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Hollywood Undead - Bullet (Lyric Video)

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Text Comments (46757)
Maja J (4 hours ago)
Just imagine this song playing at your funeral... imagine the faces of your family and friends.
Katharina L. (4 hours ago)
I played this for my mom to know how I feel a lot and she still doesn't know how I feel she said awe this is a very cute song! Like what the fuck mom I'm trying to show you how I feel a lot and she said I get it now you feel happy a lot right!?! No mom look at the words not listen to them!! She said oh my god you feel like self-harming and killing yourself then feeling happy?!? Yes Mom you finally understand how I feel! She said YOU DON'T GET TO FEEL THAT WAY EVER!! But she still doesn't care about me or want I do to myself or if I kill myself she won't care bc she said you are only doing this for attention it's not real!! But mom it is real she said no it's not and leave me alone I'm trying to sleep! And I tried killing myself more then 15 times and she still doesn't believe me!!
FailGamerGirl (7 hours ago)
“A stomach full of pills didn’t work again” BIG MOOD IM STILL SALTY
Welsh (18 hours ago)
Nice song..
Jonathan Cruickshank (18 hours ago)
Got in trouble for playing this in group therapy... worth it.
Potato muncher (19 hours ago)
That moment when you get depressed from the nostalgia of the times you were depressed
MYNIL (1 day ago)
This comment section is really fucking messed up.
Banana Nana (1 day ago)
The beat makes me wanna smile but the lyrics make me wanna cry. Good thing I can do both.
Shad3 (1 day ago)
Song Name?
Hairless Bear (1 day ago)
Most cheerful song in the world
ftm emo (1 day ago)
Me: sends to friend Friend: it looked cheerful and then Me: yeah I know
Shane House (1 day ago)
Still alive 2019 ??
Denize MSP (1 day ago)
If I couldn't speak English I would've thought this was a happy song jeez
Kane Stevens (1 day ago)
2019 it's still good
I’m literally gonna listen to this song when I kill my damn self.
Jeremiah Thompson (1 day ago)
Don't do it just don't do it
MasterOfBaguettes (1 day ago)
Dont kill yourself, if your thinking of killing yourself, I reccomend getting help. Go to a therapist, and if your really close to suicide, call an ambulance or suicide prevention in your state or country. Dont let yourself suffer by yourself , Suffering alone will only make it worse, No matter how much you think you can deal with it yourself, theres always going to be a breaking point. I hope you improve and have a great night.
Jessica Bisby (2 days ago)
C Vahlstrom (2 days ago)
The song is so peppy but the song itself...the meaning is suicidal...like some people People need to find the light
That Artsy Spud (2 days ago)
I cried, this hit me in my heart. I'm crying so hard.
Fern ._. (2 days ago)
MasterOfBaguettes (1 day ago)
Cole Callahan (1 day ago)
Fern ._. (2 days ago)
MasterOfBaguettes (2 days ago)
2nd comment. But I feel the need for a serious comment. Im not depressed, Im not going to claim to be depressed, infact i think im doing pretty well. But for yall who aren't doing well, I want you guys to talk to people, It could be online, it could be in person, hell ive seen a few apps where you can vent out your feelings anonymously, hell you could even respond to this comment with your issues and ill try my best. Getting your feelings written down or posted somewhere could make you feel a bit better, and with mental health, the little things really matter. I hope you guys do well and have a great night xoxo
That Artsy Spud (2 days ago)
I'm literally crying, thank you so much for caring
Rose Potter (2 days ago)
Thank you so, so much. I needed this tonight <3
Summer O (2 days ago)
*sixth grade flashbacks*
MasterOfBaguettes (2 days ago)
*nearly in tears* iM oKAY
Yuna-chan Potato (2 days ago)
It’s 2019 and I’m still here
joseph gonynor (2 days ago)
Still alive in 2019
Rose Potter (2 days ago)
Alex Cake (2 days ago)
This song is a really big mood
Rose Potter (2 days ago)
Same :(
wolfy 12636 (2 days ago)
Roses are red.. Violets are blue. Sugar is sweet.. just like you. But, the roses have wilted.. the violets are dead. The sugar bowl is empty.. and my wrists are stained red.
That Artsy Spud (2 days ago)
Thank you for helping me put my feelings into words, friend.
im annoyingTM (2 days ago)
2019 and people are still being edgy
Uni Girl Omg (2 days ago)
My life life in a song..
