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Fun World - The Best Amusement Park in Bangalore

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Break Free ! Take a break ! just spend time with your close ones at Funworld . The happiest place in bangalore ... #funtastic #funworld #waterworld #bestamusmentparkbangalore for more details logon to www.funworldblr.com
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Text Comments (12)
Altaf Ahmed (1 month ago)
Can short gyess can enjoy the all the water and dry rides
rahul raj rahul (2 months ago)
i have went 2 times driffrent game like other
shaik muskan (4 months ago)
I have visited this place 1 time it is vry vry nice and not a dabgerous
Sanjay Muduli (9 months ago)
I had been visited here
Shaik Rizwan Basha (10 months ago)
nice place
Kavyanisha Kavyanisha (1 year ago)
OK good but not too much of wonderla
Sujatha PS (9 days ago)
Bidhu Bhusan (4 months ago)
Girish V (5 months ago)
How much ticket cost? And it's worth for that money?
Vgowda Gowda (1 year ago)
Wonder ful even i visted these place one time. It was really amazing experience. Omg omg omg... ...I love this place
faizan bob (1 year ago)
Wonderful good nyc
Goan Traveller (1 year ago)
Nice park

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