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Meet @Toya_Turnup [The Female Plies]

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Text Comments (52)
Star J (3 months ago)
Lol love her
Yomo B (7 months ago)
Missy Flowers (1 year ago)
Lmao for Halloween she needs to be niece from "B.A.P.S"
gta5realtv (1 year ago)
Jeanette Henry (1 year ago)
Haha she is so good
tuchesuavae (2 years ago)
Garrett Deal (2 years ago)
Damn I been sticking my tongue in the Pussy all this time, didn't know I was doing it wrong my wife don't say nothing either.
Cassie Phillips (6 months ago)
Because she loves u,I'm getting older,so I had to tell my husband the other day,(17) years.hes been doing it rong
aderline johnson (9 months ago)
Garrett Deal. lol congratulations on your marriage
Passion Jade (2 years ago)
coonuche tho..smh dis bish
Passion Jade (2 years ago)
lls female plies lyke shyt
Ebony Peck (2 years ago)
i came here to eat! the fuck is up??
thaintriguing1 (2 years ago)
Yep, Plies definitely need to hook up with her. They're perfect.
slime queen kitty (2 years ago)
always licking a freaking lollipop
Irate Frogger (3 years ago)
she look like the type to tie a nigga up, beat his ass, rape em and tell him to stop crying like a lil bitch
Katori Eason (3 years ago)
President Santana (3 years ago)
This dude is funny. Yup.... Dude
Darell Webb (3 years ago)
Why I say coonchie now because of her.
Terry Fisher (3 years ago)
hey I'd take a few towels myself...lol and fellas a woman like this, is not built for love making...you have to fuck'em hard and long...cum quick if you want to...and she'll tell everybody!
emanuscriptgraphics (3 years ago)
It's still up for debate if this is a female.
emanuscriptgraphics (3 years ago)
+Hashim Wilson Lol clowns
Hashim Wilson (3 years ago)
+emanuscriptgraphics aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh stfu
Eric Deshields (3 years ago)
toya toya😂
Zechariah Andrews (3 years ago)
I, did say thanks!!
Dolores Santana (3 years ago)
funny as hell
Ariana Williams (3 years ago)
Too funny.
Pat Kilgo (3 years ago)
I love her.
antwanette la'shay (3 years ago)
she said coonchie and boogie naked hahaha
Shamir Clemons (1 year ago)
antwanette la'shay I KNOW GOR ME BUSSIIN UP SMFH
Brandon Oats (3 years ago)
Ra-sone Rucker (3 years ago)
CTFU I can't stop laughing lol
Brandon Rogers (3 years ago)
She said coonchie 😂
Davis Fountain (3 years ago)
+Brandon Rogers slay dis coonchie from hiyah to hiyah lol
Ra-sone Rucker (3 years ago)
+Andrea Smith Yes child she sure did lmao
Andrea Smith (3 years ago)
+Brandon Rogers she said when they get ready to hunch!! LMAO
monster max (3 years ago)
My man, you're funny. I like your videos
Anthony Wilson (3 years ago)
Lmaoooooooo wifegoals lol
Anthony Wilson (3 years ago)
She's the shit
Rufus Pickle (3 years ago)
venerie copes (3 years ago)
That was funny as heck
Quiana Willingham (3 years ago)
Lmbao shit so funny !!!! 😎😛😜
Robert Casanova (3 years ago)
😕😕😕😕😕😕😕 ok
Robert Casanova (3 years ago)
+Brittany Hicks lol way to hard
Brittany Hicks (3 years ago)
Right.. She trying too hard. Not funny
Samuel B (3 years ago)
kenneth grubbs (3 years ago)
too funny
Tyasia Johns (3 years ago)
Coonchie 😂😂😂😂😂😂
LaChriseja (3 years ago)
Lmao, she is a crackup
angela Tigner (3 years ago)
Omfugganng! too funny!
Alexia Oliver (3 years ago)
Firstname Lastname (3 years ago)
Lol why do I love this woman?
Samantha Tanya Mirasu (3 years ago)

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