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No Country For Old Men: Ending Explained

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The Coen brothers’ 2007 film No Country for Old Men is not your typical Western: the hero doesn’t win, or even survive, the villain gets away, and the ending isn’t a shootout but rather a slow, calm, monologue by a character who was the least involved of the three main characters. The final scene, much debated by fans and critics, does however give us a window into the movie’s deeper meaning and the Coens’ pessimistic worldview. Buy or rent the movie on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2hgRcaO Works Cited & Consulted: * "Cormac McCarthy - Subconscious is older than Language." YouTube, uploaded by sdobric. Oct 18, 2014. * "The Coen Brothers interview on NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (2007)." YouTube, uploaded by Eyes On Cinema. Sep 23, 2014. * "Why do we dream? - Amy Adkins." YouTube, uploaded by TED-Ed. Dec 10, 2015. * "Movies I Love (and so can you): No Country for Old Men (2007) [*Spoilers*] ." YouTube, uploaded by Movies I Love (and so can you). Aug 22, 2013. Sign up to our email newsletter for updates on new videos, fun film trivia, news on giveaways, longform content, events and more! http://bit.ly/2oVVB1Q If you like this video, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more: http://www.youtube.com/c/Screenprism Like ScreenPrism on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/screenprism Follow ScreenPrism on Twitter: http://twitter.com/screenprism Visit ScreenPrism.com: http://screenprism.com/
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AD FO (4 months ago)
ScreenPrism a whole lot of made up stuff
The scene that I really want to know about is the scene where sheriff Bell goes back to the hotel room in El Paso, was Anton actually behind the door or not? Was he there and simply slipped away while Bell was checking out the bathroom?
Glenn Schaub (1 hour ago)
I always wanted the guy to get hit by a car as he’s limping away
Clark W (21 hours ago)
An incredibly frustrating, beautiful, masterful, and re-watchable film, and I hate a good majority of it. Actually, just a majority of Chigurh's role. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I just see him as someone who gets lucky in that he seems to only face the incompetent. He by rights should have been dead in the motel had the idiot in the bathroom not pulled a clichéd 80s pray and spray. And were he what he was supposed to be, he wouldn't have. Moss wouldn't have sat on that bed, squared up with a doorway through which he suspected someone entering. He would have at least taken that lesson from his time in Nam. That's the fatal flaw for me with the film, the poorly constructed force that we are supposed to believe Chigurh is. But again, that's always just been my issue, and it never stops me from watching every minute when it's on.
You Tube (22 hours ago)
I just realized I'm too stupid to watch movies.
Anton Boludo (1 day ago)
No parts for old farts.
John P (1 day ago)
the movie was just dark and weird
Alonzo 403 (1 day ago)
No I’m sorry this movie sucks, the build up is really good but it legit goes nowhere
SEDRICK WELLS (3 days ago)
One of the all time greatest underrated movies ever
Jose Casas (3 days ago)
The explanation is more complicated than the movie
Edward Nygma (3 days ago)
Tommy lee johns one of my favorite actors of all time
0 (3 days ago)
At the end, the old sheriff pretty much says "I'm getting too old for this sh!t"
O. Henry (4 days ago)
@1:20 .... "The decent and lawful world which probably doesn't even exist." That's not true. Before the 60s-70s the South was a totally different place. People had respect for each other, believed in God and subsequently in the most basic rules of human decency. All that has been replaced by arbitrary violence and a lack of moral values. Stop using super smart terms like a 'displaced character' and keep the essence of the movie simple: it debunks the misconception that old people brag about the new generations as a consequence of their annoying nature. As a matter of fact, they have just lived long enough to observe society's moral degradation.
Joe Shmoe (4 days ago)
What I would really like to know is the dufus with the money can't go into the bag and and disconnect a battery or take out the radio transmitter. Oh, wait, if he did that the fucking movie would have been over.
hogensan (4 days ago)
Hero is a public servant
Mike Cofield (5 days ago)
this idiot is full of shit!
