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Unboxing The $3000 Bluetooth Speaker

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Devialet Gold Phantom (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2nEMmag Devialet Gold Phantom (International) - http://geni.us/R0sMGd0 The Devialet Gold Phantom might be the most expensive wireless bluetooth speaker on the planet. Will the sound live up to the price tag? Is the Devialet the best bluetooth speaker available? FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Unbox Therapy (1 year ago)
Devialet Gold Phantom (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2nEMmag Devialet Gold Phantom (International) - http://geni.us/R0sMGd0 be careful
Ell Martin (5 days ago)
music ???
Dean Shaw (12 days ago)
lol i just kept thinking of eddie murphey Hercules clapping haha @ 4:49
Brian 407 (14 days ago)
bro. lewis can i have one iphone please? big fan here
Hans Koot (15 days ago)
Pure distortion all the way through. Looks cool though.
nativesun (19 days ago)
Unbox Therapy I need that playlist bruh!!!
Scott Vejnar (12 minutes ago)
Review the JBL boombox
Sem Rozema (31 minutes ago)
Anyone in januari 2019
Mohit Kumar (52 minutes ago)
This is soooooo insane 😍
DonJuanDingDong (1 hour ago)
damn I want this thing
Manny Cuessy (3 hours ago)
5 year old him comes out 5:01
Rubayet Islam (4 hours ago)
Already seen this several times bt yet here i am again,,,, so far my alltime favrte UNBOX THERAPY vdo.
martinrc1996 (4 hours ago)
like audio? take a look at my channel! dont forget to like and subscribe!
Drew Hurst (5 hours ago)
Oh Yeah That look at 4:40 says it all!
Harp Singh3630 (6 hours ago)
music name plzzzzz
pedro dourado (7 hours ago)
Oh no!!! Fortune cost and no battery ??
Emmanuel Phalula (12 hours ago)
The charging cable should have been removable, poor design
steve jones (12 hours ago)
robertsmith (21 hours ago)
Why bose can't do this?
I dont need it I dont need IT I definetily need it
Thai Vang (1 day ago)
You gotta send me your sound cloud playlist
Thai Vang (1 day ago)
Shit it’s poping!!!!
Raul Fernandez (1 day ago)
stupid melodramatic review to collect $$$$
Bobby Cabbagestalk (1 day ago)
Background music at 2:20?
Deepanjan Das (1 day ago)
woooooooooooooooooooooo....what was that..... :0
cory black (1 day ago)
The intro to the first song is actually from an outstanding anime, called Samurai Champloo
Lidiya Ivannikova (1 day ago)
You guys just wait till I'm rich!
b0yfromearth (1 day ago)
What’s the song at the end?
pietpiet11639 (2 days ago)
What is the song in the end of the Video, not even Shazam knows.
xxxtentacion (2 days ago)
JBL is still better
Daniel W (2 days ago)
Enjoy your lossy audio on your 3000 dollar speaker.
PAX MAT Music (2 days ago)
fake reaction for money
Weston Maddalina (2 days ago)
Can someone tell me the name of the first song he played
Marco Teixeira (2 days ago)
Just one request.........Could someone tell me the name of the musics that is passing in the video!! Great Playlist
Xxprima_noctaxX (2 days ago)
I paid 1000 for a system in my car that makes my brain hurt so for 3000 dollars it would have to make me levitate off the ground
Bob Keller (2 days ago)
I bought this and returned it. Its loud for sure. But....the quality of sound was crap. Waste of money!
Belverde Motorsports (17 hours ago)
+Bob Keller i thought so just seeing the bass radiators wobbling off-axis on the lower notes... They gave them a lot of excursion for higher spl's but needed a soft suspension and a light enough cone not to need kilowatts of amplification to push them. It's a shame because the front coaxial midrange-tweeter assembly looks to be well thought and there's no shortage of copper in those voice coils. I'm not surprised tho, there are really good sounding speakers that go for 3 grand each but they are usually passive and need an external amp to be driven. Count the price of the input and amp circuits into the cost and you'll understand why the speakers are made in such an inexpensive way for it to cost 3k dollars.
Bob Keller (17 hours ago)
+Belverde Motorsports extremely. I was so disappointed to say the least
Belverde Motorsports (17 hours ago)
Is the bass muddy as it looks to be seeing the unregulated excursion of the two bass radiators?
ƶịƥƖʉƈⱪ (2 days ago)
Anyone in march 19378101?
Matthew Smith (2 days ago)
anyone know the songs?
Matthew Smith (2 days ago)
thanks so much. JAm TimE
Dolly (2 days ago)
A samurais death and decouverte
Jacob O (2 days ago)
Can you post the songs that you played?
svg_y2k (2 days ago)
What's this song the first one
Omar M'madi (2 days ago)
guys it's even more impressive in real life i swear to god
Roman (3 days ago)
This is not speaker.. this is shit
Wallace Smith (3 days ago)
I need two of theses bro! God those beats sounded better than my wife moaning! Is that wrong? Is it wrong to want to play music on one of these more than you want to have sex with your wife?
Logic (2 days ago)
I'm listening to it with this new Sony 1000xM3 and they make this speaker look like gold lol.
Logic (2 days ago)
No. I'm going with No.
nirodha35 (3 days ago)
It is time to do the more affordable Devialet Reactor 900 unboxing :-) !
sota (3 days ago)
Have 4 different types of these at my work. Differently better in sterio!
パシャ (3 days ago)
Mickaël Fonbonnat (3 days ago)
In France we have a proverb who says : "In France, we ain't got oil but we have ideas" I was surprised to see that was a french product, almost of things we have are producted or assembled in China.
orochi2021 (3 days ago)
You guys aren't cool enough to play a samurai champloo remix
orochi2021 (2 days ago)
+Logic someone who is not a Hat fishing bitch
Logic (2 days ago)
Who is?
