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Cop handcuffs innocent bystanders with a criminal!

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Text Comments (65)
Madjid Idjennaden (2 months ago)
Même si ce n'est qu'une caméra cachée je trouve que ces policiers exercent leurs abus de pouvoir sur les pauvres citoyens parfois ils les humilient!oh si c'était en amerique du sud les rôles seront inversés et ce sera la réalité et pas une caméra cachée
Sally Garden (6 months ago)
Not so interesting. The criminal could have been scary looking to make this gag nicer.
il dittatore del cibo (11 months ago)
Lola Hunter (1 year ago)
Fake and staged. All are actors
Sachin Kumar (1 year ago)
I subscribed.... Love you Gags
Hlengiwe Zungu (1 year ago)
i wanted her to go pee
OfficalEggStarProgram (1 year ago)
Omg nice prank
ECS XIV (2 years ago)
It would have been funnier if the "criminal" was scary looking.
R C Nelson (4 years ago)
American cop would've shot first, handcuffed later.
Dumb video
Conway79 (6 years ago)
I wouldn't mind being cuffed to her.
Beam Max (1 year ago)
Conway79 same here
Captain Hindsight (6 years ago)
Ever wondered what happened to the British JFL? One of these guys was a lawyer.
ruffsnap (6 years ago)
This would be like a good Tyler Durden mindtrick type thing, to get people to become friends with strangers and such lol
Nekou Stixomuthies (7 years ago)
jail now :P haha
Soulsphere001 (7 years ago)
It would have been better if a different person dressed as a cop let the "criminal" go.
Zapkin (⌐►_◄) (7 years ago)
i dont get it what could she have done to be a criminal
ShadowFlipsy (7 years ago)
the chinesse what to invade the USA though Canada just like in Fallout 3
epicguycheeseburgers (7 years ago)
i mean 0:41
epicguycheeseburgers (7 years ago)
0:39 im staying here sit down
MarcTheStar94 (7 years ago)
It would have been better if it was a scary big black man...
Jimmypl007 (7 years ago)
it would have been more funny if the police man at the start said he was going to send another police man to come pick her up and than the other police man takes the wrong person.. in this the same police man comes back and lets the other one go for no reason...???
Khal Haz (7 years ago)
what if she want to pee ..!!O_o nice
stephen eric danque (7 years ago)
they do this in us everyday..
Karl Nuevo (7 years ago)
@ValleHermoso20 lol thats funny
ValleHermoso20 (7 years ago)
@KarlNuevo16 Are You Saying Santa is a Criminal ???
BaconNuke (7 years ago)
y cop cuff himself to bystanders
BaconNuke (7 years ago)
@jimmymcwoots what do u do for a living that u need handcuff keys
Ph0be (7 years ago)
0:21 "hee hee lets get out of here :D!!"
MrAfghan01 (7 years ago)
jonharson (7 years ago)
@jimmymcwoots Those are pretty easy to open with a bobby pin too, but the possibility of being charged with attempted escape might not be my idea of a fun afternoon...
No Longer Active (7 years ago)
0:27 - cute old man!
mrdeetothejay (7 years ago)
Dude at 0:41 is like bitch sit down you ain't goin anywhere
The Collective (7 years ago)
0:41 like a boss :)
jimmymcwoots (7 years ago)
I would just pull out my keys, unlock the handcuffs, and walk away. Yes, I carry a handcuff key with me at all times, its work related.
mrjiggleman97 (7 years ago)
I like the old guy who wouldn't let her go anywhere
dk toivonene (7 years ago)
very funy
dk toivonene (7 years ago)
janet07100 (7 years ago)
That one was stupid
TheMrbantu (7 years ago)
@KarlNuevo16 hehhheehehehe
Chintan Dave (7 years ago)
they could've done something more. Like the criminal could runaway opening the handcuffs in some way and the officer would then question the innocent.
vc180191 (7 years ago)
lol, being handcuffed to that girl, i'd end up being the criminal in less than five minutes (RAEP TIME!!!)
ZeroneRaven (7 years ago)
I could stay with her even she was a criminal. :) Oh damn I need a Girlfriend.
Lewis (7 years ago)
I wonder if that woman was a real criminal.
EvolutionXEngine (7 years ago)
the ultimate hook up
05you2 (7 years ago)
they should have made the criminal look more dangerous
Uchiha1243 (7 years ago)
What if she needs to pee?!
Blaze Mega (7 years ago)
lol i wonder wat wuld hve happend if one of dem really needed to visit the bathroom
blacklthrpants2002 (7 years ago)
Gags for laugh is a good show. There is an English and a French version as well.
Mahmoud El Arch (7 years ago)
@gregboyds shut up !
rslover1171 (8 years ago)
Kronikwookie (8 years ago)
@KarlNuevo16 yeah i wouldnt mind the girl being handcuffed to me xP but yeah shoulda made him look like a killer
Goliathus Athos (8 years ago)
@reym613 what the fuck ?
Karl Nuevo (8 years ago)
it could;ve been better if it was a huge bearded man as the criminal
North West (8 years ago)
@DanielW199 k .
0503892811 (8 years ago)
0:43 sit back young lady
Zerowaffles (8 years ago)
srsly guys just its better if everybody shuts up <.<
Newi994 (8 years ago)
0:57 "why me?" "look at you. you're fat"
anonthecannon (8 years ago)
i think i should shut the fuck up
ShaFie AliAS (8 years ago)
ShaFie AliAS (8 years ago)
@EspanZeTTo @reym613 @liverpool7592 THREE OF YOU SHUT UP!!
liverpool7592 (8 years ago)
@EspanZeTTo @reym613 BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP
Key 90 (8 years ago)
@reym613 EPIC FAIL.
LittleLottie (8 years ago)
North West (8 years ago)

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