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The Secret of the Dark Side of the Moon

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Earth's gravity is so strong we only see one side of the orbiting moon. Modern exploration to the mysterious dark side revealed dramatic surprises and revised theories about the moon's formation. Catch new episodes of HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS Tuesdays at 10/9c on Science! | http://science.discovery.com/tv-shows/how-the-universe-works/ Watch full episodes: http://bit.ly/HTUWFullEpisodes Subscribe to Science Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sciencechannel Check out SCI2 for infinitely awesome science videos. Every day. http://bit.ly/SCI2YT Download the TestTube app: http://testu.be/1ndmmMq
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Text Comments (4170)
Joe Walker (3 hours ago)
30 miles thicker ?? And what experiments & observations were done .. oh wait it's a theory
Nawaz Waseem (4 hours ago)
The Moon is the size of Pluto
DuDe animation (5 hours ago)
So it was molded huh. Or-else the moon will be like ______©>______ *(>) Indicates the part of the moon that got ripped out.
Channel 473 (10 hours ago)
the moon is flat we're only seeing it round from over here
Channel 473 (10 hours ago)
Ferry Antoni (1 day ago)
I believe I know the Dark Side of the Force. But I still go with Capt. Han Solo. Go Solo! LOL
Jameiz Mogli (1 day ago)
How in the hell did they know that? Please stop this bs
David Helling (1 day ago)
l like mine sunny side up!!
aceline9087 (1 day ago)
They used old foren texts and hypothies also carveing and religeon. Also lazers and sonar and xrays to measure with calculus.
Arsh Dhillon (1 day ago)
Checkout what they said about mars
livefastdieyoung26 (3 days ago)
Why does a science channel assume "Impact creators" not very scientific.
Gary Fliess (3 days ago)
I’ve seen pictures of the “front “ side of the moon, and I’ve seen pictures of the “back” side of the moon. The full disk. Since we have pictures of the “back” side, I know that it’s possible to have pictures of all sides. Can someone please direct me to the pictures of the “top” side, the “bottom” side, the “left’ and “right” sides. When I see them, I’ll recognize the areas of the front side, which we see all the time, right next to areas we never see. thank you.
Andrew Kim (3 days ago)
The moon is a construct of unbelievable technology that is far superior than anything we can imagine. We have been deceived by our governments and our ancient ancestors left behind clues for us. Why do you think we haven’t gone back to the moon? Why is it that the photo’s of the “Moon” are censored out or in low quality? We sure have the technology. I’m no expert but if you take the time to do your research and hear the “stories” or “theories”, they all share a common factor. Something or someone is holding back and controlling our perceptions. But why???Wake up Humans!
Amazing Videos (4 days ago)
Is this fiction
RRRobelt Nest (5 days ago)
nice guess
E R (5 days ago)
Its an alien base and the moon is hollow. The entire moon is an alien spaceship.
SHERIFF ESQ (5 days ago)
The moon is hollow. There’s no lava lol.
The Borden Asylum (5 days ago)
Good theory and all but what about the fact that the moon is essentially perfectly round? Wouldn't it be funky shaped if the dark side had another moon morph into it?
The Hood Pastor (6 days ago)
And how do you know its 30 miles thicker on the dark side when you've never been there???
Ace Falcons (6 days ago)
If that’s so, then how come we don’t see one half of the moon heavy crusted side if the former smaller chasing sibling moon had slowly merged-impact our bigger current moon? Hmm...unless the former smaller moon sibling was in a slightly higher orbit? This hypothesis they produced is ignoramus and looks “half baked and half heavy crusted” burnt to me, people! Purrrleeeezzzzz...go join the flat earth and never moon landed theorists bunch with this one-cell amoeba 🧠 dumb idea hypotheLUDICROUSis!
JP Horn (6 days ago)
Yupparoo...Pink Floyd knows the real answer...
James Bonde (6 days ago)
There is no DARK side of the Moon.
pettitts paving (6 days ago)
pmsl bahaha now there Going to send a probe on the dark side of moon now ....get ready people a fake alien invasion is on its way
Marco Joson (6 days ago)
The only explaination why the far side of the moon is full of craters is because it catches all the impacts of asteroids towards earth, since it never faces us.
jo Puff (7 days ago)
Vagos S (7 days ago)
How come and this impact did not move the moon out of its orbit?
mnpirateradioshow (7 days ago)
The moon is a metal structure, the coating has pitted corosion and is worn away, hence the dark areas....
glasslinger (8 days ago)
At least the narrator calls it the far side! THERE IS NO "DARK" SIDE, IDIOTS!
Gregg hatfield (8 days ago)
Do you know why the moon is so amazing ?? Us humans haven’t littered it up
Tony mmm (9 days ago)
Why does the moon spin upside-down in winter
Paul (9 days ago)
They don’t know shit
Mena Yeomans (10 days ago)
FUCKING bullshit
Chimp Chowder (10 days ago)
Funny how they can talk their bs like they have actually been there and tested the surfaces. It's like listening to a street person / paranoid schizophrenic that just heard a rumor.
Steven Watson (10 days ago)
Maybe the backside is part of what collided with the Earth to create the moon in the first place
Carole Jones (10 days ago)
Prove it.
