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Big bold colours and attractive design, exactly like the posters themselves, this large 128 page book reproduces a glorious image from the golden age of travel, one per large page, for our delectation. Used by shipping firms, vehicle manufacturers, railway companies, and airlines to sell a dream of escape from the mundane, the travel poster was not simply an eye-catching piece of ephemera. It reflected changes in society, culture, art and fashion and here are some of the best and brightest examples, a glimpse into tourism from a bygone era. Surfing in Hawaii, sunbathing on a cruise ship, 1950s glamour Southern Railways style with a blonde in a strapless swimsuit sunbathing provocatively in front of Exmouth beach! Atlantic City on the Pennsylvania Railroad, New Zealand, the fjords, boasting no mosquitos in Long Island, through Japan at high speed on the railways in a mesmerising Art Deco poster from 1937, splashing in the waves in the shadow of Mount Fuji, the Trans-Canada Railway 1924, 'A hotel on wheels', a rodeo parade, Chicago, Germany from Harwich, day and night services, "Move with the times" with Imperial Airways, visit India with a moonlit street atmospheric poster from 1920, camping in Maine or dream of visiting the Pera Palace Hotel in Constantinople built in 1892 to provide accommodation for passengers on the Orient Express. Pack up your troubles and enjoy the selection grouped by decades. 128pp, 9¼" x 11½". First time reduced by special arrangement direct with the publisher. ORDER HERE:- http://www.bibliophilebooks.com/epages/Bibliophile.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Bibliophile/Products/83598
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