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Angry old Drunken Russian man argues with Hotel Clerk.
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Khaled Hedayed (13 days ago)
Even his spit has an accent 🤣🤣
Patty (1 month ago)
He he
Aug Snow (6 months ago)
He looks like my grandpa.
Ahmet Şahin (6 months ago)
3:48 LMAO i just love how he moves the armchair with his foot :D
karwan karwan (7 months ago)
This so bad ! Why ? Maybe stroke it!
karwan karwan (7 months ago)
He is from inglan and this hotel in liverpool
Neil Johnson (7 months ago)
A YouTube classic. Glad I found it again!
murtaza hassan (7 months ago)
Why is he calling you mother fucker? Did you fuck his mother? 😂😂
Eli Aiken (8 months ago)
Still one of the funniest videos ever
wazzobazzo (8 months ago)
The clerk's the result of a lot of individual grains of sand next to the ocean. I.e... "A sum of a beach".
Mariko (8 months ago)
What happened at the end? 😂
Lou Branch (1 year ago)
What if a black clerk did this to an old white man... would it have been so hilarious....yep I went there....
Lou Branch (1 year ago)
It's all funny until the clerk is found somewhere with his tongue cut out he was very disrespectful to that old man....
big supreme (1 year ago)
He doesn't sound Russian to me.
Commie Bandito (1 year ago)
He's not Russian, I'd know.
fdyjt (1 year ago)
i cant stop laughing when he asks wanna fight outside and he says SURE LETS GO hahahaha his reaction was just to LOL
DATAm0d (1 year ago)
I swear to god this is DanielfromSL incognito.
Ruz (1 year ago)
He talks like Esteban Winsmore
Bitter Truth (1 year ago)
The very first time Serbian kid showed me this clip almost 8 years ago but until today I love this short very funny clip. I love it !
kemp90 (1 year ago)
you sonnoma bich
Iron Warrior (1 year ago)
1:48 adjusts pants like a boss before proceeding with "don fuk wit me u somovabitch punk, tuu late if i open ur blaad"
He takes it not gives it
Soleil Jaan (1 year ago)
2017.... joke with your mother
LuckyMex214 (1 year ago)
Spacey (1 year ago)
you suroma bitch
FulinYu (1 year ago)
I don't bring here nobody, because I have a small bed. If I turn, how many times I fall?
Alex Hein (2 years ago)
I have to tell you or somebody I who fauck
Alex Hein (2 years ago)
before I call your mother many times.
Venge Ance (2 years ago)
5:06 - and he confirms it, he is gay.
Alex Hein (2 years ago)
I knew it he's gay
Hugo Boss (2 years ago)
Excellent! The reception man is cool, a real troll, with very funny voice!!))
FulinYu (2 years ago)
Somofabitch (not all of a bitch)
boyka Almond (2 years ago)
You summon a bitch?
Ben Baxter (2 years ago)
the russian accent is fucking badass XD!
sam (2 years ago)
"You son of ma bitch." Niko Bellic at 60 years old.
Anatoli Wolf (2 years ago)
Hello oldman fuck with me?
OJ Truckin843 (2 years ago)
that old man would have killed him for that disrespect 20 or 30 years ago
UhOhMonster (2 years ago)
I watch this from time to time and it's still freaking funny every single damn time i watch it~
muhammed from iraq (2 years ago)
if an old man spit ,hit ,slap me i would not response i would just run away and avoid any direct conflect ,hey have too many health issues
commentslangako (2 years ago)
You mader Fakker. You somovabitch.
Kadi Céça (2 years ago)
Tfou (spit) moderrr fuckerrrrr ...! ahahahahah 😂...... I love this grandpa, he's fuckin awesome
Metemi (3 years ago)
I don't have to tell nobody where I go fuck!! loooool
Alex Hein (2 years ago)
Metemi lmao
Naughty Sticky Juices (3 years ago)
You madder fakker!
volkan1005 (3 years ago)
yu soro ma bich
Sqeeky Kleen (3 years ago)
Archie Bunker is pissed.
Felix W (3 years ago)
I still fucking love this 5 years later. I wonder if he's still sonomobitchin'
Alex Hein (2 years ago)
Felix W I hope he's still alive
sanjeet arun (3 years ago)
+topcat felix me too bro...I laugh hard when he pulls out his pink scissors.
You Know My Name (3 years ago)
Is lit yo
Archie Bunker (3 years ago)
The labeling of this vid. COULD be a little more clear, he doesn't seem drunk, he is pissed because the motel clerk is being unprofessional, and having fun teasing this guy. Not judging but these situations can turn ugly. This guy is obviously from a different culture and a different generation. It would give his family one hell of a good lawsuit if this gentleman stroked out becase of this confrontation. On the other hand what if he had something other than saftey scissors? Something tells me the clerk would not have pulled that prank on some shaved headed dude, and that isn't being clever that is just being immature. But I laugh my ass off every time I hear the video. Thumbs up for posting this.  This is excellent material for customer relations training.