Fun Factor H.O.T (3 days ago)
Biggity Diggity buy bye Souls
IIOreosII (3 days ago)
*speaker blows out*
omid nmb (3 days ago)
what is name of first song??????
omid nmb (1 day ago)
cory black thx man i saw that anime and forgot 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
cory black (1 day ago)
omid nmb I know the intro to the song is from an OUSTANDING anime called Samurai Champloo
mr T (3 days ago)
in south africa it cost 50k
aka_sektor (3 days ago)
Music names pls! 4:17 and 4:35
hadi snr (2 days ago)
secone one: grolok-decouverte
Mikey Russell (2 days ago)
aka_sektor The first one’s “Rick0 James - A Samurai’s Death”
Ahsan Ariq (3 days ago)
I bought jbl flip 4 for 100$
First Love (3 days ago)
The laugh tho....
Raptorcebol 101 (3 days ago)
4:27 that face tho 🤣
YouTube Quora (4 days ago)
2:36 Dear santa...🤩
Yura MayheM (4 days ago)
пердящее говно
Rapido Furioso (4 days ago)
just plastic shit,i prefer vintage audio
etyrnal (4 days ago)
The bass sound great - the rest sounds like it's coming out of a 1 gallon walmart garbage can tho??
etyrnal (4 days ago)
what's the tracklist? i'm gonna need ALL of that on vinyl -- stat
etyrnal (4 days ago)
108db?? that's it? ouch. weakness. mind == underwhelmed
Victor Mra (4 days ago)
I gotta know that playlist perfect to smoke a big fat joint on a cold rainy day
It's all Good (5 days ago)
Pound for pound, watt for watt, it's a great deal compared to Beats Studio's !
JuggaloSupreme (4 days ago)
LMAO you could say that about pretty much anything though! Beats are pure trash.
Sweet Heart (5 days ago)
Level i love this
Dhgff Fhcdujhv (5 days ago)
He forgot to mention that this speaker is 4500 Watts !!!! 1Kw sound system kicks you in the chest at low end of a base, this is 4 and a half times MORE. Hence the reason it is so heavy to, massive magnet drive, lots of copper and a heat sink. Speaker membranes made of plastic, like a jackhammer. The way its designed, instead of spewing out air pressure out the tube, it creates it on the outside. Not a magic. Price is right, to weight out all the copper used.
Jordan Mntungwa (5 days ago)
watching this with -78USD in my account..:( I can't even afford to pay for the internet connection I'm using to drool over this speaker that I can't pay for
CL1P _ (5 days ago)
2:36 low key Frieza laugh
Tawan hoebink (5 days ago)
youtube recommended me the next vid from the channel what is inside a $3000 bluetooth speaker
Nate Dogg (5 days ago)
for that price you could just build a bad ass home speaker setup.
Marou ecchi (5 days ago)
• ElekTrO_o • (5 days ago)
What's song at 4:50 plz??
mz dede (5 days ago)
"I'am having an alien moment" Yeah this "alien bomba"
iman (5 days ago)
I want this really bad!!! Watched this particular video multiple times already :(
Ell Martin (5 days ago)
music ???
BaileyBox55 (5 days ago)
excuse me sir, but why is that not WIRELESS.
Peter Fuchs (6 days ago)
makes me wonder what are its limits...
String covers (6 days ago)
Rahul Sangal (6 days ago)
KAMEKAMEHA ! (6 days ago)
Dude it sounds like you put music over the video!!! Thats how good it sounds.
Sean PR (6 days ago)
What are the songs that were used?
Romain (7 days ago)
It's french speaker
Jokutämmöne (7 days ago)
What are these songs xd
Soul Frost (7 days ago)
My headphones sound amazing 😂
ReneeNme (7 days ago)
And the tech support for these are SHIT !!!
Miss Peach (7 days ago)
I just really want to know the names of every single track played on that speaker!!! Amazing video!! Losing my mind that speaker is euphoric! 😍😱
Allen Sui (7 days ago)
My friend has this speaker and it’s the best speaker ever, I almost made plans to steal it, that’s how good it is, but I didn’t
Garry Reyom (7 days ago)
What was the third song he played?
Azad Özkan (7 days ago)
Does anyone know the song? 5:36 5:50
Edson Meza (7 days ago)
i just want that soundcloud playlist..
liam bos (8 days ago)
what song 4:38
Nick Diaz (8 days ago)
Milan Pintar (8 days ago)
the reaction hahahaha
krokifena (8 days ago)
Dude, play some Black Sabbath on it!
Roland Seïté (8 days ago)
Mec, tu devrais sincèrement nous faire partager tes playlists. Elle est géniale cette vidéo.Well done dude
RC 45 (8 days ago)
I would put this under my bed
Vijay Demta (8 days ago)
Who plays songs like this on a box like this ?
Vic Maese (8 days ago)
3000 dollars... for Bluetooth. Why are we paying so much for something so subpar?
Diamond_T (8 days ago)
Thanks man just bought one hope it's nice
von Richthofen (9 days ago)
Of course you need two of them. 40 years ago Stereo was invented, and now people are listening to mono again, wtf.
Richard King (9 days ago)
Its like "he must be exaggerating...." but then i see you laugh and clap and i literally hear no sound come out. So... i know it real
Marquise Edwards (9 days ago)
The stank face!!! You know that shit hitting!!!
Tro Trak (9 days ago)
4:04 Music?
Selman Gümüş (7 days ago)
ricko james- a samurai's death
Ashmit dey (9 days ago)
When you run out of ideas for content and you need money for food

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