Aesthetic Goth (3 days ago)
My boyfriend showed me this and it’s a moOD
Jacob Thomas (3 days ago)
Tried killing myself twice now guess I'm invincible xD
Jacob Thomas (3 days ago)
D Eliryo (3 days ago)
I can't stop appreciate the video editing and the perfect timing. A real genius. Amazing work.
Emma Roberts (3 days ago)
To anyone thinking of killing them selves don't I've tried and it's not worth it........ I'm 11 U are amazing just the way u are and it may not seem like it but a lot of people like and care about you! Please don't KYS it's not worth it. STAY ALIVE
LeftUndeadSoul (3 days ago)
2019 and I'm still here.
The Clipping Gunner (3 days ago)
When you choke on a defuse
DemonBoi Jordan (3 days ago)
this is relatible
Jadroid (3 days ago)
What a friendly song :(
Kylerwoods436 (3 days ago)
who knew suicide could sound happy? **facepalm**
KeefyBoi (3 days ago)
Still alive in 2019
Kelvin Figueroa (3 days ago)
this song make me almost cry I don't know why
Jinnawat Sutawong (3 days ago)
2019 here ?
L0ll1p0p S1lv3r (3 days ago)
mom heard me listening to this in my headphones one day and told me not to listen to it anymore but I know all the words.
I think you should put a suicide help line because that’s what a lot of people need aswell ❤️❤️
Trevor Chadwick (4 days ago)
To Hollywood undead if you wont the real write of that song come and find me I made this song back when I was Elementary because I'm like all right we got a friend I watch that I what's going on in my life baby crying because I can't leave with them now you know what hell was so best of luck a holes
Samuel Dreamer (3 days ago)
quit your lying if you make it where is your proof cause if you don't have proof then shut your lying ass up and fix your grammar superbia 🦊
Trevor Chadwick we all know u didn’t write this shut up🤣
A Sissy Metal-head (4 days ago)
Jimins infired jams (4 days ago)
This song honestly explains depression... the depressing lyrics is how I feel but the happy upbeat tune is how I act.
ZvitiusZ (4 days ago)
Such a jolly song for killing your self 😵😵😵😂😂😂😂😂
Mike inishinapay (4 days ago)
Alex Bianchi (4 days ago)
Big Yikes
Alzorion (4 days ago)
When I first started listening to these guys the "views" didnt even go over 20k! Glad they got the attention that they had coming, even if it was 10years ago ( i know this song isnt 10 years old, i know they are a band that has been around longer than that )
Decofanblade (4 days ago)
I would really like to have the courage to just pull the plug on me.
d.e.l.s (4 days ago)
its an avocado thaaaannnks
demon slayer (4 days ago)
Omg this song tho
Matthew Grage (4 days ago)
This song helps me so much
Gacha_tuber_101 !! (5 days ago)
Is it bad that I actually understand this song and still like it.... :/
Gacha_tuber_101 !! (5 days ago)
MasterOfBaguettes (1 day ago)
+Phanicing At The Chemical G-Note yeah because there always on the other side of the street, no matter where you are. They will always be stood there. The other side of the street.
pumpkin pie on the other side of the street mf you’re everywhere
Hunter Baldwin (5 days ago)
i dident know this was a song annnd now im addicted
aviation.london (5 days ago)
To all depressed people I have experienced this first hand and I know exactly how you feel. I know it will sound stupid put there IS light at the end of the tunnel and you will pull though it. Speak out and stay strong guys!
MasterOfBaguettes (1 day ago)
+snotski playz You haven't failed anyone, Trust me, I may not know you but im sure you haven't. I really reccomend seeing a therapist or just simply talking about your feelings with someone close, I know that talking out your feelings aren't going to magically solve all your issues, but baby steps are important. People do care about you, no matter how hard it is to see. I hope you can overcome your personal demons one day and improve :).
aviation.london (3 days ago)
snotski playz No one cares how many times you fall if you get back up again! It may seem really difficult but pick your self up and go again. Trust me it’s worth it in the end.
snotski playz (5 days ago)
aviation.london I've had 15 attempts on my life failed everyone
Izzy Yunk (5 days ago)
2019 😍 feeling this all year ⚰
Alice Martin (5 days ago)
Ive cried like 6 times to this because this is exactly my life in a nutshell
Funny Dog (5 days ago)
Fluffy_Eevee Pokepuff (5 days ago)
*jumps off roof but survives* mom: why did you try to kill yourself?!?!?! me: i didnt, i just wanted to see if i could fly
karma sea (6 days ago)
congratulations to everyone alive in 2019, I'm so proud of everyone
Awkwrd Animations (6 days ago)
Ahh my favorite song! ^^
Maid Valerous (6 days ago)
My friend from Pennsylvania is obsessed with this song.
