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Arya & Jaqen H'ghar - Valar Morghulis

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A memorable scene from Season 2 of A Game of Thrones. Jaqen H'ghar leaves Arya with only an old iron coin, and two words to say to any Braavosi she meets; Valar Morghulis. Apparently the meaning of this phrase is in a High Valyrian dialect and translates to 'All men must die,' or 'All men are mortal' Don't forget to follow us on twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/bunnytclub
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Text Comments (1359)
Adelina Graichen (21 days ago)
What does that mean? Valar Morghulis
Adelina Graichen (13 days ago)
+Pher0cious thanks
Pher0cious (13 days ago)
All men must die. They say that to people living in Braavos to scare them. Telling them, you're gonna help me, or I kill you. So they respond with, Valar Dohaeris, which means all men must serve, meaning yes yes I'll help you please don't kill me assassin sir.
MR AAMIR (29 days ago)
A man is in love with this character Jaquen hGar Valar morghulis
Kai Keeper (1 month ago)
I would scare the shit outta my friends by constantly changing faces if I ever become a faceless man lol...
Ashley S (1 month ago)
hbo needs to do a spin off of the faceless men.
Jon Snow (1 month ago)
Jaqen is my favorite character
Eyüp Altay (2 months ago)
Jagen h'ghar= komutan logar
Pramod Sisodiya (2 months ago)
my fav character....arya and jaqen
Kevin Wong (2 months ago)
to be a faceless man, one had to abandon everything they previously had, thoughts, titles, their past. isn't it weird jaqen here asks Arya to be a faceless man to offer up those names to the red god? they are all people Arya wanted dead
Victor Valdez (3 months ago)
Valar morghulis. Best asassin euver
Jack gray (3 months ago)
Look everyone! It’s Rhaegar Targaryen
Pussy Gangster (3 months ago)
A man sounds like Tom Hiddleston
muddled._.epitome (3 months ago)
A man has got me head over heels in love with him!
taiba 41 (4 months ago)
A man is my fav of all game of thrones characters
Sai Sanguila (4 months ago)
A man has no balls.
Lairdriver (4 months ago)
A man has the flu today, but Jaqen cheered me up.
Fudi (5 months ago)
Valar Morghulis : Assalamualaikum Valar Dohaeris : Waalaikumsalam haha just kidd
Virpil RU (5 months ago)
Valar Morghulis
faisal alhoqail (5 months ago)
i liked when he said to arya"girl lacks honour"
Ethan Vo (5 months ago)
A man playing The Man has been confirmed to be in Season 5.
psycheisssdelic (5 months ago)
It puts the lotion in the basket!
Cel Rhuu (6 months ago)
He is going to kill her
Christian Vennemann (6 months ago)
A man, in a non-gay way, wishes to sleep on a bed made out of another man's voice.
thornsx (6 months ago)
I hate to broadcast my ignorance but what is the significance of the face change?
Moseh Khayim (1 month ago)
You don't see how it's useful for an assassin to be able to change his appearance?
David Rosa Ximenes (6 months ago)
0:47 Uganda knuckles
Will Jessett (7 months ago)
So 'Valar Morghulis' has pretty much the same meaning as 'Memento Mori'
sharkclub1 (7 months ago)
Boomer NPC (7 months ago)
Damn, a man looks good.
Rafik Kabani (8 months ago)
Daniel Volosin (8 months ago)
Best character in the show!
celestialchild810630 (9 months ago)
She mentioned her 'sister' with such reluctance. It's as if she's searching for her other family members out of love, but Sansa only out of relation.
griefit gaming (9 months ago)
Doesn't valar morghulis mean all men must die?
Rosonett (9 months ago)
Could the man once known as Jaqen, was in fact an alien?
Gnar88 (9 months ago)
Jackz (9 months ago)
JPin (9 months ago)
They ruined the faceless men mystery with the "Mission Impossible trick". This transformation was much more accurate for GOT's universe.
ChoKkos (9 months ago)
Definitely one of my favorite characters in GoT
NiceN ́Easy (9 months ago)
Jaqen is Agent 47 from Middle Age
Vahide Özlem Coşkun (9 months ago)
someone explain to Jaqens 1.34 face expression.I really can't understand it looks like he lost his poker fake for something 😢😢 maybe for lost her -It didn't look like his typical behaviors-
M. Makita (9 months ago)
What’s the name of the soundtrack?
woolfyx (10 months ago)
I'm straight guy but wish I had such sexy voice.
Persephone Wardlow (10 months ago)
A girl need Game of thrones NOW or she killed a another man who looks like Joffrey.
shogrran (10 months ago)
Damn arya so badass now. She's a dancing master and a faceless man. No offense to Jaqen he's badass too... but pretty sure he's just one of two.
midhun shaji (11 months ago)
Best combo.
Denaret (11 months ago)
0:49 If u now da wae
Gabi Grabowska (11 months ago)
He has sexy voice <3
I Am Pain (11 months ago)
Mans not hot
Rivo Haavandi (11 months ago)
the mystery in the air in that moment, i loved it so much, i wanted it to last forever, the music as well <33
A man is Rhaegar fucking Targaryen!!
V PODER (1 year ago)
My Favourite Personnage !
Awais Bhutto (1 year ago)
A man is going to pee after this video
Dylan Chouinard (1 year ago)
This scene blew my mind when I first saw it
Mayank Gupta (1 year ago)
Jaqen H'ghar should be back in S8 for one last time! Would love to see him! My second most favorite character after Oberyn Martell! Valar Morghulis!
Kensams (1 year ago)
Badass Moment
Harry Potter (1 year ago)
She was so young!!!
Nirmit Mishra (1 year ago)
There's something scary about the man. A man is a ghost.
