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No Country For Old Men: Ending Explained

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The Coen brothers’ 2007 film No Country for Old Men is not your typical Western: the hero doesn’t win, or even survive, the villain gets away, and the ending isn’t a shootout but rather a slow, calm, monologue by a character who was the least involved of the three main characters. The final scene, much debated by fans and critics, does however give us a window into the movie’s deeper meaning and the Coens’ pessimistic worldview. Buy or rent the movie on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2hgRcaO Works Cited & Consulted: * "Cormac McCarthy - Subconscious is older than Language." YouTube, uploaded by sdobric. Oct 18, 2014. * "The Coen Brothers interview on NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (2007)." YouTube, uploaded by Eyes On Cinema. Sep 23, 2014. * "Why do we dream? - Amy Adkins." YouTube, uploaded by TED-Ed. Dec 10, 2015. * "Movies I Love (and so can you): No Country for Old Men (2007) [*Spoilers*] ." YouTube, uploaded by Movies I Love (and so can you). Aug 22, 2013. Sign up to our email newsletter for updates on new videos, fun film trivia, news on giveaways, longform content, events and more! http://bit.ly/2oVVB1Q If you like this video, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more: http://www.youtube.com/c/Screenprism Like ScreenPrism on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/screenprism Follow ScreenPrism on Twitter: http://twitter.com/screenprism Visit ScreenPrism.com: http://screenprism.com/
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AD FO (6 months ago)
ScreenPrism a whole lot of made up stuff
The scene that I really want to know about is the scene where sheriff Bell goes back to the hotel room in El Paso, was Anton actually behind the door or not? Was he there and simply slipped away while Bell was checking out the bathroom?
ARTORIUS R. (3 hours ago)
No other film delves into the saying "The pursuit of money is the root of all evil" as this one. The high stakes of cross border drug trade is so dark, that even coming across this scene accidentally puts Moss on a road to doom. He had balls of steel though returning to the carnage in the middle of the night. After the shoot out they both have the fortitude to get them selves fixed up. Its important to note how Moss buys a jacket with the blood money from the guys on the bridge the same way as Chigurh has to buy a shirt from the boys after the car crash. Moss ends up dead which is why I think Chigurh ends up dead in the future after his last scene. It's the money, each person who dies because of it adds to the darkness, the river of blood connected with it. It's cursed any one who becomes connected with it is doomed.
TJ Hanby (2 days ago)
It's the dismal tide
Ken Jacobus (2 days ago)
Sorry guys. I see a lot of great comments here, but I thought that it just wasn't that great of a movie. I was expecting more.
Tom Howland (4 days ago)
No Country is in my top 10 movies ever......Masterpiece.
Levi Poush (4 days ago)
I think that the point of the movie is to get you to think, and I think that that is really important. But also it has a message I think, the point is that everything is meaningless and no matter what you try to do, you will, in the end, die, it all ends the same. Is Chigur death? Is he a man? I think he is a bit of both because even for him there are forces outside of his control that act upon him. It challenges everything that you are supposed to believe, and that makes you think, and the conclusion is it is all random, nothing matters, it is all the same, it is all pointless. It is no country for old men because the old man is trying to deal with the world according to his system, but everything is always changing and before you know it the system is nothing like what you thought it was, and you are left behind. Even if you live you feel useless and life is empty, no matter what happens you lose, everyone loses.
colonel radec (4 days ago)
i like that despite having made his mind up of who he wants to be and being a completely compotent killer, anton definitely seems to be as a very broken man. i bet his life got rail roaded by random acts. i think he needs to absolutely believe that his life can be railroaded and so can anybody elses and its not wrong.. its just how life is. i think its a defense. if he believes there no true path, and that anything can happen he cant have his hopes shattered. that car t boned him. i doubt he thought why me, bet he thought wow.. better get out of here. i think it makes him feel that by resigning to his fate of believing one day it will all end with or without his say so and accepting that he feels protected. he cant do wrong if there is no wrong and he cant win whats not winnable. he will die. so instead it seems he just as decided to pursue money or maybe his professionalism cause thats the best he can think of to do. also i think what that girl said about the coin messed with him. with his head :v sad movie but i liked it.