Dave L (11 days ago)
Gravity pulls the lava this way, and the suns reflection off earth makes the moon slightly warmer so the lava has a weaker barrier for the lava.
Jyotsna Gokhale (12 days ago)
It isn't "bizzare" 2:36 - it's gravity of Earth affecting Moon, just as the other way effect causes tides in oceans on Earth, and more. Lovely 3:00 - 4:00.
Robert Shaff (12 days ago)
How can the moon be circular if it doesn't spin in an orbit
Marko Polo (12 days ago)
Yes, we have no idea so your bull shit story is as good as our bull shit story.
synchromorph (12 days ago)
Centrifugal force while it was still more or less molten.
Walter Matheson (13 days ago)
the lava flows to the hot sunny side......thin crust....the dark cooler side cools the lava in layers..thicker and thicker lava gets...yoiu get it
naingo83 (13 days ago)
Do a video to the sun
lynxipoo francis (13 days ago)
Even Rick and Morty tells better science
professeur essef (13 days ago)
Ask students (incoming or outgoing) of MIT, if they can solve this easy question of astrophysics, which I asked on a french astronomy forum: 1) Considering a particular situation of the Moon, show that its maximum speed in a reference linked to the Earth, is greater than 6000 km / h! 2) Subsidiary question (very difficult) Could you determine the minimum speed of the Moon relative to the Earth? P.S: the speeds found on Wikipedia, for example, are completely wrong: only the average speed of the Moon relative to the Earth is accurate, and is worth about 3683.6 km / h. That the students reassure themselves: nobody "wished" to give the answers on the site in question (lol). Greetings from Paris. professor essef.
no name (13 days ago)
they tried...lol
Cookie Crumble (13 days ago)
At the begginig, you wasn't talking at the Moon you where talking at the Venus cause Venus had Some Lava...Like if you Agree
Mark Roberts (13 days ago)
If it was thicker on the back of the moon then it would wobble.
michael green (14 days ago)
These people will come up with amything
David Gustavsson (14 days ago)
When it comes to Dimensions ,the Planets in our Solar system some are inhabited
David Gustavsson (14 days ago)
Theirs Two moons one is Alien Created
Tony Robinson (15 days ago)
I can speculate, can I get a job at NASA.
Rivera (15 days ago)
No one fucken knows..who gives a crap
N nOni (16 days ago)
What kind of idiot will believe in such rubbish theory? here is my theory which looks better than theirs: We all know moon is part of our life, Moon act as a shield for earth, somehow it takes bullet for us long time ago and maybe even till this day, all those erosion you see is due to the impact of the meteors, and without the moon probably all those meteors would hit the earth and the life wouldn't be as same as today for us, without moon earth wouldn't be the same and probably life wouldn't be the same either, tide of the ocean and the gravity change all are related to the moon, so yeah my theory is moon protect us from the meteors and all that are sign for the meteor impacts.
max5250 (14 days ago)
Your theory?! Ha, ha, ha....
God is hiding from us
Dark side more like STAR WAR
Azeem Gul Azeem Gul (16 days ago)
plz our holy quran read plz do t move earth no no no move earth
guy gangu (16 days ago)
3:38 lol
Chris Snyder (16 days ago)
That's why dem Smartypants folk get the big bucks. I mean c'mon, who else could think of such horseshit and keep a straight face???
John Edmonds (17 days ago)
What a load of rubbish....
max5250 (14 days ago)
So, you couldn't understood it?! Then try something less complicated, like cartoons... LOL
Donnie Baynard (17 days ago)
Dumbass conjecture
The Ghost (17 days ago)
maikel # (17 days ago)
How about that the moon on this side is protected from most meteorietes by our earth and the moon's far side is not protected and and get more hits by meteorietes that is why it is so ruff maybe this is a better theory
Erich kempka (19 days ago)
And off we go to the magical Land of Make Believe.
max5250 (14 days ago)
Naah, we go to, idiots that couldn't understand it.
mworld (19 days ago)
It's very possible that the cosmos has been around for a very long time. Millions of years ? Yes. It's possible God created almost everything and left if for millions of years, then put humans here at a later time. Normally we hear only two sides of the "where did we come from" answer. How about part of both is correct and part of both is wrong ?
Donald Hamilton (19 days ago)
i call b.s.
max5250 (14 days ago)
Who gives a shit what you call it?!
Jill Peters (19 days ago)
Why would gravity keep the moon from spinning on its axis?
max5250 (14 days ago)
Who said gravity is keeping the Moon from spinning on its axis? The Moon is still spinning on it's axis, but it's spinning is synchronized with revolving around Earth.
sofie cardenss (20 days ago)
Caballeros de la Tierra Plana claims the moon is only a reflection of the sun
Prince of all Negros (20 days ago)
If you feel a balloon with water since gravity is pulling down on it the bottom half is going to be thicker than the top half so shouldn't it makes sense that the Earth is pulling on the moon so the side that's facing us it's obviously going to be thicker then the other side because gravity is pulling everything towards this side? Maybe I need to work for NASA
skenky lump (20 days ago)
the moon is a see through mother foc***s, you can't see the dark side because there isn't any.
max5250 (14 days ago)
Saermed Haque (21 days ago)
There is no difference in crust thickness. What i think is that the earth gravity had such a strong pull on the moons near side even that long ago that it made the moons lava spillage to come through the near side. Also the moon took a lot for the earth. Impacts craters on the far side.. image a moon smaller than its size.. forget about the natural disasters that would come with it for a second. Half of the asteroids would miss the and impact the earth making development for life much more difficult. My theory.🤔
Paul Davenport (21 days ago)
Wait and see what they say when they find out there had been 3 moons.
