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The Handcuffs - Can't Get The Girl (Without The Good Stuff, Baby)

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Music video from The Handcuffs, whose songs you've heard on the CW's "Gossip Girl," MTV's "The Hills," "Parental Control," "Pimp My Ride," "Next," "Laguna Beach" and more; VH1's "The Cho Show;" and shows on A&E, E!, the CW and more; and the soundtrack of the Sundance Award winning documentary "The Education of Shelby Knox" and more. The song for this video, "Can't Get the Girl (Without the Good Stuff, Baby)" appears on the band's debut CD "Model for a Revolution." For news, information, photos, more songs and all kinds of crap, visit www.thehandcuffs.com.
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Tim Hufeld (6 years ago)
this is a bad ass song - luvit
Emma Monnopia (7 years ago)
; )
joe roth (7 years ago)
saw you guys in springfield, saw the singer almost fall on her face... great band
Kerocola (8 years ago)
<3 The Handcuffs
Maca Yacoman (9 years ago)
Hey anyone know where i can get the song "Love me all the way" by the Handcuffs. It was on The Hills, and cant find it!!! thanks~
thehappyclub (10 years ago)
I show this video to my wife to make her feel better about MY collection of vinyl. That's a beautifully, perfectly decorated room.
Jackanapes (10 years ago)
I love you
Janster59 (10 years ago)
YEA BABY YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheCakeIsALie11 (11 years ago)
Stretchmeister (12 years ago)
Great stuff. Very British looking. I once saw Brad Elvis at a gig in Hollywood. He did more with one bass drum than most guys do with two. I give this 5 Stars.
Robbie Rist (12 years ago)
Easily two of the most talented writer/performer/musicians I have ever met. And so cool they alone could start the next ice age.
keveone (12 years ago)
The coolest band in the world!!! Tell thousands!!! The Handcuffs - They're not just for bedtime anymore!!!

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