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Clearing Up Incorrect Info About Ultimate Masters - Why It's Not That Bad

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There's a lot of misinformation and misinformed opinions and first impressions on the release of info today about Ultimate Masters in Magic the Gathering are a bit off. Time to clear it up because not everything is quite as bad as everyone's saying. Support me on Patreon for mad rewards: https://www.patreon.com/desolatormagic Twitter: https://twitter.com/DesMagicYT Get epic Desolator Magic shirts: https://teespring.com/stores/desolator-magic
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LastFractionZero (8 months ago)
Import Tariff? Nono... markups pre-date the tariffs. What you are seeing is cynicism informed by a long history of getting screwed. WOTC does in fact have some control over this as they are the ones that have chosen to employ regional restrictions for distribution and they control what distributors are authorized to carry their product. As a result we essentially have a duopoly in Canada represented by two distributors that don't really ever attempt to compete on price. We can actually find cheaper boxes online... but we can't buy them. They're in America and WOTC won't allow those companies to ship to Canada. Even after accounting for shipping costs, duty, and tariffs buying from the US would be cheaper. You know what though, you're right, WOTC has absolutely no control over their product at all. They're completely at the whims of the free market.
joker of AL (8 months ago)
. My lgs has already released prices for packs and they are 13.99 there.
Devin (8 months ago)
Wouldn’t it have been smarter to treat them like the actual masterpieces were and just stick them in random packs and did a decent size print run, and kept the MSRP $240? Hell, I feel like they definitely would sell more boxes.
Obelion (8 months ago)
still why make this box topper in the first place? we all expected from the buy a box promos that its a bonus addon for free, for buying a whole box. i mean nobody asked for it and just making a box 280 without the topper wouldve gotten way better feedback. but its wizards, cant expect them do do logical descisions
Child o' Ra (8 months ago)
Thank you for clearing up the BS. People love to complain, also people love to act they are an authority on current events. Makes them feel special XD so again thank you for invalidating these other tube whores.
Potato PewPew (8 months ago)
Why did you have to make it political? That’s so annoying when people in media unrelated to politics make shit political. 🙄 if you want to get past the tariffs send it to a friend in the USA and have them ship it to you from the USA as a gift.
yeeisme (8 months ago)
So sadly the reasons boxes are more expensive North of the boarder is because of the lower dollar and the retaliatory tax Canada imposed because of the ones slapped on us by your President. But even so, right now on any FB MTG group up here we are seeing boxes from between $365-380 CAD (tax included is determined by vendor) or about $265-290 USD.
Gary Sharkey (8 months ago)
yeeisme I’m sorry our president sucks, hopefully things will change in a couple of years.
fsmoura (8 months ago)
fsmoura (8 months ago)
12:02 liquid cash best cash
ximoklim (8 months ago)
I’m a very old broke ass magic player who’s trying get back into the modern game, and I’m very happy to see all these unattainable cards getting reprints. Thanks to this set I may be able to finally build my dream jund deck. So who cares about MSRP, packs and everything. Who buys them anyway? Great set, great video!
Michelle Wong (8 months ago)
ximoklim, due to the high price of this set, it won't reduce the singles market for the choice cards by any significant margin. Sad but true, Liliana and Snapcaster etc will still be sky high because of the absurd prices of these boosters and the fact that they are mythics.
Mitony 311 (8 months ago)
Bro you can use prize tickets from the Vancouver GP to buy ultimate box topper packs!! Which means CFB gets to search the packs and give the shitty ones out!!!
Jonathan Byrd (8 months ago)
All but two man lands are sub $1. This only shows a few rares and a couple uncommons, there's no guarantee the rest of the set isn't tree of perdition garbage.
Kelvin Corp (8 months ago)
Its like the mega tins in YuGiOh. All expensive playble cards in one set. Big difference in YuGiOh i buy an case of those tins for 150.- a piece with 12 in them around 19.95 msrp
WolleWip (8 months ago)
I'm here back from the future, 2026, to tell you about Masters 33: A former reservelist masterpiece in every booster. One million Arena gems redemption code. Goodie bag with 50 random boosters from 2014-2020 period. Gold plated Waste guild token, signed by Mark Rosewater. MRSP UK £2400 or 12 bit coins. Start saving now!