Veni Vidi Vici (5 days ago)
To live is to ignite... To die is to have burned out... Pass on your flame daily.
eric rodrigue (5 days ago)
Looking into a black tv screen is a way to communicate and connect with satanic dark forces which symbolizes the Hollywood movie industrie
walter byrd (5 days ago)
Llewelyn Moss did not "steal" the money - he found it. Maybe he kept something that did not belong to him, but who did the money belong to? Nobody honestly earned it.
Hawk (6 days ago)
This movie sucked and the explanation makes it worse.
Eddjie (6 days ago)
I wish Chigurh died in the car accident. It would’ve added the the theme of randomness. To have him die in a way that no one would have wanted or expected
Chaos Dionysia (6 days ago)
Cubeoctahedron (6 days ago)
This Movie is about a Dying Sun God ...I'm from the STARS
Cubeoctahedron (6 days ago)
You guys are so pathetic... If you thought this movie had great wisdom... maybe you can lead by example ...and show me how it's to be done ...but I'm not following you
Joshua Holmess (7 days ago)
Believe it or not! I just watched the movie for the very first time.........What a fucking waste of time! All I can say it’s “this is just a piece of CHIT!
Emran Ali (8 days ago)
No matter how much academic film study waffle you give to it, it was such a great movie, a real classic that ended up disappointing and forgotten because of the ending..
The Earth is Round (8 days ago)
Second time Bell didn't eat his breakfast.
TheWingedPotato (9 days ago)
So, it was a giant piece of shit that's only merit is the typical "art" excuse for why it sucks so hard? As expected of the Coen brothers
Jorge Andrade (9 days ago)
Gosh darn it. I don't speak English very well, so I have a hard time understanding this very speech. And I've read how amazing and mesmerizing it is. Reading subtitles just doesn't cut it.
joynthis (10 days ago)
But I want to know more about the dreams of the guy who sold Llewelyn the Larry Mahan boots. Do that one.
Ernest Borsic (10 days ago)
No country for old man
Akash Vani (11 days ago)
I think i didn't understand the movie bcz of its accent ...i face lots of difficulties in understanding the words😑
Tyler Hodge (11 days ago)
Call it
Datsun510zen (12 days ago)
I think it's a common misperception that modern time is more dangerous, or chaotic than our youth, or our parent's generation. In fact, as messed up as our worlds seem's, today per capita we are safer now than I was as a kid 50 years ago. No Country is a fascinating interplay between the surface plot and sub-plot that leaves us with these unanswered questions just hanging there. The heads up coin was an important part, but not the only symbolism being used though. Playing that kind of story telling three card monty with the audience, and not leaving us with a feeling of disappointment is what makes this film great. I think the scene where Moss's rifle scope was mulling over deer in a herd was the symbolic keystone that the sub-plot was built around. It was a moment where death was introduced as intensional disconnected and unimpassioned. Survival is our strongest core drive, and fear of death is what propels our survival. Personally, I believe Chigurh represents a psychological blank screen on witch the characters and audience project their own fears of evil and mortality. The opening monolog by Sheriff Bell needs to be put into context by the film's title, No Country For Old Men. I believe Bell is confessing his fear in coming to the realization he no longer has the spirit to confront evil and mortality head on, or to get there in time to protect others.  With the murder of the deputy, we are introduced to the emotionless blank canvas of fear. There is no anger, excitement, passion, or vengeance in Chigurh's face, so without that cue our response is left hanging searching for some emotional meaning behind his blank stare. What fills that blank emotionless screen is a projection of our own fear of evil and mortality. In living our lives, in some way or another we face those existential fears and make our way. As we mature we develop a set of "rules" that help us navigate our fears so we can engage the world. What motivates us in taking that leap is either gratification of our desires, or satisfying the expectations of others. The thinly masked distain Chigurh has for the driver of the car and the gas station clerk is they present as totally compliant, passive, and incapable of directing their own life. This is dishonorable because it is an inauthentic way of navigating life. To death and evil their fate is nothing more than a means to an end, or the flip of a coin. In his own words he says "You've been putting it up your whole life, you just didn't know it" Although I know it would have meant nothing to Chigurh had the coin been tails, I don't think the scene would have been nearly as impactful had he killed another harmless man. Llewellyn Moss on the other hand is clearly driven by his desires and more than willing to