Giorgio Moroder (6 days ago)
Most underwhelming/overwhelming last quarter of a film. 4/4
The Recreational Guru (7 days ago)
“No country for old men” has to be the coolest movie tittle ever
Colin Weiss (8 days ago)
it's very interesting how often the Coen brothers use Western tropes in their movies. they adore this genre. look at the Ballad of Buster Scrugs. western. but not just that, their other movies too. a common trope in westerns is the "damsel in distress" getting kidnapped and the good law coming to save her, as seen in Fargo, but also even in The Big Lewbowski. The Big Lebowski is actually one of my favorite westerns because its the anti-western. instead of the noble hero, "the dude" (another name for cowboy) is the opposite. instead of the expansion into the endless expanse that is the wild west, we see the tumble weed roll all the way to the Pacific ocean in the beginning to show the west is conquered. they use so many western movie genre concepts in ALL of their movies.
howiboy (8 days ago)
Simply wasn't a good ending, don't care who says what
Steven David Stoffers (9 days ago)
'the hero wins' is folklore. same thing, 'there might be a sequel'. he, and sometimes she, is never just a hero. he or she is an 'audience surrogate'. and the rule is that the audience surrogate can never be seen to be killed, by other than old age unless for a reason that gives their death some significant meaning. in this movie, as well as all powerful blockbuster movies or stories.... or cable TV shows.... that *****play***** with that rule to a razor's edge.... (i) we only see him dead, and not killed outright, thru the door after a gun fight that proceeded at some distance and seen thru the eyes of another alternate possible A.S..... and so are not 100% sure it is him... maybe some guy with the same shirt!.. and (ii) his wife gets to have a choice by his death or our A.S. would be dead anyways as the bad guy is totally invinceable as portrayed and unlike everyone else even the guy with the big white cowboy hat.... and (iii) Llewelyn Moss is not a totally clear as the one and only A.S. and (iv) Ed Tom Bell ends the movie reminding us of the old age reality that gets us anyways.. us old men... and is the title of the movie. see the rule above. (i) why we see Walter White look like he maybe passed out when everyone else is always gruesomely seen killed for sure (i) why we never see even a glimpse of a gun in the last minutes of The Sopranos (ii) that is the death to an A.S. minimum requirement (iii) as in the younger morphed A.S. who got the girl instead of the 1st of 2 A.S. played by Brad Pitt who is killed (iii) as in the black guy in Night of the Living Dead which is the only time in 2,000 years [N.B. 2,000 years] where an A.S. is seen killed in full glory for almost no reason.... except maybe to insure all of the zombies are dead (iv) why we see Private Ryan in the opening scene out of sequence... with his family... in old age.. before Tom Hanks is killed (iv) why we see Rose in the opening scene in old age.... before Leondardo DiCaprio dies and she keeps her promise his death insured now those are all great movies. it's also for stories. "the hero always wins" and "there has to be room for a sequel or next TV show" is not any more "real" than that Donald Trump's Favorite Book is his favorite book or that 'Climate' is about ice melting in 2100 something and all kinds of endless nonsense we just LOVE to tell ourselves and everybody we get a chance to talk to. whether we be a North Korean that believes in Magic Mountains or..... ..... John Kerry a Dem mincing the words 'migrants' and 'Climate refugees' at the drop of a hat while our wonderful media slices and dices a passively acting border wall that can stop people crossing en masse when grits cook in Africa and Syria the same as they would if they eat grits in Mexico... but our media never mentions 'Climate'???? at all???? just like Donald Trump. and Nancy Pelosi and "Chuck" also from New York know that Trump can't do that.... and neither can she or Chuck bring it up. but Marco Rubio does!!!!! except it ain't "fossil fuels" we would go after. we would build a better border wall. and maybe a US Space Force for SRM. nice going again Rubio!!!!! what an idiot!!!! Ted Cruz knows just as well as Trump does.... but not Rubio. he can't say that unless he is REALLY dumb.
Mitch S (12 days ago)
I don’t know that I agree with “randomness” I think he ultimately believes in choice. That your choices in life including the calling of a coin toss, affect your life and fate.
umidk10000 (14 days ago)
The ending pissed me off
Jose Sanchez (14 days ago)
This video is way more entertaining than the actual movie
Mike Aliberti (15 days ago)
When it showed Moss’ body I didn’t recognize him. So when I was looking up an ending explanation I was very confused when people were saying he died.
Shiva Poli (16 days ago)
Please can someone tell why Moss would return to the place where he found the money ?