Weeb and Proud (8 months ago)
@13:40 The american has been better then canadian dollar for at least last 40-50 years trump had nothing to do with it
Ranga Reviews (8 months ago)
$25 per pack here in Australia just looked on LGS website
IceBarrier Angel (8 months ago)
Im just suspicius about the date of release
TheJankTank (8 months ago)
Des the one u didn't know about were all $30+ and that's non foil promos lol
Frank g (8 months ago)
They started the three pack thing back in unstable
Eric Johnson (8 months ago)
Don't forget that the 3-packs will be bought, opened, and returned from the big box stores. Not to mention that they have probably already been searched from TJ's anyways. Also, you think you are going to pick up these packs cheap from a LGS - perhaps from the few honest stores. More likely is you are going to get gouged because that is the nature of the LGS getting cheap product like this from Wizzers direct WHICH I THOUGH was supposed to have been closed.
rodimalrodimus (8 months ago)
winner gets the box topper in draft
Ralph Fowler (8 months ago)
As this pertains to clearing up incorrect info. In a previous comment I made a statement that I had not received a ultimate box topper and was unsure if they were actually being sent to everyone who attempted to buy the masters edition. Both my girlfriend and myself received out UBT with apology letters today
Roeloff Tan (8 months ago)
for me the problem isnt that there is value at the top end, the problem has always been the bulk. do i really want to buy 35 bucks to have a possible 3 bulk rares?
Kelvin Corp (8 months ago)
The reason bulk excist is because of mass box openers. And because they all open so many and dump everything to market. Means that there is an flood of cards that are not amazing that does not sell so the price plumets
Трахни тебя (8 months ago)
Demonic Tutor is roughly $50 from Revised and the Duel Deck. $1000 from Alpha.
magicrainbow aids (8 months ago)
You're definitely correct about the packs msrp being 11 not 14 but there will only be so many blister packs at that price the rest will be at the 335 price which will price people out of buying it.. if you want say Liliana cheapest I could find is 72 dollars. A 335 box is doubtfully going to lower that in any significant way . Only time can really tell but I don't see this lowering prices in a significant way .
J G (8 months ago)
Des I think the big reason people get the value wrong is because even thought the box might be that at msrp without the topper, I think people want the option to not have the topper. Not too many want these super flashy foil cards that most likely curl. Most of the community just wants a good masters set without any extra stuff. Dont get me wrong the toppers are cool and worth money and there is a whole set to be spoiled but I think it's just people wanna be able to preorder for 220 or 240 like other masters sets outside of eternal masters and not feel like they need to buy the whole 336 dollars worth. Now sure lgs will sell single packs. and theres blister packs but it just dosent feel good with alot of players
Cavemantero (8 months ago)
$14.99 pack.....................watch to make up for blue pack hosing ...and yes, prepared to get hosed. None of those cards in the blue pack will be worth $50 after the whales are done....except the ultra mythic rares which theyll print way less then the mediocre ones. This box is just an ultimate sized raffle.
Sticky Jo Howdy! (8 months ago)
Dude your the best, your like the mtg Ben Shapiro
Gaming Nerd1993 (8 months ago)
I'm not going to buy a box of Ultimate Masters but I will buy the full art cards that I need.
Man That Games (8 months ago)
17:18 Amen dude!
David Larsen (8 months ago)
$324.71 amazon so race to bottom has begun
David Larsen (8 months ago)
and stores in my area are only offering drafts for $50 with the masterpiece as the prize! :(
thedanath (8 months ago)
Im sorry but it shouldnt matter what cards are reprinted in a set. If they somehow could reprint the power nine and stick them in a booster set shouldnt mean the booster boxes should all of the sudden be 1000 a box. As its been stated by other people its costs Wotc no more to print a Black lotus then it does a counterspell. and the fact that its only 24 boosters in a masters set instead of 36. So we now get less cards in a box for more money. Even if you argue that they "put a foil in every pack" does not matter, look at Pokemon as an example you get a foil in every pack with a chance to get the secret rares or whatever they are called. All that for around 100 dollars for 36 packs in a box, and you get the code for the online game . Basically it does show Wotc is just greedy AF.
travelsonic (8 months ago)
@Xiong Chong " it costs the same as standard everybody who already played modern/legacy will stop playing" Bullshit, as not everyone likes a particular format even if it becomes accessible, and people are capable of (and do) play multiple formats.
