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Justice League Girls vs Wonder Woman | Justice League Unlimited

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Justice League Unlimited (TV 2004-2006) Black Canary, Huntress, Vixen, Hawkgirl vs Wonder Woman Film discription: A continuation of the Justice League animated series finds the original members of the team joined in their battle against crime and evil by dozens of other heroes from the DC comics universe. Creator: Jack Kirby Cast: George Newbern (Clark Kent / Superman), Kevin Conroy (Batman / Bruce Wayne), Phil LaMarr (Green Lantern / Hal Jordan), Carl Lumbly (J'onn J'onzz), Susan Eisenberg (Princess Diana / Wonder Woman), Clancy Brown (Lex Luthor), Michael Rosenbaum (The Flash / Barry Alen), Maria Canals-Barrera (Shayera Hol / Hawkgirl), Kin Shriner (Green Arrow / Jade Archer) DC Comics TM & © Warner Bros. #JusticeLeague ********************************************************************** If you like 'DC Comics' - welcome! "come together, right now!" SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/fHigf5
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Text Comments (3397)
Christopher Gibbons (3 minutes ago)
Why does black canary sound like a smoker when she talks?
Elizabeth Mar-Venus (16 minutes ago)
Who’s the hottest? Literally cannot decide. All of them
JJ Salazar III (2 hours ago)
This needs to be in birds of prey or in the DCEU at some point this is gold
Lator Miu (5 hours ago)
I have a question. Wonder is from Greece so why isn't she staying in Greece and help fighting the crime there? XD
Michelle Alexandria (2 hours ago)
Lator Miu wonder woman isn’t from Greece she’s from Paradise Island where there is no crime.
denis segrove (11 hours ago)
How much I miss this show, wish they would reboot the series, cause this justice league action stuff are nothing compared to what this show was, yep young justice has finally come back but the actual big three is on another level.
Revineski (17 hours ago)
This was some of the cartoon scenes that made my body very confused as a child. My peepee feels weird
Michelle Alexandria (2 hours ago)
Revineski people like you douchebags disgust me. Have to sexualize every fucking thing. absolutely PATHETIC.
locomojoboy2 (22 hours ago)
Hawkgirl was so much hotter without her helmet.
rox 222001 (23 hours ago)
Wonder Woman bodied all of them
Quezzia Thay (1 day ago)
Mulher maravilha chega mitando
Madtwos ! (1 day ago)
"KEEP HER BUSY SO I CAN TAKE HER FROM BEHIND!!" Thats always my plan at the bar...
Aaron Walcott (1 day ago)
This show was made in the age before perennially-offended snowflakes, or what I like to call "the summer." Those one-liners were pure GOLD. Long live the good old days!
an1m3ntal (1 day ago)
Cmon Warner Bros,DC make a comeback show on the DC app!!
Ruby Rose (1 day ago)
Man they need raven and terra from the original teen titans.
Toxic Melody (1 day ago)
They needed Supergirl/PowerGirl badly
Toxic Melody (1 day ago)
Why was Huntress even there lol
Astro Punch (2 days ago)
Dude imagine if Bruce was in the crowd watching this
G s (2 days ago)
I wish the Mcu would take a few tips from this. This is how you portray a powerful female character.
Alesso Vermudi Galán (2 days ago)
02:15 😏🔥😍
Alesso Vermudi Galán (2 days ago)
Soccer! (2 days ago)
Why is it that Wonder Woman is only imposing when she's being mind controlled? Seriously, this is the most powerful she's ever been the entire series. It's probably because you get away with being powerful as a villain more than a hero.
TheKrossRoads (2 days ago)
Inhibitions. WW is good, which means she'll hold back when she fights the vast majority of foes because she doesn't want to kill anyone. When she's mind controlled, those inhibitions are gone.
PRANK MASTERS (2 days ago)
So when’s the reality show coming??
VirusRonsen82 (2 days ago)
That show is awesome^^ I should rewatch it again for the 10th time lol
TheVincent Thejohn (3 days ago)
Who's team Hawkgirl?😍😍
DJ.TK.Kobra.17 (3 days ago)
I know no one cares but where the fuck did all these people came from? Also wouldn't they be in some what kind of in trouble?
halietigges (3 days ago)
I actually do believe if Black Canary and Huntress didn't leave. The fight would've been a lot longer. They're both very good combatants and Black Canary is without a doubt one of the best fighters in the DCU, not saying Wonder Woman is not strong, just saying that these 4 ladies all have a lot of potential.
Angshuman Das (4 days ago)
"That's all I got" Damn that's cute
Tiffany Mayer (4 days ago)
And that’s just combat fighting. She isn’t even using her 5% of a power
TheGuy WhoWentThere (4 days ago)
3:57 You and me both.