Lou Branch (1 year ago)
Mildly Amusing Channel exactly and if they would have found the clerk dead somewhere I wander if it still would have been funny... I bet if this was the people who thinks its funny grandpa they wouldn't have found it funny at all...it was disrespectful and plain childish....
Well maybe dickheads from these backwards-ass cultures should get the fuck over themselves, especially if they're in a different country. This guy is a humourless tool.
Alfons Samuelson (3 years ago)
"why you don't suck my brick"
Stefy Lau (3 years ago)
Angry drunk old russian man spits in the face
Stefy Lau (3 years ago)
You sorao mah betch
i pissed my pants laughting lol ha
Poo poos (3 years ago)
Matthews CZ (3 years ago)
He is Hungarian, trust me! Accent is 100% on point :D
Matthews CZ (3 years ago)
+BaxWarFeRR Engem is le oroszoztak mar kulfoldiek amikor rossz akcentussal beszeltem az angolt. plusz how many times i fall kijelento modban teljesen inkorrekt viszont magyar megfogalmazasban "hanyszor leestem.." (forgolodaskor). De nem fogok vitatkozni :))
+Máté Géczi nope, he's russian, it's in the video. and I'm hungarian, it's not even close to it. 100% russian accent
Cacianvm (3 years ago)
Sock my pa-dddeek you son-a-ma-beach. Why don't you go falk you madder - you sonna ma beach.
Cacianvm (3 years ago)
Typical European / Russian men with their limited English - they always want you to suck them off, or f- them - or something having to do with their asses, they keep mentioning the same thing over and over using the only 4 basic swear words they know. They really need to learn English or leave this country.
keltar2007 (2 years ago)
Cacianvm Jesus, dude..."leave this country"
Eruan Cook (3 years ago)
Lol i love this video and watch it everyday, :-)
Oswah K (3 years ago)
Sounds like he's saying you 'summon a bitch' LOOOL I'm dying
unoder (3 years ago)
+Oswah Khoram LOL! So he can prove he's not gay loool.
Paul Mall (4 years ago)
I thought the hotel clerk was funny.
Aussie (4 years ago)
LOL @ RUSSIA !!! :-D
Clarence Boddicker (4 years ago)
fuk your mutters mout, u sumamabitch
Alex Hein (2 years ago)
Clarence Boddicker 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aleksanteri Helenius (4 years ago)
FulinYu (4 years ago)
Come heeeeeeeere...*pulls out safety scissors*.
FulinYu (4 years ago)
Still love this video.
Pickett 710 (4 years ago)
lolz trolling a drunk russian
BobsAndVagene (4 years ago)
Somovabich. That's his name.
Mariko (8 months ago)
BobsAndVegane I thought he said sodomybich
lehnrik (4 years ago)
00:55 "Joke with your mother, yo samorabit!"
FulinYu (4 years ago)
Come Heeeeere, you soma-ova-bitch.
Robin (4 years ago)
Demitri Tsiokas (5 years ago)
One thing you dont wanna do. NEVER.....EVER....call an eastern european man gay.....EVER
Alex Hein (2 years ago)
Demitri Tsiokas 😂😂😂hes just pissed cuz he can't sleep at night 😂😂😂
Abdelhak H (5 years ago)
i TELLEN you hhhhhhhh
Artemios (5 years ago)
He doesn't sound Russian.He sounds more like Greek
hellixxx (5 months ago)
@Cacianvm well, i guess it's all subjective. you probably think your mother is beautiful.. but to everyone else, she is a disgusting looking slob.
Renata Renata (7 months ago)
thath guy is a Russian Jew, who was living in Israel
Commie Bandito (10 months ago)
Cacianvm go fuck yourself, how bout that? I wanna hear you learn a second language and not have an accent
Cacianvm (3 years ago)
@diediekiller greek, russian - both are disgusting sounding languages to me
Menzo F (5 years ago)
HAMDANFIFA (5 years ago)
Paxtilhoko (6 years ago)
Safety scissors??
BLACK RAIN (11 months ago)
Paxtilhoko no he's being clever
Killeing MaChin (6 years ago)
Mohammed Hr1 (6 years ago)
OohBigBoy (6 years ago)
Mvnsovr (6 years ago)
Lol legend
Regina Andersson (6 years ago)
You son a ma bitch
Berith_- (6 years ago)
so.. he was gay right? xD
PianaGlass (6 years ago)
why don't you suck my brick?!
Thorium (6 years ago)
kurt mallia (6 years ago)
i swear your voice sounds like the ownage pranks guy!! lol
Mader faker, soom ouf a beeetch!
Mark willard (7 years ago)
Lol bout looks fake
FulinYu (8 years ago)
@ninjagunnerz No
JAHCE3 (8 years ago)
FulinYu (8 years ago)
This is a masterpiece of a Mockumentary.

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