confront his fear, and even kill or be killed in order to satisfy them. That being said, he is not motivated by greed, but fights for the money he finds and sees as his. The most important feature of his character is the blind confidence he has in directing his own fate in life, and has little concern for what others think of him. At any time he could have walked away from the money he found and the danger attached to it, but every time he chose to risk his life to keep it. Finally, Carson Wells is definitely motivated by greed and driven to satisfy the expectations of others. To him everything has its price, even what he will pay to save his own life. The most important feature of his character is his display of arrogance vs confidence which shows he cares a great deal what others think. I see the most important part of his murder was he stood more to gain by killing Chigurh than he offered to save his own life. Like Moss, his death exposed his flawed rules and having that exposed was also the sum of his darkest fear.  Out of everyone, it was Sheriff Bell who had the most honorable and authentic life. The rules he lived by were well developed and showed a mature understanding of his fear, "sometimes I think he's pretty much a ghost." I have a very different view of the final scene though, I see it as someone who has come to terms with his fear, and no longer feels compelled and or capable of confronting it. I don't see a man who is surrendering to mediocrity, I see an honorable man who found peace in waking up to the realization that his fear of evil and mortality are in deed a ghost. Although it was totally overlooked in this analysis, Chigurh's interaction with the kids showed they had not yet fully developed their set of rules and were totally unprepared to navigate the morality of selling a shirt to a man who was involved in a car collision and suffered a compound fracture. In fact, I don't believe it was their ignorance that saves them though; like Sheriff Bell it was their authenticity that kept them from becoming another target. Sure, it would have been a nice neat Hollywood ending to have Chigurh punished by death from an accident, but it would have destroyed the film's profound message.
Satsui Nohado (14 days ago)
This movie fooled me into thinking I was watching a good movie for more than half of it.
Nathaniel Havicus (16 days ago)
This is a great sequel to the motion picture "the way of the gun."
Justice Forall (16 days ago)
Why is it that every time I look at Javier Bardem, I think about American Dad’s “Stelios!... ...Stelios Kontos!”
ILUV ALL BBWS (17 days ago)
The ending had me and the ole lady like😦
Alexas Machine (19 days ago)
This Film is great, it' is one of the best movie's made the bro's have a great gift. You may find this O idk say a bit morbid, but Anton Chigurh is my favorite villain. Like Predator is my favorite Alien. The Cohen Bro's have made some EXCELLENT movies from comedy to villains & everything in between. I believe they also did "O Brother Where Art Thou." gotta say they're truly EPIC. Every director has at least one/ two idk maybe three top film's they've made during their career. I'll tell you of another truly EPIC film by Director Tony Scott ~"Man on Fire"~ Denzel Washington. I'm gonna read the book ~ 'No Country For Old Men' bcz I'm absolutely positive it'll be a hundred times better than the film. Hey thanks for the video, new sub! GOD bless you always & peace out my friend later. ✌ 👊 ❤
Samson Barratt (19 days ago)
WHAT. Moss's sins catch up with him? What sin exactly? He took a bunch of dirty money that was unintentionally gifted to him to create a better life for himself and his family. He died because he bit off far more than he could chew, not because he sinned.
Jaskaran Singh (21 days ago)
I dont why you would include so many SPOILERS of other movies as well.
Pat Mustard (22 days ago)
You’re videos are really boring
Michael Bruce (23 days ago)
a nother outlaw morden day
Lyonel Laverde-Hansen (25 days ago)
That was a downer.
Denglong (25 days ago)
the character development was nonexistent thkugh.
Bhavy Khatri (1 month ago)
I was too dumb to notice all these things in the movie. Thank screen prism.
madgameradam (1 month ago)
This movie is awesome
Never have I ever wanted someone in a movie to die so much and been blue balled and shit on
I. Wynn Wynn (1 month ago)
I find other people’s dreams interesting.
newcoyote (1 month ago)
This came out in 2008, no? I remember very clearly how I felt after watching this movie in the theater. I was physically numb from how much I enjoyed it. It was hypnotising from the first second. Probably my favorite movie ever.
Novi X (1 month ago)
what nationality does everyone think anton chigur was supposed to be ? Native American ?
Harpreet Singh # (1 month ago)
I don't understand ending
Bac Jam (1 month ago)
I love hearing other's dreams it's a depth into their mind and you can learn a lot about them
Lewis Brown (1 month ago)
This movie is shit.