MegaAmir46 (5 days ago)
This episode showed me how JL Unlimited uped the action...no more quick cuts into knockout flash , you can see the beatdowns
Sune (6 days ago)
that creamed line + the "take her from behind"....oh Bruce Timm
FRISHR (6 days ago)
CW Arrowverse Girls vs DCEU Best Girl
Alana's Toy world (6 days ago)
Why were they fighting in the first place
Kayleigh (6 days ago)
And this is why I don't like wonder women or superman
Greenlight 88 (5 days ago)
Kayleigh because you’re a hater
Jay Allen (7 days ago)
1:47 is it just me or does it sound like The Batman's version of Poison Ivy?
Matthew Leach (7 days ago)
To see this in live action would be great
That Bad Muthafucka (7 days ago)
I need a wingman to "Keep her busy while I take her from behind"
M E (7 days ago)
2:12 Ariana Grande on the left
Billy Westerband (8 days ago)
4 of them are no match for the amazon princess
Ashish Kaushik (8 days ago)
Saying seriously here I really thought hawkgirl was equal to Wonder woman until this point in the Justice league series. This scene cleared many doubts though !!!
Kristin Casal (8 days ago)
aghh..oghh..aghh.oogh weird😂
24/7Princess Style (8 days ago)
I liked the episode, but it did it bug anyone else that Luthor could mind control the Justice League, and all he does is have them cage match...and not even to the death up until the end. They could control all of them...and that's all they do? I'm not one to nitpick, but that just does not make any sense.
djmaa247 (8 days ago)
At 4:16 is when WW realizes she needs to take out Hawk Girl first, WW is not even paying attention to Vixen anymore. HG tries to use her maze but WW learns to block it and even uses it against HG. WW is like Goku, you can use a combo on her once but not twice, hint when HG says "that is all I got".
Wolfie Densetsu (9 days ago)
Love the JL/U cartoons. They included serious topics to provide early enhanced education for kids.
tymcbee (9 days ago)
"Keep her busy, so I can take her from behind"
mngentry (11 days ago)
So they have the means to brainwash the Justice League members...but instead of utilizing this ability to defeat them...they have an all female cage fight?
The Witch (10 days ago)
mngentry Yes
mngentry (10 days ago)
+The Witch I know but doesn't that exhibit an extreme lack of logical thinking by the "bad guys"?
The Witch (10 days ago)
mngentry that was literally the purpose of the episode
Valeska Deleon (11 days ago)
4:14 and thats when she knew she f*cked up
duck9000 (12 days ago)
Hawk girl should’ve help fighting WW. she’s pretty strong idkw she would run away.
Daniel Shegog (12 days ago)
Can anyone tell me the episode this is from
Robert Davis The 2nd (11 days ago)
Justice league unlimited season 2 grudge fight
Grego Gio (12 days ago)
Out of the 4 girls, Black Canary is the best fighter. She's i think one of the best fighter in DC. But againts WW with super strenght, etc she's nothing.
That Guy (12 days ago)
boner fuel
Matt and Stuff (12 days ago)
Will Crozier (12 days ago)
I get wonder woman is strong but they should have that in the bag between shaira and canaries voice
Greenlight 88 (2 days ago)
Storm, Phoenix, Vixen, Thor, Superman, and Mera bottom line is none of these ladies have comparable strength feats compared to WW
The Witch (4 days ago)
Storm, Phoenix, Vixen, Thor, Superman, and Mera You mean the ones from a completely old universe? In the main universe she can’t do that. You’re talking about the justice league of America comics. Which are not related to the main universe at all. They obviously altered it. Rebirth and new 52 are the universe I’m referring to. Which she cannot do the following of what you said. You are right, but also wrong. The full extent of her abilities are unknown. That’s how I know you are still misinformed about the DCU. Wonder Woman on the other hand, is still more powerful than vixen in anyway. Vixen wasn’t too op for the JL. Especially Superman....
The Witch that's how I know you don't read much. vixen got a humongous upgrade and now can mimic the powers of people/superheroes as well, since they're considered animals. she took flash's powers to beat him in a race. she made her own lantern ring. she survived a blast that even knocked out Superman. she used every single power of every single member of the Justice league to destroy amazo. something that no one has ever been able to accomplish. not even the Justice league themselves.
The Witch (4 days ago)
Storm, Phoenix, Vixen, Thor, Superman, and Mera See, that’s how I know you’re misinformed. Clearly you don’t know anything. First of all, vixens powers are to mimic every ANIMAL that has lived on earth. She can also turn into extinct and mythological animals! She is literally the entire animal kingdom. Not that it would be an issue to people like Wonder Woman and Superman. If it didn’t occur to you before it has now.....she makes contact with a morphogenic field called the “red” which gives her those powers. I know what vixens powers are. For god sake her superhero name is a damn female fox. Which is a pretty much a dead giveaway....
