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open world games

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Text Comments (6984)
E W (4 hours ago)
if it isnt open world, it doesnt exist.
Be Happy (7 hours ago)
ツAcidicAli777 (19 hours ago)
I can tell the only open world game you’ve played is BOTW
sommi (21 hours ago)
Please pause at 0:05 and have a look at the custom cover box art
katattacksweetheart (1 day ago)
It's OK you can say RDR2
Jacob Schmidt (1 day ago)
graphics in this game are amazing
Stormfight101 (2 days ago)
Fallout 5: before crisis
Connor Scanlan (2 days ago)
Sometimes the truth hurts, but we needed to hear it.
Cassandra Cat (2 days ago)
Dragon Age: Inquisition summed up in less than a minute. Lol I love that game but the world was just like this
Peter Tran (2 days ago)
Little Biits (2 days ago)
Fallout NV in a shellnut
sanjeev dandin (3 days ago)
Skyrim in a nutshell
pielover 100 (3 days ago)
there is one open world game that doesnt really apply to this and this speed run should explain why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXihEC0J4gk
Sir Atlas (3 days ago)
Next time I see a random guy in the park, I'll simply scream and charge at him
hamada voiceacts (4 days ago)
S k y r i m
Jack Hinks (4 days ago)
The fucking sprint mechanic
ECERD (4 days ago)
0:22 is my Skyrim experience. Not in a nutshell, just my whole experience.
Pocket Pybro (4 days ago)
Notice that he dressed up like Steve from Minecraft
Afiq Khairul (4 days ago)
Have you heard side quests?
WE ARE VENOM (4 days ago)
上月佑和 (4 days ago)
1st day playing skyrim. Next day use fast travel.
Jon Snow (4 days ago)
Do ff8 and have 2 people follow u
Bryan Pedersen (4 days ago)
I'd play agame that was exactly like this
Sophia (4 days ago)
Breath of the wild in a nutshell
Valter M.K. (4 days ago)
God I'm so pissed off at Hereditary's ending
Zuriga Sungama (5 days ago)
Ah. I had that make of squishy white plastic ninjato for a significant portion of my life.
Msiz (5 days ago)
this apply to pubg as well
Bilgiyann (5 days ago)
I thought he is a kid in the tumbnail.
Chad Nojey (5 days ago)
It's okay, you can say Final Fantasy XV
Matthew Tolentino (5 days ago)
**Almost heaven, West Virginia**
Rob Evans (5 days ago)
You spelt literally wrong
Sei Tv (5 days ago)
He looked like a child lol
Deity of Automation (6 days ago)
Larger map = more land to cover, not necessarily more content
850,000 minutes in, still didn't get his injuries healed.
LoftOfTheUniverse (6 days ago)
I was expecting fast travel to be implemented after 2 minutes.
Christina Muñoz (6 days ago)
We have the same MHA shirt! :"D
Dostalver Venteta (7 days ago)
You should play warframe, this game has one of the best mobility mechanics ever made
Charlie Chuckleberry (7 days ago)
That's pretty much the current games now. I miss the days when exploring was actually fun... Now the worlds are created so extremely boring that you could skip everything and not miss a thing.
Rodrianius (7 days ago)
I sense a bit of sarcasm.
9Volt Productions (7 days ago)
Was expecting him to hit an invisible wall
Darth Buttwhole (7 days ago)
Prince A (8 days ago)
Time to lose those calories
Dan Gómez (8 days ago)
Morrowind remastered looks awesome!
Jordan Brown (8 days ago)
Nice attention to detail with the bandages. 😂
Kerry Hardman (9 days ago)
jono aji (9 days ago)
u cant teleport when enemy is N E A R B Y
Young_ Picasso (9 days ago)
This is so true
Rayner Handrian (9 days ago)
You talk about daggerfall?
Epic DVB (10 days ago)
Just realised he created the box art on the game cover and it has his face on it
Ma Ye (10 days ago)
I thought you were a 10 year child
Gregory Albritton (10 days ago)
It's 1:37 am on Novermber 11th 2011. Just got home after buying Skyrim at gamestops midnight release. And slowly peel that plastic foil cover off and remove the case seals pop that cherry open and slide your disc in that nice warm buzzing hyperventilating xbox 360 slim. Mmm.