Can'tTouchTh1s (6 days ago)
this is me every time i try to commit suicide
Ashley Salmon (6 days ago)
i sometimes do have thoughts, but not as much as when before i was a teen. it was hard the most at 12, and it wasn't tolerable through my teenage years. i kept always calling myself a pussy and a bitch for wanting to take my life and to just suck it up and fucking live, and so i did. but even though i never cut myself, the scars aren't physical. now i have to stay strong for someone i love and care about who cuts herself and is actually suicidal. this song has a nice and cheerful beat, but when you pay attention to the lyrics it takes a whole new turn
MasterOfBaguettes (1 day ago)
Just keep trying your best. I do reccomend talking about your feelings to someone because bottling them up only makes things worse. I genuinely hope you and your friend do better in the future :)
Nagrom Aihpos (6 days ago)
2019 and your still here, keep it up. You can make it
Narla Kennedy (6 days ago)
This song wos to Mack me denas end l😘😘😘😘 this song so much 😍😍
Alyssa Middelstadt (6 days ago)
You got a 6 year old to sing that last part 👏
Jude Crowe (6 days ago)
Lamodre Araksi (6 days ago)
Rapepasciara_ (6 days ago)
I hope this song will never die
Insane Chocolate (6 days ago)
This is propably the most fucked up song I've ever heart. The contrast between melody & lyrics. I kinda love it
Darth Buttwhole (6 days ago)
The upbeat rhythm contrasted with the fact that this is a suicide song confuses my 3 remaining brain cells
Lamodre Araksi (6 days ago)
Lesbian Thespian (6 days ago)
if anyone is confused about the litERAL CHILD singing in the end, its the producer's daughter Petra Christensen
maddi person (7 days ago)
Well.... this song is relatable! I shall play it when I commit suicide and cut myself!
Ezra Romero (7 days ago)
For you who can relate to this goddamn son like me please if you need help respond to this an I will help you as long as you don't try to support me
o boi do i wanna die (7 days ago)
Fat mood
The best suicidal song
Gianna DeSerio (7 days ago)
Ok this song sounds way to upbeat for what it’s really about...
Happy Izzy (7 days ago)
The comment section is full of depressed teens
Michael Bast (6 days ago)
Naw shit dumbass
L0ke the jesus (7 days ago)
Jacob Greene (7 days ago)
Why is this up beat
Bri TheSlayer (7 days ago)
I got in trouble for singing this in class
Tangent Moon3586 (7 days ago)
I live in a tall apartment building and I am going to jump off
MasterOfBaguettes (1 day ago)
Dont. Please dont. Call your suicide prevention number and get help. Help is extremely important and you aren't weak for needing it. We all need a helping hand at times. I hope you haven't jumped and i hope your doing better.
Lamodre Araksi (6 days ago)
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Don't!
CommenterOf Truth (7 days ago)
hot. Hot hot legs. Legs so hot, they could fry an egg.
Pity CZ (7 days ago)
Michael Bast (6 days ago)
Nobody gives a fuck
jam just jam (7 days ago)
Lillianne Levesque (7 days ago)
I have mixed emotions I’m like why would u make a song so jolly about such a touching subject but an other part of me is like it’s so cool that this person can make this song so funny and relatable in a non crying way
Randy Rosario (7 days ago)
Good job
hannah/will the loser (8 days ago)
This is fuckin cheery as hell for a song about depression
Apple Rose (8 days ago)
Radovan Kažić (8 days ago)
the lyrics to this,idk happy beat song, are very suicidal omg i could jam to this song only bc of its beat
Hetalia Trasher (8 days ago)
This song is a mood And I relate to this
Emma Hills (8 days ago)
Legit my fave/ most relatable song 2019
amber nuttall (8 days ago)
This is sad... But DAMN ITS A BOP
Braden Allred (8 days ago)
Kill your self bro nobody cares😴I’m suicidal btw so it’s okay I’m actually joking I’m pretty happy or not who knows you don’t know me but I’m fr good bro like seriously I’m not suicidal I’m just emo cause I watched naruto and I thought sasuke was pretty cool
Michael Bast (6 days ago)
...this is nothing to joke about because there are those of us who have tried
SHRAWOLF (7 days ago)
+the fluffy Octopus yep he is... JK bruh
the fluffy Octopus (8 days ago)
Are you retarded?
Niss M (8 days ago)
Is it bad that I laughed

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