The Witch apparently you don't know about the full potential of vixen's powers. yes I know ww can destroy earth in one punch, or that she killed a lot of gods. but that only helps vixen's side even more. cause vixen has now been able to mimic the powers of every superhero she can think of. this makes her too op for basically everyone. she doesn't use those abilities as much, only when she has their permission, but when it's an enemy, she won't hesitate. the Justice league writers even said that they will downplay or under use those powers because it's" Too Powerful For The Justice League."
Chavanun Siphomsay (13 days ago)
Why were they fighting again?
Bangtan A.R.M.Y4ever (13 days ago)
Me: (see Wonder Woman) Yup, you're all gonna go down😂
Ernesto Garcia (13 days ago)
I think the old angrier hawk girl could have put up a better fight.... but Wonder Woman is still unstoppable
Jaemarlee Goin (14 days ago)
@3:57 greatest wing man ever
Jaemarlee Goin (14 days ago)
How did she take a canary cry to the face?
The Witch (10 days ago)
Jaemarlee Goin It was too low bc huntress punched her in the throat. So it wasn’t that affective
Jaemarlee Goin I guess cause of her powers.
Mario Brown (14 days ago)
Ik I’m not the only 16 year old mesmerized by how sexy these women were made💀
Matt and Stuff (12 days ago)
Well luckily I'm 16 because I can confirm you are not wrong
krizwatcher (14 days ago)
"Keep her busy so I can take her from behind." Now think about that line again...same characters, but totally non-battle scenario.
Matt and Stuff (12 days ago)
Baskhem Jingmut (13 days ago)
I was wondering when this comment might pop up and here it is
The Flesh (14 days ago)
Where’s the rest of the clip?
Ghostly (15 days ago)
I want the same thing happen to the guys, but instead of Superman appearing as last. I want Batman.
vijoy mitra (15 days ago)
Anyone know the name of this episode?
Ethan, Just Ethan (15 days ago)
"That's all I got." 😂😂
Slender morph (15 days ago)
imagine supe shows up rather than ww😂😂
Johnathan Mitchell (15 days ago)
All they had to do was call Storm on her ass
The Witch (9 days ago)
Storm, Phoenix, Vixen, Thor, Superman, and Mera No
The Witch yes
The Witch (10 days ago)
Johnathan Mitchell Nah
Johnathan Mitchell lol
Lucifer The Queen (16 days ago)
They need like power girl or supergirl to fight Wonder Woman, none of them come close
The Witch (10 days ago)
Lucifer The Queen Not even supergirl can beat Wonder Woman. None of them actually stand a chance.
lobo00712 (11 days ago)
+MrFirefire1 Mari is underrated here as the full extent of her powers isn't shown to make the earlier fight against the others more fair. Shayera is also nerfed a bit showing a bit of incompetence with her mace when that weapon is her specialty and she is more than strong enough to wield it masterfully. But they can't have her obliterating Helina or Dinah or even Mari into slop. Also if you combine the strongest elements of each of their abilities and skills (Dinah's canary cry and martial arts skill, Mari's ability to summon any size, strength or speed of animal past or present with piercing claws, teeth or horns, including dragons, Shayera's nth metal mace and super strength and endurance and mobility to use it and i guess Helena's arrows and tactics) to attack Diana's weaknesses, and they could eke out a win...
MrFirefire1 (15 days ago)
Lucifer The Queen that would be closer, but WW has beaten both of them in the comics before
La Nguyên B Tòng (16 days ago)
I don't remember this episode.
Nnoitra Jiruga (16 days ago)
Hhrrrmmm...beautiful and powerful ladies...wished zatanna in there as well...yumm. Damn, i sound like a pervert, aren't i ?
Matt and Stuff (12 days ago)
The hotter the better
krizwatcher (14 days ago)
Nobody blames you, my friend ^_^
TaylorMade 3 (17 days ago)
I always thought it would've been epic if at the end Roulette was like, "I hope you don't think this is over" and Supergirl comes put of nowhere.
MrFirefire1 (15 days ago)
TaylorMade 3 WW alone can handle Supergirl tho lol
White Morgana (17 days ago)
"Anybody got a good plan?" then shoot the stupid arrow 🤣
I Smokes the meats (23 hours ago)
its the only weapon she has. Might as well use it
aaron desller (17 days ago)
Wow, the subtitle is great! You guys should use it!
Joanna Forbes (17 days ago)
Makes me wonder how Wonder Woman was captured >.>
Toph Gab (17 days ago)
It's because of the device in their ears was hacked.
Robert Davis The 2nd (17 days ago)
Awesome 🐈 fight
Kupik DunK (17 days ago)
What show?
Robert Davis The 2nd (17 days ago)
Justice league unlimited season 2
ThePrettyeyes341 (17 days ago)
Remember : Wonder Woman threw Super Man into a wall ....they all backed up with fear ....
