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Russian Car Sales : auto market in United States : video

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Russian car boom sales and auto market in US. Automotive industry discovers Russian auto. Moscow's international auto show. Video by voanews. Automatic transcription: "Behind the girls in the glitz of Moscow's international auto show lies the real excitement that Russia is on its way to become one of the world's top five car markets with sales jumping in Russia and slumping in Europe this year Russia could displaced Germany in twenty fourteen as Europe's largest car market that would make Russia the world's fourth largest car market after china United states in japan but Russia joined the world trade organization two weeks ago now car companies are racing to boost production inside Russia while there's still protected by tariffs each of the American big three automakers forward General Motors and Chrysler plan to invest one billion dollars in car factories in Russia take tennis is president of the fourths all USSR joint-venture because we were the first ones in the area ten years ago dido five thousand his the warplanes here nearby James prevents the general motors president for Russia says GM plans to double production in Russia over the next five years general motors values than Washington degenerate buyers in Russia GM invited Henry Kissinger to its planned expansion ceremony last June in saint Petersburg with car sales up fourteen percent in Russia this year dealers are struggling to meet demand here in a brand new Chrysler dealership on Moscow's beltway Chrysler Russia CEO John Stack says the new cars resonate with Russian customers for while we couldn't get enough now we have a better supply we see this really and the activity in our dealers and there is room for growth there is about one car for every four Russian about half the average for western Europe and united states Chris weaver a strategist for troika dialog says Russian consumers have money in their pockets is one of a classes consumer markets in the world and that's coming on the back of very strong disposable income growth eleven thousand dollars this year rising project is about twelve thousand dollars about four or five years time so people are willing to spend at the same with retard such art a long-term American investor and sometime Russia's critic comes from destroyed home of the big three American manufacturers he's impressed by what is happening in Russia and have done a pretty good job of encouraging global producers and suppliers addressing Russian market on terrorist that are evidently favorable to the fore and players but at the same time plus that Russia will retain a substantial manufacturing capacity itself it's good story it's a win-win story we'd like to see more of that now with all the new cars hitting the streets the challenge is to build parking and road jams brooks daily news
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joe biden (4 years ago)
Pick up trucks 4x4 trucks.
abishai100 (4 years ago)
Kissinger at GM's Russian opening makes me feel better about that Burger King in Afghanistan.
joe biden (5 years ago)
Russia can buy everybody cars.
joe biden (5 years ago)
Russia really needs 4x4 trucks,dodge ones.
Мастер Filips (5 years ago)
наши машины это Гитлер капут ыыы
TheSOCOM45 (6 years ago)
Ford was in Russia in the 1930s. Most of the Americans that went there the last time were caught up in Stalin's purge and either shot or sent to the Gulag. Just sayin.
Strizhi (1 year ago)
TheSOCOM45 Source?? We all know Stalin was a bastard but no sense in making things up - kinda like the stupid rumor Hitler had an erection every time he gave a speech. To make up history is to cover up the tragedy.

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