TheKingDagon108 (1 month ago)
I dont care about the deeper meaning or whatever I just wanted a fight to the death between Moss and Chigure ;-;
Julio Rosario (1 month ago)
To much action for the old man
Leandro Machado (1 month ago)
To me this is a masterpiece, thank you for this analysis
Justin Zhao (1 month ago)
I usually get annoyed with those 'drop endings' and way too often they are fake-smart or fake-brave artist nonsense, but, in No Country it worked for me. I got it, it made sense to me, it was done well. The only thing I felt was missing was a sequel or another 30 minutes of Anton Chigur who i still consider one of the scariest film baddies ever made.
onetimer44 (1 month ago)
This video, like the movie, made no sense. A bunch of rambling doublespeak. "I sound smart by connecting random shit in this movie to dreams and shit."
George Anthony (1 month ago)
In truth, the sheriff realized this killer is much too dangerous for him to deal with... so maybe it's best to "retire" while the getting's good-and search for another line of work that is less stressful so that he can enjoy his golden years. When one thinks about it... that's a reasonable plan.
Nessie Andrew (1 month ago)
Hate the fact that I didn't even recognize that Moss was that dead guy. Only realized near the end.
can i go home now? (1 month ago)
If Moss checked the satchel in the first place. At that time, 2mil is a ton. No way its not secured considering that shit is drug money, i believe.
Joseph Nicholas (1 month ago)
This stupid post does not answer the question. The real question is what happen's when we see the Sheriff enter the motel and what the fuck is Anton doing there at the same time as Sheriff? The whole fucking script falls into disarray an nothing you can say makes sense. Look at all movie scripts as calculus, you can only get to an approximation. You can't prove an approximation. Its asking us to take a leap of faith which we will if the movie gets us by the balls.
Harry Mills (1 month ago)
So they've got weird reasons for making an unsatisfying film. Just seems like arrogance, to this simpleton.
Eric O'Brien (1 month ago)
When the woman at the pool says " that's what's comin" a plane passes over. I wonder if she was paid to keep an eye out. Because she asked him, if his wife was the reason. He kept looking g out his window. So she was paying attention to his room, already.
The1976spirit (1 month ago)
Chigurh is the ghost of dialectic. There are no persons, things, gods, ideas. Everything has to justify itself as a term. In the sense of Hegel he makes everything adaequate to be a term to lead it to its final solution. The sheriff dosen´t understand the secret of the term-inater, I do!
Alan Sach (1 month ago)
There is no "hero" in this movie. My wife and I love Tommy Lee Jones, but after watching this movie we looked at each other and said, "That's a couple hours of our lives we will never get back!" If a movie has to be explained chances are the film makers weren't even sure what they were trying to say. This film had no redeeming factors at all.
pavanatanaya (1 month ago)
The whole thing was his dream
Michael Hunt (1 month ago)
Yowseph Tirfe (1 month ago)
I could never get an adequate explanation for car wreck scene. Why did they include that
Tyler Hodge (11 days ago)
I think it was to show him sort of falling apart when Luann wouldnt make the call he liked being the instrument ans order of randomness in the world and when he wouldnt take the shirt without trading somthing for it because of his belief of everything has a price a mirrior to the old man in the store or the 2million
Generic Protagonist (1 month ago)
You can't steal from the dead, the money was fair game and Moss's only mistake was getting caught.
ray hanes (1 month ago)
10 years later and were still fawning over this film. I think the film is timeless.
Jackalofdeath (1 month ago)
i hate these videos that try to make it out to be some profound statement of fact when its just guessing at author or directors intent, you dont explain you just state , also mentioning things doesnt explain them, you literally spent most of the video just mentioning things from the movie not explaining
Arun Gupta (1 month ago)
*it wud b worthwhile to explain for a leather satchel bag w 2 M $ next to a single corpse . Whoever shot him shud hv had d money & not leave it for Llewellyn to find it . A major flaw in d script or screenplay . Anyone w a plausible explanation ?*
Kelli Storie (1 month ago)
I watched the film about 10 years ago, despite my daughter's warning that I would not like it. At the end, I felt cheated. Like I had wasted 2-ish hours of my life which I could never retrieve. I watched this, in hopes that it would make sense of the senselessness. Can't say it did.