Xiong Chong (8 months ago)
If you don't keep the prices at a somewhat stable level you'll kill the format. If it costs the same as standard everybody who already played modern/legacy will stop playing, and the player base of standard will be diluted by those who choose the now cheap as chips modern/legacy over it. The game will be cheaper yes, because the game will have a tiny fraction of the previous players and overall demand (you're actually alienating your highest paying and highest profit margin customers), and the box prices will be very low and WoTC will have no money for R&D and then you'll get some amazingly crap new standard sets, causing more people to leave for other games, seeing as MTG now has no prestige value whatsoever. Do you really like this future?
Kevin PrimeTimeCards (8 months ago)
excellent economic assessment.
Dolphus Colon (8 months ago)
Solid gold hammers do not work that way
rfbthree (8 months ago)
Who gets the Box topper is easy, the winner of the draft tournament when it's opened! :)
Bailey Thomas (8 months ago)
As a Canadian, people who are saying what it will be in Canada, welcome to the last 20 years of our dollar being shit
David Pépin (8 months ago)
There is 100% more chance that you will be able to purchase a single booster of this at your LGS then at Walmart. So, if you are talking about the price of a SINGLE booster pack, you need to use the price of a box and not the blisterpack, LGS wont have any. In any case, this is like buying lottery coupon, and its not for me. Good luck to the others.
Philip Cardillo (8 months ago)
They really need to load up the uncommon and even the common slot in this set. If those cards have at least some value, it will seriously help the value of this set.
Knight Bane (8 months ago)
Philip Cardillo spore frog needs to be reprinted
Elijah M Thompson (8 months ago)
Am I agreeing with desolator magic? wow..... this is new.
Preston Grizzard (8 months ago)
I’d be fine with a price increase, IF the card quality issues were fixed, but they aren’t. WOTC can’t even get a non curling masterpiece for their own video.
J Aitken (8 months ago)
Game Nerdz had it preodered for 225, but they're sold out now. I dont know how much of a dent this will have on the secondary market. Higher price will likely mean less stock sold to consumers, so the only places opening large quantities will be biggers shops like SCG that have a higher price anyways.
Chris Perciavalle (8 months ago)
A store near me is also doing preorders for 225. But it's going to be a 1 day in store only first come first serve thing.
Bloodreign137 (8 months ago)
Saw this coming after a certain someone’s livestream this morning lmao I know all the lgs around me are going to sell them for $13.99 regardless
Alexander Neimeth (8 months ago)
Demonic tutor is worth $50. It is amazing in commander and tarmogoyf is about $75.
Joshua Cowen (8 months ago)
I agree with you. However by doing this they are absolutely acknowledging the secondary market.
Michael Becker (8 months ago)
WAIT!!!!! You have another chanel!?! Why wasn't I told
DarkSteelMenace (8 months ago)
You have never heard of demonic tutor? Its basically the best tutor in the whole game
Rithvik Kumar (8 months ago)
Great video, very informative.
HIYGamer (8 months ago)
Even before the tariffs came into place, masters sets usually cost around $15 per pack in Canada.
BlazenJester Games (8 months ago)
I mean I’m happy to see that Wizards is printing certain cards again and all this set like a lot of the masters sets just isn’t for me honestly, I’m all for seeing what they’re doing but yea I’m not in for this product as for my store maybe I’ll order some but personally nah not for me.
Lego CowMan (8 months ago)
My rule of thumb is if it doesn't have dinosaurs its a bad set/deck duh.
K. Bularga (8 months ago)
Who says there's no Colossal Dreadmaw in the set? There is no way they don't reprint such a high-demand gamebreaker.
BlazenJester Games (8 months ago)
Leovold foils are like 200 and something
BlazenJester Games (8 months ago)
3 pack blister pack started with Conspiracy
Jay Morales (8 months ago)
BlazenJester Games Well it made sense for a draft mechanic set. Everything else didn’t really make any sense.
BlazenJester Games (8 months ago)
Damn Des cranking out the videos today, hope you enjoyed my tweet about the train wreak !