Timothy Love (21 days ago)
So wrong.
James Wade (21 days ago)
so the moon is flat too..
Edd Z3r0x (22 days ago)
Make stuff up as I go Call it "the only credible theory" if the moon and the earth shared a common origin, both objects should share a common composition which is not the case.
Stan Mrak (22 days ago)
Hilarious explanations all ignore the possibility that the moon was built by an advanced civilization
Crazy Penquin (22 days ago)
Their theory lols
JR 711 (23 days ago)
All the people on here denouncing science because this story may not be correct and because sometimes ideas and stories in science change have it completely ass backward. Science is amazing because when it gets the story wrong (as is sometimes the case - let’s face it, you get stuff wrong too, it’s a human thing and scientists are humans, sort of) science admits when it’s wrong and updates it’s theories according to the latest information. Of course science can never tell us everything. Of course science isn’t always right. If those two facts bother you then they are an impossible standard that you’ve imposed on science. You are born a baby with no knowledge. You will die with more knowledge than you started. Throughout your life you make observations, come up with ideas to explain what you see, tested your ideas, and refined your beliefs and ideas based on forthcoming evidence so that your ideas closely match reality. Nobody wants their perception of reality to starkly contrast with actual reality. That is to say, you want the description of the world in your head to be accurate, correct? Yeah so do science and scientists. It’s sad that all the information we learn over our lives is lost when we die. If only there was a way to record what we’ve learned and pass it on. Oh shit wait, we do that already, and when we pass on the information we learn about the physical world around us we call it SCIENCE!!!!!
Curtis Tisberger (23 days ago)
Total bullshit....this is Jew owned lame stream media
max5250 (14 days ago)
Yeah.. you know.... Ha, ha, ha...
Vaughan (23 days ago)
0:39 ... "Although the moon rotates..." That should be finished with ... "Around the Earth and not on it's axis." And who are the people in this spewing speculative nonsense using no references to back up what they are saying? They are not identified. Horrible video.
max5250 (14 days ago)
So, you think Moon is not spinning on its' axis?! How come we can only see one side of it?
Lord Megatron (24 days ago)
The only thing that's thicker than the far side's crust, are all the Mongoloid self proclaimed Scientists in the comments. Good job Mongols.
Icy Jerry (24 days ago)
The moon is thicc
Josh Wooley (25 days ago)
Centrifugal force as it cooled?
Thabet Muhsen (25 days ago)
The last guy WTF ??? Who invited him
You people you should know that is GOD's creation,so GOD is the one knew it,human being will remain to be human and GOD will be GOD forever,belive it.
Est 84 (26 days ago)
So its not cheese 😠
Cameron Despanza (26 days ago)
The secret of the dark side of the Moon is earth that's why we have a dome
The Nower (27 days ago)
*Welcome to the Dark Side*
Munch PH (27 days ago)
2:35 is that the mobile legends theme when u select character xDD
GOOGLE TAQIYYA (27 days ago)
Easy. Most meteors impacted the moon in the ass & accumulated over time adding depth. Did they think that the rocks did a hit and run ?▕🇺🇸 ⎧🇺🇸 ʃ🇺🇸 ᛙ🇺🇸⌉🇺🇸 ⎤🇺🇸 ⎞🇺🇸 ⎤🇺🇸 ᛩ🇺🇸 ¶🇺🇸 |🇺🇸 ⎛🇺🇸
GOOGLE TAQIYYA (27 days ago)
ASStroids ! Hehe
ATS Productions (29 days ago)
The explanation about the moon having a thicker crust on one side was because of another that merged over time in orbit but then why is it on the far/dark side but not on the side where it merged in the first place?
_ Oblivion _ (29 days ago)
The dark side of the moon, where sunlight does not reach, you are to specific, how you know this?
Far side...not Dark side.
Darell Woods (1 month ago)
That's because nothing is a globe...so what's on the other side of earth we never seen?
David Skotarczak (1 month ago)
Oh my God this video killing me it is impossible for two objects in space too mush together, unless it is2 holes
David Skotarczak (1 month ago)
It's thicker on that side because of the pull of the gravitational force on the Moon from the Earth.it has to do with gravity, in some spots on earth the crust is thinner what makes the Moon any different.
JoshNeedsCola 526 (1 month ago)
Any one else got OCD from the craters?
Mary C (1 month ago)
Takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Seriously, were it not for the moon, look at the hits we would take. BTW, common sense says, over time, all those astoroid "hits" deposited a lot, adding to the top layer and making it thicker!

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