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Oracle Innovate: Lessons from Entrepreneurs Reggie Bradford

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To inspire, engage, and educate current and future generations of entrepreneurs, Oracle Academy and the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem present this video series. Reggie Bradford, entrepreneur and senior vice president of Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, shares insights on innovation and the importance of staying relevant, purposeful and valuable.
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Text Comments (4)
Travel Teez (4 months ago)
Great advice. Nothing beats being your own boss...
Chad Estes (6 months ago)
Reggie has always led by example and inspiration. He was truly a father to his Vitrue family and while he will be missed, he will continue to inspire others for generations. For one, I know my children will have the benefit of his guidance and wisdom. Miss you already, my friend.
north2kohala (6 months ago)
Never met him, but the people who knew him must have been the better for it. RIP
Nice Guy Eddie (6 months ago)
Reg Rub! Rest In Peace my brother.

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