Hi Jack (1 year ago)
2:40 A man says what the fuck??!??
Luis Alejandro (1 year ago)
A man is fucking hot. A man wants to fuck him. A man is gay?
교양이 (1 year ago)
farewell aria stark
Lana Banana (1 year ago)
Valar Morghulis
Bob Bob (1 year ago)
Take a look at Arya at the end of this scene, and then Arya in the Stark Great Hall during 'THAT' scene from S7E7. It's astounding how much her character has grown up.
Eobard Thawne (1 year ago)
This scene completely relates to their last scene together. That’s why he gives those slight smiles when she says a girl is Arya Stark because he knew all along that what she wanted was to go home and find her family
Raul (1 year ago)
What does it mean ?
Nitin Khutemate (1 year ago)
a man should appear in season 8.
Sébastien Vallard (1 year ago)
D'où il parle de moi comme ça ? J'vais l'enculer
İyi Dedin Kral (1 year ago)
Tuylerim diken diken oluyor ya
tubenachos (1 year ago)
Chuck Norris vs Jaqen?
Wow jaqen's voice in the german version is almost exacly the same as in the original one?!
Cesar San Miguel (1 year ago)
0:39 Me when someone is asking something stupid about Game of Thrones.
RyanTat2 (1 year ago)
A man is actually Rhaegar Targaryen, hiding in plain sight.
drpapa26 (1 year ago)
Does "Valar Morghulis" mean "make a man ugly"?
Vicic (1 year ago)
he became allegri (juventus coach)
Kyle P Creates (1 year ago)
A man is highly likely to be Rhaegar
James Lebon (1 year ago)
syro is faceless man
Alvaro Mercado (1 year ago)
Valar Morghulis !
aizen sama (1 year ago)
a man is tired of reading ( a man's memes )
Chris Kelly (1 year ago)
The books are better
Fred (1 year ago)
Valar Dracarys
ABoyd1852 (1 year ago)
Call me crazy but, I still firmly believe that JH is THE Many Faced God in the flesh. He is the "No One" that he so often references.
omri balous (1 year ago)
here for you guys the same coin THE FACELESS MAN COIN special price : http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/152645908541?
Cmd 118 (1 year ago)
GhANeC (1 year ago)
So, wait a second, now I dont remember, did Arya ever really unname Jaqen? And did she name a 3rd person?
Crystal Stevens (1 year ago)
A man needs to show up in season 7!
halleck3 (1 year ago)
If the recruiters at my school had been half as good as Jaqen, the armed forces would have several thousand more people joining.
Jaqen H'ghar (1 year ago)
GeorgeR.R.Martin Spoiled us from the begin who was Jaquen Hghar but no one noticed it......every time we see Jaquen you can hear a harp playing in the background...who else we know use to play harp?????yes!!Rhaegar!!
Rayaqin (1 year ago)
faceless men have no identity, so they don't have killing intention.. seems like Jaqen will probably turn out to be a schemer in the show
f1shm0nger (1 year ago)
Valar morghulis
Vincent 786 (1 year ago)
Valar doehaeris
AlexV Furiano (1 year ago)
Valar dohaeris la puta madre
Ouissam (1 year ago)
What if Arya decided to go with Jaqen, how would their adventure look like?
Masha Nechaeva (1 year ago)
Jaqen's character was so light, funny and nice in that season, but in season six he's so dark, menacing and creepy, seems like a weird change.
Nornagast (1 year ago)
how do you know if it was the same person? What if this is just the face different No Ones wear?
Elliebet (1 year ago)
Awww. He looks so hurt when Arya says she can't go with him.
a bitch can't stick to the original story what the fuck.
Valar Dohaeris
La Louloune (1 year ago)
I love this character, just fell in love with his sweet voice and sexiness. I looked for the actor playing him, it's crazy how a haircut can change somebody.
Georgiana Mindrila (1 year ago)
a girl is obsessed with jaqen
نهفات فيديو (1 year ago)
His voice amazing
Homicidal (1 year ago)
give this guy 10 names and he will and the series
Oman Deep (1 year ago)
a man shall return in season 7
Quân Nguyễn Lê (1 year ago)
I think ss2 jaquen and the guy died by poison in ss5 was arya's sword teacher (i believe in the theory which the braavossi sword master was a faceless man). When arya killed meryn trant, she had to pay for a death by her own so this faceless guy offered his in return because she was his old student Well, here my theory: this faceless guy was give a task by Iron Bank to eliminate the Baratheon dynasty due to their huge, unpayable dept. The men disguided as Syrio Forel, worked in house of the new hand-lord Stark. He waited to a chance when king Robert visit his friend to kill the king in the disguide of lord Stark or one of Starks. By doing that, the faceless assassin could creat a huge chao in westeros, weaken her defend and the iron bank would fund the Baratheon's nemesis- the last Targs to take the throne (kind of thing iron bank will do when a king refuse to pay the dept). Unfortunately, king robert died by the hand of queen cercei, the chao lead to the attack at house Stark, the assassin managed to saved arya, defeated the intruders and disguided as a prisoner name Jaquen. In ss2, after all the event, Jaquen gave Arya the coin to recruit a new assassin which would pay for his fail mission. Jaquen took part in her training and quickly rose a mentor-student kind of love for Arya. When Arya killed Meryn, this faceless assassin offered himself first to suscide for having a forbidden personal feeling and to teach Arya a last lesson. In short, he lived his life as a great teacher. Well that is all, i know my theory has a lot of holes but i am not good enough to identify them, hope you guys can help. And please, forgive me for my bad English (i'm from Viet Nam). Have a good day
allen walker (1 year ago)
de la marcus alamo go less only who turn on the subtitles will understand looool
Castor Ramones (1 year ago)
active CC and say ''Alamo Go Less'' LOL

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