CLINT KESSLER (17 days ago)
this helped, thanks
edwardmashberg1 (18 days ago)
I thought it was intended to be loud and clear to readers and viewers that the old man in the title was the aging sheriff. The reason why it's no country for old men like him is that he can longer control what goes in his jurisdiction. He's gotten old and the land he knew has become a different country, with military weaponry in the hands of criminals and drug cartel murderers and traffickers run amok. Old police men like him with a sense of right and wrong can neither set it right nor abide in it. Not even in their dreams. The killer, by contrast, lacks any sense of right or wrong. He is emblematic of the new country, an unmoored and remorseless land.
GravelsNotAFood (19 days ago)
What really doesn't make any sense to me. Who crashed their car into Chigurh at the end?
Def Stuv (20 days ago)
oh, are there some retards who didnt understand the ending? fuck the cohen brothewrs
Tyler Lohss (20 days ago)
This movie sucked ass
Screw You! (21 days ago)
Explanation- this movie sucked! The end.
Greatmcwhite (21 days ago)
Relentless retard with bad haircut ? He would be easy to ambush, because you know he's coming.
Son of Liberty (22 days ago)
Best movies ending pissed me off. The first aggravation was when we have followed the Josh brolin character through every move he makes throughout the movie, then boom he's dead, WTF happened. Then again closer to the end they just leave the bad guy walking off, does he get caught, does he die, or maybe he gets run over? Again WTF leaving it hanging once more. The movie felt like they were going through according to script and then all of a sudden oh crap this is going to be too long kill the guy off and send you the one walking down the street, it's a wrap.
Daniel Lopez (22 days ago)
The movie just cuts off ... horrible ending reminds me of Kanye when he stopped his concert in Sacramento after just one song. Maybe there should be a video explaining how artistic it was for Kanye to just leave the stage it showed that there’s no justice in the world and that boos of the crowd reflect the natural order of life blah blah blah... it’s just a bad ending!
Daniel Lopez (22 days ago)
Ending was awful. Like ladybird. Just admit that it was a bad ending for the hardworking average people of America just trying to get their mind off from the stresses of life only to waste 2 hours.
bsommer (1 day ago)
You sound highly uneducated and intolerable. Good grief
Andy Mcmillan (23 days ago)
.......🤔....... You so full of shit..... With your endless rambling about this movie.. This is one of my favorite movies to cohen brothers made.... You're hypothesis of this movie or whatever you want to call it you must be drugged up insane or still living with your mother in her basement get a life this is why people in the movie industry like you don't understand a good movie and this make it more stupider to the audience.....
Eric Russell (23 days ago)
That ending sucked in an artistic
tknudcarter (26 days ago)
Good movie but this video was a lot of psycho babble.
Maria Callous (26 days ago)
I watched it once. I thought it was just a movie about a killer psychopath.
G.I. Geno (26 days ago)
Damn dude, remind me never to go see a movie with u!! Overanalytical ruins the fun n chill, movies lets my head shut down for a small bit, n the rest of life is where i analyze
lamar jackson (27 days ago)
That killer looked pure evil.I've seen a lot of killers but that guy sent more than one chill up my spine watching this movie.
M J (27 days ago)
Idc what anybody says, I think this movie was great, but the ending was fucking terrible. Pacing makes no sense. First Anton shows up at moss’s place out of nowhere, and then they leave it up to interpretation if she died to the coin toss or not which was fucking annoying, and then for no reason out of nowhere he gets in a car crash and then just walks away from it unscathed, and then we get some stupid dream metaphor from tommy lee jones and it just abruptly ends.
LesYeuxSansVisage (30 days ago)
Shouldn’t it be Cormac McCarthy’s ending?
Tio Stroncio (1 month ago)
2nd point: it's not because someone thinks the World has not an order and - unsafe of his own opinion - insists in demonstrate that with images...it's not because of this that they are completely right. Who wants believe in any shit. The others have the right to doubt it.
Tio Stroncio (1 month ago)
It's not a Western to start with.
Zeronny (1 month ago)
You have to read between the Lines but u also have to read the lines
Van Inn (1 month ago)
Awesome movie HORRIBLE ending!!!!! If we really as viewers need a 15 min explanation then he ending fails!!!!! Loved this movie, and hated the confusing “Sopranos” type ending
313drepeso313 (1 month ago)
One of the best movies ever made, I've literally watched all the explainer vids of this movie ever made lol. The ending left me kind of empty and unfulfilled, however still in awe.