Verify Controversy (1 month ago)
Coen’s We’re probably just fans of the Sopranos and decided to rip off the ending.
Wayne Kerr (1 month ago)
I like the part when he said killed a 14 year old girl in the beginning
Justin Heretotroll (1 month ago)
I made it 2 min in. Smoke another one bro.
Bob Bastion (1 month ago)
The reason this movie was so good can be summed up in one word "realism". For the *most* part, it played out like actual life does with its randomness and disregard for right and wrong. The best-laid plans of mice and men............ Yes, the dreams of others are boring and most, are simple detritus but every now and then, they have a meaning that is decipherable and have a bearing on one's life. Great movie. A classic.
T Ballstaedt (1 month ago)
The evil character was the only archetype in the film. It was not balanced by equally formidable protagonist. Moss being the closest thing to that. I know most of you dig these hyperreality dark films, I cannot imagine why. Don't you see the evil lurking in your midst? Trust me, it all around you. Come to think of it, you are actually lucky to be oblivious to it. The evil archetype in this film was far more formidable than reality dictates. No one can operate with impunity like that, it's just not that easy. He will be killed by his clients immediately. His formidability does not match the realistic abilities of the protagonist. It's like a glorified nightmare, not entertainment.
Emon (1 month ago)
i still dont get the meaning of the film.anybody can explain in short ?
Pontifex Maximus (1 month ago)
It's about the Judeo-American/Protestant rejection of Christ (the Logos incarnate)
Freddy Lubin (1 month ago)
The one major change from the book is actually an improvement, I think. In the book Carla Jean begs for her life, while the movie gave her more nobility in death.
black manta (1 month ago)
This movie Is just like evangelion...so hard to understand the plot.
wahwahgaboor (1 month ago)
Reminds me of Jeeboo... the white baby one not the older hairy black dude
Dave Ridlespriger 2 (1 month ago)
little davids prison.
Dave Ridlespriger 2 (1 month ago)
Used and abused.
Eve Kelly (1 month ago)
This vid has been very helpful to me as I am currently studying this film in college. One of the questions we could be asked about in our exam it is about the ideology of the filmmakers, so this was perfect in answering that question!
Johnny Laredo (1 month ago)
What happened to the old lady that had cancer ? did she get killed by the drug dealer .
Glenn Schaub (1 month ago)
I always wanted the guy to get hit by a car as he’s limping away
Clark W (2 months ago)
An incredibly frustrating, beautiful, masterful, and re-watchable film, and I hate a good majority of it. Actually, just a majority of Chigurh's role. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I just see him as someone who gets lucky in that he seems to only face the incompetent. He by rights should have been dead in the motel had the idiot in the bathroom not pulled a clichéd 80s pray and spray. And were he what he was supposed to be, he wouldn't have. Moss wouldn't have sat on that bed, squared up with a doorway through which he suspected someone entering. He would have at least taken that lesson from his time in Nam. That's the fatal flaw for me with the film, the poorly constructed force that we are supposed to believe Chigurh is. But again, that's always just been my issue, and it never stops me from watching every minute when it's on.
You Tube (2 months ago)
I just realized I'm too stupid to watch movies.
Anton Boludo (2 months ago)
No parts for old farts.
John P (2 months ago)
the movie was just dark and weird
D Laster (2 months ago)
No I’m sorry this movie sucks, the build up is really good but it legit goes nowhere
SEDRICK WELLS (2 months ago)
One of the all time greatest underrated movies ever
Jose Casas (2 months ago)
The explanation is more complicated than the movie
Makhulu Mapogo (2 months ago)
Tommy lee johns one of my favorite actors of all time
0 (2 months ago)
At the end, the old sheriff pretty much says "I'm getting too old for this sh!t"
O. Henry (2 months ago)
@1:20 .... "The decent and lawful world which probably doesn't even exist." That's not true. Before the 60s-70s the South was a totally different place. People had respect for each other, believed in God and subsequently in the most basic rules of human decency. All that has been replaced by arbitrary violence and a lack of moral values. Stop using super smart terms like a 'displaced character' and keep the essence of the movie simple: it debunks the misconception that old people brag about the new generations as a consequence of their annoying nature. As a matter of fact, they have just lived long enough to observe society's moral degradation.