Robert Romine (8 months ago)
We know all the mythics (15) 23 of the 58 rares, and 2 of the uncommons
Robert Romine (8 months ago)
And if we are being generous about tasigur being one of the key cards in the set. When they made the call to include him, alt art him, and then boxtop him they assumed he was still a modern staple and would go back to $5. So there might be a few more 5$ rares. But most of the rares are going to be in the 1-4 range.
Dicebaggery (8 months ago)
And all that extra "value" you paid for might get you a kitchen finks with resized artwork :/
Obelion (8 months ago)
you know what the players will LOVE? mandatory 50$ lottery tickets with every box! who doesnt like being forced into gambling when buying a childrens cardgame. lets intentionally put some duds in because it wouldnt be fun if there was guaranteed value. also lets make the packs see through so resale is impossible unopened!
TheJankTank (8 months ago)
@K. Bularga balefire is $20
K. Bularga (8 months ago)
Still better than Balefire dragon, aren't they? Finks are atleast played in modern...
Cindershadow Gaming (8 months ago)
We canadians understand the customs, shipping, tax, and tariffs are out of our control. There is a lot more to the economy of mtg here. The stores will end up selling these boxes closest guess would be north of $550 cnd. Now that said in a lot of cases the ev of the boxes dont translate to cnd. Ev is us dollar straight across to cnd. 1:1 on singles at stores. But sealed product gets the hit from exchange and ect. So for us increased price of product does not equal increase in singles. trade in value is 75% of the sell price or 50% cash or less, this is fine as it supports the stores. However if you try to private sale you are looking 10-20% below SCG or tcg us list price, and all this is because if you get open singles you dont pay all the extra stuff. I would rather trade with people, but no one trades at all, or you need to travel across the cities to trade.
Jrr ooo (7 months ago)
Box's are 399+ tax CAD Stop tripping.
hammertim2007 (8 months ago)
@Nerobyrne Last I checked two things. A the new Nafta style agreement has yet to be ratified and B, in retaliation for Trump placing tariffs on steel trading cards was one of over a dozen products that were slapped with a tariff. That is why to 2 GRN boxes were over 300 CDN as each box after taxes is over 150. They are currently 139.99 before tax. This will even be worse in some provinces starting Jan 1 when the forced federal carbon tax kicks in thus driving the price up even more. I have no doubt at all that the starting price in Canada after taxes for Ultimate Masters will exceed $500 per box and we still don't really have any idea what the overall value of the content in these boxes will actually be until the whole set is spoiled.
Dennis Kwasnycia (8 months ago)
For future reference, from another Canadian: Canadian dollars is abreviated (CAD). Also, etcetera is abreviated "etc.,". Not to be "that" guy, just really cringe to see a Canadian say they "understand customs, shipping tax and tariffs" and can't correctly reference their own currency. Cheers.
WOTC makes hand over fist money on Canadians;P
Nerobyrne (8 months ago)
What, there shouldn't be any customs or tariffs since NAFTA is a thing. Also does Canada actually not have a production facility? Seems like that could make a lot of money.
popky101 (8 months ago)
oh and goryos vengeance is often played alongside through the breach to cheat emrakul or grizzlebrand into play
popky101 (8 months ago)
lets be honest the packs are going to be 11.99 or 12.99 no ones going to sell them for 11.66333 lol
DinDinDunDun (8 months ago)
I think they finally just went with seeking out the full potential of the master's model this time instead of trying some half-way nonsense that ends up pissing everyone off.
Zander Flynn (8 months ago)
Honestly I'm just waiting for the reprint card price to drop and I'm going to by singles
crazy lee (8 months ago)
desolator magic what modern deck do you like
Appledirt (8 months ago)
@michaelkeha He has a deck tech on his channel of the (probably not current, I think he's changed it by now) deck he runed. Personally, I prefer running it in a mix devotion build though.
michaelkeha (8 months ago)
@DesolatorMagic a man of taste I see would that be the all in devotion build or the more balanced version of black death?
DesolatorMagic (8 months ago)
Black Death
crazy lee (8 months ago)
your the best
foxw00d (8 months ago)
Math is fun 😅😅
Skyler Henderson (8 months ago)
What’s your other channel?
Rammyboyz (8 months ago)
First name Last name (8 months ago)
Let us finish the vid des
Tanto Mindsculptor (8 months ago)
Good shit as always

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