mauthoor Motasim (1 year ago)
can you teach it please??
The Machine (1 year ago)
how did the girl with the pink hotline bling case turn into a white case ? Sus....
KING YT (1 year ago)
common how much money did u gave to them to do this :)
labindu chetak 1999 (2 years ago)
teach me
Peder Brokke (2 years ago)
More like, if i can get inside your phone, i can get inside you.
MrDarthGravy (2 years ago)
Anyone know the name of this trick? Seems a little too impossible to me tbh
Team Revelation (2 years ago)
Joe did you do it
cal lightman (2 years ago)
Where can I learn this?! Pls
Aserve Yout (2 years ago)
Yo how is this possible, there are over billions of combinations? I feel like he must have ask those girls for hints.
Lil Itachi (2 years ago)
do a tutorial on this one too please
Arsen Y (2 years ago)
Jay Rojas it's fake. If he could, then he would just rob the phone and sell it. YOOO!
The trick is really easy! Remember that all the phones was: iPhones! That means that he used siri!!! Search in YouTube how to unlock an iPhone using Siri! It's really easy!! 😂😂
Ralph Basista (2 years ago)
did you really date all of them?
Ananb Nanana (2 years ago)
Song ?
Bella (2 years ago)
Ananb Nanana Drake - hotline bling The chainsmokers- don't let me down
[Jimin Kwak]곽지민 (2 years ago)
What is the name of song at 0:13
Bella (2 years ago)
곽지민 The chainsmokers- don't let me down
Prakash Raghuwanshi (2 years ago)
100% sure it's fake..... Or he sent his frnd to these girls before the trick. And his frnd might have asked for using their phone and he saw the pass.
salami Makkeh (2 years ago)
I just featured out how he did this.. In fact.. the sunlight is a part of it..
Umair Outlet (2 years ago)
hey bro plzz send me ur number ??
oguzhan ozmen (2 years ago)
wath Is song ?
Ryan Song (2 years ago)
It is definitely not a magic. Fake
Mikhail Dc (2 years ago)
I don't think it's a trick ..
Punisher2769 (2 years ago)
How does he do this trick? Do I need to buy something because it looked like he wasn't typing anything in the phone
AAM A (2 years ago)
Help your brother unlock dates, how'd you do it
༺εgуρt༻ 0 (2 years ago)
Fuck I forgot my password on my iPhone 6, help plz? Lol
Diego Garcia (2 years ago)
Eres de venezuela?
Dark Night of the Soul (2 years ago)
You could make a bagillion dollars teaching this to girls so they can get into their dude's phone.
P Wever (2 years ago)
its not magic its a bug with certain ios version with the iphone...
Heka Ancient Magic (2 years ago)
+Pascal Wever i bet 😂😂😂
P Wever (2 years ago)
+Prince Art Of Magic exactly no i could do the same without magic...
Heka Ancient Magic (2 years ago)
totally wrong
BONI DEB (2 years ago)
Good Man... love it
Manuel Mandanas (2 years ago)
Ugh, how the hell did you do that thing?😱😱You always amaze me😆😆
Ibrahim Abu Bakr (2 years ago)
how tf did he do that ???
Agus_YT (2 years ago)
Song 0:41? please
Alckyson 98 (2 years ago)
smoothbutta99 (2 years ago)
What he did was make them compress their hand on the screen so he can see the imprints of the numbers in the sunlight and yea haha
Alan Concepcion (2 years ago)
are you venezuelan, why you were holding the venezuelan flag?
Bárbara Gómez (2 years ago)
DAT Venezuelan flag.
reflect datass (2 years ago)
ali benali (2 years ago)
TheBudderMC (2 years ago)
This is trash, I'm just saying
NiceBoy Dan (2 years ago)
Zubaida Bi (2 years ago)
what's the song
Jay Qrrzz (2 years ago)
Whats the title of the song?
Mehdi Musawi (2 years ago)
Show me how to guess the password!!!! I need to unlock dates too

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