Joe Shmoe (2 months ago)
What I would really like to know is the dufus with the money can't go into the bag and and disconnect a battery or take out the radio transmitter. Oh, wait, if he did that the fucking movie would have been over.
hogensan (2 months ago)
Hero is a public servant
Mike Cofield (2 months ago)
this idiot is full of shit!
Most underwhelming/overwhelming last quarter of a film. 4/4
The Recreational Guru (2 months ago)
“No country for old men” has to be the coolest movie tittle ever
Colin Weiss (2 months ago)
it's very interesting how often the Coen brothers use Western tropes in their movies. they adore this genre. look at the Ballad of Buster Scrugs. western. but not just that, their other movies too. a common trope in westerns is the "damsel in distress" getting kidnapped and the good law coming to save her, as seen in Fargo, but also even in The Big Lewbowski. The Big Lebowski is actually one of my favorite westerns because its the anti-western. instead of the noble hero, "the dude" (another name for cowboy) is the opposite. instead of the expansion into the endless expanse that is the wild west, we see the tumble weed roll all the way to the Pacific ocean in the beginning to show the west is conquered. they use so many western movie genre concepts in ALL of their movies.
howiboy (2 months ago)
Simply wasn't a good ending, don't care who says what
Steven David Stoffers (2 months ago)
'the hero wins' is folklore. same thing, 'there might be a sequel'. he, and sometimes she, is never just a hero. he or she is an 'audience surrogate'. and the rule is that the audience surrogate can never be seen to be killed, by other than old age unless for a reason that gives their death some significant meaning. in this movie, as well as all powerful blockbuster movies or stories.... or cable TV shows.... that *****play***** with that rule to a razor's edge.... (i) we only see him dead, and not killed outright, thru the door after a gun fight that proceeded at some distance and seen thru the eyes of another alternate possible A.S..... and so are not 100% sure it is him... maybe some guy with the same shirt!.. and (ii) his wife gets to have a choice by his death or our A.S. would be dead anyways as the bad guy is totally invinceable as portrayed and unlike everyone else even the guy with the big white cowboy hat.... and (iii) Llewelyn Moss is not a totally clear as the one and only A.S. and (iv) Ed Tom Bell ends the movie reminding us of the old age reality that gets us anyways.. us old men... and is the title of the movie. see the rule above. (i) why we see Walter White look like he maybe passed out when everyone else is always gruesomely seen killed for sure (i) why we never see even a glimpse of a gun in the last minutes of The Sopranos (ii) that is the death to an A.S. minimum requirement (iii) as in the younger morphed A.S. who got the girl instead of the 1st of 2 A.S. played by Brad Pitt who is killed (iii) as in the black guy in Night of the Living Dead which is the only time in 2,000 years [N.B. 2,000 years] where an A.S. is seen killed in full glory for almost no reason.... except maybe to insure all of the zombies are dead (iv) why we see Private Ryan in the opening scene out of sequence... with his family... in old age.. before Tom Hanks is killed (iv) why we see Rose in the opening scene in old age.... before Leondardo DiCaprio dies and she keeps her promise his death insured now those are all great movies. it's also for stories. "the hero always wins" and "there has to be room for a sequel or next TV show" is not any more "real" than that Donald Trump's Favorite Book is his favorite book or that 'Climate' is about ice melting in 2100 something and all kinds of endless nonsense we just LOVE to tell ourselves and everybody we get a chance to talk to. whether we be a North Korean that believes in Magic Mountains or..... ..... John Kerry a Dem mincing the words 'migrants' and 'Climate refugees' at the drop of a hat while our wonderful media slices and dices a passively acting border wall that can stop people crossing en masse when grits cook in Africa and Syria the same as they would if they eat grits in Mexico... but our media never mentions 'Climate'???? at all???? just like Donald Trump. and Nancy Pelosi and "Chuck" also from New York know that Trump can't do that.... and neither can she or Chuck bring it up. but Marco Rubio does!!!!! except it ain't "fossil fuels" we would go after. we would build a better border wall. and maybe a US Space Force for SRM. nice going again Rubio!!!!! what an idiot!!!! Ted Cruz knows just as well as Trump does.... but not Rubio. he can't say that unless he is REALLY dumb.
Mitch S (2 months ago)
I don’t know that I agree with “randomness” I think he ultimately believes in choice. That your choices in life including the calling of a coin toss, affect your life and fate.

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