Jondo Jondo (1 month ago)
Woody never had a chance...
Robin Johnson (1 month ago)
if it takes an hour to finally explain a movie from yrs ago then the movie. although entertaining in its own right then maybe it wasn't a total success. also the villain kills a cop then strolls thru the movie? not in Texas they would have turned the state upside down til they found him . don't care much for movies with disappointing endings.enough of that in real life. they knew the audience wanted to have moss kill his nemesis but no we'll leave them befuddled.with the thought the lucky evil always wins.
Mark Bondar (1 month ago)
It was a very cool movie and even scary at times, but I just cannot get the ending.
Stanley Cates (1 month ago)
Excellent - profound insight - new fan
John Hennessy (1 month ago)
It is about courage and how he decides he would rather live than die trying to kill the bad guy. His time for heroism is past and it is for younger men to do.
Coroner Trudel (1 month ago)
I get why this movie is liked by so many, but I’ve just watched it and it’s really not for me. The main problem I have is that there is not one single character that I care about, so I did’t feel invested in the story at all.
J Langley (1 month ago)
Good analysis. Of course a much better ending would have been if he had said, "Well, after everything I learned, I can now see this really is... no country for old men."
john martin (1 month ago)
The meaning of the movie is far beyond general comprehension. If you don’t understand on your own then you shouldn’t know.
john martin (1 month ago)
Alexus Volkov Exactly. Its not my job to unlock the truth behind someone else’s self created matrix. That is wrong and simply unfair to the viewer.
Mike Neil (1 month ago)
This movie is the all black album cover from this is spinal tap
SkitaTheGod (1 month ago)
Had to be the dumbest movie I’ve ever watched in my life
Flavio Cubas (1 month ago)
Just saw it for the second time in the same day, no doubt it is one of the best movies out there
Lindsay Flowers (1 month ago)
Moss was stupid He knew killer(s) would come for him at his trailer why not ambush there with his scoped rifle? Or at least pick up his tail and create an opportunity for a more concealed kill that would buy him more time. Sun Tzu would have been a help to him.
jhaz89 (1 month ago)
This is a perfect example of people claiming to know something that actually is just their interpretation. I wouldn't claim to explain the meaning of a film unless the producers had already explained it. Until that happens, it's all just conjecture. It's funny to read tons of different comments of, "no its this.." According to my calculations, a lot of people are wrong....
Kaden Nelson (1 month ago)
His dream about his father carrying the fire is a reference to the book The Road, which is written by Cormac McCarthy just like No country for old men. In the road the fire represented the future and what was to come.
Cobone (1 month ago)
You mean he is disgusted with the modern world not beating by it..
Politicallittlehelper (1 month ago)
They could make an up to date movie with that title which would be more like a documentary in this institution it's just a matter of explaining to the bitch factor?
Ronald Johnson (1 month ago)
i sure hope your making some money...
Brennan Orr (1 month ago)
i wrote a paper on Chigurh's morality in the film if anyone is interested
Patrick McDonnell (1 month ago)
Naval gazing garbage. Terrible movie.
Judah James (1 month ago)
I’m just going to say it: This movie sucks! It took me 5 tries to actually get though it. It has good actors. It has good directors. It has good reviews. But this is just unwatchable garbage! I kind of hate everything about this movie! The pacing is off. It meanders aimlessly. The violence isn’t fun. The bad hair cuts. Who is this for? Why does this exist?
Adna (1 month ago)
I think that main point of this movie is that times change and old men cannot understand how world funcionates currently. They have nostalgia and miss old and better times when they could matter and serve the justice when needed but they know that these times can't be back. However if they don't know how the game works, they cannot win in it.
Alabama Mothman (1 month ago)
Typical democrat/liberal movie where the "hero" is a drug dealing murderer. This is the reason hollywood sux so bad. And those AH's want to lecture us about politics.
Rajshikhar Molasaria (1 month ago)
can someone please tell what are the different background scores played in the background?
1sttvbn (1 month ago)
I just took it as the bad guy sometimes wins....Get over it. But, the ending did suck, and I admit, I was like WTF?