ThePrettyeyes341 but you can tell by their facial expression that they were scared. but vixen had no expression, like she didn't care.
ThePrettyeyes341 (11 days ago)
+Storm, Phoenix, Vixen, Thor, Superman, and Mera only because she was already back .
ThePrettyeyes341 all but vixen.
Karla Cristel (17 days ago)
Pelea de prras :3
Van Joseph Martinez (17 days ago)
_cw girls_ vs _dceu only girl_
Kindle Flame (17 days ago)
LKVideos (17 days ago)
That's just called bullying ^^
Emilce Diaz (18 days ago)
2:17 😂😂😂😂 Great dialogue!😂😂😂😂
ThePunisher129 (18 days ago)
Ww is a fkin beast.
Robert Davis The 2nd (17 days ago)
I think so too
Tmob29 (18 days ago)
Vixen and HawkWoman tried they best to hold it down but after that mace mishap it went downhill faster. It only takes a second for Ww to get her footing back and find an opening.
The Witch (10 days ago)
Tmob29 Wonder Woman is more powerful than all of them. There’s not doubt about that. They wouldn’t of beaten her
Tmob29 they actually would've beaten her.
Riley Bauman (18 days ago)
Idk why people are ok with this, each one of these superheroines has fought Wonder Woman in the comics before and has put up a decent fight, they probably wouldn't win by themselves but they aren't this useless, they could still kick her ass but lose, all together would take her down with ease.
The Witch (10 days ago)
Riley Bauman Not even....
MrFirefire1 it is. her powers were upgraded. but she doesn't use it.
MrFirefire1 (10 days ago)
Storm, Phoenix, Vixen, Thor, Superman, and Mera nope that’s not the most common version of vixen. It’s an outlier, like when WW had a power ring. It’s not the usual version of the characters.
MrFirefire1 that wasn't a different version, it was the actual vixen. and if ww can do it, vixen can do it too.
MrFirefire1 (11 days ago)
Storm, Phoenix, Vixen, Thor, Superman, and Mera that’s only one version of vixen and definitely not her most common one. If you wanna use the most powerful versions, I guess WW can have all her gear and fight in god mode, she could erase Vixens entire existence before she could do anything.
Viktor NalgasdeOro (18 days ago)
1:45 Tha all you got? Fuck...
drake rolle (18 days ago)
Storm wouldve fried her thick ass!!!!
The Witch (10 days ago)
MrFirefire1 EXACTLY!!
drake rolle (15 days ago)
MrFirefire1 Storm has the ability to make a bitch stop breathing by taking all the air out her lungs!
MrFirefire1 (15 days ago)
drake rolle with what? She’s the daughter of Zeus, she can channel lighting and she’s much much faster and stronger than Storm lmao. Her head comes off in seconds before she can even think
Tom Stewart (18 days ago)
At 0:16 very unrealistic. Her eardrums should have been damaged by that.
RequiemPoete (17 days ago)
BC's throat got jabbed earlier in the episode, so her scream attack is severely reduced.
Avery Jones (18 days ago)
Who else thought it would’ve been awesome if Batman (Bruce) would’ve walked in on that fight. I was hoping that would’ve happen
Pau Marques (19 days ago)
I always loved the girls of unlimited
kempmt1 (19 days ago)
1:55-"oh, we're screwed!"
Ygor (19 days ago)
Anybody got a plan? Yeah try to stay alive
HEY KYU (19 days ago)
Did 4 of them just tried to hold Wonder Woman down on the floor? I mean she’s like Wonder Woman bruh
Abraham N (19 days ago)
2:40 - 2:43 dat ass 😍
B. (20 days ago)
TBF Hawkgirl gave it her all since she was the only one capable of taking WW’s hits.
The Witch (10 days ago)
B. Exactly. Vixen, huntress, and BC are weak asf against her..
B. her and vixen.
Carmen Gentallan (20 days ago)
This is why DC is my first love.
Sky Expert (20 days ago)
This camera man is a little shaky.
Jermaine Goodwin (20 days ago)
I'd shyt my pants wonder woman comes out 😂😂🤣
Robert Davis The 2nd (17 days ago)
I was shocked
King Realist (20 days ago)
This would have been a great time to see how ww would have did if canary would have unleashed her full power of her canary cry against ww just to see the effect
Richard Fullen (21 days ago)
Hawkgirl was the only one who last more than 10 seconds lol
MATHEUS 6264 (21 days ago)
eddie ! (21 days ago)
- anybody got a plan? - yeah, stay alive LMAOOOOO
eddie ! (21 days ago)
i saw some of the scenes of them fighting wonder woman in an amv and i was like NOoOOOOOOO RIP BLACK CANARY I ALWAYS LOVED YOU THO

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