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Ghetto Mentality = Poverty & Effeminate Men

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Why do Black men feel that we need name brands and effeminate-looking jewelry in order to be "somebody"?
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Shaun (2 years ago)
Was this filmed on a potato?
Alessandro (5 years ago)
I swear! why did my teacher make me watch this? is she trying to give me a brain tumor with the shit I just heard? 
Wonderus1 (5 years ago)
Real talk bro
Kaiser (7 years ago)
name brands and homosexuality? There's a connection...?
Oscar S (7 years ago)
whats crazy is all the "white supremasists" claiming that they are a victim of "social genocide". people wake up!!! the elite have trained us to hate eachother based on our skin color and very small and petty social differences. thats not taking away the fact that the elite are majority white. we are all one human family! we all want the same things love, peace, securtity and a hope for a better tomorrow. the elite play us like fools, because they now that mankind is flawed and corrupt!..PEACE!
vidhead85 (8 years ago)
@Lootroq You do have a point...I hate when people blame 'The White Man' but don't realize that they play into the stereotype of an uneducated and ignorant man and don't try to better themselves and dignify themselves thus becoming an example of positivity. No matter how we are portrayed in the media or see bad examples, it is in our power to say we won't be the negative we see
wealthyman wisdom (8 years ago)
great wisdom
The Truth (9 years ago)
On point and truth unrestrained
David O (10 years ago)
Can you be anymore hateful and racist seriously? White people aren't the problem and to blame them is a cop out.
GeneralX (10 years ago)
Well done, Probably one of the first videos ive found on youtube that isnt [email protected]!*
JazzyZenBrotha (10 years ago)
Brotha you speak the truth! I'm glad you posted this video. I've been trying tell my fellow black folk about these things for years, but no one listened. It's great to know there is like-minded people out there. Keep the videos coming brotha.
Erik Fraser (10 years ago)
Well, I'm a 'white folk' but I have enormous respect for your deeply practical and revolutionary thinking. Peace and prosperity E
zyruemusic (10 years ago)
You right like a muthafucka though!!! We are DOOMED for failure as long as we continue to TRUST the DEVIL and the whole world knows the WHITEBOY is the DEVIL...The reason our women are whores is because we sent them to the DEVILS schools also called PUBLIC SCHOOL and they learned from the WHITEGIRLS how to be whores since they are EXPERT WHORES!!!We are also good for PIMPIN!! Thats why BLACK pimps choose WHITEGIRLS as their WHORES to sell pussy!! Because they are the BEST!! HOLLA!!!
zyruemusic (10 years ago)
The BIBLE says if you want to stay with the slavemaster for life the sign is to bore a hole in your ear and would be a sign to the world you will be a slave for LIFE!! So actually this is a sign of ones volentary submission to slavery according to the Bible....HOLLA!!
zyruemusic (10 years ago)
BULLS-EYE!!! You saying ALL truth!!!PREACH BROTHA PREACH!!!They paid the WHITE FOLKS!!Talkin bout some DAMN VERSACHI!!!FUCK VERSACI,GUCCI,AND MUTHAFUCKIN TOMMY FAGGOTY HILFIGER...GOT -DAMN SISSYS!! I hate that shit too when BLACK folks work just to to pay bills and dont own business to the 1st.We owns nothin in this muthafucka!!Go to any fast food joint in any hood and 99% of managers are WHITE!! Everybody else is a SLAVE!!! HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME!!! 20 STARS for TAHARKAH X!!! ONE LOVE!!
bex trop (10 years ago)
Love it! I'll be sure to check out your other videos.
Mavrilon (10 years ago)
Preach it, brother !
Grendel Wolf (10 years ago)
2 African Americans walk into my office for the same job. 1 dresses professionally, speaks proper English,and presents himself in a respectful manner. The second dresses with his pants past his but, do rag on, speaking Ebonics while waving gang signs around. Who do you think I hire? I don't want Ghetto trash representing my company.
LotN2 (11 years ago)
Here in sweden, when some rapper has a concert here, 95% of the people who goes there are white. Why? Cuzz black ppl like me cant afford tickets :D Its so ironic...
zood69 (11 years ago)
the truth should set my people free. but black people will never be free. willie lynch...
IRocDis Illustrations (11 years ago)
Ayo, I just realize that you said American African, Oh snap! I thought that i was the only one who use the say it in that way. Truthfully to say American African is the way to say it. Also using Black is not cool, why>(B-lack),that is what I see when I see that title for us. Also if you can, try not to call em white because it's calling them God. The best name for them is RECESSIVE ! Because it is Facts. LOL!
IRocDis Illustrations (11 years ago)
We have to just walk away from our own who choose to be ignorant. And just focus on the GOD with within us.
Captain Rad (11 years ago)
devildog2002 (11 years ago)
I Love This Brother!
dantheman1998 (11 years ago)
Rappers are nothing more then whores willing to portray any image and say anything so that they can live in a mansion and do stupid shit with there money. and rappers know the damage they do to society, they just dont give a shit.
dianeclarke18 (11 years ago)
i laughed my ass of and rolled on the floor lauging. :D
judofan (11 years ago)
Most young black men don't care. Its all about bling bling to them. Kick that knowledge to them and watch as they talk shit about you. True knowledge is the only way out too bad no one is listening. Very insightful! Two thumbs up!
loquaciousthe3RD (11 years ago)
exactly. two props and a high five. :)
blackblog (11 years ago)
I like this guy! American African sounds good to me. I just like to call myself Black. The black community has got to stop blaming the white people for our problems. Main stream American culture is NOT WHITE, though whites make up the majority. We do not have to reject Black Culture to integrate ourselves into mainstream America, but we have to stop using our blackness as an excuse for a relaxed moral code. DJ's will continue to spin hip hop after the MC's stop calling women b*tches.
blackblog (11 years ago)
I would agree that you can only prove a correlation as opposed to a cause and effect with hip hop, however with that goes the caveat that the corrective action that removes these problems would involve a change in the hip hop industry.
de0ndre (12 years ago)
AHAHAHAHA definately feel you on this, actually I was discussing the exact same topic with my grandfather about finacial maturity not long ago. respect.

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