John N (1 month ago)
Such a well written and acted movie. Definitely in my all time top 5.
D. Paul Gladstone (1 month ago)
I have another opinion about the film. It was a two hour waste of my time, and I will never get it back. Now determine if my view and the films view is the same.
Mike Neil (1 month ago)
Mike Neil (1 month ago)
D. Paul Gladstone im glad I’m not alone
Nick Stosz (1 month ago)
To me, it seemed that he was an aged sherriff working his last case that was the most sinister he had ever investigated. The crimes committed were not something he had ever deakt with nor did his oredecessirs so he was at struggle with "what has this workd come to? Im too old for this shit." I believe he was disgusted with what man can do to another man and he just wsnted out and this fell in his lap, frustrating him just as retirement crept up on him.
Nick Stosz (1 month ago)
Did this come straight from the Cohen brothers or is this just someones take on the ending? Could it have just been a great alternative to the typical western? It was much darker than typical with an over the top villian. Not questioning the taje on the ending but was this their intention or an elaborate interpretation of what someone believed it to be?
battleborn2002 (1 month ago)
If someone has to explain the ending of a movie, it's a lousy movie.
Mike Neil (1 month ago)
battleborn2002 Fucking sucked
David Hamilton (1 month ago)
Liked the movie, but Chigur killing the widow was aggravating.
Johnny Calabro (1 month ago)
When it takes a 12 minute video to explain the ending of your film, your film pretty much sucks.
JK McClaren (1 month ago)
The ending is even more shit, boring, and anticlimactic when it’s explained. It’s fine if a filmmaker wants to be symbolic and metaphorical and subvert expectations, but at least be entertaining while you do it. I love the Cohen films, but this one takes an interesting story and characters and craps all over it by building up with no payoff. What’s worse is that it was done on purpose. At least “Burn After Reading” was surprising and eventful in its’ subversion.
chris strong (1 month ago)
plz...plz... make a part two of this sugar is a great villian almost darth vader ish.............
BestBathTub Finish (1 month ago)
I think the movie ended the way it did - because the writer was having problems.
Wuking (1 month ago)
RIP Thanos
Moe Money (1 month ago)
Even good men find themselves wrong sometimes and find it hard to admit it or change the path their on when finding out. Great men that hold truth as the main objective can change and can admit their mistakes no matter the outcome. Roses are red violets are blue I’m schizophrenic and so am I! lol
Oso K (1 month ago)
You showed nothing how it ends
Sean B (1 month ago)
"His father gave him money but he lost it." Meaning his father gave him answers. And he forgot them. The fire in the horn is his father's legacy. Him riding ahead was his death. But he will join him later.
Dwane Yocum (1 month ago)
One of my favorite Coen brothers' movies. I like the characters and the dialogue.
Vigilant Lance (1 month ago)
Nope. The film was unfinished shit.
Big Swing Face (1 month ago)
One of the most over rated pieces of crap ever made.
Tyrant-Den (1 month ago)
is Angel Eyes Chigure?
wildernessshouter (1 month ago)
I felt like the sheriff was maybe reflecting on how weak he was compared to the law men of the past. That he was more worried about his retirement then justice. Where the law men of the past would have tracked the villian through hell; put a rope around his neck, and dragged his silly ass for miles till his head popped off. Things where very much eye for a eye in them days. Compared to drinking coffee and reading the paper while running the clock out on a piss poor retirement.
justin hyland (1 month ago)
One of the best movies!
Ken Potter (1 month ago)
The best movie I ever hated, and want to watch again.
Wangdiddy (1 month ago)
One of my favorite movies
Jim Bud (1 month ago)
Na, I don’t buy it.
Ken Potter (1 month ago)
This movie is to Westerns as "Last American Virgin" is to Love Stories.
Victor Simmons (1 month ago)
One crazy character and movie😱Sicko💊
Matt Ryan (1 month ago)
RomeoKGT (1 month ago)
Found it odd from the beginning that he kept that sachel. From the outset I would have transfered that kitty to something I own and stumble across that tracker in the process.
Daniel VanderWoude (1 month ago)
Some people are saying this movie is about "playing by the rules" Totally not true. The movie defines chance. luck. fate. A coin toss. He is symbolizing real life by calling it what it is. Fate. This comes full circle in the closing scene.

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