JoshGamer 64 (10 days ago)
This Legend of Zelda breath of the wild sequel looks great
ÄLRĒÂDY DĒÁD (10 days ago)
Red Dead online
Dre Wolfshire (11 days ago)
0:42 Now where am I?
Grzegorz Sobkowicz (11 days ago)
Yeah map size is nothing if most of it is empty
pswiisixtee (11 days ago)
Do a fat roll
Ian Gallagher (11 days ago)
Game developers really underestimate how fast a human can walk and jog
The Fox (11 days ago)
Open world games are too much like real life.
Malikonious Joe (11 days ago)
Props to the actor playing the role of random enemy. He really captures the subtle and nuanced personality of a suicidally unprepared mook.
Gat the Man (12 days ago)
Don't forget to get all the pinecones.
Melodic Poductions (12 days ago)
Dude....your the best lol
mpone affirmations (12 days ago)
can i please pinch your cheeks very hard
k j (12 days ago)
Breath of the wild in a nutshell
Sean Dollwet (12 days ago)
The accuracy hurts
ΣXPΣRT (12 days ago)
So thats what outside looks like
Brusier Weight3009 (12 days ago)
More Assassin’s Creed Odyssey than anything else.
Chinti TheIceBear (13 days ago)
That’s only applicable to fallout 3 and previous
Like Wagon (13 days ago)
Full game pls
Codename: Xelda (13 days ago)
Open world games aren't as fun IRL...
Cindy Garey (13 days ago)
that is basically open world games in a nutshell
Joaquin Obispo (13 days ago)
Could agree,but there is fast travel and horses.
Part of the revengers (13 days ago)
Keep your videos that short I love that haha
Lord Benpai (14 days ago)
I have the same exact shirt, I got it from Uniqlo.
Vfx Blender (14 days ago)
I thought it was going to be like no man sky's where the camera turned and its just a plain field with nothing on it.
Playing Breath of the Wild without teleportation be like
Lebron Traveled (14 days ago)
Fallout 76 looks like a flop
Eli morgan (14 days ago)
Where are all the buildings you cant enter
Chris Pretorius (15 days ago)
It just works
Mable Chan (16 days ago)
That had me wheezing ahahaha
Scotland Dobson (16 days ago)
The easiest way to make your map bigger is to make your player walk slower!
Lectures Alternatives (16 days ago)
Well, this actually made me feel like going out for a walk. pos
Torry Thibodeau (17 days ago)
MediocreMossburger (17 days ago)
Never should have come here!
McDonald's Inc (17 days ago)
Did u do human interaction
Cool Guy Videos (18 days ago)
Does that say the queen's prince or queer prince?
Yosh (18 days ago)
This man predicted fallout 76.
patricio amezcua (18 days ago)
Shiroski O'charos (18 days ago)
Lol this is Diablo 2 in a nutshell....! *Like if you can relate.*
CNT (15 days ago)
>Begging for likes Pathetic
Nicola Angeloni (18 days ago)
I expected a FUS-RO-DAH. Or a glitch
Uncle Death (19 days ago)
You found the "2 Dollars of Exalted Speed" cause you sure moved a lot faster after you picked them up.
Remi Shus (19 days ago)
Just love this guy. He makes my day.
Nathan Gilbert (19 days ago)
Sea of thieves
celestial hood (19 days ago)
Did you lose weight
Training Grounds (19 days ago)
There are always the explorers that enjoy it. But yeah, it gets old.
F B I (19 days ago)
Love that MHA shirt 👍
Quinn Tillett (20 days ago)
Literally Dragon's Dogma without teleport
Abdul Moiz Qureshi (20 days ago)
Does anyone realise he had played the game for about a year and a half before he found anything interesting?
Abdul Moiz Qureshi (20 days ago)
Of course he died. His eyes were closed shut.
Vvulf (20 days ago)
This is Fallout New Vegas except you can’t even run

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